Tom in sw1
ONLY for older men.
The older the BETTER.
Fuck suck wank and spank.
Photos films
A regular group organised at a friends in sw1
Replying to my ad, he said he was mid 60s lived in London and was looking for a relaxing time for a couple of hours.
We arranged a Wednesday evening, I asked if he wanted or needed anything bringing, he said just yourself.
I arrived and was offered the usual drink and invited to freshen up, which I always do even if I have just showered and had a sauna after work.
Sometimes the gent joins me in the shower which I love-he didn’t.
He had already stripped and was laying on the bed.
I dropped my towel and joined him on the bed.
Uncapping my oil I started to rub his back and shoulders
Im a good masseur and know how to relax a guy, I moved down to his bum and started to rub deep moving his cheeks around, I moved down to his thighs knowing id be going back up to his bum very soon.
When I did, I put lots of oil on and started to really rub hard, going between his thighs, he started to open his legs allowing me to get right into his crack.
I found his sack and very softly started stroking his balls.
He let out a low sigh, I could feel his cock hard underneath him.
My hard cock was resting on his hand and he was trying to figure out if it was ok to wank me
I left him in no doubt when I started to fuck his hand
He lifted up a bit and I found his cock again and started to wank him very slowly, my other hand gently rubbing his hole.
He turned over, my cock was offered to him without words by being inches from his mouth, it was up to him whether to take it. I don’t mind either way but I love being there for him to enjoy me.
I pulled back his foreskin and started again to wank him very slow.
Im a very verbal person but again I like the gent to initiate sex swearing if he likes it.
I lowered my head down to his cock and licked the head of his prick.
Then I took it right into my mouth and started to suck it, really deep making myself gag and making his cock wet in the process.
Most guys love it when they make me gag, and so do I.
Im an alpha apex type of guy everywhere except when Im sucking a guys dick.
He ran his hand over my back and up to my head, I love that I told him, letting him know it was ok.
He didn’t need telling twice
His hand stayed on my head as he face fucked me hard.
You do love it don’t you boy.
FUCK yes I told him, and I do… I really fucking love it.
I was trying to slow him down, but he wouldn’t let me.
He kept pumping my mouth….every now and again allowing me up to rub his cock on my face and lips before putting himself back in my mouth and fucking it again.
I was wanking my self now and letting him know how turned on I was.
Im going to cum he told me, expecting me to take my mouth away but I pushed down deeper.
The first load went down my throat, then he pulled me back and shot his next over my face, then pushed me back down to suck very softly the last bit of juice out of his cock.
Fucking amazing, thank you I said.

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