Note to readers: the following is complete fiction! In this fantasy universe there are no STDs nor any unwanted pregnancies! It is a figment of my imagination and as such it is not real. Do NOT try this at home! Read it to enjoy but not to believe! Any resemblance to places or people living or dead (other than one porn star) is strictly a coincidence!

I checked my computer’s history and I started writing this on April 3, 2013. Writer’s block be damned to hell! It took nearly three years but I got one completed again! Sorry that I’ve been so slow getting stories posted but this malady is a real bitch! Don’t know if I am getting closer to taming it but trust me, I’m still here and trying to get things done! Hope you enjoy this one!


My family has one mixed up heritage! My mother is 50% Italian and 50% Honduran, while my dad is 50% Irish, with the other 50% evenly split between Cuban and French. How the hell we ended up all being born in the USA I still haven’t figured out. Anyway, I think I got most of my genes from the Irish part as I am fair skinned with bright red hair framing my freckled face. My only sibling is my sister Hailey who looks to be mostly made up of the Cuban and Honduran genes. Well, all except for her naturally blond hair. Everybody thinks it is a dye job but it isn’t.

I’m 19 years old and look all of 13 or maybe a young 14. SHIT!! How the fuck can you get the girls when you look like that? Now my 18 years old sister has just the opposite problem. She looks like she’s at least 21 to 22 even though she’s barely 18. I wouldn’t call her face ‘beautiful’ like a super model’s, and she is no ‘ten’, but she does have an over all sultry sexy quality that just screams ‘hot as fucking hell’, if you know what I mean. She’s always trying to fend off the guys 5 to 10 years her senior who ‘KNOW’ she’s their age in spite of her still being in high school. I’m attending the local Junior College with the unlikely hope of learning how to build and repair computers. It sucks when you know that you are not a jock or brainiac, nor are you a nerd or a geek.

So anyway, today I was studying in my room and my brain cried out for a break so I went looking on line for some quick free porn. I was stroking off to the third video when I suddenly let go of my willy and paused the video. “What the fuck!” I said to no one in particular. Slowly I advanced the scene and then stopped it again and grabbed my sister’s framed photo from my dresser and compared the two images. My eyes switched back and forth from the screen to the photo over and over again. Finally I sat back with a thump and muttered, “Holy crap on a tree top!”

The image on the screen was an identical twin to my sister’s photo in all respects but for the brown hair on the video gal. The same dark eyes; the mole off center on her forehead; the mole on her cheek; her pouty thick lips; even the cut of her jaw! Shit, a perfect match but for my sister’s blond hair! Gob smacked, I was totally gob smacked!

Gathering my wits I backed out of the video and found out that it had been uploaded to the net 7 years ago. Guess she isn’t my sister even if she is a dead ringer for her! Then I dug deeper and found out this girl went by the name of Haley Paige and had sadly died in a car crash long ago. Shit girl, I’m sorry about the ‘dead ringer’ thought.

So anyway, after just staring at the frozen image that was back on my screen again I started wondering if it would be possible to put this to my advantage. I guess that makes me a pervert. But I am a horny one and my virgin (maybe, well, probably not) sister just might be able to be tricked … if only I could find the right video(s).

It became my number one mission to find a scene or two, or three with this Haley Paige gal with blonde hair (yup, my sister and her even had their hair cut the same way). It took me four days and nights but I found pay dirt so I didn’t mind. (Guess I’ve learned a few things in school after all.) The hardest part was once I had found some scenes with the porn Haley as a blond, then I had to find them where there were no ID marks on the video showing a web site’s name, or ‘how to get a huge dick’, etc. (that shit really pisses me off as well as ruining good porn) But eventually I had a really good one that was just a blow job (that girl sure knew how to treat a cock and then swallow the cream), plus another one that started as a BJ and ended in vaginal sex with cream pie. The last video I downloaded was Miss Paige taking on I think the same guy from the BJ movie but this time the journey went all the way around the world!

It took over a week for me to edit the videos (each of which was over 25 minutes long) down until they were only about 6 minutes long. But I made sure that I had all of the best parts from each in the abbreviated versions AND the guy saying her first name several times. Then I burned them to disk, one short film per DVD. I put the BJ disk in a plastic case and then mailed it to myself in one of those bubble envelopes while I hid the other two disks in the attic, a place my sister had NEVER ventured into.

I couldn’t believe it took three (3!) days for it to show up in our mailbox. Mail service sucks! As luck would have it Hailey brought in the mail and even handed me the envelope while I was checking out some news sites online. Taking it from her I said, “Hey thanks sis, I wonder what it is. Shit, there’s no return address!”

“It’s probably from some secret admirer of yours,” she said as she burst out laughing (she never misses a chance to chide me about my lack of dates). She was still laughing as she started towards my door.

“Humph,” I said muttering, “it’s a DVD! Wonder what’s on it?”

That was all it took to get her curiosity perked up and Hailey spun around and came back to my desk. “Can I watch it too?” she asked ever so nicely. This was better than I had hoped for as I was expecting to end up asking her why somebody would send me a video of her giving head. Now I could be shocked just as she was! Heh, heh!

“Sure sis, sit where you want to,” I gallantly said as I popped the disk into my DVD drive on my computer.

The window opened up and I enlarged it to full screen just in time to see the blond Haley Paige walk into the room as the unseen man said, ‘Hi Haley!’

“What the … how the …?” my stunned sister said as the blond on screen dropped to her knees and made quick work at dropping the man’s pants and boxers. “Oh … my … god …” she softly gasped as her eyes became huge.

“Wow sis! You’re pretty good at that, and pretty hot!”

“That’s … that’s not me …”

I looked over at her and then back at the screen where the camera was zooming in on her cock stuffed face. Using my several practice sessions I deftly paused the video with ‘her’ eyes looking right into the camera, her face filling the screen. I grabbed my photo of her from the dresser and held it by my screen while my sister gasped at how identical they looked.

I set the photo down on my computer desk right next to the monitor as I started the video again. “I don’t know sis; that sure looks like you! Damn can you suck dick!”

“But … that’s … I’ve never … it can’t … oh god.”

The man in the video groaned, ‘oh fuck Haley that’s so good,’ just then and my sister gasped again. Every few seconds I taunted her by pausing it in several other well practiced spots.

“Oh god, that can’t be … stop it, Roman, stop it! Please … stop IT!” she nearly screamed at me.

“Sure,” I said as I merely paused it where the Hailey on screen stared into the camera lens while hollowing her cheeks as she sucked hard onto the unnamed cock. “There, it’s stopped.”

“Let me see that envelope,” she said desperately. I handed it to her and she looked it over very closely while I turned down my speakers and started the video again. I had printed the address label at school so it offered her no help. After a minute she sighed, “Shit,” and dropped the envelope on the floor.

“Roman, I asked you to stop that … that thing.”

“But the video was sent to me! And I think you are pretty hot sucking that guy’s cock…”

“But that’s not me!” she pleaded as tears started to form. “I … I’ve never …”

“I think you most certainly have,” I said pointing at the screen. “So is that Jason’s cock?” (that’s her current frustrated boyfriend) I asked.

“That’s NOT me …” she began before I interrupted her.

“Right, that’s not you just like I won the Power Ball last week!” I glanced at the monitor knowing that would make her do it too just as the Hailey on screen leaned back and jerked on the guy’s cock about four times before a huge stream of cum shot into her open mouth. She instantly inhaled his cock again and quite obviously sucked the shit out of him as he moaned her name while his balls drained. The scene ended with her pulling back to show her mouth loaded with hot cum, then she swallowed and opened wide where it ended with her mouth open and totally empty. I paused it right there. “Damn sis, that sure is hot!”

“I don’t … I never … that’s not … oh god … can I … please Roman … give me that disk, please!”


“Be … because I … it … because!”

“What’s in it for me?”

“Wh … what?!”

“I said, ‘what’s in it for me?’ Somebody wanted me to have this DVD so why should I give it to you?”

“Because it’s embarrassing and … and I don’t want anybody to see that!”

“You mean you don’t want Jason to see it,” I said with an evil look. “What about all of your friends and teachers at school?”

“NO! They can’t ever see this!”

“So I’m just supposed to give it to you?!”

“Please! I’ll buy it from you! How much do you want? I think I have about a hundred bucks in my …”

“I’d like three of those from you.”

“What!” she said softly. “You want me to do that … to you?!”

“Yup! I’d like one right now followed by one tomorrow and then one the next day. After that I’ll give you the DVD.”

“But that’s NOT ME!”

I paused the replaying video again. I gave her a good look and then pointed to the screen and said, “Well, there’s your mole on your forehead, and there’s the one on your cheek.” I looked at her again and then in surprise (since I hadn’t noticed it before) said, “Holy crap, there’s the one on the side of your neck!” Hailey covered her neck as I pointed to the one on the screen.

“That’s not me.” she said dejectedly. “It can’t be me … I’ve never …”

“Well, you look really good at that! So I guess if you don’t want to give a little of that to your dear loving brother I guess I’ll just have to send a copy to Jason. I’m sure he’ll see that it isn’t you … somehow.”

“No … don’t!” She must have been checking me out as she suddenly gasped, “Oh my god, Roman, you’ve got a hard on!”

I must admit to jerking off three times today in hopes that I could thus prolong the anticipated blow job from my sister. But I was getting excited so I looked down and said, “Well yeeeaaaah! You give a hot blowjob and I want some too! Of course I’m turned on!”

“But …” she started and then her back slumped as she stared at the screen in silence. Very softly she breathed out, “How … when … who … oh god!”

I leaned back in my chair and spun it towards her giving her a good view of my bulging pants. I could almost see the wheels turning in her head as she chewed her lower lip and her eyes went from my crotch to the screen and back several times. Just as I thought she was going to call my bluff (I was never going to show the videos to anyone as that would be too cruel, even for me) she looked at the floor and said “Three.”


“Three times. You’ll give me that disk and all copies you might make of it after I give you three blowjobs, right?”

“That’s the deal.”

“Shit. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! Damn it Roman, I’m your sister. YOUR SISTER!! You are such a pervert!”

“And you obviously give good head!” Actually I was hoping she kept her teeth back and didn’t take a bite out of my cock. She started to object so I stopped her with, “Oh puleease don’t tell me that isn’t you!”

“But, I … I don’t remember …” She turned her eyes from the floor to my crotch then gave a sighing “Damn,” as she slipped to the floor and moved between my legs. “If I do this to you don’t you EVER tell anybody about it! Promise me!”

“Not a word, I promise,” I replied as my fingers found the key strokes I needed to turn on my computer’s web cam that I had previously aimed right where she would be kneeling. I lifted my ass and my sister yanked hard on my jeans pulling them to my knees. “Careful sis.” She pulled my boxers down with less power and then shoved the duo to my ankles. I was amused that her eyes never left my crotch as she worked on my clothing. She even looked surprised when my 7½ inch cock bounced into view.

Slowly her hands moved up and gently grasped my shaft making both of us groan. Finally her eyes met mine and she said, “It’s nice. You’ve got a really nice cock, Roman.”

“Thanks,” I said.

She leaned forward and tentatively gave my shaft a lick along the side. It looked as if she was determining if she liked my taste and then she resumed licking around my shaft, getting nearly all of it covered with spit. Finally her lips slowly encircled my tip and then eased tightly over its crown as her tongue lightly flicked at it.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I groaned. Her eyes looked up at me finally as she sucked lightly onto me while keeping her tongue fluttering like the wings of a butterfly. ‘Pop’ went her lips as she pulled off of me and sat back onto her tucked under feet.

“Does that feel good?”

“God yes, that felt so good,” I told her even as I reached out and gently pushed her face back towards my bobbing cock. Thanks to my bad luck with getting dates (or is it never getting dates) hers were the first lips to ever touch my now very happy cock.

Our eyes locked together as she easily guided my shaft back to her mouth where she inhaled about two inches and swirled her tongue around and around it while very gently sucking onto it. She smiled, I think, as I groaned in pleasure.

My computer was set to loop the video of ‘her’ sucking that guy off instead of its recording of her actually sucking me off. Every few minutes she would glance at the monitor and try to imitate the actions on screen. She couldn’t deep throat me but when my bulbous head pressed against her throat’s entrance I nearly came just from the realization that she was trying to match ‘her’ on screen performance!

Thanks to my earlier jerk off sessions I was able to hold out for over 15 minutes of heaven on earth. After starting out reluctantly I noticed that Hailey was soon giving her all to this blowjob. When she began she proved I was (probably) her first cock but she quickly got comfortable with sucking my cock; something I was grateful for!

My hips started thrusting upwards as she stepped up her efforts. I don’t know, maybe she noticed that my cock was stiffening even harder as my balls rolled in readiness. I placed both of my hands on the back of her head and gasped, “Oh god Hailey, I’m going to cum! Oh shit! Oh god sis, swallow it! Swallow my cum! FUCK!!”

Her eyes found mine again as she worked faster trying to get me off. My hands pulled her towards my lap as my hips shot off my chair working my cock deep into her throat for the first time as I shot a huge rope of cum straight to her stomach. Both of us moaned and I powered another rope into her throat. I grabbed her head and moved her face on and off of me effectively fucking her face as shot after shot of cum blasted against the back of her mouth. Once my cream was filling her mouth I saw her swallow three times as more and more spunk rained into her.

“Oh god! Oh fuck yeah! OH! YES! Oh fuck sis!” I gasped as she worked at draining my pipe with her hand, tongue and lips. My balls ran dry yet she continued sucking onto me as her tongue swirled around and flicked over my cock head, driving me nuts with pleasure. “Oh god sis, too much, way to sensitive!” I gasped as I pushed her head off of me finally. Her lips made another popping sound before I gasped “Holy fuck that was so good!”

We stared into each others eyes for several moments then she smiled at me and asked, “It was really good? You really liked it?”

“Oh my god, you have to ask after the load I gave you?”

“Just checking,” she said. Her eyes flicked to the monitor and then back as she said, “I haven’t done … I haven’t done that very many times … at least that I can remember. It’s nice to know you enjoyed it, even if you are my brother.”

“Well, I did, I really did.”

She smiled at me before looking at my wilting cock where some last drops of cum were leaking out of it. “Oops, missed some,” she said then leaned in and sucked onto me hard, her tongue sweeping the drops off of me and into her mouth where she swallowed while still swirling her tongue around my tip. I started to harden just when she pulled off of me with a sly smile on her lips. “I didn’t think I would like … you know … to swallow your stuff but I kind of liked it. You taste good, just slightly salty!”

“Um … I’m glad you liked it.”

“You should be!” Hailey said with a laugh. I figured that was a good sign; that she could laugh after I forced her to suck me off and swallow my load. Her hands still held my twitching shaft as she stared at my reddish member. “That was … interesting. Nothing like I expected it to be. I dunno, did I do it like I did on the video?”

“Well, yeah pretty much. Except that you didn’t deep throat me like you did that guy’s bigger dick.”

“Yeah, how did I do that?! It sort of hurt when you started going into my throat so I didn’t want to try it after that. But suddenly you just slid right on down and my nose was pressed into your stomach! It felt … oh, I don’t know … strange, I guess, as I felt your cock throbbing in my throat and shooting your stuff.” She paused and looked at the screen once again, then continued, “Damn, I have no idea when I did that!”

Well, I sure didn’t know what to say about that so I just kept right on watching her hands on my rock hard cock. A few moments later she gasped, “Oh geez, I didn’t mean to get you all riled up again!” Her hands moved off of me as if reluctant to leave. She sat there with her hands resting on my thighs, her eyes still locked onto my bobbing member. Finally she blinked and shook her torso as she asked, “Uh, what time tomorrow?”

“Oh … uh … I guess right after you get home from school. That will give you plenty of time before mom and dad get home from work.” Even as I said that I wondered how nice it might be to spend over 2½ hours messing around with my sister, or even just seeing if she could make a blowjob last that long. Probably too much to hope for, especially since I KNEW she most likely had never sucked off a guy till just today.

“Oh … um … okay. Right after I get home from school.” She started to get up and then looked at my ram rod hard cock bouncing to my heart beat and surprised the shit out of me by leaning in and giving the first three inches of it a quick hard suck before pulling off of me with a loud ‘POP’ sound. She smiled at me as she stood up then said, “I am really sorry I did that to you!”

Quick as a wink she then spun around and zipped from my room as I wondered just ‘what’ she was sorry about. I mean, it could be that she was sorry that she had sucked me off and swallowed my load. Or, she might have meant she was sorry that she had stroked me until I went hard again. Or, she was sorry that she had just inhaled my cock again briefly. My brain was trying to figure out what she had meant while my eyes watched ‘her’ continuing BJ still playing on my monitor. In the end I exploded jets of cum into the air till they dropped back onto my chest and stomach. My hands never touched my cock. I came from watching the other Haley work while I thought about my sister Hailey sucking my cock. Holy shit!

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