That Thursday night I was again home alone and feeling really horny.

My beloved Victor had gone out of town on a long business trip and he would not come back home during the week end.
This was the third night I was alone and starting to feel very aroused…

The only man I knew that could properly take care of my needs was one of my old neighbors across the street, Pete.
He had fucked me sometimes during my husband’s absence.
He was a married guy; but we had decided to be just lovers, something for pleasure, friends taking care of each other’s sexual needs…

That evening I had seen Angela, Pete’s wife, leaving for the hospital. She was a nurse and I knew she would be going to cover the night shift. So, my good neighbor and lover would be available during all night long for me.

I called Pete and we chatted for a while. He finally told me he would cross the street before midnight.

After a quick light meal for dinner,I took a warm shower, making sure I would be clean and freshly shaven for Pete.
After drying my body, I applied a smooth lotion from neck to feet.

I was already getting wet with anticipation already because I had not been fucked by this guy in several months. Thinking about his nice hard cock was arousing me by the minute.
I just put a long white shirt from my hubby and a black thong as underwear. Then I completed my outfit with a pair of black stilettos.

I was ready to be properly fucked and my good neighbor would love to see me dressed like this for sure.

Pete came through the back door of the garage. It was easier and nobody would see him from the street. We kissed deeply and then we headed to my bedroom. He stripped down to his boxers in a hurry and he sat on the bed.

I crawled onto bed next to him and rolled on my side. He whispered and touched very softly my bare thighs with his hand.
While he was caressing me, I was running my nails over his growing cock through his boxers. I told him that I had been deprived during a long time.
He told me not to worry, good boy Pete was there to take care of all my troubles. Then he opened my husband’s shirt and grabbed my boobs in his hands. He squeezed my hard nipples between his fingers.

I reached under his boxers and started really stroking his cock.
It was a very nice eight inches long piece, just as nice as my hubby’s dick.

Then Pete quickly took off his boxers and I got this magnificent cock in my mouth. He loved my oral skills, since pretty wife Angela did not do it…

After sucking him for a while, I sensed that I wanted him farther down, between my hot thighs. Then I left his cock and got on my back.
Pete knelt in front of me and soon I felt his nice warm tongue licking my cunt and sucking my swollen clit.

All of a sudden I missed his tongue; but then I felt the hard thick head of his cock invading my tight cunt. I moaned loud as he entered me.

He began pumping me and he found a very sensitive spot way deep inside.
As he heard me moaning like crazy, he started ramming his hard cock faster and harder.
Pete could even guess when I was reaching to the edge, since he stopped every time he sensed my body trembling. I tightened my vaginal muscles around his thick cock, until he finally made me come like a bitch in heat…

My orgasm seemed to last forever. He made my body shiver in ecstasy.

Pete decided it was time to switch positions; so he made me get on all fours and he took me from behind. As he fucked me, he asked if I would give him my tight asshole. I just giggled and he understood he could take me…

He pumped me in a nice pace and then I felt one finger sliding into my ass.

It felt so good. Then I came again almost instantly but he slowed down his thrusts for a minute, to keep me from going over. He had a finger sliding in and out of my ass and the other hand grabbed my boobs, giving some nice squeezes to my hardened nipples between his fingers.

I had another brutal orgasm and once I came down from that one, Pete told me now was time for trying something new…

He started to gently poke this cockhead at the opening of my tight butt hole.

Then he slowly increased the pressure and finally the tip jumped right in.
Pete pushed a bit more and he stopped. I asked him to give me just some few seconds to relax and get used to his size…
He moaned; his nice Angela had never allowed him to fuck her in the ass…

I finally relaxed more after a few seconds and he slid more in. He soon was all the way inside of my anus and he stopped again to let me adjust to the wonderful feeling. I was about to come again and I relaxed more…
Pete began sliding his cock in and out of my ass slowly but never coming all the way out. He then started going faster and the feeling of his balls slapping against my wet pussy and clit was too much for me.

I warned Pete I was ready to come and I wanted us to come together.

After several minutes he leaned over and whispered he was going to cum and with just a few more thrusts in my ass we both exploded together into a real intense orgasm. Pete filled me up with all he had and it felt wonderful.

We were both spent. My body was shivering with no control.
Pete slowly out of my stretched ass and I just dropped onto the bed.

I felt completely exhausted, but satisfied sexually for the first time in a long time. I told him that I had not experienced anal sex with my beloved Victor in several months; so I was so tight there.

I led Pete to the front door and, with a goodnight last kiss; he crossed the street back to his home. I went back to bed and just fell on my belly. My stretched ass was now a bit sore; but I was fully satisfied.

In the morning, my ass was not sore; but my love channel felt really bruised from all the hard Pete did. But it was well worth the pain…

And still I had another couple days to recover my cunt tightness before my beloved hubby would come back.
Or I had more time yet to get properly ass fucked again…

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