“Okay, boys, I’m heading out now!” Aaron’s mother, Lauren, called out as he and his father walked into the kitchen.

“I’ll see you later, honey.” Lauren said, kissing Aaron’s father on the lips as she began to step out the door. Before she walked out she turned to Aaron: “And you, young man. You better not get into trouble while we’re gone tonight. We might not come back until very late or early tomorrow morning.”

“I know, I know, mom.” Aaron started, “I’ll just be here handing out candy. My plans got canceled at the last minute anyway. By the way, where were you guys going again?” he said, mostly out of boredom as opposed to actually caring.

“We’ll be at Nicole’s, she’s hosting a party with a bunch of people you may or may not know. Nothing you need to worry about, I guess.” Lauren said flatly. “Now goodbye, sweetie. I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that she headed out the door.

Aaron’s parents were going to a Halloween party at their friend’s house, and his mother had left early to help get set up. They were apparently going her friend Nicole’s from work, and Aaron’s head immediately shot to images of Nicole who came over almost every week and he knew pretty well. His mom’s friend was an absolute bombshell. She was in her 30s, but she was incredibly fit and she was one of the hottest women he’d ever met. She was average height but she had killer tits and an ass to die for. He’d imagined fucking her many times over the course of their acquaintance, and every time he met her she winked at him, seemingly knowing something he didn’t.

Aaron walked upstairs to his room, trying to picture what slutty costume she’d be wearing for Halloween, dreaming about one day being able to hit that. She was married, though. “Too bad,” he thought to himself. He was set for a pretty boring day, and reserved himself to messing around in his room, when after a few hours, he heard the phone ring.

He walked out of his room to get the phone, when the ringing stopped. Aaron stepped down the stairs and saw his father had answered it. He overheard what he was saying.

“Are you sure you need me?” his father asked the voice on the phone, probably some work friend on the phone.

“Yeah, you’re right. That’s a pretty big account. We can’t afford to have anything happen. I’ll come down there tonight. Just let me get my things in order. I can be there in a few hours.” He continued, replying to a voice he couldn’t here. Apparently his father’s work needed him for something. His father hung up the phone and turned around, seeing his son on the staircase.

“Aaron! There you are!” he said, walking toward him.

“What’s up, dad?” Aaron asked, wondering what had happened.

“Oh, nothing. A client got cold feet and wants to be rewalked through everything. I have to go down to the property in Copperopolis. It’s a few hours away. I probably won’t be back until late tomorrow night.”

“Oh shit, really? That sucks… What about your party with mom?” Aaron asked, wondering what he planned to do.

“Yeah, about that. I was gonna ask you if you’d go for me and tell your mother I couldn’t come. I know she’ll just wanna leave if she has to be there by herself, but I could tell she was looking forward to it. Would you mind going there for me and staying for a bit so she can enjoy herself? I know it’s your mother’s friends and it’s kind of a drag, but you’d be doing me a huge favor.” He explained.

Aaron didn’t have anything going on, and he assumed he’d be able to get a look at his mother’s friend Nicole in her skimpy Halloween outfit, so he figured why not? “Sure, dad. It’s not like I’m doing anything tonight, and I don’t want mom to miss out on something she’s been waiting for. Do I need a costume or something, though?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah. Just wear the one I got. I haven’t even worn it yet, and we’re similar builds so it shouldn’t matter. Thanks for doing this for me. Your mother will really appreciate it.”

“No problem. When am I supposed to be there?”

“Try to get there by 6. I have to leave real soon, so I’ll leave the rest to you. Here’s the address. Have fun!” Aaron’s father said, picking up his coat and briefcase, handing Aaron the address before heading out the door.

Aaron went to inspect the costume he was to wear, seeing that it was only a stupid batman thing with a mask. “No problem, I guess.” He was excited to go; he’d been pretty bored all day. Plus, he thought since he was doing his father a favor he’d be able to get away with some drinking. He was only 18 but his parents never seemed to care too much.

Aaron got ready for the party, putting on his costume and seeing what it looked like in the mirror. It fit him barely, he was a tad more muscular than his father, and it was pretty cheap. All in all, it was a fun suit, but the mask covered most of his head save for his mouth and eyes. You could hardly tell it was him.

Aaron himself was a strapping young man. He started for the basketball team in high school; they were an all-state caliber team that had won a few leagues. He was muscular from keeping up with the sport, and throughout high school he was taller than a lot of other players at 6’2″. He had turned 18 a few months ago and was now in his first year of college, he played point guard in a D II college.

As he looked in the mirror, he briefly wondered what his mother would be wearing. His father had forgotten to tell him what costume she was going to be dressed in, and he thought he might be in trouble if she had a mask, like him. Aaron tried to ignore it, but it had not escaped his awareness that his mother was incredibly hot for her age. His friends always ribbed him about what a milf she was, and even he had to admit she looked great.

Aaron’s mother, Lauren, was very petite, barely coming up to about 5’0″, but curvy in all the right ways. She was already 35, but she looked like she was in her late twenties at her latest. She had a pear shaped figure with incredibly wide, sexy hips. She was a yoga instructor at a nearby studio, and as a result was incredibly lithe and fit. She had small, perky B-cup breasts that perfectly complimented her tiny figure, but what really stood out was her incredible ass. She had, even Aaron could see, as ashamed to admit it as he was, an absolutely phenomenal ass. It was perfectly round and bounced with her every step, making the most of her curvy, wide hips. He’d often accidentally find himself staring at her tight ass as she performed her morning yoga in the living room. Even as a mother in her mid 30s, Aaron’s mother was a knockout.

Realizing he’d have no way to know in advance, Aaron decided he’d find his mother at the party and figure out what to do there. He drove to the house and got out of the car, hearing the music blaring even from the outside. He walked up the porch, opening the door and stepping inside.

Aaron looked around as he entered, realizing he probably knew absolutely no one at the entire party. The house was packed, and he could recognize no one that was unmasked. The other half of the people had some sort of mask on and he couldn’t tell who they were even if he did actually know him.

He pushed through a crowd of people before spotting an incredibly hot woman walking towards him in a very revealing Pocahontas costume. He looked the woman’s body up and down, enjoying the eye candy. The costume hardly covered her up, revealing much of her toned legs and hugging her lithe frame perfectly. It was a two piece costume, and the top showed off her perky but small breasts, emphasizing them with its tightness. The bottom was a loose skirt with a slit in it, revealing most of her thigh and only covering up to just below her ass. Finally, he looked up at her face to see who it was, and realized it was his mother!

Aaron was shocked at what she was wearing, and even more so that he had been checking her out, before he was interrupted as she eventually reached him.

“Hey baby!” his mother said, reaching her arms over his neck and pulling his head down towards hers. Aaron momentarily smelt alcohol and wondered what she was doing. His question was soon answered. She pressed her soft, full lips against his, melting in his mouth. She pushed her tongue inside his mouth, meeting his, before he could fully react to what was happening. He was making out with his mother!

His mother continued to passionately press her lips to his, before Aaron broke the kiss abruptly, to her confusion. “What the hell, mom?” he said, realizing she had no way of knowing his father wasn’t coming.

“What the fuck? Aaron? Why didn’t you tell me it was you before we started kissing? Why the hell are you even here, and in your father’s costume?” she asked, seemingly mad.

“Dad got called for a work thing, he told me to come here and make sure you wouldn’t leave on account of him. He wanted to enjoy yourself. I was GOING to tell you before you started mauling me with your tongue! What was that about?” Aaron asked, still surprised and, at this point, slightly aroused.

“Oh shit.” Lauren said, realizing what she’d done. “Sorry about that, baby. I didn’t know it was you. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve had a bit to drink.”

“I can tell.” Aaron said bluntly.

“Anyway, Aaron you really shouldn’t be here. This is more of an adult party-” His mother was cut off by none other than her friend Nicole.

“Lauren! I can see your husband, Rick, has finally arrived. A little naughty to be kissing him like that in front of everyone!” she teased.

“Shit” Aaron thought to himself. She’d just seen his mother kiss him and thought he was his father now. He’d just planned on introducing himself. He hadn’t thought that they might think he was his father.

“Uhh, yeah. Sorry about that. I guess I am a little naughty.” Aaron’s mother blurted out, lying to save herself the embarrassment of revealing she’d just kissed her son.

“Well, you two, come over here and get some drinks!” Nicole said, turning around and motioning towards the bar. Aaron instinctively looked down at his mother’s friend, who was, ironically, wearing a catwoman costume. It was skin tight and really put her amazing ass and tits on display. He could see no visible panty lines and assumed, then, she wasn’t wearing any. He could feel his cock start to stir in his pants, being tantalized by this view of her gorgeous body. She walked towards the bar, Aaron staring at her ass as her hips swayed back and forth.

“Aaron!” his mother said abruptly, snapping him out of his hypnosis.

“Shit, mom!” he said, remembering what had just happened. “What are we gonna do? They think I’m dad.”

“Well, I really don’t want to explain why I was kissing my own son like that, so I think you’re just gonna have to tough it out.” She explained.

“What do you mean?” Aaron said, puzzled.

“Tonight you’re gonna have to act as your father. I don’t want them thinking I’m some weirdo for making out with my son, even if it was on accident. Don’t worry, we won’t have any more of that.”

“Fine,” Aaron said, realizing that was probably the best option. “But I’m gonna go get a drink, then.”

“I’ll let you drink tonight, because of what’s happening, but you better not drink too much!” his mother said, nagging him like a typical mother would.

“I should say the same to you!” Aaron said, walking off in the direction of the bar.

Aaron had a few drinks, enjoying the party, all the while mostly staying with his mom. They kept it clean and simple, dancing innocently, making sure to keep up appearances. As they drank more and more, probably too much, Aaron started to notice his mother once again.

Her costume really didn’t leave much to the imagination. It showed off her wide hips and basically half of her ass, especially when she moved around a lot. He tried not to stare, but as the night went on he became more and more transfixed by his mother’s hot body. He caught himself several times ogling her tits and admiring her ass when she turned around or bent over. His mother could feel it too, as they could both sense a small amount of tension building up between them. It was sexual tension, and it had started with the kiss.

They continued dancing throughout the night, getting closer to one another the more they drank. Eventually, without realizing, Aaron had gotten pretty brave with his mother. His placed his hands on either side of her hips as she turned away from him, dancing to the fast music. She shook her hips to the beat, drawing closer and closer to her son. As the room got more crowded, she realized her ass was pressed against her son’s crotch, and she was grinding against him.

As his mother accidently pressed her round ass into Aaron’s member, he began to get extremely aroused. His cock hardened as he ran his hands over the sides of her hips. They lost themselves in the haze before they were both tapped on the shoulder from the side.

“Lauren, let’s go upstairs! I want to show you something!” It was Nicole again, they noticed, and she was motioning for them to follow her. They stopped dancing and passed through the crowd towards the staircase. Nicole led them up, them both wondering what she wanted. She led them into a room that had three other couples in it, all friends of Aaron’s mother.

The 3 other couples sitting on the floor in a circle; the men were all wearing some sort of masked costume (not that he’d recognize them if they weren’t, anyway). The ladies sat next to them, each in a Halloween costume of their own, all three pretty scantily clad. Aaron couldn’t help but notice that all the women were incredibly hot, even for ladies in their mid to late 30s.

“Sorry for interrupting you guys” Nicole began, sitting down on the bed in the room, giving us a wink. “But I wanted to have a little private game with the 8 of us!”

“What’s that?” Lauren asked, Aaron hoping it was nothing too serious.

“Well, it’s couples truth or dare! A couple chooses truth or dare, and the other three groups choose one for them. They can either tell the truth or do the dare, or refuse and lose. Oh, and you only get to choose truth twice!” Nicole explained.

“Okay, but what’s the point? If we don’t want to do it we just refuse and lose, who cares?” Aaron’s mother asked, wondering why they would want to play in the first place.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Nicole said, excitedly. “The winner gets this!” she said, pulling out a Prada bag from behind her. Aaron didn’t really know if it was special, but it certainly looked well-made and very stylish. The women, however, instantly lit up with excitement.

“Where did you get that?” they asked.

“Well, I work for a fashion magazine, as you all know, and I was gifted this by one of the designers. It’s a collection piece, so it’s pretty much priceless.. I thought I’d include it as the prize in our game to spice things up!”

Aaron could tell by the way she looked at it that his mother wanted the bag, and she wanted it really bad. Ever since he could remember she was totally into accessories, and she loved to shop. Evidently, it was also her favorite designer.

“So, what do you guys say?” Nicole said, asking everyone.

Simultaneously, the other three women, including Aaron’s mother, said “We’re in!”

Aaron looked at his mother, wondering what she was doing. What had she gotten them into?

“What are you doing, mom?” Aaron said, whispering to his mother.

“I really want that bag, plus this will probably be fun! Just relax and play along with me. I’m sure it won’t be anything too bad.”

“Okay, who wants to go first? How about you two?” Nicole said, motion towards Aaron and his mother.

“Okay, I guess,” Aaron’s mother said, cautiously. “I guess we’ll take truth, just to start it off.”

“Alright!” Nicole said excitedly. “Now let us come up with a question!” The three couples convened, the women giggling, the men obviously not that interested. They broke their huddle and Niccole spoke again.

“Here’s your question. What’s the craziest place you two have had sex?” she said with a grin on her face.

Aaron was absolutely shocked, not realizing the game would be about anything sexual. He immediately got uncomfortable talking about stuff like this in front of his mother. He turned towards her, seeing her blush bright red.

“Why are you asking me that? I’m not gonna answer! That’s private!” she said, turning a bright shade of red.

“Come on, Lauren! This is the game! You chose truth, now do you want to answer or not!?”

Aaron’s mother gulped, looking once again at the bag. Clearly she still wanted it.

“We’ve fucked against the open window in the front of our house before. Also, we do it on the kitchen counter pretty often, of course while our son is away.” She said, to her son’s complete amazement.

Aaron was shocked. Firstly he was surprised she answered the question. Secondly, he was amazed his parent had done anything so exhibitionist. He began to get aroused, picturing himself fucking her brains out on top of the kitchen counter. He shook his head, trying to get the image out of his head, cursing himself for thinking about something so taboo.

“Wow, naughty!” one of the other women spoke up. “I’m sure you two have a lot of fun!” she said, winking at Aaron.

The rest of the round went by, his mother now joining in on the little meetings, each couple choosing truth and being asked something of a similar sexual nature. All four of the couples continued to drink while playing, and they had all gotten noticeable drunker as the turns went around. Finally, it was their turn again, and Aaron and his mother talked for a bit before deciding which to choose: truth or dare.

“I don’t really want to hear you talk about that, mom” Aaron said, frankly. He was too aroused at all the talk of sex, and he decided that wouldn’t do him any favors.

“I agree,” his mother started, “plus, we only have on truth left for the entire game. We should see what a dare is. If it’s just something like a peck, we can handle it.”

“We choose dare this time!” Lauren said, firmly.

“Oooh” Nicole said, smiling mischievously. The other couples convened again, this time really only the three women at all bothering to even lean in, before breaking once again.

“Okay. We dare you to take off your costume top and bottom, Lauren.”

Aaron was shocked once again. Apparently they weren’t trying to do anything light at all; they were gunning for the win.

“What!?” his mother quipped, blushing at the idea even being thrown out. “I can’t do that! I’m not even wearing a bra underneath my top!” This immediately got Aaron’s attention, as his eyes shot to his mother’s perky breasts. He could clearly see her nipples poking through the fabric.

“Oh, don’t be such a prude, Lauren! You want the bag, don’t you? Do it, or forfeit.”

Lauren bit her lip, looking back and forth between the bag and her son, deciding what to do. Finally, she made her decision, blushing as she slowly untied her top, letting her perky breasts fall against her chest. Aaron gasped as her breasts fell into view. She got up, sliding her skirt down her waist, leaving her completely naked save for her tiny, lace panties and the face paint on her cheeks.

The men immediately stared at Lauren’s tits, obviously enjoying the view. Aaron blatantly ogled his mother’s breasts, now completely hard under his suit. They were perfectly sized, big enough to be cupped but not too big for her frame. She had cute, perky nipples that just begged to be sucked on. Aaron’s mouth watered at the thought of fucking his mother’s tight ass from behind while he groped her tits. He could only view her with lust now.

Lauren sat down, blushing as she realized everyone was staring at her. Her panties hardly covered her round ass, and her legs and hips looked incredible as her scantily clad bottom pressed against the cold floor. Without any clothes on, her nipples started to harden, chilled by the air.

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