The Lee Odyssey. Chapter 1

I was a junior in high school when it began. I lived in inner city of Detroit and our high school was integrated. We all got along fine though except for the few catty girls both black and white. There were a lot of cliques and it could sometimes get nasty. I was held back a year due to an illness so I was 18 and a year older than most of the girls in my class
It happened at a basketball game. Lee was the star of the team. He wasn’t that tall but he could really play. He was a senior and slightly older than I. The game was exciting and very close. Like many of the k**s in class I was cheering for Lee to make the big play and win for us. Seems like one of the black girls thought I was flirting with him and began to lace into me. The game was halted because she was making such a fuss. Lee came over to the girl and told her to knock it off that she had no strings tied to him.
Well, Lee did make the big play and we won the game. Before he left the court to shower Lee came over to me and said, “Let me make that up to you. Meet me at Big Boys. I’ll be there soon as I shower.”
Well Big Boy was pretty crowded but I managed to find a booth. One of my girl friends came along too. It wasn’t long before Lee came in. The crowd all cheered for him and good to his word he came over to our booth and sat right next to me.
He bought me a Burger and a malt and we sat and chatted for a while. He was very nice and apologized for the rude behavior of the other girl. Then one of his friends came and joined us and sat with my girlfriend.
He asked if he could walk me home and I said yes. My friend lived in the other direction so his buddy walked her home.
How does one start a relationship? Small talk, holding hands a peck on the cheek saying good night. Yes all of that but before he left he asked if he could take me to the movies on Saturday. Well I do love movies so I said yes. And that is how it began.
We didn’t choose a specific theater but only the one nearest to us. The movie was, “An Affair to Remember” and I got all gushy and teary eyed. Of course men do not know what to do when a woman cries. So he tried to comfort be the best he could.
Holding my hand, kissing away my tears hugging me tightly. And Of course I was hugging and kissing him back. Well it began to escalate and much more than kissing was going on. Our hormones had kicked in and we wanted each other. He began to feel my breasts and those are really sensitive. They were sending signals right down to my pussy and I was getting very wet. I was nibbling on his ear and then we French kissed and he put my hand to his crotch. He was rock hard and I could tell he was very large. He said, “We are going to have to do something about this.” We quickly moved to a very dark and secluded part of the balcony. He was feeling my pussy and I was rubbing his cock. I think we both knew that we were going; “All the Way.” He pulled down my panties and I opened his fly. His cock sprung out in all its glory and he sat me down on top of it. Well, I was still cherry but the juices were flowing, thank goodness. It still was painful for the first thrust as he was so big. But he finally was able to get in and slowly sink deep into my hole.
We just sat there for a moment enjoying each other. I started to work his cock into me and it went even deeper. He was thrusting up into me as well but we soon realized that he better not cum in me as we had no protection.
He asked me to please finish him off and I really did not know what he meant. He explained that if I sucked him to climax he would eat my pussy to climax as well.
I really had never sucked a cock before but before I could protest he was down in my crotch licking my clit. He inserted a few fingers while he sucked and licked. He was rubbing me inside and he found a spot that was super sensitive and I jerked and spasmed and I came in his mouth. Well, he let me rest a bit and then began to work my face down to his beautiful cock. I slowly licked around it trying to figure out how I could fit it into my small mouth. As I had my mouth over his cock Lee began to push on my head and helped me get more of him down my throat. He then pulled me back a little and then pushed forward again. I was beginning to get the idea. It seems like I was going up and down on his cock forever before he finally groaned and shot stream after stream of cum down my throat. I began to gag and also didn’t care much for the taste but Lee bent down and gave me a big kiss and took some of the cum from my mouth.
Well we didn’t really see much more of that movie. We cleaned up as best we could and then we both went to the rest room to clean up further. Then on to Big Boy again for our burger and shake. We actually went to see the same movie again. would you believe we had the same result?

To be continued

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