5. The night.

“The c***d will marry to a rich jeweler in New York” I heard Michael’s snake whisper behind me. On Sunday, she scheduled an operation to restore virginity. Betty will do it. On Saturday we will have the last sex. Do not be late. He took my beauty by the hand and led her to the exit.
“Let’s agree,” I whispered to his tone. ‘Mouth and ass will not be sutured to her.’ Ah, what a sexy figure she has. A small round ass, long strait legs with strong hips, the shoulders of swimmer, absolutely in my taste, is worth fighting for such a toy for bed games.

I’ll take Chloe and the whip with me. She is a great slave tamer. A true slave owner, as I was told. And then we’ll see who will belong to whom; this is such a rare pearl that she can decorate any crown.
It was already dark and only two relatively lit spots remained in the hall; a bar with snacks and drinks and a tiny platform lit by the dim moon-white light, on which Karl photographed young starlets for porn magazines.
What happened in the hall was only vaguely guessed in the darkness. Quiet music sounded and I really wanted to dance in anticipation of the night. I just went up to the stage and felt how inspiration inspired me. I felt a sharp attack of exhibitionism, being naked in front of my lovers; fever all over my body, drops of liquid flowed from the end of my penis and I already knew what a young man’s dance should be, how to capture spectators who, moreover, were ready for it. Maybe not even as Linda taught me, but rather, obeying my own passion, my body moved and wriggled in the rhythm of an erotic melody. Several people came to the platform and looked at me, and I think I even heard Karl’s handheld movie camera chirping. I kept dancing and dancing. One melody replaced another, but I still could not satisfy my passion and enjoy the dance. Despite my young age, I have already formed beautiful genitals to attract experienced women and a nice-looking tight and round ass.

Let them say what they want, but I am firmly convinced that exhibitionism is the basis of nudism and the reason for its popularity. All nudists, no matter how disguised all they are or no matter how high principles are used, are hidden or explicit exhibitionists. I know this from my senses.
Nudists enjoy this feeling and flaunt it, while other people are ashamed and afraid of it and try to hide behind a mask of decency. But exhibitionism is inherent in everyone without exception and inherent in every person from the moment of his birth, regardless of age. Orgies are attractive to swingers and nudists precisely because, in addition to physical and sexual pleasure, they experience acute paroxysm of exhibitionism.
Wow, beauty Linda climbed onto the platform and hugged me tightly to her, as when we were just starting to learn Kizomba.

Kizomba is an unusually erotic dance and dancing it naked with an experienced naked woman, snuggling close to her and feeling her movements, it is very easy to achieve an orgasm, which almost happened when I was dancing with Linda. Later, when nature gave us transvestites, I myself, dancing the kizomba, brought to the orgasm some pretty travesty girls.

Near the platform appeared Katy and Alex. She looked at us and masturbated without taking off her luxurious pantaloons. Alex was behind and pressed her ass to his cock.
“Katy and Alex invited me to their flat at Sunday,” I whispered to Linda. ‘I don’t want to go to them alone, it will look very vulgar, and I need a couple to support me.’
“How fast you learn.” She kissed me and I lowered jizz to her hip.

This evening there were not many guests. I counted about eleven people. Even the “boys for pleasure” disappeared. This is not a party season. Usually, Karl gathered guests only two or three times a year; on Christmas Day, on Summer Solstice, and sometimes on Jezebel’s Birthday. And Leonora did not appear today. He gathered only actors and staff associated with future filming.

The Roman lodges were pushed together to make one large bed. On which all the bodies are joined.
Everyone felt completely free. Some guests flaunted naked, some had some semblance of clothing. Women have always been an incomprehensible mystery to me. Nobody knows how to enjoy the atmosphere of orgies instead of women. Their presence can create a sweet aroma of obscenity and spread around the flair of sexual pleasure and lust. No matter what they wear.

Once I had flowed down cum just after one glance at pretty woman who was leaving the room in a tight and completely transparent jumpsuit without any lingerie under it. And a purple- black boy cared fur coat follow her.

Many men claimed that they did not accept gay sex. But under the influence of female spell, they soon lay in the embraces of Karl, who sweetly rebuilt their asses.

Once I was lying on the floor and Linda hugged me from behind. We looked at handsome mature man who satisfies his passion by fucking a young boy. And precum flow down my cock.

“In my opinion, the Sex between sweet boy and a strong man – is a very beautiful phenomenon. May be it was strange for understanding to me before, but now I enjoy seeing it,” she told to me.

‘Masturbation, sex between uncommitted individuals, paired individuals, having lovers, sex liaisons, polyandry, polygamy, homosexual patterns of behaviors, and such is all accepted practices between humans. Sex is considered to be good and healthy for all, young and old included’. She added.

Watching gay sex has changed me so much. I love watching men sucking and fucking each other it makes me so horny. I am now open and so curious to be with a man. I like how I have changed. It feels so good. I want more. I want my pansexual lust to grow stronger. I want to be pansexual and driven to seek out men. I want my craving to make me go where gay men gather – to make me so horny for every man there – and jump at the chance to leave with the first beautiful man that asks me to join the pleasure.

I love cock. It feels good to suck cock and eat cum. It’s great. I like to feel my mouth full of man jizz and mix it with my tongue till it melt and my lovely Linda suck it from my mouth with her kisses and give it in return. End when we both become mad from lust, I will fuck her deep throat and fuck her cunt, and her wonderful velvet ass holl.

But ultimately it is your choice on what you choose to do. I hope that no matter what you decided to do if in the end you are happy.

The end.

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