Some girls sulk and become depressed after having their heart broken. I can’t do that. I’ve wanted to just hide out in my house after but I just can’t let myself. I get angry and I get even. I’m very good at making people regret crossing me.

So, when I walked in on my boyfriend banging my best friend, yeah, heartbreak times two. They both scrambled after me, barely partially dressed and trying to catch up to me before I made it to the door. They thought I was leaving. I stopped when I opened the door and looked at them, I didn’t sob, but there were tears silently streaming down my cheeks. I was hurt, I was sad. But mostly, I was angry.

Bri tried to twist his choices into being my fault, “You’re never home anymore, we haven’t had sex in days, I was lonely, you’ve been so cold to me lately…” excuse after excuse just piled on one after the other without even really giving me a chance to respond if I had wanted to.

Tess just tried to apologize over and over, saying she made a mistake.

I laughed and they both got quiet, “A mistake?” I said to Tess, “Which mistake was the one that crossed the line for you? When you let him stick his dick in you? When you let him touch you? When you took your clothes off? Tell me Tess, which mistake are you apologizing for because from this side it looks like a string of intentional choices and the mistake was getting caught.”

I turned to Bri and just scoffed, “Not even man enough to own up to just wanting to fuck my best friend? She’s fucking hot and I know it. Just admit that you were turned on by her and you wanted to give it a go and didn’t think you’d get caught with your dick in her ass. You both realize that if you had told me you wanted to fuck each other I would have watched and neither of you would be out on your ass right now, right? Get the fuck out of my house, both of you.”

Bri tried to reason with me, “Can we at least get our stuff? Get dressed?”

I shook my head, “I’ll get your stuff back to you both by the end of the week. If you don’t give me an address by Friday I’ll put it in a storage unit and you can deal with it after that. But, no, for now, you both need to go and you should’ve thought about the clothing situation before fucking in my bed.”

I pushed them both out the door and slammed it behind them. Then felt guilty and grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch, opened the door and threw it at them before locking it behind them. I was fuming and sad and frustrated and just heartbroken. I’d been dating Bri for 3 years, Tess had been my best friend since middle school and she just threw it away for a, barely average on a good day, fuck.

I went to the bathroom and took off my work clothes then showered and got dressed again. I knew they’d still be in the hallway when I left, no matter how long it took me to get ready. They had no money to catch a cab and not enough clothing to go outside without getting arrested. I owned the entire top floor of the building so the apartment across the hall was empty as I was renovating it to rent it out. Which meant no one would see them as long as they stayed in the hallway.

I was partially ready to go out, I still had to finish my hair and makeup but I went back over to the front door and opened it.

Tess was under the blanket and Bri was standing beside her, leaning against the wall covering himself with his hands.
I sighed, “You have one night to get another living arrangement set up and if you fuck in my house again you will lose that privilege, understand?”

They both nodded and came back inside as I held the door open for them. I finished getting ready and Bri tried to grill me on where I was headed. “Out. You had your fun today, so now it’s my turn.”

“So you’re just going to go whore around to get even?” he scoffed as I shook my curls loose and let them fall over my shoulders then grabbed my jacket.

I shook my head, “Not at all. I’m going to go whore around because I can now.” I stopped as I was heading out the door and asked, “Hey, Bri, does Ty still work down at Amsterdam?”

Bri’s confidence dropped significantly as he looked me up and down. The look on his face told me all I needed to know. Yeah, his older brother still worked at the club, and I’d wager tonight was one of the nights he typically worked. On my way I texted Chase, Tess’s older brother, and sent him a picture of what I was wearing and a message that said to meet me downtown at Amsterdam.

When I walked in to the club Ty was behind the bar, his smile was almost as intoxicating as the drinks he was slinging. I sidled up to the bar and got his attention quickly, “When do you normally get off?” I asked.

His smile grew until he glanced my way and saw that his little brother’s girlfriend was the one that had asked the question. He leaned over to me and wagged his finger at me, “Shouldn’t you be at home with Bri?”

I shook my head, “Bri opted to fuck my best friend while I was at work today, so when do you normally get off?”

He scrunched up his face a little, “After my girl does!”

We’d run into each other at Bri’s family gatherings over the years and I knew he had a thing for me. He poured me a drink and I leaned up on the bar and gave him a peck on the cheek, near his lips. He blushed brightly and I sat back on the stool and sipped my drink. Ty kept stealing glances at me as he worked, his smirks turned to blushing grins every time I caught him.

About half an hour after I got there Chase came in and found me at the bar, he sat next to me and we chatted for a little while. Ty got a little visibly jealous and took his break shortly after Chase bought me a drink.

Ty sat down on the other side of me and I smiled to both of them, “Ty, this is Chase. He’s my best friend’s older brother who has had a crush on me since I first met him, what like 6, 7, years ago?”

Chase nodded and held his hand out to Ty, who took it reluctantly and I continued, “Chase, this is Ty. He’s Bri’s older brother who I’ve had a crush on since I first met him, what like 2 or 3 years ago?”

Ty’s eyebrow arched upward at my revelation, “You had a crush on me?” he asked.

I shrugged and smiled.

Ty spoke up first, “So what is this? Tess and Bri fuck and you want to get back at them by taunting their brothers?”

I shook my head, “Not at all, I want you both to come home with me and fuck me.”

Ty pulled back a little, “You what now?” he asked.

“I want you both to come home with me and fuck me. No strings attached. You can decide amongst yourselves if you want to have me at the same time, if you want it to be one on one in the room, or if you want to watch each other take turns fucking me.”

I started to hop off of the stool to let them talk and Chase grabbed my arm and stopped me, “Why do you want this? Last time I tried to hit on you, you shut me down.”

I shrugged, “Tess isn’t my sister anymore, so now I can see you as a very sexy blonde haired, blue eyed, tattooed guy with a big cock instead of looking at you like you’re kinda my brother.”

“And why me?” Ty asked.

I smiled, “Because Bri is already terribly jealous of you. He thinks you were flirting with me at Christmas last year and I can’t help but agree considering you stood under the mistletoe every chance you got and smiled every time you noticed that I noticed. And I know you wanted me to follow through on tradition because I wasn’t asleep when you pulled the blankets off of me in Bri’s bed and admired me as you jerked off onto my panties and thigh. What would you have done if Bri had woken up and caught you pleasuring yourself over his girlfriend’s body?”

Ty blushed a bit, “Why didn’t you say anything or stop me from cumming on you?” he asked.

I shrugged, “I just turned over after you left and rubbed your cum on Bri’s dick so he’d think he had a wet dream when he woke up. Your cum is much sweeter than your brother’s by the way.” Ty’s blush deepened at my admission and it made me smile.

Where Chase had the edgy preppy boy style to him, Ty had shoulder length black hair, ornate horror themed tattoos, and icy grey eyes. Ty fit into the alt-style of the bar and Chase stood out from the other patrons with his slight tan and not goth-styled clothing.

I looked back to Ty and kissed him on the lips, smiling as I pulled away and turned to Chase, repeating the gesture on his lips. I had a hand on each of their upper thighs, rubbing them gently and looked back and forth between them, “My preference would be both of you at the same time. But you each have to decide for yourselves if you want me to be more than a masturbatory fantasy because either you both come home with me or neither of you do.”

Ty swallowed hard and Chase audibly whined.

I took my drink over to a small table and watched them talking to one another and looking back at me every now and then and shifting uncomfortably on their seats before shaking hands and nodding in solidarity. They both approached me and Ty smiled, “I’m off in an hour, then we can all go back to your place?”

I nodded and bit my lip as Chase sat in the chair across from me. He looked me over and smirked as I swirled my drink around, “Tess and Bri are still at your house aren’t they?” he asked.

I raised my eyebrows and shrugged, “Maybe.”

“She’s going to kill me. You know she threatened to cut my dick off if I didn’t stop looking at you at her birthday party a few years ago? She said I wasn’t allowed to touch you, that your friendship with her was too important to get fucked up because her brother was a horny asshole.”

“Maybe someone should’ve reminded her of that before she got on her hands and knees for my boyfriend,” I shot back.
He nodded, “Fair enough. You realize this is going to mean no repairing the rift between you and Tess?”

I nodded, “Maybe I’ll let you fuck me by yourself around her birthday and be your plus one to the family get together.”
“Damn Jess, are you trying to get my family to lynch me?” he asked with a laugh.

I smiled and looked to the table, “Maybe you can finally get that blowjob in your bedroom with your parents and sister sleeping down the hall like you tried to get from me when I was…”

He put his finger to my lips and shushed me, “Do you want me to fuck you tonight or just blow a load in my pants while you taunt me here?”

I arched my eyebrow and raised my eyes to him, “Can’t we do both?”

He grumbled a little and looked me over, “We could but I’d rather not leave here with a wet spot on my pants. You’re supposed to want to get back at my sister, not me.”

We drank and just chatted. Chase kept trying to remind me that Tess and I were supposed to always be best friends, we’d made a pact years ago that we’d forgive any mistakes and learn from them. He knew it was his opportunity to fuck me, something he’d wanted to do since the first sleepover I went to at Tess’s house, but he also loved his sister and knew it was him betraying her as much as me intentionally hurting her. He gave up on swaying me to forgive her shortly before Ty came back over to us.

I was very drunk, but not pass out drunk, just ‘might dance on the tables without my clothes on if given a chance’ drunk. Ty and Chase helped me out to my car, which Ty drove as he was the only one that hadn’t had anything to drink, and when we got back to my house I almost chickened out. Even Ty and Chase were having some second thoughts.

“Can she even consent like this?” Ty asked as he looked to Chase and they helped me get out of my car.

I scowled at him, “Yes, I can. I don’t think I can get drunk enough in an hour and a half to be unable to consent unless I was also on the verge of severe alcohol poisoning. Don’t ask other people what I can and cannot do, I’m right here.” I may have slurred a little more than I’m letting on here, but you get the idea.

They helped me back upstairs and I fumbled with the key a little then stopped and looked from Ty to Chase and back again, “Did you decide if it’s going to be a group effort or what?”

“That’s what you wanted,” Chase said, “and I think we both agreed that we want to give you what you want.”

Ty stroked my hair as I turned the key in the lock and we went inside. Bri and Tess were sitting on the couch, they’d clearly been arguing as Tess had her arms crossed over her chest and Bri had his hands on his head as if extremely frustrated, but both were fully dressed. They turned towards the door as I came in, Ty and Chase just behind me.

Bri was fuming when he saw Ty’s hand on my hip. Tess just looked confused as she took in her brother helping me stay upright. “Have you two started packing yet?” I asked as the three of us walked behind them.

“Jess,” Bri sighed as he got off the couch and ran over in front of me. He was staring his older brother down, clearly annoyed, “Don’t do this. Don’t drive a wedge between me and my brother, please?”

I looked to Ty and ran my fingertips over his lips as I brought my eyes back to Bri, “You made your choice, now I get to make mine.”

Bri grabbed my wrist and twisted my hand away from his brother. I cried out as he pushed me to the ground, “If you want to be a whore, go be one, but leave my family out of it,” he spat at me.

Ty shoved Bri away from me, “Don’t,” he said.

Bri scoffed, “She’s my girlfriend.”

“Ex-girlfriend,” Chase corrected him.

“Who the fuck are you anyway?” Bri demanded as he walked towards Chase.

“My brother,” Tess said finally. She shook her head, “Really Jess? Don’t you think being this petty is beneath you?”

“Not really,” I said. “Bri, this is Chase. Chase is Tess’s older brother and he’s wanted to hook up with me for quite a few years but Tess forbid it. Tess, this is Ty. Ty is Bri’s older brother he…well he made it known to me last Christmas that he was interested. Sadly I chose to be faithful to Bri and not entertain the idea.”

Bri lunged at his brother, “You son of a bitch,” he started. Ty dodged easily and Bri fell to the ground.

Bri looked back to Ty and I saw what may have been tears in his eyes for the first time since I started dating him. Ty just glared at his brother, “Stay down,” he said sternly.

Bri looked back down to the ground and essentially caved to his older brother. Tess’s lip was quivering as she looked around the room at everyone, “This is cold, Jess. You could fuck anyone to get back at us, why our family?”

I looked away from her for a second then back to her, “The two of you were my family. And now, whether you stay here for the night or leave, you’re going to have the image of me fucking your brothers in each of your heads.” I looked to Bri and smiled, “Both of them at the same time.”

I took Chase and Ty by the hand and led them down the hall to my bedroom and slammed the door behind us. I leaned back against the door and put my hand up to my head. It was reeling. Both Ty and Chase could tell I was feeling overwhelmed by the confrontation.

Ty knelt down in front of me, “We don’t have to do anything, we can just fake it and make them think it’s happening.”
Chase rubbed my wrist, a bruise was forming on it where Bri had twisted it, “What do you want us to do Jess?”
I looked up at them, “How do you want me?”

Ty looked to Chase then kissed me. His hand slid down my body and he helped me up to my feet.

“First we want you naked and on the bed so we can get you relaxed and ready,” Ty was standing behind me as he spoke and Chase stood in front of me as the three of us made our way towards my bed. “Then I’m going to kneel behind you and you’re going to sit on Chase’s lap. Has my brother ever fucked your ass, Jess?” he asked.

I shook my head, “I’ve never done that at all before.”

I felt him smile as he kissed down along my neck, “Would you like to?” he asked.

I nodded and Chase started lifting my dress up, slowly exposing my body to both of them. I hadn’t worn a bra when I went out, but I did have on a thong. Ty cupped my bare breasts in his hands as Chase finished pulling my dress off over my head, he seemed to enjoy the weight of my tits in his palms. Mine weren’t exceptionally large or anything. Tess’s were bigger, but hers were also bought. Mine nicely filled out a 34D bra naturally.

Chase kissed my lips and slid his hand over my panties. They worked together to undress me, each taking a turn squeezing and groping my breasts or turning my head towards them to kiss me. Ty lifted me up onto the bed and I crawled towards the middle of it as he hooked his fingers in the waist of my panties and pulled them off of me.

I was still kneeling as I watched them undress themselves before they climbed up onto the bed with me. Ty had a large number of tattoos going up his left arm, across his chest and back and down his right leg. Chase’s tattoos were less intricate than Ty’s horror icon sleeve and movie scenery images going across his body, but I still found them extremely sexy as they covered most of his torso and arms in more classic designs.

I had exactly one tattoo on my lower right hip bone, Mine and Tess’s initials, TJ, in a heart. Tess had the same tattoo on the opposite hip. Ty pulled me up into a kneeling position, my back against his chest as he stroked his cock between my thighs. His lips stayed close to my ear and neck, moaning softly as I tightened my thighs around his dick. Chase was a little preoccupied with his mouth clamped over my left breast, so I reached my hand down to him and stroked his cock with my uninjured hand.

He shivered and looked up at me and I smiled. They both moved and guided me onto my back on the bed, Ty angled himself above my head and I opened my lips to accept his dick in my mouth. He was quite a bit thicker than his brother and just a little longer as well.

Chase spread my legs apart and lowered his lips to my pussy, causing me to moan with Ty’s dick down my throat. Ty moaned and grasped the back of my neck, lifting my head just enough to let him slide deeper into my throat.

They were both deliberate and gentle, Ty pulled himself from my mouth and then leaned down and kissed me deeply, his fingers slid down between my legs, rubbing and caressing me as Chase climbed up and took Ty’s position at my head and Ty climbed down between my legs. Chase wasn’t as thick as Ty but he was longer than him so I had just a little bit of trouble when he tried to get his dick all the way down my throat.

Again, his movements in my mouth were slow and deliberate, coating his dick in my saliva and ensuring he was rock hard. I squirmed as I felt Ty lift my hips and lick around my asshole. Chase watched him and moaned as he saw my stomach tighten in response to a kind of stimuli I wasn’t accustomed to. Chase pulled his dick from my mouth and I gasped to catch my breath.

“Do you have any lube, Jess?” Chase asked as he watched Ty lick his middle finger and began to probe my ass with it.

My instinct was to pull away but Ty held my hip in place, preventing me from resisting too much. I motioned to a table beside the bed and Chase pulled it open a small clear bottle of liquid lay inside, along with a few various toys. Chase pulled all of them out and lay them on the bed beside me.

Ty smiled and grabbed a very thin but long vibrator and coated the top third in a thin coat of lubricant. He put it on to the lightest setting and began to work on actually penetrating my ass with the toy. Chase watched intently and picked up the little remote controlled egg that Bri had gotten me for our last anniversary. He gently slid it up and down my clit, again setting it to the lightest vibration setting and making me squirm and moan.

“Have you ever squirted, Jess?” Chase asked as he picked up a second vibrator, a thicker model than Ty had at my ass and set it to a slightly higher speed than the other two toys were at.

My voice was unintentionally sultry as I fought back moans that wanted to be screams of pleasure, “No,” was all I could manage to get out between my gasps and moans.

He slid the thicker vibe into my pussy and angled it up towards my bladder. I whimpered and squirmed and held out until I felt Ty increase the power of his vibe. The little bullet in one of Chase’s hands was suddenly brought to the maximum intensity and he began to move the thicker vibe in my pussy, up and down the front wall of my vagina. My back arched and I almost felt like I bent in half backwards as I cried out loudly, “Oh my God!”

They each smiled and pulled the toys from me and lifted me off the bed, which now had a large wet spot where I’d been lying. I assumed they got what they wanted out of me with that. Ty climbed behind me, just as he said he would, and Chase knelt in front of me, his cock head was almost purple. He was so anxious to get himself in me I wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle more than a few strokes before he exploded. Ty’s dick and fingers were slicked with a thick layer of the lubricant as he slowly poked and pushed himself into my ass until I accepted him. He groaned as he slid into me.

He helped Chase lift me up over his dick and gently slid me onto his hard staff. Ty’s hands pulled my hair away from one side of my neck and gathered it to lay over my other shoulder as he thrust his dick in and out of my ass with slow and firm movements. Ty’s lips caressed my neck and nibbled on my ear, his hands moved over my chest, groping and squeezing my breasts.

Chase held my face with his hands on either side of my jaw, I tilted my head slightly and took his thumb between my lips, sucking on it as Ty lifted me up and pushed me back down onto Chase’s throbbing dick. Chase focused his efforts on rubbing my clit. I heard the bedroom door open and didn’t bother to look towards it. Instead I pulled my lips off of Chase’s thumb and turned my head towards Ty and kissed him. My arm wrapped around behind me and grasped at the back of Ty’s neck.

It wasn’t until I was nearing a second orgasm, Chase’s dick was dangerously close to explosion and I could see him straining to hold back, letting Ty set the pace, that I finally looked over towards the door to see Bri standing in the shadows, watching his brother fuck my ass and this other guy he didn’t know balls deep in my cunt. I started taking over control of the pace, fucking them just a little harder and faster than they’d been going. I leaned forward and put my hands on Chase’s chest.

I smiled at Chase and leaned down to kiss him and whispered in his ear, “You should know that I’m not on birth control, but I also want your cum to flood me,” I tugged on his earlobe gently with my teeth and he grabbed my hips and pulled me down against his cock hard enough to make me gasp as I felt the warmth and pressure of semen that had been aching to explode into me for quite some time.

My smile grew and I rode him as his hands trembled. Ty had noticed his brother in the shadows and was glad that Chase blew early. Chase changed positions so that he was sitting on the bed and Ty pushed my head and shoulders down to Chase’s chest as he began to thrust deep and hard in my ass. I kept wanting to lower myself down and he would smack my ass and pull me by my hips back up.

I wanted him to cum in me too, but he had other ideas as when he got close to exploding he pulled out of me and quickly turned me onto my back, thick creamy ropes of his cum dotted my inner thigh, but most of it landed on my clit and at my already cum soaked cunt opening. Ty got up and walked out of my bedroom and across the hall to the bathroom, pushing right past Bri to go clean his dick off.

I started sucking on Chase again, hoping to get him going again when Ty came back into the room and sat on the edge of the bed before pulling me over onto his lap. He had me facing away from him, my back to his chest and he pushed his still rock solid dick into my well lubed pussy. I moaned and squirmed on his lap. Ty groped my breasts and kissed my neck and I realized he was taunting his younger brother with intense views of my body arching and squirming in a way he had never evoked from me.

Ty pulled my hair and turned my head towards him, kissing me deeply as he pressed his hand on my lower abdomen and rubbed it. I felt him tense up and I smiled, knowing full well that he’d just cum in my pussy and I was positive he only did it because he’d heard what I told Chase.

After his cock stopped twitching in me he rubbed his hand up my neck and gripped it firmly, his lips lingered at my ear as he whispered, “He’s the one you want to punish, right? Let him know his big brother is just getting started with your pretty body, stand in front of me and bend over so he can see our cum running down your thigh, suck my cock and then I’ll help you kneel on the bed so you can get Chase nice and hard again while I fuck your cunt until you scream my name and beg me to knock you up. Then Chase is going to fuck your pussy again but he’s going to finish in your ass this time.”

I climbed off of his cock and bent over at the waist, lowering my lips all the way down his dick as he moaned and grasped my ass, squeezing and spreading my cheeks and pussy so his brother could see the creamy fluid spilling from my cunt and trailing down my inner thighs. Bri stayed and watched the whole time He tried to intimidate his brother by being there, by making his presence known, but if anything it just made Ty fuck me a little harder and deeper than I think he otherwise would have.

As much as I enjoyed Chase, and I’m certain Chase enjoyed me, he saw how Bri was reacting to Ty fucking me specifically, so he mostly just helped Ty hold me up and spread my legs farther than I thought possible. I still kissed Chase and sucked his cock, but Bri wasn’t getting as angry when Chase fucked me as he did when Ty did.

When all was said and done I lay back on the bed, sore and well fucked by both of them, Bri still stewed in the corner, so I looked at him then I looked back at Ty, “Are you going to invite me to Christmas so I can kiss you when I catch you under the mistletoe this time?”

Ty grinned and wrapped his arms around me as he spoke, “Definitely. This year I’ll be cumming in you instead of just on you while you pretend to sleep though,” he turned his gaze towards Bri and ran his hand up my inner thigh as he kissed my neck. “Thank-you, little brother. I hope that whatever compelled you to cheat on her was worth it for you.”

Bri scoffed, “She gets frigid after a few years and you’ll look elsewhere too.”

I shook my head, “No, Bri, I didn’t get frigid, I masturbated nearly daily, you just weren’t very good at pleasing me and I got sick of mediocre and repetitive sex. I don’t think that’ll be an issue anymore,” I said just before I kissed Ty deeply.
Bri left and Chase leaned over to kiss me, “I get that you just completely used me to get back at my sister and…”

I kissed him deeply and shut him up before pulling away and smiling, “I don’t think this has to be a one time thing.”

I looked back to Ty as he stroked my hair behind my ear and down my back, he looked to Chase, “I think more exploration and experimentation is in order to see if his has the potential to be something really special.”

Chase shook his head, “I don’t think so,” he kissed the back of my hand and smiled at me, “You weren’t fucking me like you were fucking him. You don’t have to try to force something for my benefit. I was going to say, I know you used me to get back at my sister and I’m perfectly fine with that. My itch was scratched and I think yours was too, Jess. We just don’t have the chemistry that you two do.”

He leaned over and kissed me again then whispered to me, “I hope you fucking destroy Bri’s heart, but I also hope you and Tess can make up eventually. I think I’m going to miss having my second little sister around more than anything sexual you could offer me.”

I nodded and looked to the bedroom door, “She really hurt me.”

He smiled at me, “I know. But you’re a very good person and you know as well as I do she’s very easily manipulated. What are the odds that this was her idea vs his? Give yourself some time, but hear her out at some point, that’s all I ask.”

I smiled at him, “I’ll try.”

He got up and started getting dressed, “In the meantime, how is this going to go over with Bri’s family? Aren’t they going to freak if you start dating his girlfriend?”

Ty shook his head, “Not once I tell my parents what he did. My dad already knows I had a thing for Jess. I got a stern talking to last Christmas, apparently my attempts to get her to kiss me weren’t as subtle as I thought they were,” he laughed a little as he said it.

I grabbed the sheet from the bed and wrapped myself in it as I followed Chase out into the living room. Ty didn’t bother to cover himself up, just stayed right behind me, his arm lay across my chest and he held me close. Tess was sitting in a chair by the front door, clearly crying and Chase went over to her and pulled her to her feet.

He looked back to me and smiled as he guided his sister out of my apartment. He would go downstairs with her and they would get into her car and they would talk about what happened before he dropped her off at their parents’ house and promised that he would be going straight home and not back to me.

Brian lashed out at Ty after Tess and Chase left, “Why’d you go along with this? What did I do to you that made this seem like a fair punishment?” he half-yelled and half-asked.

Ty shrugged, “Why’d you fuck the one person you knew would absolutely crush her?”

Brian looked to the ground and nodded, “Yeah, I’m an asshole, that’s already been established, but you’re my fucking brother. My girlfriends, current or former, should be off limits just as a fucking courtesy.”

Ty shook his head and pulled me back tighter against his chest, “Courtesy is void if you break her heart little brother.”

“You’re like twice her age, it’s gross,” Bri was getting desperate to find a reason he shouldn’t have fucked me.

Ty looked down at me, “Yeah, I’m okay with it. Look, it’s not my fault you’re having regrets now. If you didn’t want someone else to fuck her you probably should have kept your dick out of her best friend.”

“You’re not just someone else, you’re my brother. That’s supposed to matter,” Brian said.

Ty gathered my hair up in his hands and pulled it away from my neck so he could kiss my neck while looking at his brother, “It should matter,” he said as he kissed my neck again, “but honestly, this is the third girlfriend I know of that you’ve fucked around on. It just so happens that I was very attracted to this particular girlfriend myself and she approached me. I will happily be her rebound and help her see how she really deserves to be treated by a guy, should she decide she’s tired of using my dick to get back at you.”

Ty ran his hand down my arm to the bruise on my wrist, “This resolved any hesitation I had in fucking her, by the way. Now, Jess and I are going to go take a bath together, so why don’t you get some money out of my wallet in my pants in her bedroom and just go somewhere else for the night while I continue to fuck away the pain you caused.”

His hand slid under the sheet and down between my legs as he stared Brian down. Ty could be a little intimidating both in demeanor and appearance. Brian backed down and left me in his brother’s grip.

Ty lived up to his promise and for the rest of the night Brian was a distant memory replaced by pleasure and unrestrained fulfillment of lust.

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