I was heading toward my son’s in SE PA, I hadn’t been rushing and remembered a motel near a restaurant most folks would avoid on looks, but the food was real good. I was seated facing the door, trying to decide if I was going to get a room or press on after eating. As I was placing my order a familiar face entered, I was stunned when she took a seat at the counter, that meant she must be alone.

I had a good side view, and was not hiding the fact that I was taking in the view. As she put her arms back to slide her jacket off, the motion pushed her chest forward, her blouse tightened & although I was at the twin rocks diner, she had twin boulders in display. My waitress brought my food, followed my gaze & whispered, that dish is NOT on our desert menu. I asked if she was sitting in her service area? And she said yes, why? When you go to take her order, tell her I got the check. She went to the counter, pad in hand and took the order & pointed at me. Brenda turned with a glare in her eyes, that quickly changed to a smile. She spoke to the waitress and grabbed her coat & headed my way.

“What on earth are you doing here? I smiled & said on my way to Mechanicsburg, got hungry, knew exit 17 had this restaurant & a motel up the hill. I’m just thinking, get a room or press on. She replied, I’m going to see my son and am going to check in after I eat. I pressed my luck, Care to get a room with two beds, & split the cost? I get a 15% military discount. She flushed, thought a moment, Can I trust you? Certainly not was my reply, We both laughed & she said I should have known better than to ask. I may not be trustworthy, but I understand. We could just enjoy foreplay, some cuddling, no need to run the whole marathon. She looked me right in the eye, You bastard, can’t make it easy on a girl can you? Well what would you say, to a full body massage, and I lock you until you can’t take it anymore, then you go to the other bed and I’m fine with that. I have to call Jack & tell him I’m OK. Oh Hell, you are much mire than OK. You could call him while I check in. Or if the answer is no, you can call him in your room.

We ate, made small talk, I paid the check and escorted her to her car. While getting in she asked if I was going to stay, or press on? I’ll probably head on, there is no way I could stay in the same motel as you alone & get any sleep. If you stayed & got a 2 bed room, could the message last as long as I want as well? Getting to touch you is a pleasure I thought I’d never get. Well, I never thought an opportunity like this would arise. I do hope you are as good as you write.

I took her plate number, went to the desk & checked in. I explained we were shuttling a car to her son. Once in the room she said ladies first and took a shower. She came out, and my mind was picturing her luscious body just beneath the towel. I got up and headed for the shower when she said Dan, I turned, she dropped the towel and said don’t be too long.

I lathered quickly, rinsed off and towel dried. D****d the towel over my shoulder and walked out. She was laying on the bed naked, smiling at me, don’t mind if I started without you do you she asked as she pulled a finger from her pussy & licked it off. I was glad I was 65 instead of 22, just that would have me shooting streams of cum back then. I joined her on the bed, embraced her, and gently kissed her. Alarms, bells & whistles sounded in my head. I had fantasized about this woman for over ten years. And here the impossible was happening. I broke the kiss & said you were promised a massage so on your stomach.

She rolled over and my eyes went to her nicely shaped butt. I asked her if my grip was too firm, ir too light to let me know. I started with her neck & shoulders. Her response was Oh My ummmm, I’m going to enjoy this. I worked each arm shoulder to fingers. Then her shoulder blades, rib cage and low back. That ass was too much of a temptation & concentration breaker. I moved to the feet, ankles, calves, thighs (back, outside, Then inside) My ridged cock was throbbing as I took her right cheek in my hands and made every attempt to massage as I had felt massage ther****t do to me. Ah, the left side. Well I said full body, so I guess you’ll have to roll over. I tried not to look at her directly, as I knew the massage would end. I did notice a wet spit where her hips had been. I reached for a foot, and she playfully pulled it away. Looking right at my stiff cock, she said, seems something has grown a bit since the shower. O grabbed her foot and said That is your fault, and worked each toe, top & arch, the shin, then the other one. Left thigh, center, outside, inside, and she spread so I could work the muscles better & go higher. Emoji right thigh, center, outside, inside….. a scent reached my nose & caused my stiff to twitch. Hand, palm, wrist, forearm bicep, shoulder, other arm, collar bones, ribcage, stomach area, I looked at her, she’s looking str8 at me smiling. You said full body didn’t you. I smiled, temples, cheek bones scalp, chin. Puppies she said, massage my tits. My hands cupped underneath one and moved slowly around the outer curve with each hand. meeting at the top i looked at her hard firm nipples. I did the same maneuver on the other side. Looked at the nipples once again, placed a a thumb & finger on each, rolled ’em and lost control, my mouth was kissing and sucking one, while my hand worked the other, back & forth, savoring the touch, smell and texture of her breast. She lightly moaned. Then said, Full body huh, haven’t touched my pussy. My hand shot down quicker than I thought I could move it. I pinched her outer lips between the back of my fingers. The heat & moisture was very noticeable. My fingers were soon exploring inside, up down, left, right – then in and out slowly, as her whimpers increased, so did my speed. Soon she arched her back, sighed, and began to tremble, the temperature and wetness suddenly increased. I slid up her body enjoying the skin on skin feeling. Then the sensation of her boobs being pressed against my chest. Finally her lips meeting mine, this time a hot passionate kiss. Her hands gently pushed against my shoulders and I eased back on the bed.

Her hand gripped my shaft, she stroked it gently, she smiled, this wasn’t part of the agreement, hope you’ll forgive me. Her mouth replaced her hand, lips, tongue & throat encased my cock. Her hand found my scrotum and caressed me as that mouth was getting me on edge. She dragged her tits across my thigh to reposition. Now the silhouette of her body was there for me to view, shapely legs, nice ass, torso, & those breast swaying with the movement of her up & down on my cock. I reached the closest one, hefted it in my palm, the aroused nipple pressing into it. That & a glance at that pretty face sucking my cock sent me into a euphoric orgasm, I didn’t have the chance to warn her, but she didn’t pull away and swallowed every shot of sperm I released. She lifted her head and said, As aroused as you were, I couldn’t let you try to pleasure me with that distraction. May sound selfish, but it’s been along time since I’ve enjoyed an oral climax. I pulled her up tome, kissed her and said, I’ll do my best, & Thank you, wow that felt great. I kissed my way down her neck, breast & naval. Stopped looked at her & said, If you want me higher, lower, faster, slower, left or right, just let me know. I am here to please you. I lowered, inhaled deeply, she may think this is all for her, but i enjoy a wet chin very much. I kissed her pussy, just as i would her mouth. Then slowly licked, lapped and kissed the length, left & right. Suckled her pussy lips into my mouth and ran my tongue over them. My tongue then went in as far as I could push it, savoring the taste of this woman. Yesssss, I heard her hiss. I lapped her inner walls almost cumming myself with excitement. Oh how I’ve dreamped of pleasuring this lady. Her hips were moving along with my face. OH Fuck, you do it good. I moved up dragging my flattened tounge the whole length, then at the top started kissing her clit. She moaned. I eased two fingers into her beneath my chin, slid them in & out a few times. Then began to flick my tongue rapidly across her magic button, as I buried my fingers deep, & started rubbing the back side of her pelvic bone. She lifted her butt high of the bed, grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me deeper into her pussy. I slid my wet fingers from her pussy & buried them in her ass. She shook, trembled & sighed. Then let out an AHhhhh Ga OHhhh, My face was flooded with the most forceful female ejaculation I ever felt. Her grip eased on my hair, her butt returned to the bed, her thighs still quivered, & I took one more lick of her pussy. She moaned, & seemed to climax again.

I rolled to the side and watched her chest rise & fall as she breathed deeply. She faced me, your stories are great, but you eat pussy better than you write about it. Damn, I can not remember a climax that good, thank you. I held her close, kissed her, got up to go to the other bed. Where do you think you’re going? I didn’t just experience what I did to sleep alone.

Sound like this story will have a part two… ??

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