When did we first get together – when we were at senior school. Tom was shy and I was, to say the least very promiscuous!

I wanted a sissy slave that could be my slutty sister that I could take control over. So one day, I invited him round to my house to ‘help with homework’. Having lured him into my bedroom I told him that I wanted to see his naked body and he could see mine. Of course, he jumped at the chance, more fool him. Once we were both naked I let him touch my rather large boobs and my moist pussy. Nothing more than that,

As a thank you, I demanded that he wear my bra, knickers and tights – and that he was to wear then under his school uniform the following day. In return for that, he could explore my naked body again another day.

Of course, I had to tell my girlfriends at school the next day and they delighted in giving him knowing glances and kept feeling the outline of my bra he was wearing underneath his shirt.

It was the start of his spiral into becoming a lifelong sissy slut!

The following Monday, me and three of my close school girlfriends hatched a plot to really humiliate Tom. We made sure he followed our instructions to wear my bra, knickers and regulation black school tights. As soon as he arrived in the playground a little while before registration, we grabbed him and took him into the girls changing room. His trousers shoes, blazer and shirt were stripped from him and Sue, one of my friends took them away to her locker, returning with a girls uniform of short blue skirt, white satin blouse, girls blazer and Mary Jane buckled shoes. Jackie, my closest friend, made up Tom’s face with subtle make-over that would pass teacher scrutiny. We had already forged a note from Tom’s Mum for our form teacher Miss Sugget, explaining that Tom was in the process of transitioning and would be trialling a full week at school as Tina!

Well, I have to say he really looked the part as we escorted him into form registration, much to the sniggers of the other boys and delight of the other girls.

Wednesday was PE and sports lessons, and Sue had already arranged for a gymslip, short white socks and trainers for Tom, so that he could join the girls for netball practice. Actually, because he was tall, even as a c***d, he was a natural for goal shooter given his height. Needless to say, we won our practice match, hoping that we could make Tom a permanent team member.

Just making him into one of the girls was not enough for our tight knit little girly group. As I mentioned before, we were quite promiscuous and between us quite attractive. So on the weekend we made sure Tom was at his most tarty – dressed in a micro minidress, high heels and heavily but expertly made -up by Jackie. You genuinely couldn’t tell him apart from one of the girls (apart from his male appendage of course).

Going into town, where the local lads used to hang out, we offered a little sexual favour in return for cigarettes – and introduced Tom to giving his first of very many blow jobs – Over the months so many lads enjoyed being sucked to orgasm, without realising it wasn’t by a genuine girl – even to this day they don’t know!

We got the cigarettes without making the effort – and taught Tom to swallow for extra benefits to us. Tom was truly inducted into the world of sissy slavery and owned slut.

Sarah x

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