The training and humiliation of the sex slave Ange“You should learn your place, angelina!” I shout as I pick her up again, grabbing the belt from her mouth. I slide it around her neck. Pushing her head back into the pillow I grab her arms and force them back, picking her up while fucking her in the air. “You enjoy this, dont you, cunt?” I smirk as her feet touch the ground. She sees herself in the mirror. Her legs start to shake as start ramming my dick into her harder and deeper. Her eyes flicker and turn back into her head as she gasps for air, cumming on my cock as i flood her womb with my head directly on her cervix. I let go of her and she falls to the floor. She is exhausted, but there wont be any rest until i grant it to her. I grab the belt, restricting her breath.

“You know… A good slut has 3 holes…” i whisper and her eyes open in fear. She know what will come next.
“P… please… Dont!” She whispers with the little air she has left.

“Dont what? Hm? Cant hear you, but i guess you wanted to say ‘dont use lube.’, right?” I smirk. “Get on your knees and bend over! Use those hands to spread wide!” i demand, letting go of the belt, sitting on my chair. She lays on the floor once again, catching her breath. She fiddles around at the belt, realising it has locked in place, no way for her to habe her breath unrestricted. “Oh, now you made me angry, angelina…” i stand up, she crawls back. I grab her feet, pulling her towards me, grabbing the belt and pulling her on her feet.

I slap her face hard, sending her hair fly. She lands next to my chair. I grab her hair, making her face the back of the chair. I grab some rope and a suction cup dildo. I kick her legs spread open, popping the dildo on the chair. I tie the belt to the back and her feet to the legs of the chair.

I grab some nipple clamps, put them on her and giving them tension. A remote control activates the dildos vibrations.
I look at her, moaning on the chair. “You are like furniture now, angelina. You cant move. And you are only of use when being used by someone.” I turn the chair around, letting her rotate on it. I stop her with a slap on her face. A few tears run down her face.

“You understand me?” i ask, her lips shaking. She answers “p… please… stop it…” i sigh, taking a long dildo gag. “You arent a quick thinker, arent you?” I say. She tries to turn her head away, pressing her lips together. I grab her nose ring, pulling her head back. A string quickly connects the ring with the belt.

Her head is forced back, but she still closes her lips. I put my fingers on her nose, closing it up. She cant escape now.
Her eyes water. She tries to hold her breath as long as she can. The she opens her lips. The dildo slides down her troat. I lock it and enjoy the view she gives. She gags on the dildo from time to time. “You know… there is a valve on it… I can make it bigger…”

I slowly turn her around. My rock hard cock presses onto her asshole. “Now you better open wide, angelina!” I push against her asshole. She clenches it closed. “Well… Your choice…” I pump up the gag. Her eyes water, her ass clenches more. I ram my cock into her ass. Her eyes open wide and water, i can hear her scream trough the gag. “Ha, that was only the head, cunt!” I slide the rest of my cock inside, fucking her deep and without any sign of regret. Her makeup smears from her tears.

After what feels like an eternity for her I flood her ass with my cum. “Well… that wasnt that bad… tough you need some teaching…” My dick slides out of her ass. I grab an anal hook, sliding it inside her ass. It conects to the nose hook. Now when she lowers her head she will pull on her ass.

I spin her around. “Now then… I’ll leave you to some friends of mine for… Lets say a month? If you leaen fast and behave well you will become a good slave… If not… Well… You know… Jessica wasnt a good slut… she became… A fuckcube.” I open a window. Behind it is a girl, her arms and legs tied together by steel wire tight. She is nothing more then. Cube. Her ears are sealed with wax, her eyes are blinded by googles. Even her nose is sealed.

Angelinas eyes widen. She realises several wires along the girls body, running everywhere. She shales from time to time. “E-stim. And vibrators in one. And those are piercings. You will get your first one… now.” I say, holding a small ring in front of her. “And cause you dicided to be a bad slut today… you will get your first one onto your clitoral hood. Once you got 5 of these… well… You will join jessica… and now… dont move… or i’ll add 2 right away.”I show her a needle, putting it onto her hood. She jumps back as good as she can. “Too bad…” tears run down her face.
I slowly push the needle trough her hood. The ring is applied quickly. “Remember what i said about moving?” I take another set of rings. “I will remove the gag. Scream and you will be an instant fuckcube.” I release the air from the gag. Her breath is heavy. “You got it, right? Not a single sound!” She nods.

I put a needle onto her nipple, not removing the clamp. Quickly i put the ring trough. She stays silent. Only a single tear runs down her cheak. I remove the clamp from her second nipple. Her mouth opens wide, releasing a silent scream. “I am suprised, angelina. But you know… i would like you to be a fuckcube…” I pull off the nipple clamp from her freshly pierced nipple, ramming the needle trough her other. A scream escapes her mouth, even jessica in the next room shivers and squirms around.

I apply the ring. Tears run down her face. “You didnt think i would be fair, did you?” I smirk.
“The last two…” i whisper “will be your asshole and your clit itself. And then… You will become a fuckcube.”
She just sits on the chair, crying, as i apply the two next piercings. I remove her ties afterwards, allowing her to stand up She stands in the middle of the room, looking at the door. Then she tries to run for it. As she opens the door and takes a step trough it her body collapses. Shocks run trough it. “You did think it would be THAT easy?” She crawls back inside. I take a step towards her as she is inside. Vibrations run trough her body as i stand next to her. Her cunt drips.
Moans escape her mouth. “Now then… Fuckcube…” I pick her up, running wires around her body. Her arms are uncomfortably behind her back, her legs are tied to her chest. A frame is put around her body, allowing it to be tilted and spinned however it is needed.

Then she is pulled to the ceiling. The wire cuts into her skin. I stay there, looking at her. I flip of the light. “See you tomorrow, angelina. You will love me in the end.” She sees how i enter the room with jessica. The little redhead runs like a waterfall as i get near her. I take a gigantic buttplug and lower her onto it. She squirts all over the room as she cums from that alone.

From a speaker angeli a hears “and thats just after 1 day… i bet you will be even hornier…” the window closes. The speakers play some kind of audio hypno, wierd lights flood the room Slowly her former self fades within the next 2 hours. After 4 she cant stop dripping juices onto the floor. After 8 even the slightest breeze of air on her cunt makes her moan.

12 hours and she cant speak straight anymore.

18 hours and she forgot her former life. 24… and she was lowered onto the buttplug…

Squirting all over the room.

After a week police stopped the search. She still sat on the plug. Next week was added a gigantic dildo… the week after another would slide into her throat, feeding her cum only. She just was hanging there, her body under full control. When she ate, when she slept, when she needed to pee… nothing was under her control. Devices controlled everything.
After another Month of being helpless on the plug, each function of her body controlled she is removed. A hose with cold water washes away all her filth, her swett, her slavia. As the wires are cut she collapses on the floor, laying there, shaking in fear. Nothing else then the wires and her filled holes she has felt, now she is overwhelmed.
As the noseplugs are removed she can smell it. The room smells of her sex. She feels how she is wet again, soaking around the dildo in her cunt. As the earplugs allow her to hear again she can hear the juices run down her leg. Her breath. The heavy boots next to her. “Close your eyes or you will be blind for hours, understand?” i whisper. It sounds like a scream to her, thats how she jumps.

The training and humiliation of the sex slave Ange 2As i remove her goggles her eyes are pressed shut. I slide the dildo out of her throat.
Salvia and cum runs onto the floor next to her head. The smell forces tears out of her eyes with its intensity.
I remove the plug. She was cleaned just before. Her ass gapes wide. With just a little push my hand would slide in with ease. I spit into her ass, she feels it inside. I lough “That will take a while until you feel something again.”
I slide the dildo out of her pussy, then remove the sound in her cervix and her urethra. pee runs out of her stretched urethra. She cries. “Now that you got the expierience of being a gaping, horny fuckcube… I think there must come something next, right? I bow down to her. “You do remember a few things, do you?” She nods. “Good. Now then… I will show you some pictures… You will nod once you see who you think is your Boyfriend, Husband, Whatever. It is a loop, so take your time.” I show her a video, showing all her former boyfriends, some strangers and a few of her friends and girlfriends.

After a few rounds she nods as the image of her Boyfriend shows. “Oh, you actually got that right! Now that you selected your new owner… Lets make sure he wont recognise you!” I pick up a latex mask with a hole for her hair. I slide it over her head quickly. “I will turn your nice body into a rubber doll, you know? You wont feel a touch anywhere else then where it gives you pleasure. And noone will know who you are.” I pull her hair through a hole in the back of her head, putting it together tightly. I adjust the position of her mouth, nose and ears.

“Now we will have to add the rest of your body, right?” her weak muscles dont allow her to crawl away anymore. The month of pleasure and suffering made her week and cum as her only meal didnt help either. “Now then… I wont actually glue the suit onto you as I did with jessica. You chose your boyfriend. He may have you back… After a year or so. I will use timelocks.” I place the monitor in front of her. Images of her, her family and boyfriend are shown. Her memory comes back. And she remember how much she came… She feels how much she craves pleasure.

The training and humiliation of the sex slave Ange 3I take a latex bodysuit from a wardrobe nearby. I spray her body with latex oil generously. She cries, sliding around on the floor. I grab one of her legs, sliding the suit over it, quickly followed by the second leg. I apply heavy iron cuffs to her feet, locking them with timelocks. As I slide the suit over her ass and pussy I open the zippers as well as the ones for her breast. It slides over her body slowly. Then I grab her wrists, sliding them on, cuffing them as well.
The zipper in front closes. Her Pussy is hidden, her breasts are pushed into the cups. The 2nd part of the zipper closes over her ass. Its a tight fit, her breasts need a gentle push. The suit closes around her neck, a collar locks it in place.
The shiny, black latex that will enclose her body for a year gives a nice contrast to the iron cuffs. “Now… I will put goggles on you again. And the suit has embedded earplugs. For now you will hear me. And for now you can see me. But once turned on the will play videos, make you blind, blast music into your ears, make you deaf…” I put the goggles on her eyes, locking it in the back. Quickly I add a red ballgag with a few holes. “Give me a second…” I leave the room.
I return with a large woden box a few moments later. I open the lid. It shows several controls, Hooks and tubes. “This is a shipping container. It can sustain you for 2 weeks, so you sure will reach your boyfriend… Your new owner.”
I place her inside. The tubes enter her ass, her mouth, her urethra… Once more, she will be controlled. I connect a kabel to her suit. It is for the earphones. A second one for her goggles. Her body is tied up, she cant move.
“Just to make sure… We will send you bf a set of instructions. The collar you feel will press on your throat, you wont sound the same. He cant remove the goggles, the cuffs, the suit, nothing. The goggles start playing a hypnosis video, the sound blasts through her ears. As the box is closed she allready starts drifting away into the hypnosis.

I apply a large tag with her boyfriends place. A letter is put on it. “I heared you lost your girlfriend. I just wanted to make sure your needs wont be fulfilled. Read the Handbook carefully and you will enjoy her for a long time, then I put some other toys in the second Compartment. Chains, Ropes, Dildos, Gags, Funnels, E-Stims and last… The control for the piercings as well as the manual. Then I hammer the nails into the wood, closing it. Her next 2 days she just feels a shaking whenever she is transported, then she is put off in front of her Boyfriends home As the box is dropped of her boyfriend moves it inside. He opens it, finding… A rubberdoll. He reads the Handbook, looks at the toys. He unplugs the goggles and earphones. “We two… Will have a lot of fun together!” he smirks. “You know… My gf posed like a slut… But she NEVER would be able to become a slut like you! Let me invite my friends to your… Welcome party!”
He takes some chain, applies it to the cuffs so she has to crawl on her elbows and knees, neither feet nor hands are touching the ground. He clicks a leash in place. “But first I will show you around so they know who they will be welcoming!”

“I should invite the old friends of my gf… You probably will see them often!” He tugs on the leash, leading her to her parents home. “And her brother. He was really hurt that she left without a sign! He could need some… release.”
(DAMN! Her moans as she get eaten out!)
“Oh, yes Francisco! Wh… What the hell you got there? I knew you are a perv, but THAT?” angelina recognises Marias voice. “What a slut!” she slaps her ass, she squirms. “Yeah, someone send her to me! With… A Buttload of toys! Will be giving her a welcome party. Want to join?” – “Hell yeah!” Maria smirks, kneels and lifts her skirt. “You will be licking my pussy good, whore!” she says as she rubs her wet panties ofer angelinas gag.

“Well then, I’ll be heading off. I will make sure to bring you a… Gift…” she winks at francesco.
“Glad you will… cum.” he giggles about the bad joke as she leaves. Angelina still cries a little as they reach her brothers home. The bell rings, jose opens. “Oh, its… WOW! Fuck! Get inside, I just NEED that!” he grabs the leash, she gags as he pulls it hard. The door closes. “Damn, I… WOW!” His eyeswiden as he opens the zipper, revealing her asshole. The month of sitting on the plug trained it well. It is tight… Very tight.

He uses his pinky to slide it up and down her pussy, feeling how tight it is. He slowly pushes it inside. That little finger feels MASSIV for her. She moans, her juices start to flow like a river. “The handbook says she can even be fisted.” her boyfriend tells jose. “Well, now i just need to nut… Is she save?” – “Well, i got coupons for abortions and plenty of plan b.” Her brother slides his cock out, slapping it semi-hard onto her face. “Damn, bareback…”

He uses his pinky to slide it up and down her pussy, feeling how tight it is. He slowly pushes it inside. That little finger feels MASSIV for her. She moans, her juices start to flow like a river. “The handbook says she can even be fisted.” her boyfriend tells jose. “Well, now i just need to nut… Is she save?” – “Well, i got coupons for abortions and plenty of plan b.” Her brother slides his cock out, slapping it semi-hard onto her face. “Damn, bareback…”

His cock twitches as he goes to her back. She feels how her own brother slides his cock up and down her slit. Suddenly he rams it inside. It feels like heaven… And worse then her first time from her tightness. She adjusts quickly as he picks up the pace.

Her brother doesnt take long before he floods her womb. she feels how she cums from his cock twitching inside. Her cervix sucks up the cum greatfully.

As her brother slides his cock out he says “Damn, not a single drop spilled! What a whore! She must actuall wish to become pregnant!”

“Well, she will be released in… The letter said a year. So lets wait with that until we impregnate her.” her boyfriend smirks. “At the last day… A breeding gangbang maybe?” Her brother nods. “Well, she will be released in… The letter said a year. So lets wait with that until we impregnate her.” her boyfriend smirks. “At the last day… A breeding gangbang maybe?” Her brother nods. “Lets video tape it and stream it! Everybody shall know her face as she is impregnated!” her brother suggests.

Angelina realises her hope was all for waste… Noone would recognise her as the girl she was before… But only as the slut she has become… “Well then… I will invite the boys tonight over… Want to join?” Francesco asks. “Nah, got things to do… But I’ll swing by from time to time!”

Francesco nods as he closes the zipper and they head home. The boys await her there. All saw the pictures… All got the invitation… And Maria? Clad in lingerie she allready blew them hard. Javier places her onto the desk, Maria slides her panties aside as she stands over Angelina. She removes the gag before she lowers her pussy right onto angelina. “We all read the handbook… And Francesco will punish you if you arent behaving! So lick me good!” she orders.
Javier spreads her legs, opening the zipper. Jorge and Matias pull out her breasts. Javiers cock brushes over her ass. “Well… Let MY fun begin, too!” he rams his dick inside.

Her scream is muffled by marias pussy. “You stopped licking!” Maria slaps her tits, pulling on the rings. “Francesco, she needs a shock!” The electric curent zapps trough her body, Javier says “WOW! That slut went SUPER tight!” Matias and Jorge drool “We want some, too! Maria, go please the host!” Maria bites her lipes as they flip angelina around. Javier lays on the floor as the other put angelina onto him. His cock enters her pussy. Jorge kneels behind her, his cock entering her ass.

“Now for an airtight…” Matias says as he puts his cock at her lips, grabbing her hair. He rams it inside. She is trapped between 3 cocks as her former boyfriend fucks her best friend. Marias screams of joy fill her ears as her friends start to fuck every single of her holes.

After they all flooded each hole at least once they were done. Maria came countless times, Francesco enjoyed her very much. “Well then… I will better put her outside… Dont know if she is clean enough for the house allready…” he says as he leads her into the darkness to the old dogs house in the garden, chaining her up, leaving her in the cold night.
The year of angelinas service as a rubberdoll of francesco goes by. She gets used of being fucked by her brother, abused by her friends, humilations by her former boyfriend.
Whenever he leaves her outside he lets the vibes on the piercing run. He plugs all her holes whenever he leaves her outside in the cold.

After a few month he was low on cash… And used her as a hooker. He whored her out as a cheap slut.
As francesco was more then careful the coupons for plan b didnt last too long… So she had a few abortions. The doctor who did the job wasnt kind. he stretched her cervix each time wider then needed and played with her cunt as he made sure she would not give brith. She felt sore. After 11 month francesco sealed her suit up. She was robbed of all pleasure she now craved. she rubbed her latex body on everything she could, but not a single feeling was let trough by the latex.

She begged him when she could. One week before the locks would open he sat her down so she could not move. “You, little slut, will stay here until the day of your release. I know you crave pleasure. You are a whore from deep within. And in one week… I will open up your box again for the great breeding gangbang I promised you.” he smirks.
“Also I dicided a tattoo over your cunt would be fitting. Like an arrow and “Cum dumpster”. Yeah, that would be fitting.” She was scared. Another tattoo? Francesco sealed up the wooden box he still kept in his basement. She heared him call maria over for another “relieve”. Half an hour later she heared her moans. On the day of her release the box was opened and francesco looked at her. He upened the zipper. Her pussy was throbbing as she heared the sound of a tattoo gun.

A dark black arrow, pointing at her pussy. “Cum Dump” right above it, just as he said. Then she was taken out, tied up on the desk, every hole open. He gave her a pill. “That will make sure you are fertile. You will NEVER forget your year as a rubberdoll!” No, she wouldnt. Her head was bend back so she faced the door. She saw them enter. 50 guys at least.
She was ordered to jerk them hard. To suck them. To make sure the line of guys flooding her cunt would not stop.
The only rule francesco made was for the guys to plant their seeds deep inside her. A few girls sat on her face like maria did many times. one even peed in her mouth. that was a first time for her.
she spat it out. The girl got angry. slapped her face, then pushed her pussy harder onto her mouth so she had no choice but to swallow.

While all that happend she still jerked off guys. They fucker her ass, pulled out just to ram it deep into her pussy up her cervix and flood her. 5 times just as the girl peed on her. As the clock striked midnight the locks klicked open. “STOOOOOOOP!” Francesco ordered. She had at least 3 loads from each guy by this time. He pulled her off the table and placed her in the middle of the room. She cried.

The training and humiliation of the sex slave Ange 4“Now for the great reveal!” he announced, opening her handcuffs first, continueing with her anklecuffs.
Last was the collar. The sound was like a gunshot for her. Francesco grabbed the zipper in her neck. Slowly he opened the body. As he saw the tattoo on her shoulder he stopped for a second. “Oh? I never knew you were THAT kind of a slut, angelina!” he whispered into her ear, then quickly lowered the zipper. “Undress, slut! Reveal yourself!” he ordered. She backed of, shaking her head. A shock from the piercings made her cry out.

He turned up the strength of the shock. Tears ran down her cheeks as she placed her hands on her back, pulling the suit down. Maria recognised the cat next to her fresh tattoo. “You got to be k**ding me! What a slut!” she smirked.
Her brother looked at her in shock. Her friends jerked themself hard. They wanted her.

Out of a letter francesco pulled something… It was her ID… He stood next to her, grabbing the latex mask. He pulled it up. “This, my friends, is Angelina. The biggest slut you will ever know! I programmed the piercings so she can not resist. And she has to conceave each c***d she is impregnated with. She can not wear cloth without getting shocked. And she will ALLWAYS be at your service. She can not sleep in a bed, she can not sleep in a house.

She will walk the streets and get fucked whenever someone wishes to. She will be a new breed of girl in this town. And MANY will follow her path. From today on… A stranger will make sure each girl at the age of 18 is taken and checked if she is suitable. And you ALL will take part.” he grabs maria by the hair, whispering in her ear “And you… Will become the next one!” He pushed her inside the wooden box.

The crowed cheared as they got closer to angelina, groping her. She tried to close her legs, push them away, just to get shocked. They bent her over the table… And fucked her.

In the morning she was pushed out of the front door. Naked. Helpless. And with another tattoo on her chest. “Use me, breed me.” it told everybody.

The old neighbor that allways looked wierd at her was the first to see it. She could not stand the pain of the shocks as he approached her.

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