How I ended up in this rather unusual situation is not easy to explain. Perhaps it’s best if I start at the beginning which was a warm July evening two years ago

By eleven, well after the sun had gone down, we were all pretty drunk. It had been a long day at the theme park and now our combined group of six k**s were asleep (supposedly), after a barbecue, in a large tent at the bottom of our garden. In our lounge was me (Jessie), my husband Steve, and our good friends Adrian & Izzy and Simon & Connie. As is her way, Izzy was pretty staid and reserved whilst Simon held court telling jokes. We’d been friends for many years as our husbands all worked for the same investment bank. None of the others except for Steve knew that I was bisexual. As usual, Adrian was fast asleep in an armchair. Izzy has long given up on apologising for him as his intolerance to alcohol was well known to us all. He’d had at least six beers during the barbecue, some wine and this evening had downed three or four rums. He was out for the count. In all honesty, I couldn’t see what she saw in him.

Connie was very petite but with quite big boobs and was bright and bubbly. Izzy was the opposite – tall, slim and the daughter of a Portsmouth vicar. She never swore, disliked dirty jokes and never talked about sex. Nevertheless, she was pretty, even sexy in her own way and I had sometimes masturbated thinking of her. She was the main reason I kept my sexuality secret. Connie would have been okay with it but Izzy would have been horrified. It would certainly be the end of our friendship. Myself, I’m 5’2″ tall, slim with long ginger hair and freckles.

Somehow, the conversation got around to things our parents didn’t know. I said that I used to sit outside their bedroom door and listen to mine having sex, which made everyone except Izzy laugh.

“Hey,” said Connie suddenly, “Why don’t we play truth or dare?

The rest of us were up for it but Izzy shook her head saying, “I don’t think that’s a very good idea, those things always end up silly and embarrassing.”

“How about if we all promise to be gentle with you?” I said. Steve made fresh drinks for everyone as they each agreed, even Izzy eventually. He winked at me as he added extra rum to Izzy’s Malibu and pineapple juice.

Connie made us all sit on the carpet in a circle and spun an empty wine bottle. “I’ll ask the first challenge,” she said excitedly, “After that, the victim spins the bottle and becomes the challenger.”

We watched as the bottle stopped at Steve. Connie said, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Steve responded.

“How much did your new putter cost,” asked Connie, grinning.

“Shit,” said Steve before saying quietly, “One hundred and thirty pounds.”

“What?” I cried, “You told me it was forty. How can a fucking putter be worth a hundred and thirty?” Actually, I already knew, I’d seen the receipt. I didn’t mind really, he rarely spent money on himself.

Quickly, Steve spun the bottle. It stopped at me. “Truth or dare?” he asked.

“Truth,” I said.

“How old were you when you lost your virginity and who was it to?” he asked.

Izzy said, “Steve! That’s two questions.”

“And you already know the answer,” I said.

“Yeah but the others don’t,” he said grinning.

“Thirteen,” I said, which made Izzy gasp.

I spun the bottle and it stopped at me again. “Steve gets to ask another,” said Connie.

Grinning, Steve said, “Who to?”

I shrugged and said, “Mr Palmer. He was a librarian who lived two doors down and I cleaned for him and his disabled wife every Saturday morning. One day I was cleaning the bathroom and I saw him in the mirror watching me and rubbing the front of his trousers. There was a new phone out and I told him bluntly that he could fuck me if he bought me one. He did and he did.”

“That’s **** and c***d abuse,” said Izzy sipping her drink.

“No, it wasn’t,” I said, “I offered myself and actually it was very nice. He gave me my first orgasm with a man when he went down on me before fucking me doggy.”

“Wow!” said Simon.

Next, the bottle stopped at Connie, “Dare,” she said in response to my question.

I thought for a moment before saying, “Go onto the Lovehoney website and order a twelve-inch realistic black dildo.”

“Okay!” she laughed, pulling out her phone and tapping away.

“Oh my god!” said Izzy, “You would actually use something like that? Would it fit?”

“You’re going to find out,” said Connie, “I’m having it sent to your address.”

“What!!” shrieked Izzy.

“Yeah, the last dildo I ordered from them had a picture of it on the box. You should have seen the look on the postman’s face,” said Connie. Izzy looked horrified then laughed nervously when she realised that it was a joke.

The next spin stopped at Izzy. I noticed her glass was empty. “Dare,” she said before Connie had a chance to ask.

“Drink a vodka shot down in one,” said Connie.

Izzy did it then blew her cheeks out and fanned her face with her hands. The spinning bottle stopped at me again. “Fix,” I shouted, “When’s it going to stop on Simon?”

After some ribbing, I looked at Izzy waiting for her to challenge me. Her head was down and she was staring at her crossed legs. “Truth or dare?” she asked without looking up.

“Dare,” I said, confident that she would be kind to me. She didn’t move. “Izzy?” I said.

Slowly she looked up at me. Nervously she twisted her fingers together and her eyes looked wet. “I…, I can say anything I want, yeah?”

“Uh huh,” I nodded, “And if I refuse I’m out.”

She looked around at the others before saying almost in a whisper, “Kiss me.”

“Pardon?” I said, thinking I’d misheard.

Slightly louder and looking straight at me she said, “Kiss me for one minute.” The room went very quiet.

“Ah…, okay,” I said. I really liked Izzy although she was quiet and not normally my type. Two years previously we’d all towed our caravans to the South of France where I’d admired her body even though she refused to go topless on the beach. The others watched intently as I crawled across the centre of the room. Kneeling and facing each other I honestly believed that we’d just press our lips together. There was no way that Izzy would let herself go with the others watching.

Her eyes were closed as I leaned forward. As our lips touched I knew I was right, it would just be a pressing of lips. But then she sighed and her mouth opened slightly. Dare I risk touching her lip with my tongue? No, that could ruin everything. I knew that this was a huge step for her and it was just the effects of the alcohol that had prompted this. But then…, oh my god…, her warm tongue slipped between my lips. I was so surprised and turned on that I moaned as my pussy clenched.

But Izzy wanted even more! I felt her hand move to the back of my neck pulling me in deeper. Our tongues circled as my hand slipped down and squeezed her ass. For the whole minute, we made out like horny teenagers, kissing and sucking each other’s tongues. From behind me, Simon said, “Holy fuck, that’s so hot!”

“Ah…, that’s a minute,” said Steve.

We were so into it we ignored him but eventually parted. Tears were streaming down Izzy’s face. She hugged me tightly, pressed her lips against my ear and whispered just for me, “Thank you, I love you so much.”

Returning to my place, my mind was in turmoil. She loves me? Really loves me? Was this a one-off event that she’d regret in the morning or the start of something huge? And how would Steve and Adrian take it if their wives entered into a relationship? This could be life-changing. Suddenly, Izzy leapt up and ran to the bathroom. I considered going after her, worried that she might be upset but decided not to. When she returned she was wiping her mouth with a tissue saying, “No more booze for me, I used some of your mouthwash, I hope that’s okay, Jessie.”

“Of course,” I smiled, glad that she wasn’t upset and seemed happy to carry on. The bottle stopped at Simon who said, “Truth.”

Looking at him, I said, “Have you ever cheated on Connie?”

Simon paused before saying, “Once, before we were married and Connie knows about it.”

Next up was Connie who quickly said, “Dare.”

Straight away Simon said, “Kiss Steve for one minute.”

I watched as Steve and Connie made out. It was the first time in our eight years of marriage that I’d ever seen or known him to kiss another woman. Fuck, what a turn on!

Steve said, “Dare,” when the bottle stopped on him.

Connie grinned and said, “Steve, kiss Simon for one minute.”

“No fucking way,” they shouted in the unison.

“You have to,” said Connie, “Or you’re out.”

“I’m out then,” said Steve.

“Me too,” said Simon, “I’m not kissing any guy.”

“That’s not fair,” said Izzy, “You all watched me and Jessie.”

“It’s different for women,” said Steve, “And you don’t have to work together. Sorry, but it’s a definite no.”

“Okay, okay,” I said, “It’s no big deal. We’ll carry on but with no gay stuff for the men.”

“I suppose so,” said Izzy glaring at the guys.

“Can I just ask,” said Simon, “How far is everyone willing to go with this? I mean…, things might get a bit steamy. Should we set a limit?”

I shook my head, “No limit from me, let’s have some fun.” One by one, everyone agreed except Izzy.

She looked at each of us, including her husband, Adrian, who was now snoring, before saying, “This is really big, are we sure we want to do this? It could ruin everything, years of friendship.”

I crawled across, knelt in front of her and held her hands tight. “Izzy, I’ve wanted you for ten years, please don’t deny me now,” I said.

Izzy must have heard the pleading in my voice. I wanted her so badly. She didn’t say anything, just nodded. Then Steve said, “Look, we’ve all agreed that we’re going to let things take their natural course so why don’t we stop fucking around and all get naked? We all saw each other when we went skinny dipping that evening in Florida.” I’d forgotten about that but it was dark at the time.

It seemed sensible so we all stood and stripped off. Izzy, as I’d expected, covered her pussy with her hands. To ease her shyness, I sat next to her with my arm around her waist.

“You still on a dare?” Connie asked Steve.

“Uh huh,” he said.

“Okay, stand in the middle of the room and masturbate for a minute.” He didn’t hesitate. Steve is proud of his eight-inch cock and of course, I like it too. It’s one of the reasons I married him!

He was already semi-hard so it didn’t take long for him to be fully erect. “Holy shit!” said Connie under her breath. Although Steve is big, I think any cock looks bigger when the guy is clean shaved. I could see in her eyes that she wanted it inside her. Even Izzy was staring at it and biting her lip. Just as Simon called that time was up, a big drip of pre-cum landed on the carpet below Steve’s cock.

Pleased with himself, Steve sat back down and spun the bottle. It landed on Simon. “Hmmm…,” said Steve, rubbing his chin, “Let me see…, I know, suck Jessie’s tits for a minute.”

My tits aren’t very big. In fact, before the k**s were born I wore an A-cup bra. Even now I’m barely a B-cup. I remember when Carla was born. The nurses put her to my breast but I was producing hardly any milk. Over the days that followed they tried various things to boost my milk but eventually gave up and I bottle fed both her and Poppy when she came along two years later. So now, at thirty-two, my tits are still nice and firm. Steve calls them his ‘besties’ – his best friends. I was surprised that he was willing to share them with Simon.

I glanced at Connie to see if she was okay with it but she was still looking at Steve’s cock. He was laid back on his left elbow gently stroking it with the finger and thumb of his right hand. Then I noticed that Connie’s hand was between her legs. Dirty bitch, hehe.

Simon started to get up but I said, “No, stay there, I’ll come to you.” Slowly, I crawled over and pushed him onto his back. With my ass in the air and back arched I pressed my tits into his face. The events that were unfolding were a real turn-on for me so my nipples were hard and I could feel a wetness between my legs. Simon was good though his moustache and beard tickled. He went from nipple to nipple, licking and sucking, clearly enjoying himself but I wasn’t doing this for him. I knew that my ass was pointing straight at Izzy. Deliberately, I opened my legs a little to give her a full view of my wet cunt and asshole. A minute went by but I don’t think anyone was timing.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment but then opened them wide. There was a hand on my ass, stroking and caressing. I held my breath. It moved, very slowly, tentatively, across my other buttock and between my legs. Fingertips delicately brushed along my lips, slicked by my leaking juices. I tried to turn to see who it was but Simon’s arm and my long hair hanging down prevented me. Then, oh my god, a finger slipped into me, a small finger, then another. Not Steve’s, his hands are big. Connie or Izzy, it must be. I moaned as the fingers gently fucked me. Simon thought the moan was caused by him so he sucked harder on my nipples.

The fingers slid out and were replaced by something else, a thumb? Possibly. Then fingers, lubed by my cunt juices, began the gently circle my clit. I pushed myself up off Simon which made him moan in disappointment. I had to see who it was. Even though I pushed my hair back and turned quickly I was too slow. The hand vanished. Izzy’s hands were in her lap and Connie was grinning as she openly fingered herself. Damn!

I resumed my place next to Izzy and looked at her but she averted her eyes. Knowing that she was right-handed, I gently lifted her right hand. Her index finger, middle finger and thumb were glistening. Now she looked at me. Slowly I lifted her fingers to my nose and sniffed. I recognised my own musky scent. To test her reaction, I sucked both fingers. Her eyes widened and she gasped. It was time to take it further. Holding her hand I pushed her thumb into her mouth and whispered, “Suck it for me, Izzy, taste me.” My cunt clenched again as I felt her lips close around it and she gently sucked and licked it. I actually thought she was going to faint when her eyes rolled upwards but she recovered when Simon said, “You’re up Izzy.”

Tearing her eyes from me and backing my thumb out she stammered, “I…, I don’t…, I mean…, ah…, dare.”

Simon had a mischievous look in his eyes. I suspect that he and Connie had had a whispered conversation whilst Izzy and I were distracted because when he glanced at her she nodded. I’m not even sure if Simon had bothered to spin the bottle. “Izzy,” he said grinning, “Suck Steve’s cock.”

“What?” she said loudly.

“You heard,” said Simon, “Suck Steve’s cock like a slut.”

Poor Izzy looked terrified. She looked at Steve’s hard cock, then at me, then her snoring husband. Her eyes became wet as she said very quietly, “I…, I don’t know how. I mean…, Adrian never…, we don’t…, it’s not his thing.”

“Fuck! You’ve never sucked a cock?” said Simon. I glared at him and Connie, angry that they had put so much pressure on her, but the challenge had been issued and it was part of the game. At the same time, I was stunned that a man existed who didn’t enjoy a blowie. Squeezing Izzy’s arm I said, “It’s okay, I’ll help you. Do you trust me?”

“You will? Really?” she said, “With Steve?”

“Of course,” I said, giving her my best reassuring smile.

She nodded slowly and said, “Yes, yes, of course, I trust you.”

“Come on then, just copy me. You lay one side and I’ll lay on his other,” I said.

Steve was on his back resting on his elbows with his cock sticking up and a bemused but expectant look on his face. “Lay on the right of Steve,” I said to Izzy, “I’ll lay opposite on the left here.” While Izzy laid down on her right side I whispered to Steve, “You cum in her mouth and I’ll fucking kill you.” He saw the serious look on my face and nodded.

Now, Izzy and I were either sides of his cock. I felt immensely sad for Izzy. It was pretty obvious that she and Adrian didn’t have much of a sex life. In fact, I wondered if she’d ever had an orgasm. Maybe she masturbated a lot? No, that didn’t seem likely.

She was staring at Steve’s cock. I wondered how best to start when she said, “It’s just so big…, I mean…, Adrian’s is well…, nothing like this.”

“How big?” I asked. She pointed to a spot halfway up Steve’s cock. Bloody hell!

“Well you know what they say, it’s not how big it is but how he uses it,” I said, trying to look on the bright side.

She gave a little snort and said, “Not in Adrian’s case.”

“Oh,” was all I could think of to say.

“I know this will sound really stupid but I’ve never seen one this big,” she continued, “I mean…, look at the veins running up it and its big head.”

“But surely,” I said, “What about porn videos?”

“Oh no,” she said shaking her head, “That’s not something I’ve ever watched.” Well, well, tonight was full of surprises. It was only the existence of her k**s that stopped me thinking she might be a virgin. I reached over, took her hand, intertwined our fingers and wrapped them around Steve’s shaft.

Izzy didn’t say anything, she just stared as I slid both our hands up and down. After maybe a dozen strokes, I extricated my hand leaving Izzy’s with mine covering hers. Now she was stroking him on her own. One hurdle overcome. “It feels so hard and…, hot,” she said, almost in wonder, “I can feel the veins and look at his balls, they’re so big and heavy.”

“Play with them if you want,” I said.

Izzy glanced at me before sliding her hand down, cupping them and rolling them with her fingers. “Now,” I said, “I’m going to lick up one side and I want you to lick up the other.”

“Okay,” she said quietly.

We both leaned forwards and Izzy’s eyes never left mine as we licked up Steve’s cock. At his head, she copied me and flicked her tongue over and around. “Fuck!” moaned Steve.

“See,” I smiled, “He likes it.” Deliberately, I’m certain of it, Izzy’s tongue began to flick against mine. I swallowed and said, “Now kiss the head like this.” I noticed her hand was back on his shaft, squeezing and stroking. Together, we peppered his cock with kisses.

Now for the biggie. Pulling his cock slightly my way, I slipped my lips over his fat head and sucked gently. Izzy watched intently with her hand still working his shaft. With a plop and a grin, I released him and pushed his cock towards Izzy. What a girl, she didn’t hesitate! I was so proud of her. My cunt and whole abdomen gave a massive clench as I saw my husband’s, my Steve’s, cock in the mouth of another woman for the first time. I think I might have actually shed a couple of tears, such was the impact.

I had expected Izzy’s first foray into fellatio to be brief but she surprised me. I could see her tongue swirling and then she began to take more of him. Gradually her head began to bob as she took an inch, then two, then three. Now she was moaning in time with each movement. I backed away to give Simon and Connie a better view but I needn’t have bothered. Across the room, I could see that he was in an armchair with his eyes shut as she knelt between his legs sucking his cock. Well, at least no-one was likely to call out that the time was up.

Releasing Steve’s cock with a slurp, Izzy gasped for air saying, “Oh my god, what a cock!” I took over for a while to give her a break but soon she tapped my arm saying, “Please?”

“My pleasure,” I grinned. My god, we’d awoken a slut! She sucked and pumped his shaft like her life depended on it, making Steve moan and twist his hips. Now, I can take about 3½ inches before I gag so was genuinely shocked when more and more of his cock disappeared. She paused at around four inches, her eyes locked on mine then, oh my god, another two inches went in. WHAT THE FUCK? His cock had to be down her throat!

She backed off and went again. I almost had to shake my head in disbelief as her throat bulged and his entire eight inches vanished and her nose pressed on his abdomen. This wasn’t how things were supposed to happen! What happened to timid, prudish Izzy? As far as I know, this was the first time that Steve had been deep throated and could tell he was fast approaching the brink.

His hips began to thrust and he grabbed her hair. I gave him my best ‘don’t you dare’ look but could see that he’d lost all self-control. “Izzy!” I shouted, “He’s gonna blow!”

A little nod and a “Gnnumff,” told me she’d heard but she made no attempt to back off, in fact, her hand tugged his balls making things worse. Oh well, I thought, I warned you. I’m not her mother, now it’s up to her. From across the room, I heard Simon shout, “Fuck yeah,” as he came in Connie’s mouth. That was Steve’s trigger.

Izzy was sucking on his head like a Soho hooker when he let out a cry and I watched his balls contract and his cock pulse rhythmically. She swallowed! Honestly! I watched her throat move three times as my husband’s sperm slid down her throat. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

“Jesus, Izzy!” said Connie who was wiping her mouth with her hand.

Laughing, Izzy rolled onto her back saying, “Oh my god, I’m a fucking slut!” which made us all laugh. There was a slightly embarrassed pause as we all looked at each other, wondering what had just happened.

“Ah…, coffee anyone?” said Steve.

I sat with Izzy and said, “My God, you deep throated him and swallowed!”

“Isn’t that what I was supposed to do?” she asked, seemingly genuinely perplexed.

“Well…, I guess so but not many women can, I can’t. You didn’t gag at all.”

She shrugged, “I guess I’m one of the oddballs that doesn’t gag. It felt nice actually. Did I do alright?”

“Well, Steve certainly enjoyed it. A lot of women won’t swallow or even let a guy cum in her mouth.”

“I saw in the video that you were happy to, you even seemed to enjoy it so I thought it must be okay. I didn’t want it to go all over the carpet.”

I laughed and hugged her.

Over coffee, as we lounged around, still naked, Izzy opened up. It was as if she’d suddenly been liberated from shackles. “Adrian and I are in a bit of bother,” she said, “It’s not just the sex but that’s part of it. I know you all think I’m a prude but that’s just the way I was brought up. I’ve tried to be adventurous but Adrian just isn’t interested. The last time we had sex was on that skiing trip in January and even then it was pretty crap.” She let out a sigh before looking at him asleep and saying, “In nine years he’s never given me an orgasm, not fucking one, but if he doesn’t cum it’s all my fault. Has he told any of you that he wants to move to Australia?”

We all shook our heads. “He’s got a brother out there. He thinks moving there would solve all our problems including his gambling but it won’t. But anyway, that’s for me to figure out. What shall we do now?”

“What would you like to do?” asked Connie.

Izzy hesitated before saying, “I’ve never watched a porn film.”

“Well we can soon resolve that,” said Steve, picking up the remote for our 55 inch smart TV. Soon he was on the internet and logged into our XHamster account. “What do you fancy?” he asked.

Izzy shrugged, “I don’t know really.”

“These are our favourites,” said Steve.

“You have favourites?” said Izzy, “Both of you?”

“Of course,” I said, “We often watch together.”

“There are quite a lot of lesbian ones,” she said, staring intently at the screen.

“Those are Jessie’s,” grinned Steve, “But I watch them too.” He chose one called ‘Under your spell’ which was two girls giving a guy with a nice cock a massage. I’d watched it many times so concentrated on Izzy’s reaction. At first, she just stared but gradually her breathing got heavier and she began to fidget. It was only a short five-minute film so soon we were watching another one called ‘Water Porn’, a really beautiful film showing a couple having sex in a big pool of water. Izzy gasped when the guy rimmed the girl’s ass.

“I think that’s probably enough,” I said.

“Oh please,” said Izzy, looking disappointed, “What’s your all-time favourite, special film?”

Steve looked at me and raised his eyebrows. I hesitated. I knew what he was asking but was it too much? No, his cum was in Izzy’s tummy so it was a bit late to hold back now. I nodded. Steve shut down the internet connection and began to tap on his phone. I held my breath. A title came up on the screen, ‘Jessie and Steve’s Compilation’.

“Clips of your favourites?” asked Simon.

“Not exactly,” I said, “Just watch.”

It opened with a grainy image of Steve driving his old Ford filmed by me from the passenger seat. “This was before we were married,” I said, “It was our first weekend away together, to Cornwall. We borrowed my dad’s old VHS camcorder.” The next scene showed the car on a clifftop. I was leaning across sucking Steve’s cock.

“Oh my god!” said Connie, “You made a sex tape?”

“Over a hundred,” said Steve, “This is a thirty-minute compilation of our favourite bits.”

As the years progressed the quality improved as did our adventurousness. They watched us 69, fuck in the shower, in cars, on hotel balconies and in cable cars. They saw us role-playing, me tied to a bed while Steve rap*ed me, me whipping his bare ass with a cane, him pissing on me in the garden. They gasped at the two-minute rapid selection of Steve cumming on me – in my open mouth, over my tits, my ass, my back, in my hair and feet. They saw me walking through Canterbury with cum over my face and down my front. They watched Steve’s cock pump cum into my mouth as I sucked on his fat head before opening my mouth and showing the camera the big pool of cream. Then I swallowed and laughed as I showed my empty mouth.

I thought Steve might stop the film but he let it play. I watched the expressions on the others as the screen showed us rimming each other and a butt plug in my ass, then his entire cock deep in my back passage as he filled it with cum. He even let them see me squatting over him and forcing his cum out of my ass into his open mouth. The last and latest segment showed us in some trees with Steve fucking my ass as I stood with my dress up around my waist.

“That’s my sister’s garden, I recognise that stone urn!” said Connie, “You fucked at her barbecue last weekend?”

“We were horny,” I giggled.

“Wow!” said Izzy, “You guys have done everything.”

“No,” I said, “There’s still lots to experience and video.”

“Like what?” she asked.

Looking at her I said, “Threesome, foursome, double penetration, spit roast, girl on girl. There’s a whole world out there, Izzy.”

“What’s a spit roast?” she asked.

“Perhaps you’ll find out one day, Izzy,” chuckled Connie.

“How about now?” said Steve.

Before anyone had a chance to answer I said, “No, it’s gone 2 am and the k**s will be awake as soon as the sun comes up. Izzy and I are going to bed, you three are free to do whatever you want.” Taking her hand I said, “Come on Izzy, I’m gonna make you cum like a train wreck.”

We ran up the stairs and into the master bedroom like a couple of silly teenage girls. As I closed the door, Izzy stopped and stared at the bed. I thought that maybe she’d had a change of mind but she turned and embraced me. “I meant what I said earlier, Jessie, I’ve been in love with you since the day we first met at that company Christmas party. I’ve literally dreamed of this moment so many times. What if Steve comes in?”

“He won’t,” I said, kissing her neck, “I had a word with him earlier, he’ll sleep in Poppy’s bedroom. Shall we have a shower? I know it’s late but it’s been a long sweaty day and we’re already naked.”

“Yes, I’d like that, but would you mind if we showered alone? Just this once? If we shower together…, things might…, you know…, I’d rather lay quietly with you.”

“Of course,” I smiled, “I don’t want you to feel pressurised. I’ll set the shower up and then go and get us some iced water.”

“Oh wow!” said Izzy as she walked into our adjoining bathroom, “I love the black slate walls. I tried to persuade Adrian to have a wet room but he wasn’t enthusiastic, and you’ve got one of those gorgeous dinner plate showerheads. Doesn’t the hot water run out?”

“No, I said, “Our hot water and heating is on a mains pressure system and we have very good pressure around here. It even allows us to have these side jets. Use as much water as you want. Have a look in the bottom of that cupboard, it’s where I keep all my special occasion Pecksniffs toiletries that the girls aren’t allowed to touch on pain of death. I’ll set the water.”

Izzy smiled nervously when things were ready and asked, “Have you done this before, Jessie?”

“The lesbian thing?”

“Uh huh.”

“I’ve had sex with maybe a dozen women, mostly when I was at university. Opportunities are less when you’ve got k**s. Since then it’s mostly been holiday flings.”

“And Steve knows?”

“He’s always known.”

“So you’re bisexual?”

“Well, I think the modern term is heteroflexible. I’m maybe ten per cent lesbian. I’m happy with Steve but sometimes have other needs.”

“I’ve never…, I mean…, you’re the only woman I’ve ever been attracted to…, sexually that is.”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me,” I said, “Have your shower, the sun will be up in a couple of hours.”

At the foot of the stairs, I glanced up the hallway into the lounge. Through the doorway, I could see Simon still in the same armchair stroking his cock. He was staring across the room. On tiptoe, I edged closer. Now I could hear flesh slapping against flesh and moaning. A floorboard creaked which made Simon turn and look at me. He grinned and pointed. I peered around the doorframe. Steve was sat on the sofa with his feet planted on the floor. Astride him, Connie was gripping the back of the sofa and riding his big cock. I was transfixed at the sight of her cunt lips stretched around him and the ring of her white cream around the base of his cock. “Fuck yeah, harder!” she cried as he drove up into her.

Simon made me jump when he appeared at my side and asked, “Have you got any lube? She’s always fantasized about being DP’d.”

Tearing myself away, I opened the cupboard under the stairs and handed him an Amazon box. “It came yesterday, our latest order but I haven’t had a chance to open it. There’s all sorts in there, scissors are in that drawer.” I’d have loved to have stayed and watched, even joined in. The thought of Connie sucking my clit while the other two fucked her ass and cunt made my legs go weak but I didn’t want Izzy to nod off. Reluctantly, I left Simon opening the box and went to the kitchen.

In the bedroom, Izzy was sat on the edge of the bed glancing through a magazine with her hair up. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said, “I found some hair elastics in your bedside drawer. I didn’t want to get my hair wet and have to dry it.”

As I put down the glasses of water I could see the bottom drawer was slightly open. So she’d seen my toy collection of lube, oils, dildos, vibes, butt plugs and anal beads too. I grabbed a two-minute shower and brushed my teeth. Izzy was laid on the bed, head on the pillow with her hands clasped on her tummy. There was something very endearing about her look of innocence and naivety. As I lay down next to her she rolled onto her side and said, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Well, how many women have you had in this bed.”

“Just you.”

“Oh! I thought…”


“When I was looking for elastics…, your bottom drawer. There’s a harness.”

I smiled, “That’s for Steve, not women. Sometimes I fuck his ass while he masturbates.”

Issue hand flew to her mouth as she said, “Oh my goodness! Really?”

“Uh huh. One of his bucket list items is for a woman to be sucking him off while I fuck him.”

“Doesn’t it hurt him?”

“Not if he’s properly prepared. The same as when he does it to me.”

“With the harness?”

“No, with his cock, silly. You saw the video.”

“Oh yes, of course. It was all a bit overwhelming. I don’t think I could ever…”

“Izzy, nothing in sex is compulsory. You do whatever you feel comfortable with. Don’t ever let anyone force you.”

She shuffled down slightly so we were now on our sides facing each other. She made the first move, leaning towards me and brushing her lips against mine. Downstairs, I had sensed tension in her lips but now they felt soft and warm. I know it will sound corny, like a phrase from a supermarket Mills & Boon paperback, but we simply melted into each other. It was like we were born to kiss each other. Never before had I experienced such a sensuous and heart-stopping kiss. Of course, I’d kissed lots of women but the sensations boiling inside me were new and overwhelming. It wasn’t an orgasm, it was something far different, like waves of love and joy passing through me. It was so intense that I had to stop and wipe my eyes.

Izzy was doing the same saying, “Oh my, did you feel it too?”

We lunged at each other, kissing and rolling around the bed. I’d wanted a long gentle lovemaking but found her tight wet cunt and fucked her with two fingers. I hadn’t even touched her clit when her cunt rhythmically gripped me and she cried out as her body vibrated and she clawed at the sheets. Her jerks continued for a good twenty seconds until finally, she flopped, gasping for air. Then she shook as she began to cry. I just held her in my arms, rubbing her back.

Suddenly she burst out, “I fucking hate him! How could he deny me something so beautiful for nine fucking years?”

“The first of many,” I said, kissing her gently just below her ear. “Now, I just want you to lie there and let me work my magic, roll onto your front and don’t move.”

In the bathroom, I rummaged through my Pecksniffs collection. Steve, the girls and most of my relatives knew what to get me for birthdays and Christmas. I pulled out an unopened bottle of my favourite massage oil – a blend of geranium, coriander, nutmeg and mandarin essential oils.

Izzy was face down with her eyes closed. I paused to take in her slim legs with trim calves, the curve of her firm buttocks, her slim waist and her blonde hair – still up but with tiny whisps touching her graceful neck. How the fuck was Adrian not all over her at every opportunity? Her breathing was slow and shallow. “Izzy?” I said gently.

“Huh?” she said before flickering her eyes open and smiling.

“I thought you were asleep,” I laughed.

“Nearly,” she said dreamily.

“It’s okay if you do, I just want you to relax and feel comfortable.” After switching off all the lights apart from one bedside lamp, I dribbled oil starting between her shoulder blades and ending at the small of her back. Gently, I massaged her shoulders moving my fingers around and down her back. She gave a long sigh. More went onto her legs which I massaged from her feet to the tops of her thighs. “Mmmm…, that smells and feels so nice,” she said.

I poured more onto each pert buttock. Now I could run my hands all the way from her ankles to her neck. By sliding my hands up the insides of her legs I was able to gradually edge her legs apart. Even though I’m not fully shaved myself (I have a trimmed ginger landing strip) I prefer my women to be bare. Izzy had a full bush but it was soft and blonde which I actually, to my surprise, found quite sexy. More oil went across her ass and down her crack. Now I concentrated there. Each time I circled my hands my fingers edged closer to her cute little asshole. “Okay?” I asked.

“Heavenly,” she replied with a sigh.

I gathered four pillows and got her to raise herself as I positioned them under her. Now her ass was invitingly in the air and she was on her knees. “What are you going to do?” she asked.

“Shhh…,” I said softly, “Just relax and trust me.”

Pouring more oil on my hands I worked the tops of her thighs allowing my thumbs to brush along her slit. Her buttocks tensed but then she opened her legs wider for me. My fingers parted her lips and I was rewarded with a little dribble of her cream running down over her clit which was quite large and protruding from its hood. I had to taste that cream. My tongue made her give a long moan and her pussy clench. Even more oozed out. I was in heaven. It tasted sweet and musky and I wanted more. I lost self-control and plunged my tongue into her. She squirmed and squealed but I held her hips as I tongue fucked her and sucked her lips. My thumb rubbed oil around her clit as I licked upwards.

I knew I was on potentially dodgy ground but I couldn’t resist. It looked so inviting. Slowly, I rasped my tongue over her puckered oily anus. “Jesus!” she jumped but didn’t tell me to stop. As my thumb slipped into her cunt I licked her again. It made my heart sing when she gripped it tightly and began to gyrate her hips. I’d have loved to have forced my tongue into her ass but decided to save that for another day. Instead, I tickled it with the tip of my tongue while my fingers strummed her clit.

Now she was losing control, squirming, panting and working herself on my thumb. “Jessie…, oh Jessie,” she cried. Fuck it, I forced my tongue into her wrinkly star. With my left arm I had to pin her down she bucked so hard. There’s something very special about feeling a woman’s cunt and anus spasm in the throes of orgasm. Izzy kicked her legs and shuddered all over as the orgasm ripped through her. She threw her head back and wailed like an a****l as warm liquid flooded over my hand. Bloody hell! I wasn’t sure if she squirted or wet herself. Either way, I still had to hold her down as she continued with jerks and spasms. It was if years of failed orgasms had suddenly been unleashed in one tumultuous orgasm. Finally, her jerks began to spread out until, with a long sigh from her, they stopped.

Then she began to jerk again. Fuck, she was crying. No, hang on, she was laughing! “Oh Jessie, what the fuck have you done to me?” she laughed. She rolled onto her back and held her arms out to me but then suddenly said, “Oh shit! I’m getting oil all over your sheets, I should have another shower.”

“Sod it,” I said, “We’ll worry about that in the morning. They’re old and I’m not remaking a bed at three-thirty in the morning. Let’s just snuggle up.” I pulled a sheet over us and we were asleep in minutes.

“Morning sleepyheads!” said Steve’s voice. I groaned and forced my eyes open. The sheet had been kicked off and Izzy’s naked arm and leg were d****d over me. “Wazza time?” I said trying to focus.

“Nine-fifteen. Tea or coffee?”

“Shit!” I said trying to sit up, “Where are the k**s?”

“Don’t worry about them, they’ve gone out, I’ll explain when I bring your drinks up.”

We settled for tea and used the bathroom while Steve made it. A few minutes later, with Izzy and I covered with the sheet again, Steve brought our tea wearings shorts and a t-shirt. “So you girls have a fun night?” he asked sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I had the best night of my life,” said Izzy, “I’m in love with your wife you know.”

“I know,” smiled Steve.

“So where are the k**s?” I asked.

“Well,” said Steve, “Adrian went out at eight-thirty. He said he was going for a long walk. Connie and Simon have taken all the k**s in their Landrover to Bodiam Castle and will be back for lunch.”

“He usually goes for a long walk on a Sunday morning,” said Izzy, “He’ll be gone hours.”

“Convenient,” I smiled.

Izzy looked at me then Steve. “What are you thinking?” she asked.

“I’m thinking two things but I don’t know what you’ll think of my ideas.”

“Are they sexy?” she asked, “Because I really hope they are. I’ve come out of my shell and am determined not to go back in.”

“Well……,” I said, drawing the word out, “Firstly I was thinking that you owe me an orgasm. Secondly…, I was thinking that it’s time you experienced being fucked by a big cock.”

Izzy looked at me before turning to Steve and saying, “So what do you think, big boy? You up for it?”

Go Izzy!!!

“Up for it?” he laughed, “I’m ninety per cent up just looking at you two in bed together.”

“Best you get your clothes off then, while I give Izzy a good morning kiss,” I said. Of course, I knew that he’d be keen but I hadn’t expected Izzy to be so willing to cheat on her husband, even if he was a dick. I think that was the moment when I realised their relationship was hopelessly doomed. God, I love kissing Izzy. I tried to think of a woman I’d known who was such a sensual kisser. Nope, she was the stand out best. Selfishly, as our tongues rolled around each other, I instantly regretted inviting Steve. I wanted Izzy all to myself. With my left eye, I watched him, with a massive boner, slip under the sheet behind Izzy.

No! I thought. No way was Izzy’s tight cunt ready for his big cock. I broke the kiss and shook my head. He frowned but got the message and laid on his back. Izzy too rolled onto her back. I snuggled up to her, dr****g my leg over her thigh. “So what did you get up to last night after we left?” I asked Steve.

He smiled at the thought, “Connie sucked my cock until I was hard, then she rode me cowgirl. Then Simon stood on the sofa and she sucked his cock while we fucked. Somehow we ended up on the floor with her still riding me. Simon had got some lube from somewhere. I could feel him fingering Connie’s ass. I think they must do anal quite a lot because Connie was facing me and didn’t wince or anything when he pushed his cock into her ass.”

I grinned, “Izzy likes a good ass licking.”

“Jessie!” cried Izzy.

I laughed, “What? You’ve swallowed Steve’s cum and soon he’s going to fuck you, it’s a bit late to be shy don’t you think?”

“I know but…, oh I suppose you’re right.”

“Then what?” I said to Steve. As he told us I slipped my hand between Izzy’s legs and found her clit. Very gently I toyed with it as Steve spoke.

“It felt weird, feeling Simon’s cock through the wall between Connie’s ass and cunt. Actually, DPing is quite hard to coordinate. In the end, it seemed easiest for me to keep still while Connie and Simon moved.”

“Did she enjoy it?” asked Izzy.

“Oh yeah, she came big time. But then Simon needed a break. He’d been sort of squatting behind her with bent knees and his legs gave out. They rolled together onto his back into a reverse cowgirl, still with his cock in her ass. I was going to fuck her but she’d had enough of DP. She wanted me to go down on her. Of course, I obliged though it was a bit unsettling being so close to Simon’s cock. She came twice, I surprised you didn’t hear her. After Simon had cum in her ass I knelt by her head and she sucked me off.”

“Did she swallow?” I asked.

“No, she wanted me to cum on her face and tits.”

As I’d hoped, Steve’s account was having an effect on Izzy. Honey was oozing out of her and her clit was definitely more pronounced. She was breathing heavier as she asked, “What’s a cowgirl?”

I could feel a familiar wetness between my legs and needed to cum. “You’ll find out soon,” I said, “But right now I need you.”

“Need me for what?” she said.

“This,” I said as I swung my leg over and straddled her chest which left her staring at my cunt. She looked worried. “Just do what you do when you play with yourself but use your lips and tongue instead,” I said. It took her a few minutes but she soon learned and started to play me. She knew what made me cry out, what made me gyrate my hips or thrust.

A couple of times I was nearly there but she’d change what she was doing and the moment was gone. Not her fault, she was doing amazing for a first-timer. I beckoned to Steve who stood up and held onto the headboard. Now I had Izzy sucking my clit and a mouthful of fat cock. I forced myself down onto Izzy as I shuddered with orgasmic sensations. It wasn’t the best but it was good.

Panting, I guessed that Izzy was ready for Steve but I wanted to make sure. Just to be certain I grabbed some lube from the bedside drawer. I wanted Izzy to be in control so got Steve to lay on his back. God, his cock looked and felt good as I lubed it up. Izzy didn’t need to be told. I held his cock by the base as she positioned herself above it. Gently she lowered herself as I guided him in.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” she cried as her cunt stretched and he glided in. Good old lube.

“Fuck, you’re tight!” shouted Steve as they began to fuck.

I think that was the moment when I realised that our lives had changed forever. This wasn’t just a bit of fun. I had an overwhelming sense that Steve was no longer mine, he was Izzy’s too. I knew I’d never tire of watching them together, of seeing his cock deep inside her, of her sounds as he slid in and out, the veins on his cock standing proud.

Something made me turn. A noise or just a sense? I don’t know. Adrian was standing in the doorway watching his wife in the throes of sexual abandonment, riding another man’s hard cock. Most men would either react with anger or lust. Adrian just stood there, impassive. There was no bulge in his shorts and no frown on his face. He might as well have been watching a gardening programme on TV. With a glance towards me, he turned and walked away. Seconds later I heard the front door close. I walked over to the window and watched him drive away. Fuck him.

I got behind Izzy, straddling Steve’s thighs and wrapped my arms around her. It felt wonderful, like he was fucking both of us. My right hand went to her right nipple and my left found her clit. Her body glistened with sweat as she rode his cock. From her twisting and moaning, I knew she was close. Steve was grunting and thrusting. Then he pulled Izzy down hard. I grabbed her head and twisted it gently. She stared into my eyes and cried, “He’s coming in me! I can feel it!” I clamped my mouth onto hers and pinched her clit. She squealed into my mouth as yet another orgasm decimated her senses. This one was the longest, maybe half a minute. I eased her off and onto her back. Steve’s cock and groin were coated in liquid. I scooped some up and tasted it.

“What’s that?” asked Izzy, breathing hard.

“That’s you,” I laughed, “You squirted when you came, same as you did last night.”

“Really?” She said, “I read in a magazine that it’s a myth, that it’s actually urine.”

“No, it’s not urine,” I said, “I asked my gynaecologist once. She said that studies have shown that women who squirt do it even with empty bladders. She got a bit technical but said it has similarities to seminal fluid in men. But she also said that copious amounts in porn films is urine. I’ve never done it, some women can, some can’t.”


Adrian returned about 4pm that afternoon. No-one had missed him, not even his girls. Izzy went out and they talked on the driveway for ten minutes before he drove away again. The four girls and Connie’s two boys were playing with Lego. Izzy’s oldest, Sophie who was seven, looked up and said, “Where’s daddy gone?”

“He’s gone to stay with Grandma,” said Izzy.

“Is he coming back?”

“No,” said Izzy with a smile.

“Okay,” said Sophie, picking up a brick and putting with others.

In the kitchen, I said to Izzy, “What’s going on?”

“We’ve split,” she said, “I told him a few home truths, well quite a few actually. I told him I don’t love him. He said, “Well there’s no point me staying then.” Would it be okay if me and the girls stayed over? I don’t really want to sleep in the house tonight.”

“Of course,” I said, hugging her, “What about school in the morning?” Izzy and Adrian lived in the next village so all four girls went to the same primary school.

“Could you run me home later? I’ll pack a few things, collect their school bags and uniforms and bring my car back.”

Five weeks later, they were still living with us. We were very careful, the three of us only going to bed after the k**s had gone to sleep and making sure we were up before them but it was only a matter of time before we were caught out. The girls, being friends and classmates got on really well and insisted on sleeping in one bedroom. That cost us two sets of bunk beds.

One Saturday morning after a three-way that lasted half the night, I woke to quiet whispers. I thought it was a dream but then heard Carla, our oldest at eight, giggle. Opening my eyes I was faced with four girls, lined up in size order like in The Sound of Music. They were all grinning, even Connie’s youngest, five-year-old Natalie. The sheet was off the bed and we were all naked. The other two were still asleep and Steve had a massive morning erection. Frantically I pulled it up over us. The room stank of sweat, semen and cunt juices. “Why’s mummy in your bed?” asked Sophie.

“In the nickynoody,” said Natalie.

Izzy rolled over and said, “Morning sweeties.”

Steve groaned, “Oh shit!”

“Ah…, because the three of us love each other,” I said, unable to think of a better explanation.

Poppy looked around, puzzled before saying, “Does that make us all sisters?”

“Sort of,” I said.

All four started jumping and squealing which made us laugh. When they stopped I could see that Carla was thinking. Slowly she said, “Have we got two mummies now?”

“Would you all like that?” I asked. When they all nodded I felt my eyes well up.

Then Sophie really sealed it when she said, “Can we call Steve, daddy?”

There were a lot of tears as we all hugged. Life couldn’t be better.

The next morning, around ten, I found Izzy in the bathroom in tears. “Izzy, what’s the matter?” I said.

“Oh Jessie, I’ve been so utterly stupid, I’ve ruined everything,” she sobbed. Completely baffled I hugged her until she calmed down. Leading her to the bed she kept saying, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” Sniffing, she pulled something out of the pocket of her bathrobe and handed it to me. It was a pregnancy test stick showing two blue lines.

“You’re pregnant?” I gasped.

“I’m so sorry,” she sobbed.

I thought for a moment. It could only be Steve’s. I shook my head and said, “Stop it, Izzy, why are you sorry?”

“What?” she said, her eyes red from crying, “But it’s Steve’s, don’t you understand? It’s like I’ve stolen something from you.”

“No, no, no,” I said, “There are three of us now, I think it’s wonderful that you’re going to have his baby.”

“Really?” she said.

“Absolutely, this cements everything. We’ll be one big family. I love you and so does Steve. This is so wonderful and perfect.”

Izzy burst into tears again but this time they were tears of joy. So were mine. As we calmed down I asked, “So what happened?”

“I didn’t think. I used to be on the pill but Adrian and I hadn’t had sex for so long I couldn’t see the point. I know that the pill is regarded as safe to take but why put chemicals into your body when you don’t need to? I’d got so used to not thinking about contraception that it never occurred to me. Then on the radio this morning they were discussing pregnancy. It hit me like a bomb. Steve has cum inside me dozens of times since that weekend. I went to the pharmacy after dropping the k**s at school.”

Exactly two months later, their divorce came through. It had been fast-tracked because it was uncontested and Adrian didn’t want custody of the k**s or the house. He wanted a clean break so agreed that she could have the house in lieu of alimony so long as she covered the mortgage payments. That suited Izzy fine as she was a successful and well paid freelance graphic artist. Within weeks, Adrian was off to Australia.

As soon as the legal side was completed, we put both houses on the market. We combined Izzy’s 400k equity with our 480k. With three incomes to pay the mortgage (I’m a private mathematics tutor), we bought a six-bedroomed house just outside Tunbridge Wells. One bedroom for the three of us with a huge bed and one each for the four girls plus a guest bedroom which would soon become a nursery. Of course, some people couldn’t comprehend what we’d done but k**s are very resilient and they were soon behaving like real sisters.

Izzy had a little girl that she called Rebecca. Now Steve is in a house with seven females, hehe. We keep him in his place. Once a month my parents come to stay for the weekend to look after the k**s. We go to Connie and Simon’s on the Friday evening. Their k**s go to his sister’s. I take all my toys and we have the most amazing five-way weekend. The boys still won’t touch each other but us three girls usually end up sleeping together. Our big thing is a three-way daisy chain while the guys watch. We’ve made maybe a dozen sex tapes. Perhaps one day, we’ll upload some but not until the girls are old enough to understand.

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