I first told you about my first tights( in english we call pantyhose tights ) .As my relationship we Ian developed our he ecounters become more sophisticated . We both now were wearing tights . I ahd discussed a fantasy of my with Ian where i would be school head mistress and he we/she would be my “naughty student” Role play rules would have to be very strict ,we must not deviate from our characters roles .We both found that when we did this our orgasms were vey intense and copuise amounts of “clit juices” were produced.
The scenerio was I was the head mistress in a school where some girls were wearing their school uniform skirts far to short ,Ian was the offendiing pupil Sian and I would be the head mistress miss Jordan . Sian had been called to my office for repeatly wearing her skirt to short .
Sian knocked my office door and came in She was wearing white polo uniform top grey skirt which barley covered her modesty , On here legs she was wearing grey tights which were more sheer than the other girls were wearing .
“Sit down Sian ” she did not respond verbally but sat down in the chair which was a few feet from my desk. As she sat down she slightly parted her legs it was clear that she was not wearing any knickers under her tights ( pantyhose).
My clit began to tingle . I must reveal what i was wearing white blouse bra knee lenght grey skirt black nylon knickers and sheer to waist 15 denier tights.
” You know why you are here” I asked Sian .”Yes miss Jordan it about your stupid school rules ” We have to have school rules ” I replied. “We cant have our girls wearing riducolously skirts like your wearing Sian , its not very modest and a distraction to male teachers and students”.and me I thought.
At this point i pretented I had to leave the room for some errand ,I left for hte ladies were i removed my tights and and knickers, i put my tights back on I to now was dressed like Sian.
I went back to my office sat back down opposite Sian ,adjusting my skirt as i did.
“Well now Sian ” I continued . ” It is also obvious to me that you are not wearing any knickers under your tights(pantyhose)”
Sian began to look rather uncomfortable as she shuffled in her chair ‘ ” I am miss Jordan ” ,”No i don’t think your are Sian ,you can prove you are wearing knickers by taking of your skirt now Sian “
Sian had to oblige this request for miss Jordan the head mistress,
Sian slowly stood up upzipped the side of her skirt and pulled it down , She was not wearing any Knickers as miss jordan had suspected .Sians cliitty was semi hard and oozing pre cum from her glands .
“You disgracefull creature ,not only are you not wearing any knickers but you present yourself to me in this condition” said miss Jordan.
“You know what the punishment for this is Sian” , “No miss Jordan she replied ” “I must administer a spanking for this dicretion from the school rules” .”Before i do that though” miss jordan continued .” I shall have to remove my skirt to make myself more comfortable while i spank you”
I stood up then carefully pulled down my skirt ,Sian could know see my clit which was now very hard pressing against my tights.
To be continued

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