They knew i would never call the cops or stop them once i had been tricked

They are known as the sissyhunter crew on pornhub and am one of these bitch they tricked to be filmed worshipping superior black cocks until its all iam at night

some of them are just here to unload while the gf os not doing it but other are straight dominating guy who get hard sissying little cock white boys

I should have never downloaded grndr but i did and they found me

i txted with him for a while before accepting a meet at the park at night , on his car we would be smoking weed and chilling

”we could just smoke and have fun he said ”

and i believed him

liker a stupid white boi i took time shaving and getting clean just in case he was my type

1am at the park , they made sure to chose a place no one would see

the gray van was already there between other parked car, not suspicious and covered from sight the parking used by the city own cars and trucks

i sat on the park concrete wall near the parking checking my phone

it was dark i ear the sliding door first they appear first just dark silhouette but once a bit closer i saw only their 2 hooded mask and got scared moving away

only to be facing 2 other masked guy

all closing on me

”wait i have no money what do you want”

”waiittttt stop i awwwww awwwwww gneeeeeeeeeeee”

my head took by one a pink lipse rubber mouth ring put with force in my mouth my neck getting snap with a collar trying to push them getting gagged so quick seing my big pink lipse strap tight to the collar a leash dropping and i was pull my hands help in my back and cuffed

all 4 hooded masked black friendsworking around me in precision
so quick , so sudden, i look at all 4 guy eyes and smile , watching me walk to the van

”walk faggot , you wanted to suck cock, you gonna be served big cock all night , we love to get suck in group by a white boy loving bbc”

in the van on a mattress on my knees hands tied , they circled me and started sliding in my mouth in turn, commenting on how small white boy are and better be sucking real nice cock

i was scarred all of their cock so big sliding on my mouth and slapping on my face

my mouth just open and the pink mouth gag so easy for them to fuck

i wish i could say they didnt fuck me but soon my pants were down and i was getting lubed and fingered

turning and sucking cock my ass played with slapped and fingered by all of them, so many fingers sliding in me , feeling different but all stretching me open asking me if i want more of it before i get pussy fuck

begging making doggy noises to say yes , scarred of them bbc so much

i was lubed and fingered more until one just slided inside

”oh this cunt is ready”

”dude you need to share ”

ass pull and fuck by all 4 taking time shoving it deep then out fucking me up while i am mouth fuck

”damn i love turning you little fag in sluts ”

ass up all of em fucking talking dirty about me being a white girl now

full of cock weak and getting fuck all night , some of them taking a break smoking weed watching me take cock and call me a cute girl

i watch helpless as they make me their sissy girl. someone belonging to their group

my ass became a home for bbc, i was so open i felt they did turn my ass into a cunt

cum dripping and still fuck for more , i was untied and to their pleasure i was moaning helpless , looking with empty eyes , free to run but so weak , i stayed so useless , taking bbc all night like a good sissy

bouncing on cock sucking cock without the gag mouth , loving it so much better i did my best not to be put it back

moaning on bbc , all night really fuck up a little boy mind pretty good once it stop hurting, and start to fee good its over

i didnt remember hoe many time i was filled, another one pouring down in my new cunt , making me love it more and more

until they all were done and happy calling me a good girl

”alright lets see what she chose”

and 4 little panties were put infront of me

i look at them asking me to chose one

still recovering and weak i chose a pink panty

and the winner smile helping it one me the other guy cursing

”alright see you later guys”

”yeah lucky bastard ”

i saw the 3 left with their gf panty

the winner starting to lift my hand tying em to the roof , and put me one of the hodded mask like they have but a pink one , on my knees i watch him drive

”alright guys i won and as promess i will share her with 3 lucky one ”

”she has such a tight virgin pussy, we just found this girl tonight and shes still needs some training but will take it deep and moan ”

i was literally a prize for guys and was filmed by him driving me to the first winner

the van stopping camera in place i was offered in panty full of cum to random young teen black guy , very horny putting his fat young cock in me fucking the sissy slut hard and deep until i moan , him calling it cute fucking his cock deep and fast

”thats it show that white boy what he is good for”

”to be a girlllll , ahhhhh fuckkkkkk , take it girl , you are a fucking slut shitttttt”’

filled by this horny teen was so nice and good i felt empty once he left closing the van door

”you like that cindy? you sure did a good job so guys want to be the next winner? dont cum yet if you win you dont want to miss out on cuming in her tight cunt like bmxryder222 just did right”

i just watch him hold the cam and show my gaping cunt dripping cum

panty on the side like a good slut

and i ear him announce a new winner , getting back to the driving seat

minutes later he stop and film in silence again

another very young teen getting in smilling like he won the million

his fat cock out pushing in my open cunt

the young boy hands on my ass pulling me fucking me with his strong young bbc who need a cunt to fuck made me so horny for him

i moan loud loving his nice cock pouding me just the right way

”ohhh she love you ”

”tell evryone, go on”

cam on my hooded pink face

”omg i love his big cock its so goooooodd ahhhhh”’

”see guys already accepting shes a girl , look at how easy she takes cock and moan for him to fuck her more”

”you feel so tight i love your cunt , fuck i wish i had more time with you”

”tell them how nice she is ”

”oh she is like that prom girl tigt little cunt but look , no crying and stopping , its so fucking nice how she takes it and moan ”

fuck by this horny teen big cock until i giggle , him filling me deep , pussy up , hands still tied to the van roof just taking young cock and loving it

looking at the cam smilling moaning i love him

the last winner was apparently a well know person for having vids on his channel of boy in chastity cumming on his lap bouncing loving cock small boy

parked and waiting for him to get his prize

”i need to be quick the wife is inside”

”ohhhhhh such a nice hole, give it to daddy yeah sissy girl, take daddy cock like that moan like that good little girl”

big nice cock fucking me up good just right on my spot

and came quick in me deep , more cum in me , smiling my daddy rubbing my ass calling me a sweat sissy

it was morning he drive me to his place , and i slept him spooning me sleeping his bbc in me kissing my neck asking if he could have his cock sleep in me

pulling me and holding me filled and feeling like a little toy in his big arms

i woke up all morning him hard and cumming in his sleep holding me making me move on him slowly and drain his cock before drifting back to sleep , waiting for his cock to wake in me , happy in my hole , taking cum , loving his bbc so much

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