As much as it might surprise anyone else hearing my situation that I was able to sleep well that evening it surprised me even more. Even so I had no trouble resting well and awakened the next morning eager and excited to see what the future was about to reveal to me!

The steam pouring from the bathroom shower I forgot turning on snapped me out of a daydream that may or may not have involved a private yacht and Steven Winters massive cock being forcefully pile driven in and out of my ass. I took one last look at the handcuffs he had given me just hours earlier and couldn’t help but smile with thoughts of all that was possible! I needed to hurry with the shower so I could take some time dressing properly and fortunately I was blessed with a dearth of body hair so it had never taken me long to shave my legs so that helped. Over the years I have also had many laser treatments and such frequent waxings that my body is smooth as polished glass. My pussy often receives praise for being completely stubble free and slicker than oiled up Teflon. And I couldn’t help but wonder what Steven was going to say when he eyed his first glimpse of my perfect pussy! But what if he’s one of those guys who likes, no, stop, don’t second guess yourself Karen. If he likes hairy babes you’ll just have to work harder to make sure he understands your value. Shit! Here I was with an opportunity every woman I knew would die to get and I’m starting to get anxious wondering if he’ll reject me for having a well groomed vagina! Geez, I sometimes wonder if men are right when they say we women are crazy! But just in case, maybe I should cinch my corset down a little bit tighter. Men like smaller waists, right? Right!

Alright, calm down, girl. You’ve got this! He’s just another guy. A wealthy, brutally handsome, tall, intelligent, every woman would give their left arm to have him guy. No big deal. Besides, he was pretty specific about what I should wear so at least that part’s taken care of, right? Except if I lace my corset down as tight as I can get it then I don’t have a skirt suit that will go with it and I have to make my waist as small as possible so he’ll forget about my hairless pussy because I just know he wants a bush! OMG, Karen, stop it, just shut the fuck up. Damn, if they made a gag to keep a brain quiet I’d get one and never take it off! Okay, okay, get yourself together girl. And slowly but surely I somehow managed to dry and style my hair, put my makeup on and accepted the fact that a twenty inch waist was going to have to suffice. Before I committed to a day of compressed internals though I had to pull on a pair of sheer nude stockings and a silky black thong that matched the color of my corset and lacy bra. Looking at myself in the mirror even before I was half finished dressing gave me a bit of a confidence boost. Shit, what man wouldn’t want to do a little damage to this, I thought! Speaking of damage, though I love my high heels, the pair I had discarded by the bed as I climbed in the night before were looking ominously high this morning and I had no idea how long I would be their captive today. No matter though. Steven had demanded I wear them and the customer, not to mention future husband, hehe, is always right! As my feet arched to the heavens I wondered if I could really get used to wearing heels this high for the rest of my life. What if that’s what he would require of me? Karen!, I shouted to myself, out loud this time, finish getting ready and get your ass to work!

To be perfectly honest, driving a car laced into a twenty inch corset and wearing shoes that force your insteps past the point of vertical is not the wisest thing to do. You have to push the gas and brake with basically the tips of your toes and you have to sit completely upright as the corset allows absolutely no flexion of the waist that we all take for granted when not trying to impress rich studs. Well, I’ll have a driver once I marry Steven so I won’t have to worry about such inconveniences. A girl can dream, can’t she? In any event I made it to work and didn’t really give much consideration to the nearly empty parking lot until I tottered on my mile high stilettos through the door and found only Robert and Peter waiting on me. Well, well, Miss Larkin, don’t you look like a lady ready to close the biggest deal in this company’s history. I laughed a little bit and then replied, well, I’m hoping to do as well in the process as the company, Mr. Martin. He just smiled and said he wished me well just as long as I didn’t fuck up the company’s interest in pursuit of my own. By the way, he inquired, where are the handcuffs Steven gave you last night? He told you, I asked? Of course, he wants to see just how obedient a cunt he’s dealing with. His words, not mine. Really?! Well that fucking presumptive asshole! Karen, Robert said, you knew you had more on the line than just typing up some paperwork. Of course I knew that! I’ve closed many a deal with one of our clients loads swimming around in my belly but they were always present and took what they wanted in exchange for what we wanted. But this worthless punk who has never spent a dime with our company and not even come close to establishing the trust and respect I demand in order to submit by proxy expects you to make sure his presumed bitch is following his directions?! That’s not a man worth submitting to for any reason! But Karen, you brought the cuffs with you, didn’t you? Well, yes. So obviously you intended to follow through with his request. Yes, until you made me think about what I was really about to do! Steven was right when he called you my pimp last night. Well, consider this my resignation from your brothel, I yelled, as I slammed the handcuffs on the table before telling Robert he could tell Winters to shove them up his bitch ass!

I would have run out of the office but my wardrobe and footwear prevented a hasty retreat. Karen! Karen! Come back here. No, Robert, I will not come back there. I’m done being your pawn! Karen! I’m sorry, Robert yelled, once again asking me to stop and come back into the office. I just got in my car and pushed my toes into the gas pedal because at least the car could make a quick exit! When I returned home I didn’t break down into a pool of self pity or blaming others. After all, I had generally enjoyed my place, such as it was, in the company hierarchy. Respected business woman thirty percent of the time and cock swallowing whore seventy percent of the time. It’s who I really am I and knew it. I just hated the thought of a man thinking he had such authority that even though he had never proven his leadership or dominance that I should fall at his feet even when his feet are not anywhere close to me! As I’m not really a sweats and ice cream pouter when things upset me I didn’t flop on the couch after leaving a trail of stilettos and stockings in my wake as I desperately raced to change into something more comfortable. No, I looked in the mirror again as I had just a couple of hours before and admired myself for what I was. A bimbo with just enough of a brain to know I was a bimbo. Sure, I could get by without the men. I could make my own way without the bondage or the belly full of cum but I didn’t want to. Maybe Robert and I needed to part ways but I wasn’t sure I wanted to part ways with the part of me that kept me his willing whore these last four years.

By the time five in the evening rolled around I had ignored probably twenty of Robert’s attempts to contact me. Although I wasn’t sure I really wanted to leave his one woman whore house I still really didn’t give a damn what he had to say at that point. So, when I got a knock on the door I figured I was was going to have to rudely rebuff this idiot for not giving me a day or two to calm down. Opening the door quickly I demanded, what the fuck do you want?! Uh, to tell you how impressed I am and how correct you are. I stood there stunned as I was looking into the way too charming eyes of Steven Winters. Robert told me what happened this morning and you were right to be angry. Matter of fact, I was hoping that you would be. Excuse me, I inquired, why would you hope I would be upset? That’s a bit sociopathic, isn’t it? Well, he replied, I suppose it could be but I was hoping to see that you had self respect and a bit of a backbone. I don’t get it, I said, if you thought I was Roberts in house hooker how does that jive with self respect? You have standards. You’re a wild one, that’s for sure but you still demand a hands on approach. You still require a man to step up and be a man. You were right when you told Robert I hadn’t done anything to deserve your submission. Not just professionally but socially or romantically either. I was still upset but at that point I couldn’t help myself, I had to know where this would end so I invited him in. So, he asked as he was obviously checking me out as I walked back towards the couch, you really wear heels at home as well? I had changed into some five inch high wedges but as always was still in heels. Yes, I replied, truth is, I’ve worn very high heels so much that I actually can’t walk without them. I mean I can tip toe around to take a shower or to go to the bathroom at night but, I said, while slipping off the wedges and standing up, this is as close to the ground as my heels get anymore. Seeing the almost three inch gap between the floor and the bottom of my feet Steven grinned and stated, now that’s both commitment and perfection.

I like it when a woman commits to femininity so much it changes her physically, he continued. Implants, corsets, high heels, even wearing skirts exclusively forces a change in the way a woman carries herself. I also like it when a woman is changed by her submission which is why I gave you the handcuffs. So, I interjected, you want a lady in a skirt, hose, high heels with her waist crushed in a corset and helplessly bound at all times? Is that all because that seems so enticing. I mean, what woman wouldn’t want to be a completely helpless sex doll?! He smiled and said, see, that’s what I’m talking about. That fire, that resistance to the absolute which makes you an appealing project. A project? Yes, a project. I don’t care about using you as a perk of the advertising contract as I already signed on the dotted line with Robert earlier this afternoon. Really, I asked incredulously. I fired off a quick text to Robert. Send me a picture of the signed contract I demanded. My words were met with a quick reply and I found myself looking at a signed contract worth millions of dollars that I hadn’t had to take one inch of Winters dick to secure. So, you’re interested in me for me, is that right? Absolutely, Steven replied. I’m selfishly interested to be sure as you seem to embody most of the things I desire in my version of the perfect woman. Including the demand that I earn your submission. I couldn’t help but smile my biggest smile and I leaned in to hug him and give him a little kiss. A little kiss that escalated quite rapidly and soon he had pushed me down onto the couch and forced my arms above my head as he continued to explore my mouth with his! I soon felt his other hand under my skirt and as his fingers explored my quickly flooding cunt. He smiled an evil smile before saying, the smoothest I’ve ever felt. Perfect, bitch, absolutely the way I demand it be kept. See, stupid, I said in my still ungagged mind, you had nothing to worry about!

He stopped groping me for a moment and sat up to take his shirt off and I used the moment to excuse myself to my bedroom for a minute. When I returned in my vertical stilettos he smiled and I quipped that I just needed to go change into something more comfortable. He walked over to me and wrapped me in his strong arms before kissing me on the forehead and then gruffly commanding me to turn around and put my hands behind me. I didn’t hesitate to comply and I heard the distinctive clink of steel as he pulled the handcuffs I slammed on Roberts desk out of his pocket. So, he began, I understand I am to shove these up my ass. No, wait, my bitch ass. My face turned ten shades of red as I stammered to explain but he stopped me mid sentence. No need to explain. You can make it up to me with actions, not words. Now, I’m quite certain that should I put these on you rather than asking you to put them on yourself then you will gladly wear them but given that this is the first time I will ask this just once. Is this acceptable to you? Always, I replied. Always, he repeated my words in a question. Yes, always, I said once again. Hmm, he thought for a moment and asked, so what if I always want you bound? Well, I got a bit snarky, who then would maintain my perfectly smooth pussy? I didn’t tell him it took almost no effort at this point. And, I continued, I’m thinking we’d both tire of my dragon breath after a few days of not being able to brush my teeth. And what about…again, he stopped me mid-sentence. You know, he said, as he was tightening the handcuffs around my willing wrists, I’m thinking that smart mouth of yours needs something to fill it. I turned back to face him and dropped to my knees. Moments later his cock was laying across my face. Not quite as massive as I had hoped for in my yacht fantasy but then nine inches isn’t exactly small by any stretch of the imagination! I moved my head back to allow the bulbous head to fall onto my tongue before slowly bringing it deeper and deeper into my mouth where I could really get to work on proving my worth as a woman. I’m not sure he was surprised by my ability to take him balls deep in my throat. But he was amazed that he could hold my head in his massive hands and forcibly stroke it in and out of my throat as hard, fast and deep as he wanted without being interrupted by a pesky gag reflex. His load more than half filled my mouth, something it usually takes two or three loads to do and I happily swallowed every drop. As he recovered he remarked, no gag reflex, I knew you were missing something special.

I smiled at his snarky compliment and began to get back to my feet. Not easy handcuffed and in insanely high stilettos but I managed and walked over to where he retreated to the couch only to kneel down again and take his cock back into my mouth. It didn’t take long before he was on the rise again and I was making full length strokes up and down his dick with my full lips and cunt throat! I felt his hands going to my ass and then he began to ease a finger into my asshole. Then two. He pulled them out of my ass and put them up to my mouth and I eagerly sucked my own ass juice off his fingers. He used my oral lube to get a third and fourth finger in my second cunt and then when he was rock hard from my oral olympics he picked me up and put me on my knees on the couch leaning over the back of it so he could enter my butt from behind! Now, truth be told, I love anal more than anything else and I’m exceptionally well versed in the art of taking the biggest dick in the tightest hole. So as he began to slowly and gently push the head against my ass I just forced myself back onto his cock and told him, no need to be gentle sweetheart, I was born for this, do as you please! I didn’t regret my aggressiveness as it sparked his and I was finally being fucked as I’d imagined in my day dream earlier in the day. Minus the yacht, of course, but hey, one thing at a time! His strong hands were clamped onto my hips and he was stroking the entire nine inch length of his dick in and out of my ass. He occasionally released his grip on one hip to rain down a smack on my cheeks that stung like hell but no way I’d ask him to stop. I wanted to be his bitch. I wanted to bear the marks of his dominance and aggression! I wanted him to know I was his to literally use as if he owned me. He pounded my ass for more than twenty minutes and I was absolutely dumbfounded by his stamina not to mention worried that my ass might never close again! But as he began to tense up in a wave of orgasm he ordered me to turn around and I reached a sitting position in front of him just as he let out another massive flood of cum that I readily deposited in the same bank as the other and then deepthroated his cock shiny and clean until it began to fade comfortably resting in my well used mouth.

He continued to hold my head down on his dick until I began to feel it twitch again and I thought he was ready for round three but this time I was surprised by a spurt of something I had swallowed before but not in a long time and never on a second date. Well, date is a stretch but what the hell. Still, I remained committed to my service of this man and when I didn’t try and pull away he opened the spillway. Every drop joined their cousins in my stomach and he then pulled me off his crotch by my hair and holding me up half caveman style he gave me a wicked little grin and a wink and said, I don’t want to know how you got so good but I’m damn glad you did! Afterwards we just talked like normal people who hadn’t just engaged in what many would consider an abusive relationship. Mind you, I was still cuffed and would remain so for another many more hours before he said to me, so, you don’t seem to mind being handcuffed. I replied, I figured you would let me go when you felt like it. Until then I’ll just make do. He got real serious looking and said, careful making statements like that missy, because I could get very used to keep you like this. Well then, I replied, I guess I’ll just have to get used to being kept like this then. Smart girl, he replied, and it’s a good thing you feel that way because I didn’t bring the key! I smiled and asked coyly, but what if I start screaming for help? Well, then this gag should help your anxiety, as he pulled a shiny new red ball gag out of his jacket pocket. My eyes grew wide as I loved being gagged with a ball gag but was a bit frightened at the thought of how long this man would keep me in silence. After all, while I’d been bound a thousand times before we were now approaching six hours since I had been cuffed which was about twice as long as I had ever been bound before. Don’t worry though dear, I’m enjoying the conversation for now.

Several more hours passed and I began to realize that drinking wine through a straw was going to be a common occurrence if I became Stevens wife. He was kind enough to pour but he wasn’t going untie me or put a glass to my lips every time I wanted a sip! He suddenly changed the direction of our conversation which had been focused on more intellectual pursuits back to that of a more carnal nature. So, do you have any hard limits? Well, nothing i*****l or permanently damaging, I guess. Nothing too gross. Like no number two or spit. Things like that. Gotcha, he replied. No problems there then. So, he said, taking out the handcuff key from the jacket he had thrown over a chair so many hours before, are you ready to be free again? Instead of answering I asked, are you ready for me to be free again? Not really, he replied, but I figure twelve hours is enough for a second date. Well, it’s only been nine hours but it’s your decision, I replied. He laughed a hearty laugh before pulling out the ball gag again and saying, looks like you need to be kept in one of these for your own protection because that mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble. Probably, I said, but it also gets me out of trouble as well. Hmm, okay, well now it’s earned you the right to be cuffed for a whole day and gagged so you can’t complain when you come to regret your choice of words. He marched me back to my bedroom and ordered me into bed then took one of my scarves and tied my ankles together. I’ll take your house key so I can lock your door and then get back in later. Wait, you’re going to leave me tied and gagged and I have to trust you’re going to come back to let me go? That’s right, unless you’re ready to be untied? I thought for a moment with the practical angel on one aching shoulder saying just give in already and ask to be released. And, of course, the masochistic little devil on the other aching shoulder saying hey, you’re going to have to get used to this at some point, no time like the present! Apparently the brain gag I had pleaded for earlier had been applied because I finally replied, can I have a drink before you gag me? Sure, he said as he smiled a big smile a unzipped to release the b**st once more, from the balls or the bladder? I smiled the smile only a natural born bimbo can smile and replied….how about both?

To be continued…….

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