”Please please mike you said you would never tell anyone please dont do it im so shy”

”Cindy you are my girl dont worry , you are going to be just fine”

i could not get over the idea other would see me in my disney Elsa pijama, a pijama daddy had a hearth shapped hole braided just for me last xmass before making me into his sissy secret girl, infront of sissy training porn , making me watch and accept i was his little girl

all because i was found watching his bbc move for me in his sweatpants one evening in the subway back from work
so many people around as he walk in, right infront of me sit in the subway

his cock started to move i his pants , i just kept looking at it , he was large and tall hiding me from the rest of the passenger , kind of

he look down at me and smile

i look up so freaking shy caught looking at him

the subway stop at the next staion and he let the abrupt stop waving him toward me, hitting my face with his crotch twice before re positioning infront looking down at me surprised and looking around no one had see nothing

the train moving again , toward the next station , looking up at him smiling proud his bbc moving up and down in his pants , he was making it twitch for me to see

the next station stop was making him swing toward me just enough to hit my face and make me feel him all hard

i didnt know what to do, it happen so quick each station just him rubbing on my face

until i had to get down i stood up , he walked behind me

i looked back and was so not sure of what to do

like a prey hunted down , walking up to the surface wondering what is happening

toward the bus terminal , I sit on the bench for my bus him close by checking the schedule

walking toward me and kneel down to my ear

”we gonna go sit in the back and make you kiss my cock ok boy”

i look at him just feeling weak and small his big black cock still hard in his sweat pants telling me the imposiible

”i ….im not like that and ppl could see”

the bus closing in made me sweat, i felt heavy as he walk behind me in the bus literally pushing me gently to the back of the bus

we were alone in the back, got scared because no one was sit close and he could do it

the bus not even moving he was already getting it out , his 2 big hands took control over my head
he pull me down and i was made to kiss is bbc

”like that kiss the big cock no one can see you , just have fun with me in your mouth ”

sliding in my mouth before getting it out making me kiss him looking at his wet cock i am now sucking in the back of the bus

”yes like that boy , nice bbc for you get it all wet ”

it was crazy how easy he had me sucking him , i was help with his hand into worshiping him with my mouth

and he cum so much i had cum all around my face his bbc back in his pants

asking me for my phone number before leaving making sure i received his txt

i swear i would block him but when he didnt txt me, i did 4 days later i walk out to meet him, wanting to suck him fat black cock again, i missed him

i spent the first 30 minutes at his place getting repeated i was back here to please him when i did obey his order right away

i was help in the lobby and ask what i was doing there
”i…i want to suck you again”

”its ok dont be shy say it loud and clear”

”Im here to suck your bbc again”

”’good slut boy, get on your knees get it out and kiss it, tell me again and maybe daddy will let you inside”

i moan kissing him all around saying i was back to suck him
i was getting turn on, having to deserve his cock

doing my best to kiss him and beg to suck him

he told me i was a good listener and to leave my cloth here in the lobby
i did naked on all 4 , him getting his belt off his pants and leashing my neck with it
i was walked inside his place

toward the bathroom

naked in the shower turning aroud him completing my shaving making me nervous full of shaving foam getting smooth all around

”there white doll are best smooth and sexy”

rinsing me feeling cold and hairless

getting out help in a towel his bbc so imposing infront of my small little shaved cock and balls

i was naked him giving me a gift back i the living room infront his xmass tree
opening it and knowing i was looking at
in a very small smooth disney elsa pijama my ass feeling the open braided hole

i was just going on with it, feeling under his total control of me once dress in the cute young girly pijama

”i want you to play the girl ok?”


”no talk like a girl please say yes daddy use a cute girly voice ”

”ok daddy”

”oh yes cute girl daddy bought you a very cute pijama ”

passing his hand over my ass feeling the cute bare hole has he longed the hearth shape entrance making some kind off sweat circles around my bare skin my hole so close to be touched

”little hearth , you like this cute pijama ?”

”yes daddy thank you”

”show me baby, thank me”

he sat on the couch and light up the tv

soon i was listening to a sissy hypno on my side on the couch over him his bbc pumping in my mouth as we watch the tv

”good little girl , look and learn i want you to be my sissy wife ”

its hard to argue with a bbc sliding in your mouth a finger circling on the hearth shape hole of my smooth pijama

tv sound loud and music playing

telling me to suck and worship cock

so many cute little white boy with small cock like me sucking bbc dress sexy

”suck the cock , suck the cock , cute little sissy boy love to worship daddy bbc”

”you listen i hope girl, i hope you listen well to this ”

making it so clear all he wanted was to make me into a sissy cock slut loving his bbc

a loud bzzzzzzz started buzzing and i was lubed , plugged until the buzzing plug was in my making me shake my lil ass my hearth shaped pijama hole getting tap on slowly as i suck

”ohhhh daddy my goddd”

”yes baby girl , keep sucking stay mouth on the cock for me”

tap tap tap tap

little gentle tap on the bzzzzzz made me go crazy for him

feeling so hot so full , shivering feeling lost and getting cute little tap made me feel like a baby doll slut

”you white boy so cute when you start to realize you better as cute girls”

”plugged and sucking cock like a good little sissy girl”

he made me feel like a complete slut for his bbc

shaved up , smelling soap and wearing a princess pijama feeling cute and happy

i was help to try lubing his bbc and sit on him

watching porn bouncing on him , i lost it all

i became weak and resting on him on his chest my beck kissed my lil ass humped up and down

”what are you”

”im a sissyyyyyyy”

”yes good sissy , open up for daddy, you love this big black cock in you”

”yessss i love your cock daddy”

”your name is now cindy, cindy loves to please bbc and be a good girl doesnt she?”

”oh yes yes she is, cindy a good girl ahh ahhh”

”thats it be a girl, if you come here all sexy and shit i will let you be my cute sissy cock slut”

he cum deep and left me sit watching porn moving on him bouncing back his wet cock sliding in cum , making me moan im a girl

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