Melanie’s breasts were swollen and her nipples very sensitive. Every movement in the tight hot pants and the skin tight gym shirt revealed every curve, aroused nipples and camel toe, as she worked out in the gym. She liked the attention she got from the men working out. As she completed her warm down stretching on the mat she pushed her butt back a pair of hands caressed her hips.

“Reach as far forward with your arms shoulder width apart. ” Melanie did as instructed. “Now push your butt up and back” The trainers hands ran along her back to her firm butt then between her legs along her wet slit.

“Very good.” Said the trainer pushing her fingernail through the taut fabric, making a hole and penetrating Melanie. Two fingers inside her Melanie orgasmed as the trainers thumb firmly rubbed her clit.

“Move forward bring your pelvis to the floor arms straight looking forward and up” the trainer put her other hand on a hard stubby nipple and squeezed firmly. The two fingers inside her pussy rubbed her g spot. The young men turned away and carried on with there workout. The trainer, Liz was 18, the daughter of her husbands secretary, dominated her, had got her in to the athletic sculpted body she now had. The personal workouts had made her stronger and slimmer and stimulated her sexual arousal.

“Go for your swim.”

After her workout Melanie changed in to her zoggs and swam 20 lengths of the 50metre pool. She walked in to the unisex steam room and found a tall dark and handsome young man sitting naked on the bench. Melanie ogled the long thick erect cock as he shyly covered it with his towel. Melanie sat on the bench with a towel wrapped around her midriff. The towel was small and fell open as she sat down revealing her sculpted body. She spread her legs and began rubbing one off. She became more aroused as the young man pretended to be offended but would try to take glimpses of her masturbating. She spread her legs wider apart and pushed two fingers in her dripping wet mature cunt thinking of her orgasm on the mat.

“Hi Dan ” said Liz

“Erm Hi ” the young man didn’t know where to look. Liz wore a big strap on dildo.

“Get on your knees. Now!” Liz ordered. Melanie was about to move.

“Good. Now suck my cock Dan get it nice and wet.”

Melanie watched as the young man swallowed the big black dildo. Liz leaned forward and spanked his ass firmly.

“Take your hand off your cock.”

“Face the wall Melanie wants to watch you get fucked in the ass” said Liz as she moved behind him and positioned the head of the dildo at his asshole.

“Okay you lazy fucker. IMPALE YOURSELF ON MY COCK” Liz and Melanie watched as Dan moved his butt back skewering his asshole.

Melanie watched in disbelief as Liz spanked the guys ass cheeks red.

“Don’t be late again Dan” Liz grabbed his hips and began roughly ramming the cock in his reddened ass. Melanie noticed the young man was hard. Rock hard and throbbing. His nipples were hard. Cum dribbled from the circumcised head. A few minutes later cum pooled on the wooden floor.

“Clean that mess up.” Melanie waited for Dan to lick his cum off the floor.

“Are you deaf bitch. Lick up Dan’s mess”

Melanie got to the floor and began lapping up the pool of sperm on the floor. Her big firm ass pointed skywards. Enjoying the taste of the young man’s cum she didn’t realise Liz had instructed Dan to put his hard cock in her pussy. Dan had fucked her with his big fuck stick as Liz mounted him from behind. Every thrust forward he fucked Melanie, every withdraw he impaled himself. He was in sensory overload. He filled the sexy matures pussy with his warm seed.

Liz sat on the bench holding her shaft. “Come here bitch, sit on this ”

Melanie enjoyed being fucked by the teenager. This was the first time a man was involved. Melanie straddled the girl’s lap facing her guiding the dildo to her ass. Liz clamped her mouth on a nipple. Melanie moaned and groaned.

Dan stood watching the women fuck. His hard on horizontal pointed at Melanie. Liz wrapped her arms tightly around the mature slut bouncing on her lap.

“Dan poke her in the butt!”

“No please no”

“Dan push your cock in her ass. Lets stretch her butthole wide open!”

“Oh god no.” Melanie tried to wriggle free.

Dan pushed the head of his oiled up dick in to her ass. It wasn’t long before two dicks moved in and out of the mature slut’s ass.

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