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Chapter 9

As we drove back towards Leeds. My phone rang. I clicked the button on the answer. A voice came through the in car audio, I say “Hello”

“Hi, it’s Scott at Sunset View”.

“Hi Scott, is there something wrong?”.

“No, I just hope you haven’t gone very far”.

“Why? What’s up?”.

“We’ve found a digital SLR in the bedroom while me and Laura were cleaning today”.

Shit, the camera, we must have left it there. We looked at each other and wondered if they knew how to turn it on. We’d soon find out.

“I hope you don’t mind but we had a quick flick through the pictures to see if we recognised anyone on them”.

“Erm….. OK, we’ll be back in half an hour or so”.

We looked at each other and started to giggle, wondering how many pictures they had seen. Both our hearts started beating a little harder thinking about other people seeing the pictures we had taken. Carrie actually twitched a little thinking about other people getting off on seeing pictures of us fucking each other. Carrie told me about how she felt and I agreed that it was a turn on.

Carrie looked at my crotch and could see that I was getting excited about the thought. Her nipples started to get hard knowing I’m getting excited.

I turned the car around and we headed back to the cottage, we were both excited to see what Scott and Laura said and if they seen all the pictures.

We pulled up at the cottage, knocked on the door, Scott answered and said “come on in”. He had a little smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye. “Did you enjoy your stay” he asked as we walked through to the living area. “Yeah, we did” as we glanced at each other.

As we got to the living area, Laura was sat on the sofa. “Hi, I’m Laura, Scott’s wife”. “Yeah, Scott said”. “So glad you came back”.

Laura explained she is a photographer and could give me some tips on taking pictures. It’s now obvious that they had looked through all the pictures on the camera. She said that some of them were good but the ones of both of us would be better if someone else took them.

Wow, me and Carrie both thought of how much of a turn on it must be to have someone else take pictures of us. Scott came in from the kitchen with a tray of mugs and a pot of tea. We all made small talk until inevitably the subject turned to sex and photos. As we talked, it came out that it had been our first time taking pictures. It then comes out it was the first weekend we had tried anal.

Scott and Laura told us they’re really in to sex and love trying new things.

Laura got her iPad out and start showing us glamour pictures of her and Scott. They started to get more raunchy. As Carrie was sat on my lap looking through the pictures, she felt my bulge pushing up below her. She then realise how aroused she was getting looking at their sex pictures. I got my phone out and we compared pictures. Laura says she’ll show us how to get better results.

We agreed that it would be fun. She said Scott would help too.

Wow, we were going to have sex in front if two people we had only just met. We both felt excited that we were actually going to do this.

Laura got her camera out and started taking pictures. Scott was moving round with a reflector bouncing the light from the flash guns around us.

As we start kissing, we slowly started to take each others clothes off. We both felt a bit nervous about getting completely naked. We soon relaxed when we realised that Scott and Laura are also matching us, they were stripping too.

I was down to my boxers and Carrie was down to just her lacy panties. Scott said he’d take the lead and dropped his boxers to the floor exposing his hard dick. I said, OK and dropped mine. Carrie immediately forget we weren’t alone and reached for my dick and put it in her mouth. I looked over and saw Laura was doing the same to Scott. I laid on the floor and Carrie was above me with her legs above my head, I can smell how aroused she was.

I pulled Carries knickers off exposing her wet pussy. Scott did the same to Laura. All we could hear was our moans but with Scott and Laura’s accompanying ours. This was such a turn on. I buried my face in Carries pussy and started licking the juice from inside her pussy lips.

Eventually we heard Scott and Laura move towards us. We wondered what was going to happen. Scott laid next to me on one side with Laura on the other. Carrie opened her eyes and saw my huge dick with Scotts next to mine, Carrie saw Laura sucking him off and heard her moaning.

We were all on the large rug in front of the picture window with the daylight flooding in.

We moved so Carrie was on top of me in a 69 position, Carrie loved this, my hard dick in her mouth and me licking her pussy. Scott and Laura followed our lead. The room was full of the sounds of all four of us moaning.

Scott was on his back next to me, I could see him licking Laura’s pussy, it was completely bald, I could also see her arsehole, she had a small frame and a cute little arse, thin legs and pert tits.

Laura and Scott changed so they were the other way round, I could now see Laura sucking his dick, wow, she could deep throat him. His dick was large, about the same length as me but not as wide. I could just about see her pert nipples, they were hard as nails. I could hear how much Carrie was enjoying it as when she moaned, I felt her voice vibrate through my dick.

Laura stopped sucking Scott, leaned over to me and kissed me full on the lips. Wow, that made me even harder. I felt Carrie do the same to Scott. This was the first time we’d tasted other peoples juices on other peoples mouths.

After a few minutes, Laura got off Scott leaving him lying on his back with his huge dick pointing to the sky. Carrie did the same. I moved around so that both me a Scott were lying in the same direction. Both Carrie and Laura looked at each other, knelt up above our knees and started putting a show on for us.

They both started playing with their own pussies, spreading their lips and showing the inside of their lips, Both me and Scott could see both the ladies pussys. Laura had slightly larger tits than Carrie, both their skins looked spotless. I could see Scott checking out Carries pussy, I wondered if Scott wanted to experience a more mature woman and if Carrie wanted to try a younger stud. I wondered what it would be like to have a younger woman. I wondered if Scott and Laura had ever had a foursome before. We were about to find out.

End of chapter 9
(More chapters to follow!)

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