Tyla and I have been friends for several months now sharing many common interests outside of school and both of us were avid gamers. Tyla’s dad had seemed to be a most likeable man, always polite and soft spoken. He treated Tyla like a princess, which of course, she enjoyed the attention, and I found it cute in every way. We had often laid on the floor in their family room on the plush rugs playing games for hours and hours on end. When either of us got tired, we just hid our characters in a safe spot to avoid being killed, and took a break.

Today had been a particularly grueling day; a new game with a learning curve that drained our minds and after several hours of playing, I looked over at Tyla and saw she was barely keeping her eyes open, almost falling asleep at what seemed to be crucial points. Not wanting to lose the advantage we currently had in the game, I poked her in the side with my elbow to wake her up.

“Hey Tyla, wake up. Don’t fall asleep now,” I quipped to her smiling as I continued to work the game controller maintaining my concentration on the action. “If you have to, hide yourself and go take a nap. I will keep us in this….ooh, wow, barely avoided that one. I can’t stop right now, too exciting.”

“I know, my brain is overloaded and I do need some rest. I will go take a little nap and come back as soon as I wake,” she cautiously hid her character, leaned over, kissed me lightly on the neck and headed for her room.

After a half hour passed, I got a chill and pulled my hoodie up and rolled over onto my stomach, head raised up and arms outstretched manipulating the controller continuously lost in the game world. I was barely aware of my surroundings, but felt hands gently massaging my feet and legs. Tyla and I had often taken turns giving each other massages, so I was not at all concerned, thinking that she was rested and trying to relax my tensed muscles.

I giggled softly, spreading my legs slightly, allowing her hands access to my inner thighs. The firm pressure working slowly with methodical ease went higher and higher until I felt, the fingers begin rubbing against my pussy. I squirmed raising my buttocks off the floor in response to the hands, and felt fingertips pulling at my shorts, tugging them down. Smiling while still concentrating on the game as best I could, I kicked my shorts off.

The fingers began caressing my pussy pushing my silk panties against my labia. I wiggled more, pushing back against the fingers as I felt my pussy begin to tingle as they traced the outline of my labia under the panties. I was totally succumbing to the delicious feelings of the fondling and decided it was best for my game and paused my actions and just lay still and enjoy.

“Are you enjoying this Tyla? Daddy just got home and he’s horny.” I heard her father whisper. “Do you want Daddy to plug his game controller in?” I was shocked hearing his words, but unable to say anything. Knowing that with my hoodie pulled up, he was unaware that it was his daughter’s friend he had been fondling and now was about to fuck her.

I must have inadvertently moved my head, and I heard his pants unzip and felt him climb up behind me. His hands pulled my panties to the side and his hardened cock was now sliding up and down against my wet pussy. I moaned as I felt it part my labia, his fingers pulling my buttocks open, exposing me completely. Slowly, he fed his cock into my pussy, inch by inch, until I felt his stomach against my buttocks. He started rocking deep inside me, gently at first, and then he began a more aggressive thrusting pushing his cock deeper with each stroke. His rhythmic strokes continued until I heard him gasp and felt his hot jism shooting into my pussy. The rug below me became damp with his sperm that managed to squirt out along his cock as he slowly pushed in and pulled out, savoring the last strokes of his climax. He collapsed alongside me as his cock slipped out of my cum filled pussy.

I lay very still, tingling with a satisfied glow having just being fucked. He reached his hands up, pulled back the hoodie to give me a kiss, and almost shrieked in shock realizing I was not his daughter and he had just fucked me.

“OMG, what have I done. I…I thought you were my daughter…err, I mean, Fuck,” he stammered aloud.

“Shh, don’t wake Tyla. No one will know what happened here but us,” I spoke softly. “As long as the next time you are going to fuck your daughter, you invite me as well.”

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