The shopping trip

It was a dank dreary November afternoon rain was falling steadily as we made our way back from our first xmas shopping trip in Southampton, the roads were very wet and puddles lay at the side of the road, a horrible afternoon to be out.
Our journey home took us out into the new forest where it was bleak and cold. The traffic was very very light considering all the shops were in sale and we had not seen another car on the road for at least 5-10 minutes .We’d been driving for around 40 minutes and were only some 3 miles from home when Someway in front of us through the murk and the rain we saw the intermittent orange glow of hazard warning lights. Slowing down a little as we approached the vehicle on the side of the road we saw a figure standing at the rear of the Mercedes, a gold SLK , as we got closer the outline of the person became clearer it was a woman under a flimsy black umbrella . We slowed down as we went past as it looked as if the woman was on her mobile phone about 20yds past the car Jill said to me ‘should we have stopped to see if she was ok’? , I looked at Jill and said i suppose we should have really so I pulled the car up and did a u turn and drove back to where the car was. As we approached the vehicle I pulled up alongside wound down the window and said all right love? The woman whose face I could not see put her head out from under the umbrella and said oh thank you for stopping my car has just stopped and I cant get a signal to call any one . Jill lent over so she could be seen and said to the woman jump in the back of the car out of the rain , oh thank you the woman said your very kind .

The woman was very attractive in her early 40s quite tall and wearing a black leather pencil skirt a small waist cut leather jacket a white blouse underneath black tights or stocking and black patent heels, her hair was just under shoulder length. Jill said to me get out and see what you can do p try and fix this poor ladies car as I got out I turned to our passenger in the back and said have you the keys she said they are in the ignition , as she said that my eyes were instantly drawn to the small slit up the front of her skirt it was slightly open and the unmistakable minutest glimpse of stocking caught my attention.

I got into the front of her car it smelt of expensive perfume and a Gucci handbag was on the passenger seat as I turned the key to try and start the car the unmistakable click click click of the starter motor could be heard the battery was flat and the car wasn’t going anywhere quickly! I got out and hurriedly jumped back into our car as it had started to rain heavily Jill said did you do it, I looked at Jill and our passenger and said it’s a flat battery have you got AA or RAC the woman said she had but she couldn’t get any signal to call them on her mobile, a problem we’ve always had in our area.

Our passenger looked wet and cold and thoroughly feed up , Jill said look we only live a couple of miles down the road why don’t you come home with us get warm have a tea or coffee and call them from there, Jill looked at me for approval I said of course you can’t stay here stranded . So I jumped out of the car grabbed the keys from the ignition locked her car and we turned the car around and made our way homeward .
The conversation on the way was about how awful cars are and mobile phones and signals our passenger told us her name was Tracy and she was visiting the area alone on a mission to find a nice hotel for her husband’s close approaching birthday.

We were soon home and as I pulled up through our gates on to the drive the security lights came on Jill quickly got out of the car and ran to open the front door, not to miss a second chance of a little flash of stocking I opened the door for our passenger and as she swung her legs out bingo I got a glimpse of a thigh clad in a black stocking that I had been looking and hoping for. I closed the car door behind our passenger and ushered her in to our house , watching her arse wiggle its way up to our front door the heels of her shoes clicking on the concrete as she made every step.
Jill shouted at me to shut the front door and stop letting the heat out and to show our guest into the living room where the fire was a light but only just , I threw several logs on and soon it was burning brightly and warming the room. Jill had gone straight into the kitchen and put the kettle on shouting through “tea or coffee Tracy” either she replied as i invited her to sit down .

Jill shouted to me “Paul did you bring the shopjing in , i bet you didn’t go and fetch it inn ” so i went out picked up the 2 armfuls of shopping bags and came back in putting them on the table at the back of the front room , Jill had already bought in the tea and had taken Tracy’s black leather jacket. Tracey sat forward on the sofa both her hands wrapped around the steaming hot cup of tea her forearms resting on her knees as she blew on her steaming cup. I had noticed that you could see her black bra through the white of her blouse which silhouetted the outline of her slightly larger than average tits .

Tracy said she should try and phone the rac she picked up her phone from on the sofa and both Jill and I heard her say “oh fuck it ” under her breath ,what’s up Jill enquired ‘my phones out of battery now as well is nothing going to go right today , the only good thing that’s happened is you kind people stopping’ in that breath you could hear Tracy’s voice break as if to start sobbing Jill quickly moved towards her and said ‘hey never mind these things happen you’ll be alright now we’ll get it sorted don’t worry’ and with that Jill put a comforting arm around Tracys shoulder.
‘ Tracey ‘ Jill said ‘your blouse its damp and your skirt you’ll catch your death of cold let’s get you into something dry come on’ and with that Jill lead Tracy out of the living room and up the stairs Tracey saying she would be fine but Jill being her caring insistent self said no come on.

As the pair of them went upstairs I reached for my phone to get the RAC number and ring on Tracy’s behalf when Jill shouted down Paul! Tracy’s left her handbag on the seat of her car be a darling and go back and get it. With that I put my cuppa down pulled on my coat and set off the 3 miles back to Tracy’s car.

The weather had got worse the rain was lashing down in what was now a dark horrible winters evening. It took no longer than ten minutes to drive the 3 miles. Whilst I was away Jill had shown Tracy into our bedroom, Tracy and Jill being a similar size Jill said I’m sure I’ve got something that will fit you now get out of those damp clothes. Tracy shivered as she unbuttoned her blouse and handed it to Jill, Jill looked and smiled as Tracey reached around behind her undid the button on her skirt and pulled the zip down allowing the skirt to fall to the floor. Standing there in just her black bra, tiny thong which was pulled up high the tiny waist band riding high on her hips and hold up stockings. Jill said would you like a hot shower to warm yourself through, Tracy said yes that would be just the ticket if it wasn’t to much trouble and with that Jill went into the en-suite and started to run the shower. Jill could see Tracy removing her stockings in the big mirror that reflected into the bedroom Jill stopped and purposely watched her rolling them down her long very sexy legs Jill came back into the bedroom just as Tracy was removing her bra ‘wow’ Jill said under her breath as Tracy’s tits came into full view . ‘Thanks’ said Tracy with a smile on her face having heard Jill ‘glad you like’.
Jill put some towels on the bottom of the bed and said to Tracy the shower should be hot enough now and with that Tracy said thanks and smiled as she walked into the shower room her arse clad only in the small black thong. She stood in front of the shower cubicle had a quick look back into the bedroom to ensure Jill was watching her and slowly inserted a finger and thumb into the thin string like waist band and peeled them off of her hips and allowed them to fall to the floor Tracy stepped out of the thong kicking it to one side and stepped into the shower cubicle . Jill had witnessed all of this and was really aroused by what she had seen.

Jill was sorting out a change of clothes for Tracy a pair of jeans and a low cut t shirt one that would certainly show off her exciting body when Tracy shouted ‘have you a towel please’ Jill grabbed a towel from the foot of the bed and walked into the en-suite she placed it over the basin in doing so she took a quick look at Tracy naked and wet in the shower, a shiver went pulsating through her body.

‘‘Like what you see” said Tracy, pardon said Jill, ”want to join me in here? ‘as Tracy hand moved down over her tits and erect nipples to stop at the top of her pussy using her middle finger to rub her clitoris.

Jill’s jaw dropped as she stuttered ” but, but, ermm well ermm I wasn’t looking really I wasn’t looking ’’ ‘’ oh I think you were’’ replied Tracy as she continued to gently and slowly rub her clit, Jill gulped as Tracy beaconed with the index finger on her free hand Jill didn’t know where to look as she slowly reached down and lifted her jumper over her head, her tits in a red bra viewable to Tracy, she fumbled with her jeans button swearing as she did ‘oh fuck it come on I’m all fingers and thumbs’ Tracy smiled sexily and said ‘I hope so’ after what seemed ages to jill but was probably only a few seconds she finally undid the stud button and slid down the zipper wiggling her hips to get out of her jeans her white panties slid down at the same time as her jeans revealing her cunt to Tracy who was looking on with a big grin all over her face, Jill reached behind her back and undid the clasp on her bra letting it fall away, finally as naked as Tracy, she stepped into the shower ”nice” said Tracy ever had a lesbian encounter before, yes said Jill ”when I was 17 with my best friend but not like this , it was a snog and a drunken grope” well in that case neither of us are beginners said Tracy as she leant forward and kissed Jill full on the mouth. Jill quickly responded in the same way only letting her mouth open for Tracy to slide her tongue in explore Jills sensual mouth and wet warm tongue.

As they continued to kiss Jill’s hands caressed Tracy’s wet soft body sliding her hands up and down her sides stopping when she reached Tracy’s protruding hip bones where not many minutes ago the black thong had rested she moved her hand lower stopping between Tracys warm firm thighs her forefinger running over Tracy’s cuntlips spreading them gently to allow Jill to finger her cunt. Tracy pulled away from there deep kiss and moaned ”ooohhh fuck yes push your fingers in me mmmm yes fuck me” and with that Tracy bent her head down and took Jill’s now hard and aroused nipples into her mouth Tracy’s hands massaging Jill’s arse cheeks as she sucked and bit her nipples eagerly .
Jill responded by pushing two fingers into Tracys now very wet and sticky cunt the water from the shower still cascading over both of their bodies like a tropical waterfall.
Tracy pulled away and put the palm of her hand between Jill’s tits and pushed her against the shower wall quite forcibly and in the same movement sank into a crouching position her legs wide apart as the shower water flowed down draining of her body between her legs making it look like she was pissing. Tracy moved her head forwards perfectly in line with Jill’s cunt, her fingers parting Jill’s cunt lips her head tilted slightly backwards and upwards looking deep into Jills eyes as she began licking Jills cunt slowly at first but then harder and faster her tongue reached from as far back near Jill’s arsehole right around to Jill’s now hard and exposed clit her tongue stopping occasionally to taste Jill’s cunt juice, Jill released a moan that would have been heard by anyone else in the house if there had been anyone in ”ooohhh fuck yes eat me yes yes yes.”

I was almost at Tracy’s car when I was abruptly stopped by a fallen tree across the road ”oh bollocks” I said to myself ‘’ I better walk the last 200yds and get the fucking handbag’’ I clambered over the tree now getting wet and very pissed off I caught my jeans tearing a lump out of them, in the distance through the rain I could see the hazard warning lights, which were now glowing dimmer and slower, as I walked up to the car, I pressed the central locking button I pulled the handle on the door the interior light was only just working I lent in and was meet with that same alluring sexy smell of that expensive perfume again, funny how some things get you but I felt my cock starting to harden as the smell and the memory of her stocking clad legs flashed into my mind. I shuddered whether through cold or sexual arousal I’m not sure, I said to myself come on man get a grip she’s not going anywhere tonight the sooner you get back the sooner you can letch at her. I reached in grabbed the bag and with my objective met I started back to the car the rain was horizontal beating into my face it seemed an age reaching the safety of my range rover I jumped in turned around and set of for home little did I know what was unfolding in my absence not 3 miles away….

Jill was still standing with Tracy now on her knees her tongue still deep in Jill’s cunt Jill holding Tracy’s head in position riding her tongue grinding her pussy into Tracy’s mouth , enough said Jill I want to enjoy you as well and with that the shower was turned off and they both got out of the shower each drying the other with the fluffy soft towels ensuring that they paid specific attention to each other’s cunts, admiring and ogling each other’s bodies , Jill took Tracy by the hand and led her back into the bedroom where they both sat on the bed wet towels strewn behind them a pile Tracy’s clothes just inside the doorway .

They sat facing each other on the bed and started kissing deeply once more only this time more aggressively and passionately than before, each kiss more energetic than the last Jill’s hand reached down between Tracy’s legs and quickly Jill pushed two fingers deep into Tracy wet and slippery cunt ,Tracy moaned with a tirade of filth ” yes you dirty bitch fuck me fuck me just like the slut I am” their mouths meet once more Tracy bit Jill’s bottom lip moaning ”ohh fuck yes fuck me” as Jill’s fingers slid in and out of Tracy’s pussy more vigorously and forcefully . Tracy fell backwards onto the bed her legs opened as she did Jill needed no further invitation in flash she got on to the floor kneeling between Tracy’s legs her cunt inches from her tongue Jill lent forward pushed her hands under her arse cheeks and lifted her an inch or two exposing Tracy’s little puckered arsehole Jill’s tongue instantly knew what it should do slowly and gently at first Jill’s tongue probed her arsehole licking and pushing occasionally moving up to tease Tracy’s cunt opening before moving back down to continue working on her cute little arsehole.

Tracy moaned ”please please not my arsehole please” but Jill just continued to probe it spitting in it occasionally and rubbing it with her index finger before sliding the tip of her finger into Tracy’s tight little bum hole .no please said Tracy not there and why not said Jill ”because” ”because what” responded Jill it makes me cum so hard said Tracy only my husband and one other person has ever fucked me there well said Jill dominantly let’s put that to rights let me be the third person and with that Jill took her finger deep into her own mouth put as much saliva on it as she could then she spat into Tracy’s bum hole and pushed her finger deep into Tracy. Tracy’s hips came up off the bed as Jill’s index finger went knuckle deep into her slowly fucking her arsehole Tracy let out a ”oohhhh fuck , ohhh fuck me fuck me I’m your dirty little slut fuck me”, Jill grinned and said what’s that? yes, fuck me, fuck my arse, fuck my cunt, just fuck me, Tracy said in an almost an hallucinogenic state , Jill continued to work on Tracy’s little arsehole occasionally pausing to re lubricate her finger with either her own saliva or that of Tracy’s reaching up and forcing Tracy to taste her own arse. Jill could sense Tracy was close to Cumming and Jill was not about to let her cum without Jill Cumming to and without removing her finger from Tracy arse Jill maneuvered herself so her cunt was above Tracy’s mouth as she lowered herself down she felt Tracy’s tongue ”now fucking lick me” she barked dominantly her cunt lips pushed down over Tracy’s mouth and Tracy’s nose just pushing against her own arsehole she sighed mmmmm as she started to grind her pussy on Tracy’s face and tongue.

As I drew upon the drive my quest secured the house looked lovely and inviting on my journey home I had thought of nothing else except the flash of stocking I got earlier and would I get another? My cock hardening with every thought.
The rain was still lashing down as I ran from the car to the house Tracy’s handbag swinging on my arm I had already selected the key to open the door as I let myself in I shouted only me I’m back got your bag, but I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere tonight. there was no answer I put my head in the front room the tea cups were still half full on the table Tracy’s black shoes neatly put together where she took them off when she came in I put my head in the kitchen no one there either so I slowly walked up stairs shouting Jill I’m back Jill shouted back we’re in here hun and as I opened the door I was shocked but instantly aroused by the sight that greeted my eyes Jill sitting on Tracy’s face and Tracy visibly licking at Jill’s cunt, what had I missed !

Jill stretched out and arm and beckoned me over saying ‘’come on hun want to play too come on, we need to be fucked hun’’ I didn’t need asking twice!

Jill sat astride Tracy’s face both of them naked Jill quickly grabbed me by the jeans top and undid my jeans in double quick time pulling them down along with my boxers my cock springing into life immediately. Jill grabbed my cock and started to stroke my cock forcefully as I pulled the rest of my clothes of as quickly as I could my eyes fixated at Tracy hungrily devouring Jill’s cunt, Jill pulled me closer and started to suck on my now fully hardened cock Tracy’s out stretched arm reached for my balls as she cupped them in one hand while Jill stroked me I didn’t no where to look first Jill amazing body or Tracy’s exposed cunt begging for my cock. Jill climbed off of Tracy and both girls dragged me onto the bed saying we’ve been waiting for some cock to arrive kneeling before them they both grabbed at my cock taking it in turns to suck on me while one stroked me the other sucked me all the time both pleasuring themselves with their own fingers sometimes on each other sometimes on themselves . Jill knelt up and whispered in my ear do you want to fuck her? do you want to slide your cock right up her? ”oh god yes yes” I said good Jill said because I want to watch you fuck her !

Jill looked at Tracy and said do you want his cock as she squeezed my now wet and twitching cock Tracy nodded and said yes beggingly, laying back and opening her legs I moved to kneel between her open thighs , Jill grabbing my cock and rubbing the tip of my cock which was covered in both girls saliva against Tracy’s pussy lips and encouraging me to push into her Jill grabbed my cock again and kissed the end of it before rubbing it between Tracy’s pussy lips again and easing me into her Jill looked into my eyes and said fuck her. I had never seen Jill like this before and it was amazing her watching me, encouraging me to fuck another woman. I took long slow strokes going deep into Tracy her very very wet cunt making noise as i slid in and out, Jill loudly encouraging me to fuck her Tracy letting out moans of satisfaction as my balls hit her arse cheeks repeatedly.

jill stood up and moved behind me where she cupped my balls as i slid in and out of Tracy’s warm wet pussyhole Jill still cupping my balls laid her middle finger along the length of the underside of my cock so that as I fucked Tracy Jills finger went in with me the first time Tracy let out a moan of oh yes as both of us fucked her Jill’s finger and my cock in unison. It was the most amazing fuck of our lives jill can be amazingly filthy and tonight was not going to be any different she told me to pull out of Tracy and then told Tracy to kneel on all fours Jill then slid beneath Tracy her pussy and my balls directly over her face with one hand she pulled my cock down and sucked me then guided me into Tracy’s pussy every second stroke she made me pull out to let her suck me and to taste Tracy cunt juice from the length to the end of my cock

I think we were all getting our fair share Jill licking my cock and Tracy’s cunt as I fucked Tracy and Tracy getting licked and fucked as she ate Jill’s cunt all round pleasure.

We must of fucked like this for what seemed hours even changing around with Tracy watching me fuck Jill . The two girls were enjoying each other’s cunts as I was kneeling next to them wanking getting ready to cum Tracy was rubbing Jill’s bum hole with her finger as they led in a sixty nine position Jill kneeling over Tracy , Tracy grabbed my cock and said come on Paul fuck her here in the arse and slid my cock over Jill’s arse pushing the tip in a little then a little more until I was inside my wife arse with a sexy sexy little slut lying underneath her tongue licking at my balls Jill gasped as I started to fuck her tight arse Tracy egging me on ‘’go on fuck her come on fuck her hard I want to hear the bitch scream like you made me, you always said you wanted to fuck her arse now do it for me like you fucked my arse in that hotel, fuck her come on fuck her hard and deep and fast and don’t stop till you cum’’ I moved in out deep n hard obeying the strict instructions I’d been given, feeling the spunk rising up my hard hard cock Tracy’s fingers wrapped around the base of my cock acting like a clamp my spunk being controlled I could feel myself about to pump all my spunk into Jill’s arse.
As I emptied my balls into my wife’s arse Tracey said good that’s it and with a final thrust my cock twitched hard and my fountain of spunk shot into jills arse, as I pulled back I pulled out and let the second wave of cum cover Tracy’s face which was directly beneath us Tracy continued to jerk my cock forcing every last drop out of my balls it splashing on Jill’s arse cheeks and running down over her pussy Tracey lifted her head and took me into her mouth where she sucked me completely dry.

This was a fuck session that can only be dreamed of by most with all 3 of us spent we fell asleep all in the same bed the girls asleep either side of me both with one hand on my cock. As we lay there we could still here the rain beating hard on the window and the howling gale outside as we drifted off into a sexually satisfied sleep
The alarm went off at 9.30 am on the Sunday morning there was only two of us in the bed Jill and me where had Tracy gone? there was no sign of her, her clothes were gone her bag gone her car keys gone but there were only 2 coffee cups in the front room, I got dressed quickly and drove to where Tracey had left the broken down car, the car was gone all there was left were some tyre marks in the mud where the car had been I drove home wondering , when I got there jill was down stairs washing up , ok hun she said did you get the Sunday papers , wasn’t the wind strong last night kept me awake for ages , what do you fancy for dinner babe should we go out or what , with my brain working overtime I went upstairs and into our bedroom did this sex session really happen? Did we both fuck a stranger was she a stranger? Everything looked normal around the bedroom and as i looked in the en-suite my brain questioning my every memory there in the corner of the bathroom by the shower cubicle was something black I picked it up what was it?
It was a small black thong that certainly wasn’t Jills !

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