Marc left Lisa’s place mid afternoon on Sunday, after having spent most of the last fifteen hours naked in bed with her. Matt had called once to talk with his wife, and Marc had made her take the call, even as she sat straddling him with his thick black shaft driven ten inches deep into her hungry white pussy. Marc mused that Matt must have known that something was going on because as Lisa spoke with him, Marc was pumping in and out of her, causing her to audibly moan with pleasure. He smiled up at her, knowing that Matt had to be wondering what was happening. Lisa was doing her best to stifle the moans, but it didn’t work very well.

For her part, Lisa found that sex with Marc was incredibly satisfying. The novelty of his skin color was part of it she thought, but she also thought that plain and simply, he was remarkable at making love to her. He was so completely attentive to sexually arousing her by kissing her, touching her, and eating her pussy, that by the time he would finally slide his shiny black shaft into her vagina or her ass or her mouth, she had already climaxed several times. Lisa also loved the look and feel of Marc’s tightly toned and beautifully defined black body. Sex with him was nothing short of fantastic, and after little more than twenty four hours, she knew that her body was already completely addicted to her new black lover.

Marc had told Lisa that he had some errands to run and that he had to stop at the club. But he also told her that he wanted her to use the afternoon to get some clothes together for the week so that she could go to work from his place, as he expected her to live with him for the week until Matt returned from London. At first she protested that she really couldn’t do that, that she would have to be at her place, so her family or friends wouldn’t wonder about what was going on. She was also worried that people might see her coming and going at Marc’s and figure out that she was staying there and sleeping with him. But Marc made it clear that she’d have to make something up if anyone asked, and he expected her to be at his place at six that night, naked on his bed waiting for him, if he wasn’t back from his errands. Lisa was terrified at the thought of anyone finding out about Marc and her. But, at the same time, she found herself deeply excited at the thought of spending nearly a week living and sleeping with her ebony lover. She knew that she would do what he wanted.

“Oh, and one more thing, Lisa, I want you to shave your pussy. I expect you to be perfectly smooth for me tonight and from now on. You won’t regret it, either.” He flashed his handsome smile at her as he pulled her robed body into his own, kissing her deeply just before he left.

Lisa was probably the most attractive white woman Marc had ever bedded. Her face was just beautiful, and her naked body was absolutely perfect from the nicely rounded full breasts, the smooth and tight abdomen, the perfect ass, and the long slender legs. And, her pussy was delightfully tight. What’s more, her response to him sexually was magnificent. He had slept with lots of women over the years, and some of them were absolutely very memorable fucks, but Lisa was by far the most passionate lover he had taken. He smiled to himself as he thought of sleeping with her during the coming week.

Taking Lisa for his own was a huge achievement for Marc, given the fact that her husband was an exceptionally good looking guy, who was also on the fast track to becoming a partner in the large accounting firm where he worked. Because of her husband, Lisa was the envy of many white women, both married and single. And, in fact, Matt was the envy of many of his friends because he had bagged such a hot wife himself. So taking Lisa was all the more pleasurable for Marc. What’s more Marc had the goods on Matt, and Matt knew it. He knew that Marc could turn his perfect life upside down. He could ruin his marriage, ruin the marriage of his girlfriend Kate, and even ruin his standing with his accounting firm. Unfortunately for Matt, he had been pretty nasty to Marc on the phone, pretty nasty and pretty arrogant. Now, it would be payback time. Marc planned on stretching Lisa’s pussy big time during the next five days. But that would be the least of Matt’s problems. And, as soon as Matt returned from London, Marc was planning to humiliate the arrogant asshole big time.

In fact, Marc had already planned Matty’s first humiliation. One of Marc’s neighbors, who had actually been a member at Marc’s health club for a couple of years until he bought his own home gym, had done some handyman work for Marc at the club and also at his townhouse. Jason, who was about thirty-two wouldn’t take any money for his work, and so now, Marc thought Matt might just be the perfect way to say thank you to Jason. He would tell Jason, who had a reputation for liking men, that Matt would be at his service for a couple of hours on a given night. Marc suspected that Jason wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to get a very straight, very handsome, white guy acquainted with the pleasures of gay sex with a very well hung black man. Besides, Marc would tell Matt that he’d be the envy of a lot of the gay community who thought Jason was a hunk and would be more than happy to changes places with Matt. Marc smiled to himself as he thought about the arrogant Matt taking it up the ass from a gay black guy. Of course, he would make sure that Jason would get the fun on his webcam.

As the afternoon wore on, Lisa had selected and packed enough clothing for the week to bring to Marc’s place. She was very nervous about anyone finding out about her being away, and so she planned to spend some time at her place each afternoon, just to provide the appearance of being around. She’d just leave work a little early each day, before going to Marc’s. Lisa also had to come up with a story to tell her husband about why she had decided to shave her pussy, seemingly out of the blue.

In fact, after Marc had left and Lisa took her shower, she trembled with excitement as she soaped and shaved her pubic hair, obeying the order of her black lover. She mused about what Marc’s reaction would be when he first saw her shaved pussy. And she wondered how many other white women had done the same thing for this black Adonis. After she shaved herself and washed the hair down the drain, Lisa fingered herself as she stood in the shower, thinking of how she would now be able to feel the tightly curled jet black pubic hair of her lover pressed hard against her newly shaved, smooth crotch. She’d be able to feel his thick smooth black mushroom as it rubbed against her vagina’s opening. And, her excitement grew.

As Lisa was getting her make up ready her cell rang. It was Kristen, who had just gotten home from Marc’s. She had spent the evening, and she had slept with both Nick and Jamaal, servicing both of them on and off throughout the night and for most of the morning.

As soon as Lisa answered, Kristen started right in: “I know you must think I’m the biggest slut on mother earth, Lisa. I just don’t know what came over me, because I have never done anything like that before. I guess it was just that I was so relaxed at Marc’s, and Jamaal and Nick seemed so nice, and they are both so incredibly hot looking, I guess I just let my defenses down. The drinks kind of helped as well. That, plus the fact that I was so flattered that Jamaal really was coming on to me and I just didn’t expect that. But, he really was, and down deep part of me has always wanted to get it on with a real stud. And then, there he was this incredible looking black stud who was really hitting on me, and I kind of just let nature take its course.

And, you know what the worst part of all this is Lisa? The worst part is that after throwing my marriage vows to the side, and screwing two incredibly hot studs all night long, I don’t have any regrets. I am actually glad that I did it with them, especially Nick. He is so hot, I cannot believe any of this happened. So there it is Lisa, I guess I really am a slut, but I don’t have any regrets about it. I actually enjoyed every minute of it with them. I’ve never had such good sex. In fact, I didn’t know sex could be that good. So, now I’m calling you to say I’m sorry I abandoned you last night. I guess Marc ended up giving you a ride home?”

This was Lisa’s first opening to speak, and fear gripped her stomach as she realized that Kristen knew that Marc gave her a ride home, and Kristen also knew Marc never returned to his place last night. So, Lisa immediately covered with a story.

“Don’t worry about it Kristen. And of course I don’t think that you’re a slut. You had to do what you had to do, so don’t let it bother you. And don’t worry about the ride. Marc was going to some girlfriend’s place anyway, so he offered to drop me on the way. He’s such a nice guy.” Lisa wondered if Kristen believed her, but she didn’t care. It was a pretty good like, very believable, she thought.

“And Kristen, whatever you do is your business, not anyone else’s. So don’t expect me to judge you and to think any less of you. Okay? And, I’m glad that you had a chance to have one of your deepest desires realized. Both Nick and Jamaal are nice guys, and believe me, I was really tempted myself. Really.”

“But, you see Lisa, you already are married to a Nick of your own. You don’t have to wonder what sex is like with a stud. Matt is every bit as hot at Jamaal or Nick. And don’t think we don’t all envy you either. But, I think that now that I have had my taste of the wild side, I’ll be good from now on. I have my memories. So what are you up to today, I think I am going to shower and spend a quiet night at home. I can’t party like I used to without paying for it.”

“I am probably going to stop at my parents’ place later and then just come back and go to bed early. Nothing special but work all week, and Matt is home Friday night. So, I will go in to the airport to get him.

With that, the two friends finished off their conversation, and Lisa packed her final things in her bag, and zipped it closed. She felt so strange as she lifted her suitcase off of the bed, knowing that she was going to spend a week with the new black man in her life. And, she found herself excited at the thought of sucking him and of getting fucked by him, and of spending the night naked with him in bed, and waking with his beautiful black body next to her for the next few mornings.

Arriving at Marc’s at around five thirty, Lisa let herself into his townhouse. It was clear that he was not there yet, so she went directly to his room with her things and looked at his neatly made bed. On it was a note to her: “Lisa, hang your things on the right side of the closet, make yourself comfortable. I should be home around six or so. Marc”

She felt strange reading the note and seeing that another man was talking to her about getting ‘home’. She did as the note directed and then Lisa turned down the bed and took off all of her clothes, placing them on a chair. She moved over to a full length mirror that Marc had next to his armoire. She looked at her naked reflection, and she felt good about what she saw. She was pleased that Marc was so attracted to her, and the dark black and blue hickey at the base of her neck near her collarbone confirmed his attraction during their lovemaking. Lisa’s stomach felt a touch of anxiety as she wondered if the dark mark would be completely gone by the time Matt got back. Finally, she looked carefully at her now shaved pussy, and she felt a wave of desire for Marc wash over her as she realized that she had done this for him, and she could almost feel his beautiful black shaft rubbing against her now shaved skin, and then entering her love canal.

She lay naked on the bed, fingering herself and thinking about Marc, and how much her life had changed in only a few days. As she did this, the she heard the door to the townhouse. “Hello, babe. You there?”

“In here Marc. Exactly as ordered. I wouldn’t dare do anything differently!” She joked, as she replied to him.

“Good girl! I’ll be in there in a minute. I’ve got a little surprise for you.”

“Okay, I can’t wait!” And, she wondered what he was talking about.

A few minutes later, Marc came through the doorway into the bedroom, completely naked. He smiled as he spied the beautiful and naked body of his lover on his bed. And the shaved pussy was perfect. For her part, Lisa felt her heart race and her abdomen tingle with lust for this beautiful man as he approached her. He was carrying a round tray with two glasses of champagne on it. This he set down on the night stand, next to the bed. Lisa noticed a small shiny black box sitting between the two glasses of champagne. Marc handed Lisa her a glass and took one himself. “To us babe. The last two nights have been perfect for me. And, I want many more just like them. Lisa couldn’t help but wonder what was in the box, and her stomach churned with anxiety, hoping that Marc was not going to give her anything that would somehow be a problem for Matt.

Aside from looking at the box, Lisa’s eyes also took in Marc’s really magnificent body, now noting his incredibly hard and perfectly defined abs, his really thick and bulging biceps and of course, his magnificent black baby maker. Her heart fluttered with desire for the stud in front of her.

“Babe, I just got this little token of my affection for you, and I want you to wear it so you’ll always have a reminder of me on you, even when we are not together.” With that, Marc handed her the shiny black box. She took it and slipping the cover off of it, and saw a beautiful gold bracelet with a gold letter M attached to it. She looked up at her lover, knowing that this represented something that would be very difficult for her to explain to Matt.

“Marc, I can’t wear this. What will Matt think if I wear a gold bracelet that he didn’t give to me?” Lisa felt deep anxiety in the pit of her stomach. What would her husband think? She couldn’t do this.

“Lisa, hold on for a minute. First of all, it’s not a bracelet. It’s an anklet. You wear it on your right ankle, and it’s a symbol that you’re taken by the guy whose name or initial is on it. In this case, that guy is me, but since my first name and Matt’s first name both begin with the same letter, you can tell him that you got it with his initial on it, but you and I will both know the truth, while Matt is cool with it.” Marc smiled his handsome smile while he looked at Lisa and then he took the anklet out of the box and opened the clasp and without asking her, clipped it around her right ankle.

“I mean babe, if you had some other letter on it, then I could understand why Matt would not buy the story. But, we’re home free with the letter M.”

All the while, Marc knew that Matt would immediately suspect and in fact, know where the anklet came from, and he would not dare do a thing about it, even though it would surely drive him crazy. He would know that it was Marc’s sign to him that Lisa was his now.

Looking at the anklet her lover had placed on her, Lisa was torn. How would she explain such a random purchase? She was not sure. But she also knew that Marc would insist on her wearing it, and she knew that she had no choice. “I’m not really comfortable with this Marc. Matt will definitely be surprised and possibly suspicious. I’m not sure I should wear this unless we are together. Is that okay with you, hon?”

“No, it’s not okay with me at all. It’s a sign that I have taken you, Lisa. And, taken you I have. You told me last night, you wanted me. You said that Lisa. And I made it clear that it would not be a one night deal. And you agreed. Now Lisa, the first thing you need to get used to is that along with my black body and my black cock which you clearly want, there are some other things that come with the package. And the first is obedience. Is that clear? You will obey me, period.

I don’t really care what you tell Matt, but just remember this. You are not to take this anklet off, ever. If I find out that you have, you definitely will not like what happens then. The only reason you got that anklet is because you did not screw Nick of Jamaal last night, but saved yourself for me. I had that goal for you, and your reached it, I was happy to see. I’ll fuck you when and where I want. As far as Matt goes, I am only going to share you with him for as long as it takes for you to get up the courage to tell him that you are no longer interested in him. And, I will be the judge of when that time comes. What’s more, from time to time, you and I may do a little more exploring of our own, but I will decide with whom and when. Do you understand?”

Lisa was totally stunned. She was completely terrified. What had she done? Had she ruined her marriage? Was Marc serious? She didn’t know what she could do, but she was scared of angering him at this point. “I’m sorry Marc. I didn’t mean to upset you. I will talk to Matt about this. But, Marc this is all happening too fast for me. Maybe I should not have done any of this, my head is spinning, and I know it’s all my fault. I can’t leave Matt, I can’t do that. He’s my husband. Is that what you want me to do? You want for me to leave him and live with you?

“Now you’re getting the picture Lisa. And believe me, I know. It will be a shock to your system, telling Matt, your family, friends. But, Lisa believe me, in the end you won’t regret it. The next five nights will convince you of that. On Thursday night, I bet you won’t even want to go back to Matt.” Marc said this with a broad smile. Then he knelt next to the bed and using his free hand he moved his forefinger and middle finger into Lisa’s pussy and massaged, sending a thrill through her body, and causing her to leave her fearful thoughts for a moment and look again at the ripped black stud at the side of the bed.

“Marc, I shouldn’t have done this. I can’t do this. I have to leave. I have ruined everything. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. Now, Marc’s face became stern and he rose from the bed and walked out of the room.

Lisa got up and went to the chair and started to dress. But before she got very far, Marc place his laptop on the bed and played the video for Lisa to see. There in brilliant color and very clear sound were the images of Lisa as she begged for Marc to fuck her, took his cock in her mouth and lovingly sucked and massaged it, kissed him passionately as her hands explored his taut black body. “Take a good look, Lisa. If you have to leave, so be it. But these pictures, this video show a Lisa who really is sure of what she wants, my black cock.

Now Lisa, I would recommend that you take off that dress, and you lay your pretty white cunt down on my bed and get ready for what we both know we want.” Marc smiled at Lisa as he saw the look on her face. Without a word, she did as he told her. Marc straddled his newly taken white wife, and said: “Suck it. You know you really want it.”

Lisa, almost as if in a trance, used both hands to take Marc’s massive black shaft which was not fully erect and she stroked and sucked it simultaneously, feeling it respond immediately to her ministrations. As terrified as she was of what was happening, Lisa felt her vagina coming alive with want and desire.

As if he knew what was happening, Marc reached his fingers back to his lover’s cunt and fingered her. “I told you so Lisa. Here’s the proof. You want me, I can feel it in your white cunt. Well babe, you’re gonna get your wish!”

Pulling back his cock so it made a popping sound as it came out of her mouth, Marc moved his body into position with his pulsing black shaft poised at Lisa’s pussy. “Place it there, Lisa. Now, rub it back on forth on those pretty pink lips.” He felt her breathing increase, her chest was heaving up and down. She was rubbing his throbbing black baby maker at her pussy’s door. With her free hand, she reached up and grasped his ass and tried to pull his abdomen down and toward her, so that his cock would move into her love slit. “No no, no babe. Not yet! You’ve gotta get yourself ready for the main course.” He said as he pulled his body up slightly and away, just allowing the thick black mushroom to slide back and forth at her cunt.

Thwarted in that effort, Lisa used her free hand to rub up and down Marc’s smooth, muscled back. Finally, she clasped the back of his head and pulled his face into her mouth and she kissed his lips passionately, moaning even more deeply as the intensity of her pleasure grew. She could feel her body reaching, racing toward an amazing climax with this black man, and she knew she had to be satisfied.

He could feel her body starting to approach climax. And then he said: “Okay, bitch. I’ll give you one last chance, after this all bets are off. I can feel that you’re ready for me yet again. Kind of surprising based on what you just said a few minutes ago. But, you can back out right now. I won’t fuck you, won’t ever show any more interest in you. And, I won’t even show those pics of us to anyone. Just push my black cock away from your white cunt right now, and I’ll back off. And that will be it between us. But, babe, if you want this black meat in you, position it at your door, place your lily white hands on my black ass, and pull the black baby maker home to mommy.

Lisa had herself in such a state that she was almost at climax. At first she had started rubbing herself mechanically as she had been told. But once she got the feel of her lover’s cock again, she was strangely peaceful, mellow, accepting of the magnificent pleasure she knew it would provide her with yet again. She had not expected the offer from Marc at the moment she was about to climax. The climax was going to be overwhelming, perhaps partly because Marc had made himself so dominant over her. And, in part it was also from the sheer pleasure she derived from his magnificent body. Looking straight into his eyes, Lisa place both of her hands on his ass cheeks, and she did not hesitate. She pulled her black lover’s dark shaft deep into her vagina. She closed her eyes and held Marc tightly as his cock pounded into cunt almost violently. Her entire body shook with pleasure. She climaxed well before Marc did, and his staying power yielded several more orgasms for Lisa before he allowed himself to cum in his white beauty.

Marc lay upon his white conquest, sweating, and basking in the glow of their incredible lovemaking. “Babe, I meant what I said. When Thursday night comes, you won’t want to go back to Matty.

Lisa kept her eyes closes relishing the feel of her lover’s still throbbing shaft as it filled her white pussy. “Marc, you’ll let me go slow with this, won’t you?”

“Babe, believe me, you will tell me that you want to be with me, before I tell you it’s time. Trust me.”

Marc fucked Lisa more than a dozen times in the next six hours. Her pussy was hot, and sore, but she still could not have enough of him. Only six hours later, she was happy she had decided to stay. She fell asleep with her right leg d****d across Marc’s legs. Her gold anklet shown clearly in the dim light of the bedroom.

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