The Line on the Stairs – Part 2

I waited in my office late on Friday afternoon, as Sally was near the end of the line on the stairs.
In due course she exited the Headmaster’s office, to do the walk of shame down the stairs.
Striped, bare bum on display, snivelling like all he other girls. Slowly she made her way along the empty corridors to my office where she knocked on the door. “Come in Sally” I said.

And what a sight she presented when she came in. Bottomless of course, white socks and shoes.
Her tie and jumper were all rump[led and clearly she had a good cry on he way to me.
I offered her a tissue then gathered her in my arms. Let’s see I said. What punishment did you get, you poor girl.
She turned round to see me, the sobbing lessened.
I inspected her legs and bottom closely, kneeling down to see her stripes. All the time praising her for being a good girl, a brave girl.
This helped Sally stop sobbing and is a part of our method of building the character of girls.

I traced some of the strokes the Mead had placed on the backs of her thighs. The moved up to comment on the cuts to her sit spot.
Little did Sally know that these had been arranged by me! Finally tracing the hard, parallel tramlines on her full bottom.

By this time the cuts were coming to fruition, some weeping a little blood. The poor girl must have suffered so.
I told Sally to get completely nude and I would dress her wounds.
Sally bent over my desk and I fetches a bowl of warm water and some surgical gauze from the first aid kit.
I gently wiped her bottom and her legs, soothing her. I left the sit spot till last.
Sally, I said, you are doing very well with your inspection. I can see no [permanent damage.
Sally, I said – You know what comes next.

With a small movement she parted her legs, widening her stance. She had brown pussy fur to match that on her head.
Slowly I probed her, parting her buttocks as I felt her curls then her seam. She was hot and wet already. Sally started to pant slightly.
When I traced my finger along her tramlines she winced a bit.

Turn round Sally I said. Stand up straight. She obeyed, and stood waiting as I stripped off. Her eyes widened as my thick cock bobbed into view.
Hop up on the desk Sally, sit on the edge. She did so, but again winced in pain. I rather liked the idea of her sore bottom being pounded into my hard wooden desk. And if there was a bit of blood and a stain or two left on the desk, then that would act as a memento for the occasion.

I grabbed Sally round the knees and raised her legs up, stepping between them. My cock bobbed obscenely in the air.
I raised Sally’s legs up high and then nestled my swollen cock head into her curls. I could see her biting her lip. Of course all girls knew the end of an inspection process – a thorough shafting, or maybe a probing and a licking front he female teachers.

I thrust home, right up her tight pussy. It felt so good. Sally grunted in pain again, more from her stripes being ground into the desk.
I got into my rhythm and pounded her onto the edge of the desk. Lots of “Good girl” and “Brave girl” helped.
Finally I was ready to release and I stiffened – I stood still as my cock did it sork and pumped waves of hot spunk up her, splashing her cervix.

I pulled out then gave Sally a hug and a kiss. I told her to report to the school nurse for the mornign after pill. There woudl sure be a line of girls outside that office now too!

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