The cutest girl contest on the train

My friend and I were traveling throughout Europe by train. We had one of those Interrail tickets and were able to unlimited travel for like 2 weeks. It was on board of one of the longer train rides we saw this guy sitting close by. Being two young single 20-something girls, we loved to tease cute guys. Usually we each have a type, but luck (or bad luck) would have it we both fancied this guy equally. So it turned into some competition who would be allowed to “have” this guy for herself.

“We could always let him choose” I said to my friend, to which she surprisingly agreed. Usually she was very competitive about these things, but maybe she thought she’d win him regardless.

It was a nice and sunny day that day, the train was passing through a forested area and it would take at least an hour before we hit the next station. So, this was the time to take action. We both went to the guy and asked him to come along. He was confused, but I guess 2 girls his age wearing short skirts and shirts made him agree easily. He followed us to the rear carriage of the train, which was first class coaches. The train was quite empty, especially there in the back, and we sat down in one of the 4-seater cabins, we opposite this guy, and asked him, “Which one of us do you think is the cutest?” He already was confused why we asked him to follow, and now the confusion was obvious on his face.

“Ok let’s make this easier”, I said to no one in specific. At which I took off my shirt, revealing my a-cup boobs cupped in an unpadded-bra. My friend looked taken aback but decided to join in and also removed her shirt to reveal her c-cup boobs in a push-up bra. The guy seemed to understand what he could achieve and started playing along. “Okay, so you want me to choose one of you girls as the cutest, what does the winner get?”. We looked at each other and it was obvious what we both had in mind, “You’ll get to fuck whoever turns out the cutest”, my friend said. He seemed to start to think and then said: “Well I think I need to see more of you girls before I can decide properly”.

Promptly my friend took of her bra, squeezed her boobs and bit her lower lip while teasingly looking at him. “Well she does make a good point”, he said to me. I couldn’t let that slip and also undid my bra, with one hand I squeezed my left nipple, and with the other hand I slightly moved up my skirt and revealed my panty.

My friend one-upped me and took off her skirt straight away, and started rubbing her clit in her panties. I understood there was only one step further I could go and I surely would be ahead so I took off my panties and entirely and started fingering myself. I was already quite wet so it was no problem to get a finger right inside myself.

The guy smiled and seemed to really enjoy how we basically just started undressing since he the “competition” started. There was a huge bulge in his pants and we were both naked in the meantime. It was then he undid the button of his jeans, and took his pants off. What remained was his boxer shorts and something standing upright inside of it. I love the shorts that are loose, makes a great sight when a guy is horny and allows me to reach inside too.

I positioned myself in front of him between his legs, and put my arm through the hole for his leg, and grabbed his cock from there. It was not the biggest cock I’ve had but it sure wasn’t the smallest. I started moving my hand up and down. My friend squeezed herself in there too and put her hand through on the other side, and now we both were touching his cock. But it was a bit tight. I looked at my friend and we both had the same idea. We pulled our arms out again and then pulled off his shorts. Then we positioned ourselves between his legs again and started stroking his cock and massaging his balls.

From there it didn’t take long and my friend was giving him a blowjob. I was surprised by how fast she moved. Now I couldn’t top that one without actually fucking him. And that was the price after all. I moved in as well and started licking his cock while my friend was still sucking him. I looked at my friend while she did that, she looked back and then we started kissing.

That was a first for both of us, and honestly, I really liked it. Much softer than kissing a guy. Oh yeah, I really was into this. I moved my hands up and grabbed her boobs, squeezing them. Then found her nipples and squeezed those too. Then I felt her hand on my body, sliding down and finding my clit. She slowly started rubbing it. And all this time we never stopped kissing. I too moved one of my hands down and found her clit too. But I passed it and started fingering her instead. She was already extremely wet; it might’ve already started dripping at that point.

That is when our kiss was interrupted by a cock sliding in between our mouths. Apparently watching 2 girls going at it without him joining wasn’t an option. Not that I complained, I came here for him in the first place, though I think the rest of our train trip would start getting much more interesting now we had each other. I hoped she didn’t do this just for the “competition” and actually wanted to do this later as well.

The cock slid in between our mouths and we licked, kissed it, kissed each other, and sometimes took the head of the cock in one of our mouths. Then when my friend was sucking him, I went down and sucked my friend’s nipple while squeezing the other one. I went back and forth a couple times and then ordered her to sit on one of the chairs, while I ordered the guy to stand next to her so she could continue sucking him. And that is when I tasted another girl’s pussy for the first time.

It was a great taste and I continued licking all her juices. I moved my tongue from her clit down, pushing it slightly inside her and then moving it back up again.

“I think it is time for a winner now”, he said. I guess he really would love to actually start fucking someone at this point. I couldn’t blame him; I could do with a cock in me too right now. Especially when I continued licking like I was doing now.

We all stopped what we were doing and I looked at the guy. “So, who is the cutest?” I asked him while looking at him as cute as possible. “I think you both are very cute, I’m just not sure if I can choose. But I got a proposal”, he said, “, “Why don’t you both fuck me and I choose who can fuck me the best?”.

Oh I got his train of thoughts, excuse the pun. He didn’t want to fuck just one of us, he wanted a threesome now. And who could blame him, I wanted that too. “So, who gets to go first?”, my friend asked. “That’s easy”, he said, “you are in a great position already right now. Why don’t you keep licking your friend”, he said to me, “like you did just now and I’ll start right there.”

And that is when I dove straight into my friend’s pussy once more, licking her juices once again. My friend didn’t seem to mind and the guy positioned himself right behind me. I must’ve been extremely wet too because he slid right in all the way to his balls without any problems.

He started speeding up and I loved it. With every thrust I got pushed inside my friend’s pussy, which made her moan even louder. This went on for a couple minutes when I wanted to switch. Everyone agreed, and within seconds I had my friend’s head between my legs. Not just kissing a girl was great, having a girl lick me was awesome. What was even more awesome was the sight of the cute guy fucking her like he had me just seconds before.

My friend knew exactly what she was doing and within a couple minutes had made me orgasm not once, but twice. At the time she made me orgasm the second time the guy also came inside my friend. And between him groaning and pleasure, and me orgasming the second time I don’t know if my friend came. All I knew was I wanted to taste her again. I pushed her to the ground and leaned forward to get on top of her in position 69.

This tasted even better. I usually like the taste of cum, but now mixed together with my friend’s taste was better than that. The guy observed us for a bit. It must be a great sight as a guy to see two girls you get to fuck go at it with each other.

About a minute later his cock was rock hard again. I didn’t see that though, I felt it. He went right inside me and I hadn’t even noticed he positioned himself behind me. I guess I was too busy licking and getting licked, but oh how I enjoyed the surprise. He went at it hard, pounding inside me like he hadn’t had sex in years. Though, he just came a couple minutes ago, and the proof of that was in my mouth right now as my friend kept leaking his cum.

Then his cock went away as sudden as he entered me. The licking also stopped so that could only mean one thing, my friend was giving him a blowjob right now. I wanted to taste him as well so I turned around, licked my friend’s pussy one more time and went kissing from there. First between her legs, then moving slowly up, passing by both of her nipples, then her chest, her neck and then stealing the cock out of her mouth. We swapped back and forth for minutes until he came right on our faces.

We all collapsed. The intense sex caught up with our energy levels. And we all forgot at that point we were in a competition at all. We all got dressed again, and at the point we wanted to walk back we arrived at the next station. Just in time, because then a couple entered the couch we were in. It was impossible they didn’t smell the sex in there and they looked funny at us. The guy said goodbye and ran out. I guess this was his stop and he needed to go. My friend grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards where we were supposed to sit. I guess this trip was going to get much more fun than I anticipated.

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