Lisa took in Marc’s handsome body with its thick dark penis and the tightly curled pubic hair encircling the thick shaft where it met his smoothly toned abdomen as he closed the door to the shower and walked away. The last thing she noted was his nicely rounded mocha colored ass, and she felt an excitement in her loins as she remembered the thrill of holding his ass with her hands and pulling it toward her body as he fucked her only hours before. Her excitement was mixed with shame and embarrassment as she realized that she actually had loved the sex while knowing that she was being unfaithful to her husband, Matt.

Now, Lisa felt an anxiety building within her at Marc’s invitation to her to join him and a few other members of the health club at a local club that night. She was even surprised that he had gone so far as to mention it to Matt when they had spoken only a little earlier. She just felt as though that Marc was trying to keep her close to him, even though he said he’d give her her space. And, Lisa was very fearful that if she did go clubbing with Marc present, the chances were very real that she would weaken and spend another night in bed with her new found black lover. So she resolved to decline his invitation, and to go home for the night.

Looking at herself in the mirror in Marc’s bathroom, she decided that she looked pretty good, even though she was dressed in what she had arrived in the night before. A lot had changed in her life since then, but she looked the same. She felt a little anxious as she left the bathroom, and she secretly hoped that Marc had put some clothes on because she had a very hard time looking at his naked body without desiring him. She was also anxious because Marc had said that Matt would be calling her cell phone shortly. She wondered if he would sense that anything had happened between her and Marc the night before.

Entering Marc’s kitchen and breakfast nook, she was relieved that he was wearing a cut off T-shirt and jeans. He was so handsome, and his body looked so hot under his clothing. His biceps were clearly defined and his neck was thick and led to his handsome face with his shaved head. He smiled as she came into the area.

“Babe, you look so hot, so hot. I put out some fruit and there are bagels as well. Is there anything else I can get for you? Marc looked her up and down and his mind recalled how excellent her body had felt against his, how tight her pussy had felt as his veined black cock had pushed into her for the first time the night before. He recalled how responsive she had been as she pulled his body hard against her own, how she had pulled on his ass as he fucked her, how she had kissed and sucked his throbbing cock, cleaning their mingled love fluids off of it after they had fucked. Marc felt his cock tingle with excitement as he looked as the white beauty in front of him.

“No, I’m all set, thanks. The coffee is excellent by the way. I think I’ll just have a piece of fruit. I was thinking that I probably shouldn’t go clubbing tonight, Marc. I just think that I need some down time tonight.”

“I understand, babe. I just think it would be better for you to get out and do something tonight so you don’t spend the night feeling guilty about yourself. Look, why don’t you ask one of your girlfriends to come along. You can meet us here for a drink or two and then decide if you want to come out to a club or two. Sometimes, people end up just having a couple of drinks and we don’t end up going out at all. This way you’ll at least be out doing something. And, you’re friend will probably make you feel safe. And, I promise the most I will do is look at you. Unless, of course, you want me to do more.” He finished with a smile.

“I don’t know, Marc. I shouldn’t. But, you’re right, I should probably do something. Maybe I’ll ask my friend Kristen. I think her husband is away on business right now, and she’s always up for going out. I can let you know later, okay?”

Marc’s face brightened at Lisa’s change of heart about going out. “Cool, babe. You won’t be sorry. I think you’ll feel better about things if you decide to come over.”

Lisa’s cell rang and she knew it was Matt. She was surprised that Matt was so enthusiastic about urging her to go out clubbing with Marc and the others. And, while she felt her guilt peak just hearing Matt’s voice, she also felt a little better that he didn’t seem to mind the fact that she had stayed at Marc’s the night before. In fact, he was pleased that she had not taken the chance and driven after drinking.

Their conversation ended with Lisa saying, “I love you too, hon.” And, hearing that, Marc smiled to himself, thinking that he had just started with this white beauty, and it would not be long before she would be saying the same thing to him.

“Wow, Matt seems really enthusiastic about my joining you guys tonight. I’ll check with Kristen and see if she wants to come and I’ll let you know. And, she’s off limits to you too. So don’t get any ideas.” Lisa said with a smile to Marc.

Lisa left Marc’s about mid morning and went directly home where she filled her Jacuzzi tub with warm water and soaked in it for an hour, replaying in her mind the events of the previous evening and early morning. She called Kristen, who was more than happy to have something to do that night. Lisa told her that they could decide if they wanted to go clubbing once they got to Marc’s place, saying that they could just have a drink or two and leave if she wanted. Lisa felt better not being tied into having to go with the group if she did not want to.

Kristen, like Lisa, had been married for five years and she had just turned twenty-seven. She could easily have passed for nineteen. She was a runner, and worked out on her own every day. Her work out regimen really showed as her body was firm and slender. On top of that, Kristen, also like her friend Lisa, was extremely good looking. She turned heads wherever she went. It really wasn’t until she was in college that she realized how attractive guys found her. In high school, she was into the music programs and sheltered from the cheerleader and sports type k**s. While a lot of guys liked her looks, she wasn’t considered one of the cool k**s, and hung with more of the music and geeky type k**s. Secretly, Kristen was always attracted to the really good looking, buffed out guys, and while they all seemed to give her looks, she was just never in the right social group to get asked out by them.

In college by contrast, she got attention from all types of guys, athletes, non athletes, geeks, everyone in fact. And, because of the uninhibited attention from guys she started to feel a bit less shy around them than she had in high school. But ultimately, her high school tendencies caused her to feel safer with more reserved guys whose range of dating experience was more limited like her own. Her husband was one of these. He was very cute, good looking facially. His body was wiry, not overly athletic. But he was considered good looking, just not really built or buff. Their sex life had always been good, and Kristen knew from talking with her friends that his male equipment was probably in the average range for a guy, not overly well endowed, nor unusually small. But, that was okay with her. She loved him nonetheless.

Still, even after she married, Kristen realized that she continued to be attracted to guys who were both good looking and very athletic. She just found herself turned on by them. And she also wondered what sex would be like with one of these guys, especially a guy who was really built and really hung. It was one of her closest kept secrets.

Her husband travelled frequently in his job as an engineer, and Kristen was often looking for things to do to fill her time when he was away. She worked as an accountant, but was planning to discontinue that once she and her husband started a family, which they were in the process of working on.

In addition to Lisa and Kristen, Marc had asked two women who worked out at his club, along with their husbands, to go clubbing that night. Also, Marc has asked the two club studs, college freshmen Nick and Jamaal. Both of these guys used his club because they liked the state of the art equipment his place had as opposed to their college sports center. They quickly became the center of attention among the younger, and sometimes even the older, women in the club. Both had connected with several of the women on occasion. But, both also had their own girlfriends as well to keep them busy. Marc had called them earlier in the day to ensure that they would be able to make it. He figured that they would match up well age and compatibility wise with Lisa and Kristen.

Everyone met at Marc’s place at 8 p.m. for drinks before they decided where to go. When Lisa and Kristen arrived, they were introduced around and the initial talk was about work out routines and club related stuff. It was a warm night and the group sat out on Marc’s screen patio with their drinks. Marc was pretty much occupied with the two couples and as expected, Nick and Jamaal had paired off in the conversations with Lisa and Kristen.

Nick was Italian and looked it. He had jet black hair which was almost shaggy, and it framed an exceptionally good looking face. His eyes were dark and his eyebrows looked as though they had been penciled in place and his nose was perfectly shaped, not too big or too small. Tonight, it was clear he had not shaved all day as the dark shadow of his beard was beginning to show, giving him a ruggedly handsome look. Aside from Nick’s naturally handsome face, his body was perfectly chiseled. He stood about six two, and had broad shoulders, very thick biceps, a perfectly toned and shaped torso, with remarkably defined abs that tapered into a thin and muscled abdomen. He was wearing a white cotton polo shirt which nicely showcased his upper body. His snug fitting cargo shorts showed that his ass was nicely rounded, and his thighs and calf muscles were also beautifully formed, showing he had paid a lot of attention to lower as well as upper body workouts. Nick had been doing modeling for boys’ and men’s clothing since he was twelve. On top of all this, girls who were lucky enough to score with Nick, learned that he had been blessed with a massive uncircumcised cock that was all of twelve inches when erect and delightfully thick with a very nicely rounded and thick mushroom head.

Jamaal, on the other hand, was the black version of Nick. He was absolutely stunning in his physical appearance. Lisa was thinking as she talked with both young men that it was no wonder that they got so much attention at the club from the women. Jamaal was simply a younger, and perhaps even better looking version of Marc. He stood about six foot four and had an incredible smile with beautiful white teeth. And his muscles, they were just incredible as well thought Lisa. Jamaal was wearing a medium tan polo shirt which looked as though it had been sprayed onto his magnificent body. The color contrasted nicely with his darker skin. He had dark slacks that clung to his muscular legs. Both women felt butterflies in their stomachs and a tingling in their loins just talking with this stud. Lisa was embarrassed by her own thoughts as she found herself wondering if Jamaal had been blessed with a love package like Marc’s. It occurred to her that it would almost be unfair if god had created a stud like Jamaal and given him a tiny cock. She smiled to herself and glanced quickly in the direction of his crotch, noting that there was a tell tale bulge there that seemed to suggest that he had lucked out in that department as well. For her part, Kristen found her eyes wandering over the bodies of each of these guys, feeling the excitement rising in her pussy.

As Lisa and Kristen got to know the young men better, Lisa noticed that Kristen’s eyes seemed to be sweeping back and forth, up and down, taking in Jamaal’s body. Her face looked almost flushed, and Lisa was surprised that her friend was apparently totally taken by this black stud in front of her. After all, Kristen’s husband was a good match for her in the looks department, and Kristen herself was nothing short of stunning. At that point, Jamaal reached for Kristen’s glass and offered to get her another drink, which she thanked him for, looking him directly in his dark eyes. Nick said he was going to get another beer and asked Lisa if she wanted another wine. She said sure, and handed the stud her glass.

Kristen looked to her friend, “Lisa, can you believe these two guys? They are absolutely gorgeous! I don’t know about you, but I am drenched.”

“Kristen, listen to you, you’re a married woman. Calm yourself. But you’re right; they are a couple of hunks.” Lisa smiled. “I think Marc’s health club only has pretty people in it. At least what I’ve seen so far, that’s the case. Maybe you should join, you could see these guys all of the time.”

The guys returned with fresh drinks, and the conversation continued. Jamal asked Kristen if she had just joined the club. “I know you couldn’t have been a member, because I would certainly have remembered you.” He said with a smile and a wink.

“No, I don’t belong. Lisa just joined. I am just out tonight for a couple of drinks while my husband is away on business. But you look as though you work out there day and night.” She said complimenting his body.

“Thanks, I work out there and play soccer in school. Hope you don’t mind my saying it, but you seem kind of young to be married. I mean, when I first saw you, I thought you were still in your teens….I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t offend you, I meant that as a compliment.” Kristen blushed, and Lisa laughed.

For his part, Jamaal was mesmerized by Kristen. She definitely looked younger than her years, she had beautiful naturally blond hair, a great set of tits, and she had an incredible ass and beautifully slender legs. Jamaal could feel his love wand beginning to grow at the thought of introducing this babe to the thick black shaft that hung between his legs. He imagined her soft, naked white body below his, and his lips on hers as he slowly impaled her tight pussy with his black love meat. His eyes locked with hers, and his gaze held hers long enough for her to know that he definitely had more than drinks on his mind. He hoped that she did as well. And, the look on her fact seemed to say that there was the beginning of a battle going on between her conscience and her vagina.

“Sorry Jamaal, that’s nice of you to say. But, Lisa and I are ‘older women’,” She joked.

The conversation continued with Nick and Jamaal sharing what they did in school, and Lisa and Kristen filling in the guys on what they did and where they went to school. It turned out that Nick and Jamaal were both nineteen, eight years younger than Lisa and Kristen. Jamaal offered to get Kristen a third drink and Lisa another wine, and then suggested that they go out by the pool and get some air. He said no one ever uses the pool at Marc’s complex. It was like a private yard.

It became clear that drinking at Marc’s was probably going to replace clubbing, and everyone moved out to the pool area. Kristen was feeling the effects of the wine and Lisa had made sure that she was just sipping hers because she planned to stay in control. But, she continued to be intrigued at how taken with Jamaal Kristen seemed to be. She noticed that Kristen and Jamaal both were making a lot of direct eye contact with one another. What she also noticed was that Nick was doing his own visual inspection of her body, and he wasn’t being very subtle about it.

It was funny Lisa thought, after last night with Marc, she was now looking at guys, specifically Nick, with a new found sexual interest. Her mind imagined what having sex with a stud like Nick might feel like. But she was intent on just letting her musings be musings. She would be in control tonight. At that moment though, Nick’s eyes locked with hers and she felt her heart flutter as she drank in the ruggedly handsome young man before her. She felt a wave of excitement wash through her vagina. She knew Nick wanted her, and she knew her body would love the feel of Nick, but she was resolved not to let it happen. She looked away nervously, but she knew that Nick knew that she found him attractive.

Lisa and Nick sat with their drinks at a poolside table, while Jamaal and Kristen walked toward the shallow end of the pool and appeared to be talking. The pool area was lit with enough light to walk around comfortably, but it was not bright by any means. And the underwater lights in the pool were on. It was hard for Lisa to see Kristen clearly, but it appeared that she and Jamaal had stopped near the steps going into the water, and they were standing very close to one another, facing one another. Lisa knew that Kristen was on her third wine now and was feeling the effects. She was concerned for her friend.

With Kristen standing directly in front of Jamaal, she tilted her head down, and appeared to be looking directly at the pool deck. Lisa’s heart skipped a beat as she saw Jamaal’s right hand reach up to Kristen’s chin and gently tilt her head up. The two appeared to be looking intently into one another’s eyes when Jamaal’s head moved in and he kissed Kristen, first on the forehead, then on the nose, and finally directly on the lips. Kristen at first did not react as far as Lisa could tell. But then, she noted Kristen’s head moving in response to Jamaal, returning his kiss. Her left hand circled behind his head and pulled it against her own. And Lisa knew, she was witnessing the taking of Kristen by this ripped black stud.

Nick saw Lisa’s reaction to Kristen and Jamaal kissing. He placed his hand gently on her arm on the table and said: “Relax Lis, he’s a real gentleman, and won’t do anything at all that she doesn’t want to do. And something tells me that she’s going to want to do it all. And, you know what? She won’t have a single regret. None of them ever does.” Then, Nick’s eyes locked again with Lisa’s and he said, “And, I can go as slow as you want, or we can just sit here if you want. But I think Kristen and Jamaal are going to be busy for a while..”

Lisa looked back to Kristen and Jamaal and she could tell that they were talking with one another, but she couldn’t hear them.

Kristen’s hand had dropped slowly from Jamaal’s head and slid down his shoulder slowly and then hesitated on his muscled arm. With her right hand, she lifted her glass to her mouth and finished off the remainder of her wine. She realized that she had just kissed a man other than her husband, and she realized that it felt every bit as good as her mind had told her it would. And she felt within her loins a huge yearning for this powerful black stud standing before her.

He didn’t give her a chance to say anything, instead he bent his head down again, and kissed her full on the lips once again, this time exploring her mouth with his tongue, and she felt his right arm reach around her body, resting his hand on her buttocks and pulling her hard into his mid section. It was then that Kristen realized just how big his package might be. He felt huge and hard against her.

“Let’s move this indoors. We don’t need anyone to see us, and you need another drink.” He took her hand and they walked around the far end of the poor, avoiding Lisa and Nick and Marc and the other two couples, and entered Marc’s townhouse through the screen patio.

Lisa was stunned at what she had witnessed. She never would have dreamt that Kristen would have kissed or touched anyone other than her husband. And then it just happened. Her mind was whirling, thinking that she had done almost the same thing the night before with Marc. Part of her wanted to tell Kristen that they should go, and the other part wanted to tell her that she should relax and enjoy it, just this once.

Marc approached Nick and Lisa when he saw Kristen and Jamaal move back into the condo. “Guys, we’ve decided to stop at Avalon, see what’s happening there and then maybe move on. I think Jamaal and Kristen might want to hang her for a bit, but if you want to join us later, that’s cool. Is staying here for a while okay with you Lisa?

Lisa was jarred from her thoughts about Kristen and Jamaal. “Oh, sure Marc. Nick, if you want to go with Marc, I can just wait her for Kristen for a bit. She may want to leave, anyway.” But Lisa knew that that was probably not the case.

Marc and Nick exchanged knowing glances that were not lost on Lisa. “Marc, I think that I will hang here with Lisa for a few and play it by ear. I don’t really think I want to start clubbing right now.” And turning to Lisa, “Is that okay with you Lis?” He asked.

“Sure Nick, that sounds fine. Marc, you guys go ahead and have a good time. I will probably see you next week at the club. Lisa felt some relief knowing that Marc and the other couples would be leaving. But her mind was on Kristen.

In the house, Kristen was led by Jamaal to the bar where she allowed him to pour her another wine. “Jamaal, I think I should probably let you know that I think I’ve gone far enough. I don’t know what came over me out there, but I can’t do this, I’m married.” As she said these words, she felt conflicted within herself. She at once had loved kissing Jamaal, and she had also felt great guilt.

Jamaal just looked directly in her eyes and smiled his handsome smile. “Kristen, I know you’re married. So chill. We aren’t going to do a thing that you don’t want to do, including kissing. But, I got the distinct feeling out there that you loved my kissing you, in fact, you loved it so much you kissed me back pretty aggressively.” As he said these words, he moved his face right into hers and his lips were within a half inch of her own.

“So babe, we don’t have to do a thing that you don’t want to do, but your face is pretty flushed and your eyes tell me that you want me to kiss you again” With that, he brushed his lips against hers and felt no resistance. “See? I think you’re liking it.” He brushed his lips against hers again and then moved in for the kill. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her mid section hard into his own. She again felt his manhood throbbing, knowing that it had to be huge. At the same time, his lips found hers and his tongue pried open her mouth and explored her tongue as he kissed her passionately, long and hard.

Kristen’s hands went to Jamaal’s face and cradled it, pulling it into her own as they kissed lustfully and passionately for several minutes. During this time, Kristin could not help herself and her hands slid down the sides of Jamaal’s torso, feeling his hard body. She held his ass and pulled his abdomen into her own, and then, she slid her right hand over his crotch, feeling his girth, and his hardness.

Jamaal pulled his face away from Kristen and smiled at the beautiful blond he held in his arms. Babe, I know you want me just like I want you. And, we’re going to have one another, but I have to make you want me again and again after we do this the first time tonight. So babe, you need to be patient with me. I’m gonna do stuff that you’re gonna love, and we’ll get to the good part soon enough, but you’ve gotta sit back and relax til we get there.” Then, Jamaal caused Kristen to gasp in total pleasure as he moved his right hand quickly and deftly under her short skirt, and slid his long black fingers into the wetness of her drenched pussy.

She gasped so loudly that she surprised herself. But she had not time to think as Jamaal’s fingers instantly began a methodical message of her soaking cunt that was driving her crazy. “Let’s move into the guest room babe.” Kristen moved with Jamaal who did not remove his black fingers from her love chute. She held onto his waist as they moved toward the hall and the bedroom door.

Once in the bedroom, Jamaal left Kristen at the bed and moved to put on a soft light by the bureau. Then walking back to her, he scooped her short dress up and over her head, and quickly hooked his fingers in her panties and slid them down her slender white legs. Then, he effortlessly unsnapped her bra and she stood amazingly and beautifully naked in front of Jamaal. He smiled, handed her her wine and slowly removed his own clothing, allowing Kristen to take in the beauty of his body just as he had hers.

As his slacks slid down his dark muscular legs, Kristen could see the huge bulge bursting through his black boxer briefs. She gasped again as Jamaal hooked his fingers into the elastic band of his briefs and slid them down, causing his massive ten inch, pulsing black shaft to spring outward. The thickness of it, the length of it, and the amazingly thick mushroom head caused Kristen to stare in utter astonishment. Jamaal then pulled down the bed clothes and helped Kristen to lay her beautifully shaped white body onto the bed. She did not say a word, but seemed resigned to do what she knew all along she had wanted. Jamaal surprised her when he spread her slender legs apart and positioned his mouth at her pussy.

“Babe, just relax. I want you to enjoy this.”

The instant Jamaal’s tongue touched her clit, she gasped loudly. Jamaal was a master at what came next. His tongue and lips and fingers worked in unison, quickly, gently, then slowly and deliberately, in bringing Kristin’s body to an absolutely incredible climax within only minutes. As his tongue and mouth massaged her love chute his hands were kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples gently, massaging her abdomen. For her part, Kristen’s hands were on Jamaal’s head, squeezing his muscular shoulders and biceps.

He felt it coming just as Kristen did. Her breathing increased. Her body began to twist and writhe in pleasure. Her moans began softly at first, and then when she could stand it no more, she screamed out in pleasure with loud moans that could be heard outside the townhouse. Her hands at first squeezed and pinched Jamaal. Then she tried frantically to pull his body up on top of her own so that he could fuck her with his massive cock, so he could fill her with that huge pulsing black cock. But it was not to be just yet. That did not stop Kristen from losing all control. Lisa could hear her friend screaming from within, “Jamaal, fuck me, please, please Jamaal, I need you to fuck me now! Oh please, please. I want you in me!” And then, her moans and screams faded as her first of many orgasms of the night began to subside.

Nick smiled at Lisa as they sat at the table by the pool. “That could be us babe. I told you he’s good. Believe me, she’ll be back for more.” He smiled as Lisa as Kristen’s moans and screams could no longer be heard.

“Nick, please! That’s my friend. She’s married. She’s going to feel awful after this! And, no that couldn’t be us. I am married and I can’t do anything with you.”

“I’m sorry Lisa, I didn’t mean to upset you. Really. I know you’re upset because of Kristen, but Lis, she’s a big person, and my guess is that she’s wanted this for a long time. And I think when we both see her in a little while, she’s gonna be real happy that she did it, married or not.

I don’t know what to tell you. I mean, I’m no saint, but I’m not a scumbag either, but I’ve been with married women before and they loved being with me, and they wanted to do it more than once. And so did I. And, Lisa, I won’t hit on you again, but believe me when I tell you I think you’re so freakin hot, I’d do it in a heartbeat with you, married or not. I mean, no offense, but from where I sit, just because I have sex with someone doesn’t mean I want to marry them. But I understand everyone has different ideas about that.

“I’m sorry, Nick. I didn’t mean to jump on you. I guess I’m just worried for Kristen. And, to be honest with you, I am totally flattered that a hot stud like you finds me ‘freakin’ hot’. She smiled in response to Nick, who relaxed a little when she did.

“Look Lisa, why don’t we go in, make a little noise, maybe let them know we’re still here, and get ourselves another drink. And, if you want, we can try out the hot tub. And, I promise, I’ll be good. Marc has suits inside if you don’t feel comfortable going in in your birthday suit.”

She smiled back, “Sounds good to me, Nick. Let’s do it. And, if you promise to be good, I can risk my birthday suit. Besides, I’ll get to see your studly body too.” She finished, smiling at Nick.

Indeed, Jamaal did mount Kristen as her orgasm subsided, and she held him tightly, passionately, while she kissed him passionately. She had lost all of her inhibitions and was pulling his beautifully ripped body into her own, The feeling of his huge black shaft nestled into the wetness of her slit was not lost on her and she rocked her abdomen, causing his cock to slide back and forth on the outside of her tight white cunt.

For his part, Jamaal kissed her back gently, lovingly. He wanted her to love sex with him, and he had made a good start of it. “See babe. I knew you’d love that. Now, I want you to get an idea of what you’re gonna have in your pretty white pussy in just a few minutes. So I need you to do your best to hold my black cock, suck it, kiss it, lick it, stroke it, and get it to shoot all over your pretty face. Then I’m gonna slide it into you and let you get used to it before we get to the main course.”

He smiled at Kristen and her eyes opened wide with the knowledge what he wanted and what he was about to do. Simultaneously, panic gripped her as she realized that he planned to fuck her without a condom. She was fertile, she was ovulating, she was not on the pill. She was trying to get pregnant with her husband.

Jamaal straddled Kristen’s body, bringing his massive black cock with its thick veins up to her mouth. Her cunt was still hot with her orgasm as she forgot her fear of pregnancy and ministered to the young stud’s manhood. She tasted her own juices on his shaft as she licked and sucked it, stroked it and tried desperately to deep throat it. For his part, Jamaal began pumping himself into his white lover’s mouth with a speed that surprised Kristen. She squeezed his shaft and bobbed her head onto and off of his shaft as best she could until she felt his body tighten, tense and then, he yelled out as he held her beautiful head in place over his throbbing cock. Jamaal’s first load was thick and gooey and warm to Kristen, and when he pulled his manhood from her mouth, his cum was still spurting from it. This he spread about her face in stringy strands.

Then, still hard, her new black lover slid down her body and lifted her legs perpendicular to the bed. He positioned his thick shaft at the opening to her pleasure port, and Kristen thought to herself how absolutely massive and black it looked to her in contrast with her husband’s much smaller white penis. And then, he slid it ever so slowly, so gently into his new white lover. Kristen moaned, licked her lips, tasting Jamaal’s cum as she did so, and used her hands to try to pull him into her. She was being stretched significantly beyond anything she had ever expected, and she loved it.

When Jamaal was all the way into Kristen, he felt his cock pressed hard into her cervix. “Look at me babe. Tell me, how does that feel to you. Is it as good for you as it is for me? I’m gonna fuck you slowly, you need to let me know if it’s ok, alright babe?”

“It’s so good, Jamaal. Really, it feels so good to me.” And she reached up and ran her hands across his hard pecs and then down to his hard and defined abs. “You feel awesome to me Jamaal.”

Slowly at first Jamaal’s manhood moved inward and outward. Then he picked up speed, and Kristen’s soft moans began picking up. As Jamaal continued his thrusting, Kristen could feel another orgasm building within her, but she knew that her lover would probably cum before she did, her husband always came before she finished. But this was different, Jamaal showed no signs of being ready to cum as he picked up speed and was now pounding her pussy fast and furiously. Now Kristen’s moans had turned into screaming and yelps of pleasure as her lover relentlessly pounded her.

Finally, her orgasm overwhelmed her and Jamaal felt Kristen’s body tense and then twitch in incredible pleasure yet again. Then he felt it okay to let his own pleasure filled orgasm free. His sweat covered muscular body tensed and came hard as he pumped his first cum into his beautiful white lover. She held him and caressed him lovingly as he collapsed onto her. Kristen knew that sex with her husband would never be the same again. While she felt some guild because she had been unfaithful to her husband, she also knew in her heart that she had wanted to have this very experience for so long. So, she savored the moment. She was fully taken, and she knew then that it would not be her last time.

They cuddled and held one another tightly for a while, and Jamaal said: “Babe, that was so hot for me. You feel so incredibly tight. I loved it. Was it good for you, like it was for me?

Now, Kristen was feeling both the exhilaration of the aftermath of great sex and the guilt that she was experiencing because this was her first venture into infidelity. She managed a response: “Jamaal, for me it was completely awesome. You were perfect. I hope you don’t think that I’m just a slut, because this really is the first time I have ever done something like this. But, I don’t regret it, because sex with someone like you is something I have always dreamed about. I love my husband, but sex with a guy like you is something I have always held as a fantasy, and you made it real for me and it was perfect. Does that make any sense to you?”

“Kristen, you could have sex with guys like me every day of the week. Why was this a fantasy? You are so freakin hot, I don’t think you have any idea. But, it’s my good fortune. And, believe me any time you want to relive this fantasy, I’m game.” He said with a smile, and hugged her tightly into his body.

Having heard Nick and Lisa talking out in the living area, Kristen said: “Jamaal, we really should rejoin Nick and Lisa. I feel so embarrassed to face them, but I have to sometime, so why don’t we get dressed and go out there?”

“Actually, I think I heard them in the hot tub, so we could just wrap ourselves in towels and join them in the spa. Nick will be so jealous of me, I love it.” He said with his beautiful smile.

“And Lisa will think I am a total tramp.” Kristen said with a frown.

“Don’t worry, I think Lisa has her own story to tell, so don’t be embarrassed.” Jamaal said with a knowing smile.

Kristin’s interest was piqued by this comment. “Really? What are you telling me?”

“Nothing at all. Just don’t think about yourself that way, because she might have her own story, which you just didn’t get to hear about, is all I’m gonna say.”

Kristen was fascinated, and instantly felt better. “Let’s go to the hot tub.” She smiled at Jamaal and pulled on his semi hard cock.

Lisa and Nick were indeed in the hot tub naked when Kristen and Jamaal entered the living area. Kristen was immediately taken with how stunningly handsome Nick was, what she could see of him. His broad shoulders, his firm pecs, his shaggy hair framing his face with the beard stubble on it. She wondered what kind of a package he was sporting under the hot tub waters. She was surprised that Lisa would get naked with him and just jump in……it made her wonder.

“Her guys!” Nick called. “We were worried we would not see you. But sounded like things were going ok in there.” Nick smiled. Kristen removed her towel and Nick whistled as she climbed into the tub. And Lisa’s eyes widened when she spied Jamaal’s thick black shaft. But, immediately in her mind, she knew that white Nick was a little bigger than his black friend was. Jamaal sat right next to Lisa, and Kristen sat next to Nick. Everyone seemed to need another drink, and Nick climbed out of the tub to take orders. When Kristen saw the rest of the stud’s body, she felt her loins tingle yet again. She had competition this time, as Lisa felt herself gush at seeing the naked stud again.

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