Hot Son: Hello there babe! Long time no see!
Hot Son: Have you seen Veronica lately?
Sinthya CD : Hi baby
Sinthya CD : I wish Vero was online…she’s not yet
Hot Son: Hi there! How have you been babe?
Sinthya CD : Been busy…but always horny
Hot Son: Mmm…I just bet you are! What’s on your mind tonight babe?
Sinthya CD : Vero made that caption a while ago…isn’t she adorable?
Sinthya CD : mmmmmmmmmmmm
Hot Son: Wow…very hot sinn…you have such a luscious body…so alluring
Sinthya CD : I love how my big tits bounce when I ride your cock
Sinthya CD : I’ve been stroking and licking my precum….my black panties are all wet
Hot Son: Mmm…My hard cock deep inside you as you bounce up and down…your big tits swaying as you ride me…your dick wet with precum…your panties are soaking…I caress your big breasts and hold you in place as I continue to fill you
Sinthya CD : Oh yes son…..I’m riding you reverse cowgirl…you extend your hands to grab my tits
Sinthya CD : Your balls slappping on my ass…I’m moaning louder
Hot Son: You continue to bounce on My hard, thick cock…my fingers gripping your exposed tits, the flesh of your nipples between my fingers as I hold you in place as we fuck
Sinthya CD : Yes….torture my nipples
Sinthya CD :
Sinthya CD : I turn my head to kiss you while we fuck
Sinthya CD : Feeling you harder and harder in me… clit throbbing and leaking precum
Hot Son: I continue to tug, caress, and twist your nipples as my cock slams deep inside you from below…Mmm…mom…so hot!
Sinthya CD : Feeling you harder and harder in me… clit throbbing and leaking precum
Sinthya CD : Sucking in your tongue
Hot Son: As we continue to move together…our bodies one…you turn and your lips find mine…My tongue presses against yours…my left hand slides to find your clit..throbbing and leaking precum…my fingers wrap around it as I continue to slam inside you
Sinthya CD : OMG you gonna make me cum baby
Sinthya CD : My whole body trembling, feeling orgasm building
Sinthya CD : Also , gonna cum r/t here
Hot Son: I moan as our lips entwine…My grip tightens upon you..stroking your clit as I continue to fuck you…My thick cock buried deep inside you, taking every bit of you as we move
Sinthya CD : Been so long
Hot Son: Mmm…My cock is rock hard, swollen…deep purple in color
Sinthya CD : I love how you fuck mommy , baby
Sinthya CD : Are you gonnna cum for me, sweetie?
Hot Son: I moan again as I hear your words…My hand firmly tugging on your clit as my cock continues to move inside you…”Oh mom…oh mom…Mmm…I’m going to cum inside you”
Hot Son: Oh yes, mom…oh yes…I’m going to fill you again with my cum
Sinthya CD : Cum baby! Cum in my fucking ass!!!! Cum in mommy
Sinthya CD : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Hot Son: Oh yes mommy! My hips rise to meet yours as my thick, hard dick begins to spasm inside you…My cum erupts inside you, coating you as my hand firmly grips your clit and rapidly glides upon it…OH mommy…Mmmm!
Sinthya CD : Riding your cock faster…fucking your hand faster
Sinthya CD : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sinthya CD : cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmminggggggggggggggggg
Sinthya CD : As I feel you explode in me I cum in your hand
Hot Son: My cock continues to erupt inside your ass…spewing my cum inside you..filling you with my seed…MMmm..mommy! My hand furiously moving upon your clit as we fuck
Sinthya CD : And came hard here…in my panties
Hot Son: My fingers are covered with your cum as I stroke your clit…My cock filling your wet ass…my lips kissing and teasing the back of your neck as we lose control
Sinthya CD : Seems like you keep cumming in my ass….non stop
Hot Son: Oh babe…I came as we fucked…so fucking hot!
Sinthya CD : Make me lick my fingers…bring them to my mouth and feed me
Sinthya CD : mmmmmmmmmmmm
Hot Son: My cock buried deep inside your ass…filling you, rubbing you raw as I continue to grip your clit..holding you in place as we move
Sinthya CD : My ass pussy filled with your cream, as you manage to stay hard in me
Hot Son: Mmm…mommy…I lean in and whisper in your ear…”Show me your fingers…I reach for your wrist..and lift it to your lips…and slide them to your lips
Hot Son: My tongue dances lightly against your ear…I watch your fingers in front of your mouth
Sinthya CD : Hungrily licking my fingers…as if it was a cock…knowing you re watching…teasing you while I do it
Sinthya CD : Your tongue in my ear drives me crazy
Hot Son: I watch as you lick your hand slides upon your wrist..pulling your fingers to My lips…My tongue slides over them…running across your wet skin…My cock still hard inside you
Hot Son: (You are so fucking hot babe!)
Sinthya CD : Sucking my fingers….running my lips all over it
Hot Son: My lips compete with yours…sucking upon your fingers…and then my lips find yours again..kissing mommy deeply
Hot Son: (You are so fucking hot babe!)
Sinthya CD : Contracting my ass muscle on your cock
Sinthya CD : Deep kiss makes me hot again
Sinthya CD : (you are hot too baby)
Hot Son: I feel your ass as it grips My hard cock….mommy…let’s move to the bed…I gently slide you slowly upwards…feeling your wetness as you lift off my cock…I stand aside you…and then gesture you to the bed in front of us
Sinthya CD : Bringing one hand down, back, between you and me
Sinthya CD : As you lift me off your cock, my hand catching your dripping cum
Hot Son: I moan lightly as your hand catches my cock…and My cum dripping from you…I slide you against the bed…and My lips find yours again…my tongue finding yours…our hands roaming each others bodies
Sinthya CD : Moving to the bed with my hands filled with your cum
Sinthya CD : I first rub your cum all over my tits…then caressing you while we kiss madly
Hot Son: As I tumble into bed with you…I catch your wrist…lifting your cum-coated fingers to your lips…my other hand moves again to your clit…My cock rock hard again
Sinthya CD : Missed you so much while you’re in college
Sinthya CD : I first rub your cum all over my tits…then caressing you while we kiss madly
Hot Son: My lips trace your beautiful tits…the traces of My cum sucked and licked as I pleasure you
Sinthya CD : Oh baby…lets play before you fuck me again
Sinthya CD : Abandoning my body to your caresses…to your lips, your hands
Hot Son: Mmm…I thought of you so often while I was away, mommy…My cock rock hard, thick and swollen
Sinthya CD : Do you love the taste of your cum on my tits?
Hot Son: My lips glide over your breasts..and then I take your flesh into my mouth…I lightly caress…and bite your nipples…my mouth eager to explore again your beautiful body
Hot Son: Oh mommy…your tits taste so sweet bathed in my cum
Sinthya CD : Your tongue making my nipples hard
Sinthya CD : My clit throbbing again
Hot Son: My hands join my lips and tongue on your big tits…my tongue sucking your nipples into my mouth…and then I lower my lips…tracing your stomach with my tongue…moving to your waist…just above your wet clit…my hands continue to move upon your breasts
Sinthya CD : I love watching you suck on my cum-glistening tits
Sinthya CD : Push my tits up to my mouth…make me suck my own nipples
Hot Son: My hands continue to pleasure your nipples, teasing, squeezing them…my tongue lifts along your waist…and then moves lower again…My lips touching the tip of your throbbing clit…”Mmm…mommy…I think you need a kiss *here* too
Sinthya CD : Oh yes……yes
Hot Son: My hands smush your huge tits towards your chin…forcing them towards your open lips
Sinthya CD : Helping you…cupping my tits and biting on my nipples
Hot Son: My lips slowly tease your throbbing clit…My tongue circles the tip of it…my hands holding your huge tits to your My mouth slowly takes your hard clit inside…My lips drawing together and holding your clit tightly
Sinthya CD : Move back up…help me suck my nipples
Sinthya CD : Leave my clit for now
Sinthya CD : I want both our tongues on the same nipple
Hot Son: My lips lift slowly from your clit…and then kiss the tip of I raise up to view your huge lips find one nipple…and then the other..tugging…teasing…tasting…pleasuring your flesh
Hot Son: Oh yes…Mmm…so hot!
Sinthya CD : French kissing over nipple
Sinthya CD : Then the other
Sinthya CD : We both drool over my tits….adding to your cum
Hot Son: Our lips meet…and entwine…together sucking your nipples..first one…then the other…our tongues moving in unison upon your beautiful breasts…the pink flesh of your nipples
Sinthya CD : Now my nipples are huge and hard
Sinthya CD : I love how we kiss…synchronized
Sinthya CD : Haven’t been that hot in a long time…except with Vero
Hot Son: My tongue lunges in front of yours to take your huge, hard nipple into My mouth…I feel your tongue against mine as we pleasure your beautiful tits
Hot Son: Mmm…babe…this so hot…you are amazing!
Sinthya CD : Both tongues going up and down the same nipple, as if we were masturbating it
Sinthya CD : …and nipple growing even bigger
Hot Son: Our tongues continue to move upon your nipple…taking turns sucking, licking, biting it…our tongues meet briefly for a teasing kiss..and then return to pleasuring your hard nipple
Sinthya CD : Running my hand thru your hair
Sinthya CD : Pushing my tits out…trying to fuck your mouth with my tit
Sinthya CD : (I have no idea how much precum you made me leak so far)
Hot Son: I feel your hand running through my hair as my lips continue to pleasure your nipples…I slide one hand down your stomach…fingertips teasing it lightly…and then lower to again brush against your hard clit
Sinthya CD : Feeling your hand sliding down…but I can’t keep my hands off my own tits
Hot Son: Mmm..babe..that’s so hot! I’m already rock hard again…you are so fucking hot!
Sinthya CD : Baby…i want to feel your hard cock between my tits
Hot Son: I watch as your hands move vigourisly over your big tits…My fingers slowly wrap around your clit and begin to lightly caress it…Mmm…mommy…you look so hot!
Hot Son: Oh yes babe…I want that too…I want to kiss your clit before I do!
Sinthya CD : You make me feel so sexy baby
Sinthya CD : Taste my clit, baby
Hot Son: You ARE so sexy babe…so pretty…so hot
Sinthya CD : Make me cum again…make me cum in your mouth
Hot Son: As your tongue continues to tweak your big nipple…I slowly slide down your stomach…my lips circle your belly button…and then I move between your legs…lifting them off the mattress…as my lips trace your throbbing clit
Hot Son: That’s so hot babe…you’d like that, wouldn’t you babe? I’d love to swallow your cum
Sinthya CD : My legs up…long sexy legs….now parted and describing a V shape
Sinthya CD : Oh yeah…but dont swallow all…snow ball me
Hot Son: Your long sexy legs part….My mouth slides upon your throbbing clit…My mouth slides slowly downward..sucking in as I move upon you
Hot Son: Oh yes babe…our cum is something to be shared…I love the thought of our lips smeared in your cum as we makeout
Sinthya CD : Your lips reaching my balls
Sinthya CD : mmmmmmm your lips are so soft on it
Hot Son: I pull another breath in as I take your clit deeper into my tongue presses against it as I glide up and down on it…my tongue flits about upon you…my hands again across your breasts as I continue to suck and tease your clit
Sinthya CD : OMG baby…you work me out so good that I wont be able to hold on much longer
Sinthya CD : Your lips and tongue on my clit making me shiver
Hot Son: As I hear your words my lips plunge deeply down on your clit, my mouth enveloping it…My head sliding up and down as I take your throbbing clit in rapidly
Hot Son: My mouth watering as I anticipate bringing you…my movements quickening
Sinthya CD : My hips starting to move uncontrolably..
Sinthya CD : Now fucking your mouth
Sinthya CD : You are so gifted baby
Hot Son: I feel your hips moving beneath me…my lips locked upon your throbbing, swollen cock…I continue to move ,my tongue upon the tip…and then plunge again…taking your length into my mouth
Hot Son: Mmmm…you feel so good babe…love tasting your cock and pleasuring you
Sinthya CD : Your lips reaching my balls
Sinthya CD : You’re gonna make me cum again
Sinthya CD : What are you doing to me? I’m about to cum r/t a 2nd time
Hot Son: My mouth swallowing your throbbing clit…my lips touching your hand slides to cup them….and then my mouth slowly slide from your clit to kiss them…my tongue flicks them..and then I pull your sack partially into my mouth
Hot Son: I love that babe…you’re so sexy you should cum as often as you wish
Sinthya CD : As you put my balls on your mouth I reach the point of non return
Sinthya CD : cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmunggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Hot Son: I continue to suck..and pull…and swallow…your balls…my tongue joining in to pleasure them as I notice your clit harden..and begin to jerk
Sinthya CD : yyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Hot Son: I continue to suck your balls as your clit begins to spew your cum…it hits my cheek and then begins to fall down your clit towards my lips
Hot Son: Mmm…so hot babe!
Sinthya CD : Look at the cum
Sinthya CD : You are incredible
Sinthya CD : Making me lost time notion…consumed by pleasure
Hot Son: As my lips loosen their grip upon your balls…I lean forward and embrace the stream of cum that meets them…I take it into my mouth…and move to lick up the drops that remain…and then lean upwards towards you
Hot Son: Babe, you are absolutely hot…so sexy
Sinthya CD : As you stand in top of me I can smell my cum
Sinthya CD : I open my mouth and stick my tongue out
Hot Son: I lean in, my lips coated with your cum…and part your lips to share my mouthful with your eager mouth
Sinthya CD : Kissing you madly…omg baby
Sinthya CD : Sucking on your tongue
Sinthya CD : While we kiss I grab your cock and rub the head on my tits
Hot Son: Our tongues on fire with each other…the cum from my lips and mouth coating our kiss…feeling you sucking my tongue as we moan together
Sinthya CD : Sucking on your tongue
Sinthya CD : Your cock spurting precum all over my tits
Hot Son: My cock swollen, thick, and hard again as I slide it between your huge breasts
Hot Son: I slide my hard dick into place between your tits…My precum gracing your flesh as I begin to slide between your breasts…My eyes staring into yours
Sinthya CD : Looking up in your eyes as I squeeze your cock between my tits
Sinthya CD : So hard and warm
Hot Son: Your skin feels so good as I begin to pump my cock between your huge tits..I feel your hands pull them even tighter as I move between them…My eyes roll backwards as my breathing quickens…Mmm…mommy…this feels so good
Hot Son: I love making you hard babe
Sinthya CD : Cum between them baby…and shoot on my face
Hot Son: I continue to rock my hard cock between your huge breasts…My eyes stare into yours as I move…I feel my cock begin to spasm again…My balls tighten as I begin to erupt…thick ropes of my cum shoot across your chin, nose, and cheeks…I groan loudly as my cums shoots all over your pretty face
Hot Son: As I hear your words my lips plunge deeply down on your clit, my mouth enveloping it…My head sliding up and down as I take your throbbing clit in rapidly
Hot Son: My mouth watering as I anticipate bringing you…my movements quickening
Sinthya CD : You cum all over my face!
Hot Son: My cock continue to erupt..coating your lips..and cheeks…with my cum…My eyes meeting yours as your lips struggle to lick up my seed
Sinthya CD : I look at you with my face covered with cum
Sinthya CD : Honey, I havent found Vero, but I have a friend to join you mind?
Hot Son: I lean in…My eyes still with my tongue teases your lips..tasting my cum…and then tracing your cheeks…again sucking in my cum…before turning to your lips…My cum-covered tongue finding yours
Hot Son: Mmm…so hot babe!
Sinthya CD : It feels so good in your arms
Hot Son: Oh yes babe…both times…you are so hot…such a perfect fuck-toy mommy
Amanda Cumin: Walking in…
Sinthya CD : Well…hi Amanda
Amanda Cumin: Kissing her mmmmmm yes delicious
Sinthya CD : You look hot, doll
Sinthya CD : mmmmmmmmm kissing Amanda back
Hot Son: Hello again Amanda…come join us
Amanda Cumin: I will. Kissing your mom passionately tasting cum
Sinthya CD : You two know each other?
Amanda Cumin: I giggle maybe
Sinthya CD : Mmmmm Amanda you are a hot kisser
Amanda Cumin: Mmmmm you think he will enjoy two women
Sinthya CD : Let me get up and rearrange myself
Hot Son: I blush…only briefly…yes…we’ve met before…you’ll like her I assure you
Sinthya CD : mmmmmm you have good taste, son
Amanda Cumin: Glancing at him naked big cock swinging
Hot Son: My eyes move between you both..2 beautiful, sexy…fuckable…babes…My cock is rock hard as I approach you both
Sinthya CD : I’m back in my high heels…walking to fix us drinks
Amanda Cumin: Lucky he is young so can go again
Amanda Cumin: Just your heels ??
Sinthya CD : Mmmmmmmm…I’m gonna get dressed again
Hot Son: I admire Sin as she walks to bring us drinks
Sinthya CD : redo my make up
Amanda Cumin: As long as he stays naked. Actually I think he should be serving us drinks
Sinthya CD : Make yourself at home Amanda
Sinthya CD : Good idea Amanda…Go, Son, while I get acquainted with Amanda
Amanda Cumin: Oh really. That’s some invite
Hot Son: I smile at Amanda…”She likes serving…drinks…she’s very good at it”
Sinthya CD : While he fixes drink, I sit in the couch…come sit next to me, Amanda
Sinthya CD : You look sensuous Amanda
Hot Son: I move to retrieve us drinks…I look over my shoulder at the 2 of you as I begin to fix 3 glasses
Sinthya CD : As she sits…I brush my leg on hers…
Amanda Cumin: Sorry rti have to go
Amanda Cumin: Has left the chat
Hot Son: Bummer that she left…but I’m good with it babe
Sinthya CD : Was it something I said?
Sinthya CD : You chat with her before? How was it?
Hot Son: No, not at all! We were perfectly appopriate..she said it was a rti..where would you like to go next babe?
Sinthya CD : Need to go to bed soon…but…still horny
Hot Son: I have chatted with her before…she’s very busty, and very easy…I admire that about her..we may see her again some other night
Sinthya CD : …and dont know next time we’ll be together
Hot Son: Very true…such a hot night tonite!
Sinthya CD : rt licking my cum from my panties again
Hot Son: Mmmm…so hot…I’d love take turns licking your panties and you licking my waist…I shot all over my stomach
Sinthya CD : When she joined, I dressed up wearing black 6 in platform spike heels, black thigh high, black lacy panty, black mini, white see thru blouse
Sinthya CD : Yeah licking each other’s cum
Sinthya CD : Love feeling sexy, feminine
Sinthya CD : …for you
Hot Son: Mmm…drinking in your beautiful body, clothed in black lingerie beneath a white see thru blouse, showing off your black bra…your breasts struggling to overcum it, your 6 inch heels the perfect touch
Sinthya CD : Come sit on the couch
Sinthya CD : …… to me
Hot Son: And with every move winding each other again…our arousal continual…our hands exploring each other’s bodies
Hot Son: I move to join you on the couch, my eyes following yours as I sit next to you
Sinthya CD : I have a few things I want to do
Hot Son: I smile at your words…Sure…babe…what do you have in mind? My arms slide around your waist
Sinthya CD : Kissing you softly
Sinthya CD : Then tongue moving faster
Sinthya CD : My arms take you in as we kiss so passionately…so hot
Sinthya CD : i stradle you…rubbing my nylon covered knee on your cock
Hot Son: I watch as you get up…and notice the look upon your face…the evil grin
Hot Son: I quickly slide to my knees
Hot Son: Mmm…so hot…you’re really liking this
Sinthya CD : Your cock hard and at attention…I turn my back on you, and guide your cock between my legs
Sinthya CD : Squeeze your cock between my legs
Sinthya CD : Below the knees
Sinthya CD : Go ahead…fuck my legs
Hot Son: I watch as you turn around…exposing your beautiful you guide My hard cock between your legs..My hands grab your waist as I press against your opening
Sinthya CD : Put some precum all over my nylons
Hot Son: I slowly slide my hard dick between your legs…My hands hold you in place as I move inside you
Sinthya CD : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sinthya CD : I love the wet feeling
Hot Son: My hard cock begins to move deeper inside you…My hands firmly upon your waist as I thrust inside your frame…Oh yes..yes…mommy…you feel so good
Sinthya CD : Feel like I’ve been fucked from everywhere tonight
Sinthya CD : I want you to leak but not cum yet
Hot Son: A pretty babe like you deserves to be rather continuously dicked
Sinthya CD : mmmmmmmmmmmm thanks
Sinthya CD : Love being worship
Hot Son: My cock continues to plunge inside your ass…drops of precum spill inside you…but I fight the urge to cum…slowing slightly…before plunging my length inside you
Sinthya CD : There’s another pair of shoes next to me………please hand me one
Hot Son: I slow my movements…and then notice the other shoes…I hand one of them to you
Sinthya CD : I take it…then moving back to the couch
Sinthya CD : I sit and start rubbing the heel over me
Sinthya CD : Opening my blouse…letting one tit out…nipple on heel
Sinthya CD : Then the other
Sinthya CD : Take the other shoe and tease one nipple
Hot Son: I watch entranced as you begin to rub the heel over you…my eyes staring at yours as you do so
Hot Son: I take the other shoe, and begin caressing, teasing your nipple
Sinthya CD : Does that turns you on baby? because it does for me
Hot Son: Oh yes, so hot…you’re so feminine…so sexy in your lingerie and heels…and so hot when those heels are used to further arouse you
Sinthya CD : Please…take the shoe and bring it close to my mouth
Sinthya CD : Rub the heel on my lips, but tease me…dont let me suck on it just now
Sinthya CD : When I try, remove it
Hot Son: I slowly lift the shoe to your lips…My cock again swollen and thick
Sinthya CD : Trying to lick…but you tease me just right
Sinthya CD : Meanwhile looking at your cock
Sinthya CD :
Hot Son: I pull the shoe from your lips…watching as your lips try in vain to follow it…my body pressing against yours
Sinthya CD : Oh baby, you tease me just like I want
Hot Son: Mmm…so hot…love her willingness to kiss the tip of the heel
Sinthya CD : I made that gif from a clip:
Hot Son: My arm wraps around your body as I run the tip of the long heel against your lips…I’m so hard
Sinthya CD : I’m hard too baby
Sinthya CD : You’ll decide when you’ll feed me the heel
Sinthya CD : This gets me so fucking hot
Hot Son: I continue to tease your lips with the heel…My cock hard and thick as I guide the heel slowly across your lips…and then to Mine…I slowly take the tip into my lips…and then tease you again with it
Sinthya CD : ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Sinthya CD : i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it
Hot Son: I watch you as moan uncontrollably…I again lick the tip of the heel..before sliding it in front of your lips..and lowering it to let you taste it
Sinthya CD : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Sinthya CD : my lips thighting around it
Sinthya CD : then my tongue
Sinthya CD : i feel so pervy…..but cant help myself
Hot Son: My cock rock hard as I watch your lips strain to kiss the heel…your tongue swirling upon it..and then letting it fall into your open mouth…your lips moving rapidly upon it
Sinthya CD : baby…i love how you describe…please go on…..this will make me cum
Hot Son: You’re such the perfect fucktoy…I’m ready for you to lay on your back, sucking that heel as I spread your legs high into the air and take you again
Sinthya CD : And you can cum in my mouth while I have the heel in it
Sinthya CD : yesssssssssssss
Sinthya CD : Fuck me again
Hot Son: I slide the tip of the heel against your lips…the heel plunging inside your mouth…My movements more firm as I press the tip of the heel inside your lips
Sinthya CD : I love the image
Sinthya CD : I’m in extasy
Sinthya CD : I’m your fucktoy
Hot Son: I hold the heel against your lips as I lower my tight frame against yours…My cock is so hard and ready for you…I brush your clit out of the way as I lower my thickness against your opening, lifting your legs high into the air
Sinthya CD : More baby
Sinthya CD : My legs up……….my favorite position
Sinthya CD : Fuck me hot son
Hot Son: I slide my hard dick slowly inside your ass…your clit hard in response…I drag the heel against your willing lips as I begin to fuck you again
Hot Son: My hips grinding against yours
Sinthya CD : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sinthya CD : Fuck me hard
Hot Son: My hips begin to thrust deeply inside your ass..your clit stiffens as I fuck you…one hand grips it…the other teases your mouth with the long heel
Sinthya CD : Love being your fuck toy
Sinthya CD : Baby…gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm…….get ready too
Sinthya CD : Gonna cum rt
Hot Son: I moan loudly as I continue to thrust My hard dick inside you…I tease the heel again as your body begins to shake against the bed
Sinthya CD : Fuck me more
Sinthya CD : cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Sinthya CD : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Hot Son: My pace quickens…slamming deep inside your ass…My hard cock begins to spasm again inside you…I hold your legs high in the air as my cum begins to erupt
Sinthya CD : yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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