Chapter 1: Poker on Christmas Day

Beth set the beer down in front of her husband, David with a hard thud. She was really pissed off at him. She was pissed, that it was Christmas and her best present had been some sexy new lingerie, which she hated because it objectified women. She had reluctantly agreed to try it on for him tonight and here he was ignoring her, playing poker with his brother. She was pissed off that David had drank a little too much and that he had gotten carried away, betting part of their rent money. She was also pissed that his good-for-nothing brother had been living with them for the last month, rent free.

Beth hated Steve with a passion. He represented everything she found reprehensible about men. Steve always expected her to wait on him hand and foot, bringing him beer while he watched football, doing his laundry for him, and all other things that he considered woman’s work. Beth always refused which seemed to shock the hell out of her brother-in-law. Beth and David on the other hand shared every household chore, like married people should. She considered herself a liberated woman and loathed Steve as a typical male chauvinist pig.

David and Beth had been married for two years. They had been introduced by their parents at church. David had stared in awe at the beautiful young woman standing before him. She had long curly brown hair that reached down to her firm, oversized, twenty year old breasts. Her thin waist and large hips gave her the perfect hourglass figure. She wore a tasteful, conservative blue dress that reached her ankles. The beautiful young woman’s buxom figure seemed to strain at her dress demanding freedom from the confining clothes.

Beth may have been a conservative, intellectual, feminist at heart but her body was that of the hottest stripper or porn star and David sensed there was a caged wild animal just waiting to be released underneath her bulky clothes. David had pursued her and eventually she agreed to go out with him. Beth was taking women’s studies at college and they were only able to see each other on weekends. They had been dating a year when she found out he had a brother. David’s mother had just rolled her eyes and explained how Steve had always been the black sheep of the family. He had joined the Merchant Marine and after that spent his time traveling the country on his motorcycle doing odd jobs here and there, never staying in one place long, a typical wanderer.

David and Beth got married two years after meeting each other. Steve had strolled into the church on the day of the wedding, surprising everyone. Beth couldn’t believe that Steve was related to her husband. David was 5’6″ and really skinny. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body, but then he didn’t have any muscles either. She loved him because he understood that marriage was a partnership and he treated her as an equal in every way. Steve on the other hand was a giant. He rippled with muscles and towered over everyone at the wedding reception. His skin was tan from being outdoors on his motorcycle and her bridesmaids giggled over his rugged good looks. David had introduced her to Steve and her new brother-in-law had openly eyed her body and whistled as he shook her hand. She found his behaviour to be inappropriate, primitive, and offensive, causing her to immediately dislike him.

David had taken Beth’s virginity on their wedding night and ever since then he had been trying to loosen her up in bed. David couldn’t get enough of her body and wanted sex constantly, which was a shame because she didn’t seem to enjoy sex very much and could take it or leave it. His dreams were of oral and anal sex, but he could never get her beyond plain old intercourse under the sheets with the lights turned out. David had bought a couple of adult movies, hoping that they would turn her on and give her a few ideas. She had sat through the first complaining about how it treated women as objects and how offensive it was. He noticed she had shut up during a scene in which a stud with a large seven inch penis was getting a blow job from a slutty big breasted blonde. He glanced over at his wife and found her staring at the screen, her mouth hanging open in amazement. She had left for bed after that and David followed later, after finishing the film. He had climbed on top of her and inserted his skinny five and a half inch penis into her vagina finding her to be soaking wet. They had some of the best sex of their marriage that night, but all his hopes of a wilder, kinky wife never materialized.

They had been married a year when Steve made his second visit. He asked to stay with them and though he was typically rude and obnoxious, Beth put up with him because it was only for a couple of days. On his last day in town Steve asked if David had any porns and since Beth was sleeping, David got them out and popped one into the vcr. He hit play and the screen immediately lit up with the image of the large dicked man getting a blowjob from the blonde. Steve laughed and asked if this was David’s favorite scene. David blushed and replied that he must not have rewound it all the way. They finished the movie and he put another one in. The screen showed a black man with the largest penis David had ever seen, having anal sex with a well built white girl. His black rod must have been 8″ long and extremely thick to boot. Steve had laughed at him again and David blurted out that his wife must be watching them. Much to David’s embarrassment Steve told him that his wife must have a thing for big cocks, since she wasn’t getting one at home. The day before Steve had walked in on David, when he was changing and had laughed at the little worm dangling between his brother’s legs. David had been so ashamed, that he suppressed his memory of the incident.

Steve showed up again a year later at Thanksgiving and asked to stay through January if he could find a bartending job. Steve wanted to save up enough money to head out to California. Beth was furious but relented when he agreed to pay for his share of the bills. They had been struggling to make ends meat for the past year. David had a fairly decent job as an accountant and Beth had discovered that women’s studies hadn’t exactly opened up a lot of career opportunities for her and she was waiting tables at a nearby diner, much to her displeasure.


David looked at the pot. There had to have been at least $600 there. He glanced at his cards for the hundredth time, four sevens. His cocky brother had just raised him another fifty bucks, money that David didn’t have. The game had gotten out of hand, with each brother throwing in money until the stakes had gotten this serious. David looked up at his brother, Steve was staring back at with a huge grin on his face as he waited for David’s bet. David glanced over at his wife. She was holding another beer bottle for him and staring at the money on the table. They could sure use the extra cash as they were a little strapped for the holidays.

“I don’t have enough,” he said.

“Well then,” said Steve triumphantly, “I’ll just have to take all this cash.”

He was reaching out for the money when his brother interrupted him.

“Maybe, I can offer you something else,” David said. David couldn’t pass up this much cash just because he was short a little money. He had four-of-a-kind, playing one on one with his brother at poker. What were the odds of Steve having a better hand?

“What you offering?” Steve asked.

David asked, “What do I have that you want?”

Steve’s eyes immediately went to Beth standing there with a beer in her hand. “How about a blow job from that sexy wife of yours?” David stared at his brother in shock and heard Beth gasp and then the sound of the beer bottle shattering as it hit the floor.

“You filthy pervert,” she said in disgust and went to get a broom and towel to clean up the beer and broken glass.

“I can’t do that Steve,” said David. “For one thing I don’t own her to bet with and for another thing it’s adultery and that’s a sin. He heard Beth return and stand behind him looking at his four sevens.

Steve said, “It’s not adultery according to the President, but I’ll make you a deal. If you win you keep the money and if I win, I keep half the money and your wife has to jerk me off. You can keep the other half of the cash.”

David had opened his mouth to reply, “no way” when Beth interrupted and said she’d do it. He looked up at her in surprise and she pulled him into the kitchen.

Beth told her husband that there was no way that Steve could beat four-of-a-kind and that they couldn’t afford to lose half their rent money, even if he did have a better hand. Beth added that they could sure use all the money in the pot and that Steve owed them anyway for letting him live there rent free. They argued for a minute and they returned to Steve, after David reluctantly gave in to her.

“Alright, its a bet,” said David holding his cards confidently, while his wife stood behind him.

“Ok,” replied Steve with a grin. “On one condition. Beth has to wear that sexy pair of bra and panties you gave her, when she does it.”

Beth clenched her teeth with rage. She was furious at her husband for putting her in this position and for showing his big jerk of a brother, the sleazy lingerie David had given her. Decent women simply didn’t wear outfits like that in front of men, including their husbands. She gave David a look that told him he would be paying for this later on, after they won the money. “Lets just get this over with,” she said, her heart thumping in her chest from nervousness.

Steve smiled and said, “lets see what you got.”

David spread his cards out revealing his four sevens and he and Beth both shouted in delight at the look of surprise on Steve’s face. David was reaching out to gather up his money when Steve stopped him and spread out his cards, four queens. David was crestfallen and Beth just gasped in shock.

“Steve, your not really planning on making Beth go through with it or you?” David asked.

Steve looked at Beth, she was staring at him hopefully. He openly looked down her incredible figure and felt his cock stir. It looked like her body was straining to be free of her clothes. The only women he had seen with figures like hers were strippers or porn stars and their bodies were usually half fake. “A bets a bet bro,” Steve said still staring at Beth. “You were going to keep all the money if you won right? Now Beth you run upstairs and change into that sexy outfit and bring back some vaseline with you.”

David looked at his wife. She was looking at his brother with both anger and disgust written all over her face. “Honey, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to,” he told her. “Steve can keep all the money and I’ll pick up some extra hours at work to cover the rent.”

Beth shot her husband a look filled with just as much disgust as she was giving his brother. “No dammit, serves you right for getting me in this mess.” She turned and angrily stomped off upstairs to change.

David dejectedly watched his brother divide up their money. At least he got to keep half, not needing to worry about the rent now, and all Beth had to do was tug on Steve’s penis a couple times. David saw his brother breathing heavily with excitement as he waited for Beth and David suddenly remembered something a little unnerving. David was twenty five and Steve was seven years older so they didn’t have the same friends in school. Even so, rumors about what a stud his brother was had trickled down to David’s class. Steve had a reputation for being extremely well hung and he had apparently nailed dozens of women before leaving for the Merchant Marine. David on the other hand, had only had one blow job and been jerked off once before losing his virginity with Beth. He remembered the girls coming on really strong, but they had seemed disappointed with his little penis. They never returned his phone calls after the first date. Had his brother’s reputation caused them to hit on him? David suddenly remembered the incident with the videos from Steve’s last visit. Beth apparently had a fascination with big penises and if the rumors were true, she was about to see one in person. Surely, Steve had forgotten about that incident also? Hadn’t he?


Beth’s clothes hit the floor and she sighed in relief as the cool air caressed her body. She always felt so hot and claustrophobic wearing such heavy dresses, but she endured it since intelligent, decent women always covered up their bodies. She was surprised to see her nipples were hard and jutting out about half an inch. She pinched her nipples and moaned softly in pleasure at their sensitivety. She attributed it to the cold from the air conditioner and went back to changing. Beth put the christmas box on the bathroom sink and removed the little red panties. They were see through and fringed with white fluff, like a Santa hat. She slid them on, the thong running up between her butt cheeks. The bra matched the panties and she put it on, noticing that her areola were visible through the thin material. Her long nipples stretched the thin material out even further. Surprisingly, the outfit felt very comfortable. It seemed to caress her body and she found herself wishing that she could wear this little all the time so that she wouldn’t feel so constrained. There was also a Santa hat in the box to complete the sexy Mrs. Claus look, but she ignored it. She looked at herself in the mirror. It was hard not to feel proud for looking this good, despite being so conservative. Her looks and figure were better then the sluts in David’s porno movies and she shivered as she thought about the big fake penises in his movies, especially the unreal black penis being rammed into that one whores’s ass. She had never confessed to liking David’s movies as she considered them undignified, but there was no denying how much they excited her when she secretly watched them. Beth spun around seeing her bare ass and realized she was about to show off more of her body to her brother-in-law then anyone including her husband had ever seen. She grabbed the vaseline, put on her robe and headed down stairs. Beth knew that this was as much her fault as it was David’s and felt that the humiliation would be punishment enough for both of them. Besides, it would be all over in a couple minutes.

Steve had a smug, superior look on his face when Beth entered wearing the short robe. “Alright Beth,” he said. “Lets see what you’ve got.”

Beth flashed her brother-in-law a nasty look that spoke volumes, and with a resigned shrug, she opened the robe and let it fall to the floor. She braced herself for the whistles and catcalls, but they never came. What did surprise her was the reaction she was getting from the two men. David was staring at her lustfully and she could see the outline of his erect penis beneath his jeans. Steve on the other hand had stood up straight and looked like he was about to rape her right on the spot. She shivered in fear as she looked up at him towering over her. Beth was both surprised and disappointed in herself for finding that the experience was actually arousing her. Here she was a strong, intelligent woman getting turned on by showing off her body before her husband and a man that she despised with a passion.

Merry “fucking” christmas, thought Steve as he eyed Beth dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus. He knew she had been hiding a hot body under all those clothes, but he never imagined it was this perfect. How did my wimpy little brother score a babe this hot, he thought? “Let’s see a little more,” said Steve as he made a circling motion with his fingers.

Beth was ready to slap him, but just gritted her teeth and spun around, showing off her bare rear end and the rest of her body. “Come on Steve lets get this over with,” she said. “Take it out.”

Steve shook his head no. “You get to do the honors,” he said as he pulled his shirt off over his head.

She found herself staring at his bare chest and she couldn’t help but be impressed with his physique, despite her feelings for him personally. She looked down at his pants and reached out to unbuckle his belt. She was reaching for his buttons, when she felt him put his hands on her shoulders and push her down to her knees. She tried to resist, but he was just to strong and she relented, kneeling before his crotch. His pants were really stretched out in the front and she assumed they must be too big for him. She wanted to get this unpleasant experience over with and quickly unbuttoned his pants pulling the zipper down. She tugged at his jeans and struggled to get his tight pants down over his hips. When she had them down around his ankles he stepped out of them and she reached up to yank off his white briefs and stopped. The bulge contained under his briefs was simply immense. Beth was confused and shook her head in denial. She had always thought that her husband had a nice sized penis and that the large ones in the pornos were fake. He must have stuffed a sock or three in there, she reasoned. She grabbed the waist band of his underwear and jumped back in surprise as his massive penis leaped out at her and rested half erect against her right cheek. His penis must be at least 10″ long she thought to herself in shock. His giant penis rubbed against her cheek and then started to rise up the side of her face and it came to rest against her forehead. Beth found herself looking down the underside of his massive shaft at the big blue vein underneath, pulsing with power. It had grown another inch and she realized that it had to be just short of a foot long at full erection. Steve’s penis was close to three times the length of her husband’s and twice as thick. Even his testicles are bigger then David’s she thought as she stared at his big hairy balls. She felt Steve pull back a little and his penis slowly slid down her face over the bridge of her nose and the fat head came to rest on her parted lips. She was still staring ahead in a state of shock and as she felt it on her lips she glanced down its length and then up Steve’s hard, muscular body and she saw his face grinning down at her. Beth spent the next couple of days wondering why she reacted the way she did, but as she thought of herself kneeling half naked before such a strong, powerful man with his super-sized penis resting against her mouth, without thinking, she pursed her lips and kissed its plump head. Beth quickly came to her senses and pulled back so that his penis hovered before her face horrified at what she had done. She briefly worried about David but, he was behind her and hopefully hadn’t seen her do it.

Steve had seen it of course, and he laughed. “What’s a matter Beth,” he said. “I thought you were in a hurry to jack off my cock.”

Beth was offended by his course language. She was in a hurry to get this over with, but the size of his c.., his penis had shocked her. Never taking her eyes off his incredible co.., penis, she reached up and grabbed the vaseline. She put a a glob on her hand and then thinking that it would take a lot more to cover such a large coc.., penis, she scooped up a larger glob. Beth reached out her vaseline covered hand and for the first time in her life grabbed a cock other then her husbands. Steve’s cock was so much bigger then her husbands little penis that she gathered up even more vaseline on her other hand. She covered the head with vaseline and ran her hand down to the base, lubricating it thoroughly and she measured him with both hands to see how big it was. It took four of her hands to cover the shaft and his cock’s fat head was still peaking out at her. Her fingers couldn’t touch as they encircled it and she could feel it throbbing in her hands. David’s erections were always soft and bendable but Steve’s cock was so hard that you could hammer nails with it.

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