A Boring Wet Sunday:
I awoke on Sunday morning,lying on my stomach,I slid my one hand over my buttocks,remembering the happenings with the Stranger in the Wood and my doings on my bed with the Carrot I had shaped like a Cock yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening.
I was enjoying my hand feeling my Ass,then slipping my fingers between my Buns and teasing my Rosebud.
My Cock was Hard and Throbbing,I was Grinding it into my mattress,I slid my other hand under my pillow,finding the Cock shaped Carrot,I pulled it from under the pillow and slipped it straight into my mouth,Sucking on it like I was Sucking The Stranger in the Wood,s Cock.
Then I heard it,the drumming on my bedroom window,”Fuck No”,I shouted out,spitting the Carrot out of my mouth and jumping out of my bed,going to the window,it was absolutely pouring down with rain,I looked up at the sky,”it was completely overcast,this was in for the day”,I was thinking,”He aint gonna meet me in the wood in this weather and I,ve no way of contacting him,I don,t know his name or have his phone number.
I walked back to my bed,sitting down on it,looking down my Nakedness,my Little Cock was Drooping,like my feelings.
I made my bed down,hiding the Carrot under my pillow,I went and showered,I was,nt even in the mood now for a Wank.
Finished my shower,got myself dressed and went downstairs,Mom was cooking breakfast,”Just do me couple of slices of toast please Mom,don,t fancy a breakfast this morning”,I said,Dad looked up from his Sunday paper,sat there in his Easychair,”You OK son,not like you, not to want your Sunday breakfast,you not well”.
“I,m OK,just weather Pissing me off,was going to Hang Out with some school mates this afternoon”,I lied,was going to get my Ass Fucked in our wood.
Dad said,”How do you think I feel,got fields to get ready for next years crops,can,t plough in this weather,have to accept it son,weather don,t give a shit for what people have to do or want to do”,he was a proper farmer,my dad,”Laid back,taking life as it came along,no one hundred miles an hour life for him or my mom,but away from the farm I was caught up in a different world I think my parents,”Sidelined”.
“Studying at school,them wanting me to do well,go to university,but at the same time wanting me to take over the farm later in life”.
Sunday dragged,I was up and down,looking out of the livingroom window,but the rain was,nt letting up,parents were getting annoyed with me being so fidgety.
Sunday dinner went passed,were Dad told me he did,nt want me using the Woods as a short cut to school and back through the Autumn and Winter months,he said,”He had seen someone around in The Wood,let the dogs loose in there,they were barking but whoever it was must have got out,roadside of the wood,your Mom or I will take you and pick you up to and from school”.
Come the middle of the week,Wednesday,I was back to Wanking and feeling myself in the shower and in my bedroom,
in the school showers looking at the other Bois,”Not so much at their Ass,s,but more at their Cocks”,thinking,”Who,s Cock I would like to Suck and have Fucking my Boihole”,then having to turn my shower to cold to get rid of my Erection.
Come lunchtime a couple of school mates suggested going around to the chippy for something to eat,the chippy was a couple of roads away from the school,I agreed to go with them.
We just got outside of the school gates when a beige coloured car pulled up alongside of us,the passenger window went down,a voice shouted out from inside of the car,”Roy”,I looked into it,it was The Stranger from in the Wood, “Roy,get in”,quick thinking,I said to my school mates,”Oh,it,s my cousin,see you in a while”,and I opened the car door and climbed into the passenger seat,shutting the door I asked him what he wanted,without hesitation he said,”Your Ass”,I said,”I,m at school”,Wont take long,go around to the fields back of your school,only two minutes away”,he drove off at no slow speed,pushing his seat back,he pulled his Cock out of the fly,s of his jeans,he had a massive Hard on.
My eyes almost popped out of my head,memories of Saturday flashed through my mind,I did,nt need telling what to do,I wrapped my hand around it,looking at him,me smiling,he said,”Okay,what,s next”,my head went down between his stomach and the steering wheel,I glimpsed the Pre Cum on his Peehole,I ran my tongue over it,tasting his Pre Cum, Sexy,Silky,Creamy,Salty & Savoury,it was,nt long before I had him fully in my mouth,Sucking him like crazy.
I felt the car veer to the right,I looked up,he had pulled into a little lane,it was the entrance to our back field of our farm, out of sight of the road.
He stopped the car,switching the engine off,looking at me,he said,”Okay,Roy,my Fucktoy,get into the back”.
I got out of the car,looking across the fields to see if my Dad was about,I would,nt want him catching me with a guy Fucking my Boihole,seeing he was not about I was out of my school uniform,tie,shirt,underpants,shoes and socks.
Stood there completely Naked,I had chucked all my stuff onto the front passenger seat,I scrambled into the back seat.
He was in there waiting for me,like me he was completely Naked,wrapping my arms around his neck,Kissing him like crazy,”Fuck,you,re up for it,ain,t you”,he said,”Missed you,Fucking rain on Sunday”,he laughed,pushing my head down to his Big,Massive Cock,me taking him Deep in my mouth,almost Gagging,Sucking on his Gorgeous Hard Cock.
Next I was on my back on the backseat,covered with a blanket,him Sucking on my Cock and Licking around my Tight,Hairless Boi Balls and my Naked Pubic areas,next I was legs in the air,him licking my Boihole,getting it all wet for his Cock.
He lowered me down,I felt his Cock stroking across my Boihole,then,Arrrggggghhhh,he pushed it into my Boicunt,did I squeal,my Sphincter felt like it was on fire,I was screaming for him to take it out of me,his Lips came down on mine,it wasn,t to Kiss me,Lovingly,it was to muffle my squeals,he just kept on banging at my Boicunt.
The pain and burning feelings disipated,my little Cock was now Erect and I was Wanking like crazy,one arm around his neck,Kissing him and begging him to Fuck me Harder,I shot a Load of Cum up my Chest and over my Stomach.
I felt my Sphincter gripping his Shaft tightly,then he started to moan,I felt him empty his Load into my Boicunt,it felt beautiful,he pulled out of me,both of us Kissing,then he said,”That was great,let,s get you back to school,you,re a great Fuck Roy”,him saying my name made me ask him his name,”Mark,Roy”,he replied,we got out of the backseat of the car and got dressed.
Driving back towards school I looked at the time on my mobile phone,12.45,I asked him to pull into the chippy so that I could get some chips to eat before going back into school,which he did,him going and getting us both a bag of chips.
Whilst we eat our chips,we chatted,Mark telling me he was having a party on Saturday night,said he wanted me there,stop,all night,the thought of it was getting me Horny again,”Sharing his bed with him,Woow”.
I said “I don,t think my parents will let me stop all night,but i,ll ask,i,ll tell them it,s at a school friends house”.
Mark,(The Stranger in the Wood),dropped me off at school,telling me to phone him and let him know if I was going to be able to go to his Party.
I asked my parents on the night whilst having our tea,I was quite surprised,they said I could go and stop overnight.
Later in my bedroom I phoned Mark and told him I could stop over,asking him,”Am I going to get Fucked Saturday”,he replied,”What do you think,Babe,of course you are going to get Fucked”,I replied,”I Love you Mark”,blowing Kiss,s over my phone to him and ringing off,then into bed to Fantasize being in bed with Mark,Wanking Like Crazy.




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