I woke Saturday morning with the sun streaming in through the window. I rolled over and saw that Henrietta was watching me. “Good morning.” She said.

“Good Morning” I replied. I levered myself onto my elbow and leaned over to kiss her.

“I have never had a day like yesterday.” He said blinking at me. “That was brilliant.”

“And George was the icing on the cake.”

“He certainly was. He is even nicer than I realised.”

“I need a wee.” I told him and walked across to the bathroom. I was in the middle of the stream when hands came round me and held my cock. I leaned back into him as he directed the stream down the pan. I could feel his cock stiffening where it was pushed against my arse cheek.

“I never knew you were into that Henrietta.” It is a recent thing he admitted. “I saw a video of a gorgeous CD peeing in black tights and it started the imagination going.”

I nodded! “I have seen that video too. It is very horny.”

“Finished?” She asks me. “Would you do the same for me?”

“Yes of course!” So we swap places and I stand behind her and reach around her and hold her cock and direct her pee into the bowl. It is fascinating to watch. I hold my palm underneath to catch the last few drips and then lick it up.

“Shall we get coffee and have it in bed.”

“Great idea.” So we both go into the kitchen and get coffee and carry the mugs back to the bedroom, and climb into bed again.

“I do love being in this baby doll. It feels so sexy.”

“It suits you.” I tell him.

“Yours is so pretty.” He throws back the cover to have a look in the daylight. We sit there chatting and I ask him about the club, but he is very non committal and tells me to wait and see. We kiss but Henrietta doesn’t want to cum and so we get up. I put on a light skirt and top and Henrietta puts on a flowery dress and she talks about breakfast.

“What would you like?” She asks me.

“What is there?”

“Cereal or toast.” She looks at me. “I would offer you a cooked breakfast but I am not allowed in the kitchen.”

“Would you like a cooked breakfast?” I ask her.

“When Jenny is here we normally have eggs of some sort.”

“What sort?” I ask.

“Poached or fried. Boiled sometimes.”

“Not scrambled?”

“Jenny is not keen on scrambled egg.” He laughs. “But only because they never come out right.”

“Would you like scrambled egg?”

“I would.” He says sounding very surprised. “Are you going to make it?” I grin at him and nod. I get everything out ready for the eggs and get him to make the toast. The lovely thing about scrambled egg is that it is very quick and we were soon sat around the table eating. “Wow! That is delicious.”

“Thank you.” When we finish we make more toast and have that with marmalade and then another cup of coffee! We are just about to wash up when there is a tap on the door. Henrietta looks shocked.

“Who is it?” I call out.

“George.” I open the door. Sure enough it is George. I let him in and close the door.

“You can’t keep away.” I laugh.

He studies me and then walks in to surprise Henrietta. “You both look stunning.” He says.

“Thank you George.” we say in unison. He lifts our skirts to see what panties we are wearing.

“Will you be here this evening?” We shake our heads.

“We are going to a club for CDs like ourselves and probably won’t be back till late.”

“How late?” He asks.

“Probably about 11 to 12.” Henrietta tells him.

“I finish at 11.” He tells us. “Can I wait for you to get home. I will wait in the car.” He looks at Henrietta. “Can I spend the night with you?” Henrietta looks stunned.

“I think that is a definite yes!” I laugh.

“I couldn’t sleep last night. Kept thinking about the two of you.” he sits on Henrietta’s lap and places his arm around her shoulder. “I can’t stay to long as I have to be at work by 12.”

“You have about an hour then. We have to shower and shave and get ready.” Henrietta tells him.

“Are you going dressed like that?”

“No! No!” Henrietta looks aghast. “We will change when we get there.”

“When are you going to shower?”

“Why?” Henrietta asks. I can sense that she is getting a bit fed up with all the questions.

“Thought you might like me washing your back!” He says with a grin. Henrietta glances up at the clock.

“Then we had better do that now. I will shave before we leave.” They skip out of the kitchen and up the stairs, giggling like a pair of school girls. I wash up and then follow them up. The bathroom door is open. there is a glass screen round where the shower is and I can see the naked bodies.

“Come on Janice.” George calls out “Come and join us.” I strip quickly and climb in.

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