My name is Dave Wilson, I am the owner of a medical equipment and IT company. My company’s key to success is personal attention and service to our customers. My road to success has been long and at times painful.
Growing up my Mom died when I was one, and my Dad married the wicked witch of the east, eight months later my stepbrother Mike was born. I’m pretty sure Dad knocked her up and did the honorable thing. My dear Stepmom hated my guts, she would take all my toys and give them to her son Mike. I worked my ass off for everything I got, and Mommy Dearest gave Mike everything he wanted. When I was eight and finally old enough my Dad would take me to work every day I wasn’t in school, Mike never set foot in the plant.

I ment Matty in High School she was a hot Cheerleader and constantly following me. I played football, as a receiver on offence, and kicker on special teams. I also played Soccer and held the schools scoring record. Matty was a flashy beautiful blond with great tits and legs that went on forever.

When my Dad saw that we were getting serious, he sat me down and told me to please don’t knock her up till you get married. Then he went on to say don’t fuck up like I did. He said I want you to take over the company when you get out of college. I have groomed you for that sence you were a little boy. Little did I know in just under four years my Dad would be dead from a highly suspicious accident and I would be in the fight of my life with my Stepmother and Brother for control of the company.

As I sat up the stage at my high school graduation, I noticed Matty sitting between Mike and Beth my Stepmother and Beth was steady bending her ear. At one point I could swear I saw Mike’s hand up under Matty’s skirt her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. When he saw me staring at him, he pulled his hand out stuck his finger under his nose smiled at me and gave me the finger. Then he slid his hand back under her skirt I started to jump up off the stage but my cousin Dotty sitting next to me grabbed me and pulled me back down. My Dad saw what was going on and told Mike to get the fuck out and stay away from me for at least a week. Mommy Dearest just sat there with a shit eating grin on her face.

After the ceremony Dotty grabbed me to try and keep me calm, thank god Mike was long gone, when Matty tried to grab on my arm I told her go away slut and stay the fuck away from me. I don’t play with used goods. Three years I was totally devoted to her, I wondered how long they had been screwing around together, I mean you don’t just sit next to Matty and push your fingers up her cunt. Mommy took her in her arms and told her to calm down I would cool off in a few days. I looked at her and said not likely, and how could you let Mike do that to her sitting right next to you. Mom says cool off they just play around when you’re at the company with your Dad.

At the party I hung with Dad and Uncle Jack who was also the plant manager. Over the summer I spent every second I could at the company I knew I had a six-year college stint in front of me. A four-year degree in IT Program Development and a minor in Business Administration, then two more years for a degree in Engineering. Dad wanted to know why I wanted the IT degree and I told him I had an idea for medical programs that would integrate everything from patient records, inventory to billing and will be compatable with existing programs and platforms. Thereby adding another product for our company.

Thru my freshman year, Matty contacted me every day with letters, phone calls and e-mails begging for forgiveness, telling me my Mom had told her that I really didn’t really love her and that I could never give her k**s as I had been in a motor cross accident that had left me sterile. Shortly after my softmore year Mike knocked up a girl and married her. He got a contracting job and lived paycheck to paycheck. I worked at the company when I was off for summer breaks.
On my first Friday of the summer break I was getting out of work at eight, when I got in my car and Matty was sitting in it. With tears running down her cheeks she promised she had not been anywhere near Mike sience my High School graduation. She looked so good and smelled so good, she was wearing an off sholder top exposing most of her milky white right boob and I pulled her into my arms, we pretty much stayed in each other’s arms all weekend. Friday night I fucked her, of course I wasn’t the first one to get her pussy, I figured Mike beat me to her cherry, but she was still good.
Matty was a year behind Dotty and me in collage, and of course she went to the same college as we did. Matty’s major was Interior Decorating, Dotty was going for her RN Degree. The three of us wound up renting an apartment at college, in my junior year of college Christmas Eve I got down on one knee and proposed to Matty of course she said yes, we planned to marry the summer after she graduated college, I would still have another year of college to finish up my engineering degree.

At the end of my junior year I started my IT company and my medical programs took off far beyond my expectations. My Dad sat down, and we had a long talk, he told me to take twenty-five percent of my profits and put it an offshore account for safe keeping and to keep for emergencies. Thank god I followed his suggestion. Two weeks before I was to graduate at the end of my fourth year with my IT and Business degrees, my father was killed in an accident at home. He was working on an old pickup that we had been restoring for years. According to the police my Dad was crushed under the car, the jack holding up the car had failed, and the truck fell on him. I knew my Dad would never go under the truck when it was just supported by a jack, and according to the police report Mom and Mike were present at the accident.

Beth and Mike immediately took control of the company and started laying people off selling off all the inventory and were planning on selling the company out right. My Dad’s lawyer was trying to get Beth into a meeting for the reading of the will, it took him six months. At the reading of the will it was revealed that my Dad had left seventy-five percent of the company to me and twelve- and one-half percent each to Beth and Mike. Beth got the house and the personal checking and saving accounts, I got the pickup and all company accounts. I also received a sealed envelope with a letter from Dad. The letter contained access to his offshore account with a million and a half dollars in it.
I was able to immediately take control of the company, while battling Mom and Mike in court for the next year as she protested the will, finally I was able to buy them out for fifty grand each. Uncle Tom and I spent the next three years repairing the damage Beth had done to our company. In the meantime, we had joined my IT Company with Dad’s company, I finished my college with my Engineering Degree, and Yes Matty and I did marry but wisely with a prenup! Oh, one other thing Matty gave me my son Danny!

Over the next six years Matty gave me two more c***dern both girls and is presently pregnet with son number two. I had everything I ever wanted except my 1200 Sportster. No way would Matty let me purchase a motorcycle she said they were too dangerous.

As I said our company’s success was do to personal service, Uncle Tom and I would take turns driving out on the road visiting hospitals. Then the worse day of my life came when my cousin Dotty called me, she asked me where I was, and I told her I was in a hospital in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. She told me Danny was in the hospital, that he had leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. She directed me to go to the Oncology Department, find a doctor and give them the phone so she can tell them what test she needed me to take and how to forward the info to her. She was having me tested to see if I was a compatible donor for Danny, the test included DNA testing. I took the test and then got on the road home; it was an eighteen-hour drive to get there.

I drove stright thru and got to the hospital and got there at three thirty in the morning. Dotty was on duty; and she took me to Danny’s room. He was sleeping it was scary to see him with tubes and wires attached to him. I was exhausted Dotty said I could sleep in the other bed in the room and she pulled the curtain around me.

The next morning around eight I was awakened by Matty talking to the Doctor. I don’t know why but I turned on my voice recorder I use to take notes when I’m on the road. The doctor said to her that he had all the test results for donors, then he went on to ask he if she relized that her husband Dave was not the father of any of her c***dern that my brother Mike was! He then said there was not a blood relationship between Mike and I we both had different fathers and mothers. Matty says what no they both had the same father, the Doctor said I’m sorry, but they have different fathers. He said Mike was a compatible donor for his son Danny. Matty told him he was not to release the DNA information. The doctor left and Matty called Mike and told him he was the only compatible donor and he had to come to the hospital, the procedure was scheduled for this afternoon. She said yes Mike we are still on for Thursday night at the motel every Tuesday and Thursday night is our night for sex!

I pulled open the curtain, Matty said OH SHIT Mike I’ll call you back. I looked at Matty with hate in my eyes and said you fucking slut, and walked out of the room, she ran after me crying for me to stop and talk to her, and what was I going to do. I told her I was going to go beat the shit out of Mike, then go see my lawyer to divorce her and sue Mike for c***d support. She begged me not to hurt Mike we needed him to save Danny’s life. I turned my back to her and walked out.

My first stop was to a phone store and I got a new phone, then I went to the company told Uncle Tommy what was going on and that I was going to buy a condo nearby and after Danny was better take off for a while. I gave him the number to the new phone and asked him not to give it out to anyone. I went to see my lawyer had him start divorce proceedings, I had him sue Mike for c***d support. Then I set up for five thousand dollars be put into the family checking account every month to support them.

I went to a realtor picked out a top floor condo with a view of the Chesapeake Bay, then had her contact a decorator to furnish the condo, telling her I needed at least the bedroom set up tonight, so I had some place to sleep. Then I went to the Harley Dealer purchased a brand-new Sportster 1200, then called the plant and had Tommy send over a panel truck and five guys to clean out all my clothes, tools, sporting goods and my restored pickup my Dad had left me. When I pulled into the drive the truck and guys were already there waiting for me. I went into the house Matty was there, she says your not keeping that thing, I looked at her and said fuck you, then the guys came in I showed them what to take, and she asks whats going on, I told her I’m moving out. Matty asked what she was susposed to tell the k**s, I told her to tell them the truth, you’re a cheating slut, and their father is Mike.

Matty said Dave please don’t leave, I love you, your my world. I looked at her and asked if Mike was better than me in bed, then I said I guess he is your fucking him twice a week, I’m lucky to get it once a month. The guys made short work of moving me out. I was shocked when I got to the condo and the bedroom was set up complete with bedding on the king size bed, towels in the master bath, food in the kitchen and the frig all filled. The dining room table and chairs were set up complete with dinnerware and silverware cups and saucers, living room furniture was in place hot tub out on the roof top balcony was full and ready to go.

I was getting ready to order in and hop into the hot tub, when I got a call from Dotty on my old phone, she told me Danny’s procedure was complete and things were looking good for recovery. She said he should be awake about three in the morning and if I wanted to talk to him, she could get me in. Then she told me Danny had told her she herd the doctor and his Mom talking and knew I wasn’t his Dad and asked her to tell me he was sorry. I asked her why he would be sorry, she says he’s a little boy he doesn’t understand, he loves you and doesn’t want you to be mad at him. I said I’ll be there with bells on at three count on it.

Two thirty I was in a convenience store buying a burner phone for Danny. Three am I met Dotty met in the lobby and at three thirty Danny opened his eyes and I was the first person he saw, he smiled and said hi Dad, I mean Uncle Dave. I said Danny I’m your Dad I always have been and always will be, I love you Pal, and don’t you ever forget that. He got a big smile a tear ran down his cheek as I gently held him in my arms. Dotty had her back turned to us crying her eyes out. I told Danny I was going to go away for a while, his Mom had hurt me very badly and I needed to go away to get better, but if he ever needed me I was giving him a cell phone and all he had to do was call me. I hugged Danny gave him a kiss told him I loved him and then tucked him into bed. When I walked out of the room Dotty thru her arms around my neck and crying said, you’re the best Dad in all the world!

The next morning, I loaded the saddle bags, tied on a sleeping bag and headed out. I had one stop to make and I headed over to Mikes house. When I got there, I was met at the door by Sara, Mikes wife and his three k**s. The k**s ran up and hugged me calling Uncle Dave, Uncle Dave, I said hello to Sara and asked her where Mike was. She said he’s gone I asked gone where. She said k**s go next door and tell Miss Betty I said for her to watch you, till I come get you. Once the k**s were gone, she said I’m not going to tell you where he is, and why the fuck did you sue him for c***d support we don’t have a pot to piss in you can’t get blood out of a turnup. I said you know he’s fucking Matty, she says yes, every Tuesday and Thursday at least it keeps him off of me twice a week. She says you know he’s a lousy fuck tell you what why don’t you come inside and I’ll give you some revenge sex and make you feel all better. Matty tells me you have a huge cock and you’re the best fuck she has ever had. I say if that’s the case why is she fucking Mike. She said you just answered your own question, she’s fucking Mike, she makes love to you, your special so she savors making love to you Mike is just exercise to her. She says what can I tell you us women are fucked in our heads we have hormones that tell us what to do. Mine are saying I need you to come in and fuck me with your huge cock! I say no thanks I can do a lot better, she says fuck you, I turn jump on my bike and leave.

My plan was to get as far away Maryland as I could, initially. I decided to head to Florida once I got there, I would pick a town with a large Hospital pay them a courtesy call demo our software and equipment hang around a while, then move on. I started in Jacksonville worked my way down the east coast, to Homeland, this took me three weeks and I made several sales along the way. When I got to Homeland, I hit the jack pot, their computer and software systems, were constantly breaking down and their software locking up frequently, the whole system was old and out of date.
The hospital administrator was a lady named Marsha Baker. She was desperate to get their system up-graded and up-dated STAT as she stated. She met with me in her office at ten am, as a courtesy, by two pm we had moved to the conference room, all the department heads, and the board of directors were there, and we were Skyping with my company back in Maryland. Eight PM, everyone had gone home except Marsha and me. At midnight Marsha relized we had not stopped for lunch or dinner. Marsha says damn I’m sorry Dave I guess we have done all we can for today, I say you mean yesterday she laughed and says yes, I guess it is tomorrow. Marsha asked where I was staying, I said at this point my guess the beach, this morning when I got into town, I came stright to the hospital!

Marsha says nonsense you will stay with me tonight, I asked her what Mr. Baker will say when you bring me home, she said my Dad will never know. Marsha wrote her address on a slip of paper and said put this in your GPS, I say my Sportster doesn’t have a GPS, she asks Porsche, I say no Harley. She says ok you ride with me; I say why don’t you ride with me! Marsha says I have never ridden on a bike; besides I’m wearing a skirt and heels! I say so, she says ok, lead the way! When we get to the bike, she pulls her skirt up, she us wearing thigh highs a garter belt and G-String. I said I say open your top and lose your bra you could be a first-class biker slut! She unbuttons her top and says the bra stays on!

I hop on the bike, she climbs on behind me and tucks up tight I can feel her boobs poking into my back, she says take the highway south! We take off five minutes into the ride, she grabs my shirt with both hands, digs her nails into my chest and her whole-body shakes. As she calms down, she lays her head on my back, I ask her are you ok, she says better than ok, I ask her where we are going, she says south.

The next morning, we wake up in my sleeping bag on the beach. Marsha reaches into the sleeping bag and pulls out her bra and says damn my bra did come off, then she looks inside the bag and says and everything else did too! I said I think you liked riding on the bike, she says it’s the best vibrator I have ever used, that reminds me we need to clean up your seat I kinda came on it really hard! Then she asks are you married, I say my divorce papers have been filed, she says Mmmm good. Then she climbed on top of me gives me a hot passionate kiss, reaches down grabs my cock lines it up with her pussy and pushes down taking my whole eight inches, she immediately cums, as I start sawing up on her. She starts to recover and rotates her hips we move faster and faster I feel my balls tighten and my cock swell, and she screams OH FUCK YES DAVE, as we both cum together, she collapses on top of me.

She reaches down feels around grabs her cell phone, calls her assistant, and tells her we worked till midnight and she was taking the day off. Then she tells her to have purchasing call my company and purchase all the software and hardware we talked about yesterday. Her PA asked if I would be in today, Marsha says he’s going to be tied up all day. Oh, and have someone drop my car off at my house please.

Marsha says look Dave we don’t owe each other a thing, but I was married once, and it was the typical I came home early, found him in bed with an intern and I kicked his ass out and divorced him. She asks do you care to share your situation with me. I say I wish my situation was as simple as yours. I tell her my story, when I done, she is holding me tight crying and says there is a special in hell for your wife, stepmother and brother.
When we finally get up and get dressed, she didn’t wear her bra and left her top unbuttoned. Then we head up the coast to her beach house, we walk in and I say WOW, she smiled and said this is a prize of war! I say this place is huge she says yes it is and watch this, she stripped off all her clothes and walked out the doors on the beach right to the ocean, I followed suit and joined her in the surf, then I said you have great natural tits and I love your freckles, she says natural red heads don’t tan we freckle!

Over the next two months I worked hard to get the new hardware installed the and software up and running. I worked with everyone from the hospital administration to the maintenance staff getting the system up and running. At one point one of the board members flew me and Marsha up to Maryland to see my k**s when Matty was out of town to attend a wedding, and Dotty was watching the k**s. Marsha fell in love with the k**s and the k**s loved her right back, funny how k**s react when you show them a little love and affection. Dotty and Marsha became fast friends. At my Friday meeting with Marsha and the department heads she asked them how things were going with the systems upgrade. The one complaint was everything was running so smoothly there was no overtime! Marsha says then we are more efficient and saving money!

After the meeting adjourned Marsha asked me to stay behind. She looked at me and said I’m not complaining because I love having you live with me but how long will it be before your done originally you had told us it would be a month may six weeks, and I relize you’re not charging us a dime for your time, but it’s been over two months. I looked her in the eye and say I was done three weeks ago; I have been working to see how I can improve our systems to better serve all hospitals. Oh, she says and is there any other reason you have been hanging around.
I say to her I’m trying to come up with a reason to leave my present living arrangements. My land lady is really hot, and I have grown quite fond of her. Marsha pulled me into her arms kissed me and said an you’re really hot to, but you need to deal with your wife and those three wonderful little c***dern that love you to death. I look into her eyes and say to her you do relize I am totally in love with you, she stares back at me and says you better damn sight be your my whole world you have no idea how much I love you.

I look at Marsha and ask if she can get Mayson to lend us his jet, she gets on her phone, I get on my cell and call my lawyer Carl and tell him I’m tird of playing around I wanted my divorce now and I wanted primary custody of my three c***dern, I say I will be up there, then I look at Marsha and she says in the morning, in the morning. Give her the house five K a month for ten years and that’s it. Carl asks me what about the baby she is carrying, I tell him she and Mike can deal with that not my concern.

The next morning, we are sitting in the jet just after takeoff, Marsha starts looking a bit green and heads for the bathroom and barfs up her breakfast, I’m right there with her, she looks at me and says must just be motion sickness. I say you didn’t get air sick the last time we flew. Marsha says just to be sure let me call Dotty and see if she is working today. Dotty was working we arranged to meet her at the hospital when we landed. Three hours later I’m sitting in the waiting room at the hospital and Marsha comes out takes my hand, leads me down the hall, Dotty is standing in front of a door and says in here you two was we walk in Dotty hands Marsha a little plastic cup. Marsha and I walk in the room, she wraps her arms around my neck gives me a big kiss, then kneels down in front of me pulls down my paints grabs my cock and slides it into her mouth. I say Marsha, she says the door’s locked enjoy this. Now this girl knows her way around a cock and has me ready in just a few minutes I warn her I’m about to cum, she pulls off aims my cock into the plastic cup and strokes me off into the cup. Once the cup is full, she sucks my cock back into her mouth and swallows the rest of my cum. Once I’m done, she says put it away.

Marsha opens the door gives Dotty the cup and we walk into a room with a viewing screen, Dotty prepares a slide with my cum on it, slides it into a viewing microscope, makes some adjustments and up on the screen thousands of little squirming sperm are all over the screen. Dotty says there you go that’s why your sick. I say I have sperm; Dotty says yes lots and lots of them! I say she is not compatible with my sperm and I made her sick. Dotty says just the opposite you two are very compatible and she hands me a sonogram, and says you made her pregnet!

Tears run down my cheeks I hug Marsha, she is crying, and I ask are you ok with this, she throws her arms around my neck and says yes baby of course I love you so much. I promise I’ll be the best Mother for our baby! I looked at Dotty and said the accident, she said I looked up your records, you broke your arm and collar bone but there was no other damage. I say but why, Dotty says because your stepmother is a hateful lying slut. I call Carl and ask him where we are with Matty and the divorce, he says I have her and her lawyer in my office now and they are balking on everything. I say I’m on my way down there now and I have enough evidence to blow her out of the water and prove she is a cheating slut.

Marsha stayed with Dotty and I went to Carl’s office, when I walked in Matty jumps and tries to hug me I hold her off, Carl says Peter please control your client. I play the tape of her and the doctor and then the follow up phone call to Mike confirming they’re having an ongoing afair. Then I throw down the DNA evidence, Matty yells the Doctor was not susposed to give you that. Her lawyer says he is the father on the certificates of live birth the doctor cannot deny him the information. Matty says but baby I did it for you, you wanted c***dern and you are sterile, so I went to Mike to keep it in the family, I ask her if that’s the case why are you still screwing Mike your already pregnet. I lay down the DNA test result that proves Mike and I are not related in any way, then a picture of my sperm slide along with a certified letter from a Doctor proves that my sperm was healthy, and my sperm count was above normal. The only way Matty did not get pregnet by me had to be thru the use of a spermicide by her before intercourse with me.

Matty’s lawyer asked her did you use a spermicide before having intercourse with your husband, Matty admitted she did. I opened up my brief case there was fifty thousand dollars in it, and the deed to the house paid in full. I told her to sign the divorce papers and give up all rights to the k**s and its all hers. She says but Dave I love you I want you. I lay Marsha’s sonogram on the table and say I have moved on that’s my biological baby in my girlfriend’s womb! Matty says I’m so sorry Dave, she signs the documents. I call my Uncle Tom and say go. He gathered all the c***dren’s things, clothing and toys and took it all and the k**s to the airport. By four o’clock that afternoon the k**s were playing on the beach in front of the beach house in Florida and Marsha was resting in my arms, with a shiny new engagement ring on her finger.

Two weeks later, my Uncle Tommy, Aunt Eve, Cousin Dotty and her husband Marsha Pairents and her sister along with our c***dern are standing on the beach, in front of the Pastor saying our I Dos. My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin stayed at the beach house to watch the k**s, as Marsha and I tied the sleeping bag on the bike, we climb on the bike and head south. The first night we stopped at the same sand doom we first made love. We unrolled and zipped open the sleeping bag it smelled like pussy inside, Marsha said damn that’s where my black lace G-String is! It was a hot night so we just layed on the zipped open sleeping bag I held her in my arms as we watched the sun go down. We made love from sun set in the west till sun rise in the east the next morning.

Seven months later baby David came kicking and screaming into the world. Marsha insisted we name him after me she wanted everyone to know he was mine. The girls were the best helpers Marsha could hope for, Danny wanted to know how long it would take for him to be old enough to play ball with him.

I was sitting back on the chase lounge as Marsha layed back against me nursing the baby, we watched the k**s play out on the beach. She looked up at me and we kissed, a tear ran down my cheek I say finally I have a happy family, Marsha looked up at me smiled layed her head on my chest and said I love you Daddy!

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