Thank you to 2 special people for coming in my life and making me feel all these amazing feelings and experiences. This was the result of building a connection with 2 people I never anticipated to have.

We chatted a couple of times, mostly just having fun chats without any crazy sextalk. We connected in many different levels which added to the enjoyment of eachother. This is the result of some of the teasing that started to happen over time leaving my horny in the morning before going to school. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it and they did reading it.

I just got home from going out with the girls. When I got home earlier I quickly checked Xham but I didn’t want to read your message since I couldn’t play and I was too worried it would just make me explode of desire on the inside.

I felt so horny the entire day, I could not help myself but to put my hand close against my pussy while I had my legs crossed. Just to feel that little bit of pressure on my clit already made me feel so good. I did that the whole day during lectures counting down the time to get home. I met up with some friends after school and we decided to go out for some drinks (Not really sober anymore at the moment haha). We went to my place for a quick diner and some pre drinks before we would go out. We had some fun laughed a lot and talked a bunch. I quickly had to change my clothes for going out so I hopped into my room for a quick change of clothes.

Finally I was alone for a little bit. I undressed myself and as I was undressing myself I felt my body with my hands. Standing naked in front of the mirror and looked at myself while thinking about the sweet things you said to me. I had to take a deep breath to calm down as a nice warm feeling took over me. My nipples got hard and I had goosebumps all over my body. I could not resist to touch my nipples. I let my fingers lightly touch them and it felt so nice, It was like with every slight touch I felt it directly on my pussy. I had to sigh of relief just to get some satisfaction from the whole day being horny. My right hand stroked my belly down towards my pussy, I stopped myself just in time since I wanted to keep myself from touching myself. I saw it as a challenge to see how well I could control myself under these tensions.

One of my friends opened my door as I was dressing myself. She wondered what too so long and I told her the age old excuse of I didn’t know what to wear. She bought it.. if only she knew… She helped me pick out an outfit and I continued to dress myself while talking to her. When I was done we both walked out of the room being ready to go, I was in front she was behind me. She slapped my ass (for fun) saying that I looked hot. As I walked out I imagined you slapped it, another warm feeling came over me. Again my nipples got hard and I felt them almost stick out of my dress.

We had some drinks together and went out to the town for some drinks in a club. We had a lot of fun did a lot of dancing. As the end of the night was coming closer and closer I kept thinking about finally being able to have some fun and wanted to go home. One of my best friends stuck to me like glue and wanted to stay at my house as she has done a billion times before in the past after going out for drinks. Whenever she gets drunk it’s probably for the best since I wouldn’t want her to go home on the bike alone drunk like crazy.

We walked home.. well stumbled at times and had some laughs. I set her up in my bed we undressed into our sleeping clothes. She borrowed one of my loose t-shirts to sleep in and we cuddled up together.

Mildly annoyed I was trying to fall asleep, still with the desire of pleasing myself. My friend was vast asleep, and I decided to leave the room and went to the Livingroom. I sat down on the couch in the Livingroom hoping no-one would still be awake in the house. I heard some of the guys from upstairs still talking which made me anxious. I took a blanket with me just to be sure.

I dropped my panties to my knees, opened my legs, and started to touch myself. My head fell backward as I slowly stroked my pussy lips feeling it tingle all over. I licked my fingers to make them wet, and pinched my nipples as they already were hard in anticipation of that pleasure I was finally going to make myself feel. My hands felt he insides of my legs going closer to my pussy. Centimeter by centimeter the anticipation grew even more. I could still hear the guys upstairs laughed and talking while I was sitting there half naked for all to see.

I spread my lips with 2 fingers and my other hand started to draw circles on my clit. Finally! That was the feeling I was aching for this whole time, that feeling of intense pleasure flowing through my body. That warm, fuzzy feeling that makes you just want to go hard and crazy but I needed to contain myself. I could not let anyone hear me. Soon I could not resist any more and let the first finger slip in. I let out another sigh of relief almost catching myself for being too loud. I was so wet I immediately slipped in the second finger, the desire for more was very much present. I started to finger myself harder letting my fingers slip in and out as I was keeping an eye out for any sound or sight of anyone. It was so exciting and scary at the same time which made the experience even more enjoyable.

I got warmer and warmer inside as I was finger myself over and over again, faster and faster clapping my hand against my pussy, rubbing with my palm over my clit. I felt my wetness drip down on my asscheek but I did not care, I had to cum.. I had to cum now.. My attention to my surroundings was lost, I could not care anymore if anyone saw me I wanted it so bad. The build up inside me got to a highpoint, a warm intense feeling came over me once again but this time it went all the way up my spine to my head. I bit my finger not to make any sound, I squeezed my legs together as my pussy became so sensitive. I breathed so fast so loud.. then I noticed how silent it was in the house…

Did they hear me? Did they see anything? A scared but satisfied feeling took over.. I smile as I felt so good but also a bit anxious. What did I just do, what did I just experience. It was so good. I never came so fast and so intense in my life. As the fear soon took over of maybe someone hearing me I quickly grabbed my laptop sat it down next to me and hooked up my camera. Making a quick picture for you to see so you know what I was experiencing at that moment. That slight fear but also just amazing feeling. My pussy is still tingling as I type this, the house is quiet, I think everyone is asleep.

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