Well I named it vortex as it was like a whirlpool so exciting and then it disappeared we lost touch (it’s a shame I know lol)

This happened a few years ago, I was on an online chat site and I started talking with this girl , it was normal talk nothing sexy etc. After some time we exchanged emails and we started texting on google hangouts (btw far better than here, the technical team at Xhamster needs to pull their socks and fix things so we can enjoy the online chat/calls etc lol). We were talking of life, she said she was seeing someone far off but not exactly a bf and she was single and they had never met. I was telling I am alone too and I know how long distance can suck etc, as we kept talking, we came into topic of sex. I told her I am not sure I want to tell you but I have a lot of fantasies and you may not like them.

She said its all good and she wanted to know. I told her I love to control and dominate women in bed, I said I enjoy extreme control. She got so interested and kept asking me tell me more details etc, so I said I will love to call you names like slut, bitch, whore etc, have you on a collar and leash, cum on you, piss on you and control your orgasm.

She said she wanted all that except for the piss, I said I am not into uncosented things and I won’t do it unless she enjoys. I told her it will be hot if she begged me not too, she was getting turned on bit by bit and she told me , she wanted me to dominate her on call. (I love it a lot better when the girl initiates the sex, shows how badly she wants to be a good whore). Also She was only 19 almost 20. She sent me a pic of her, saying she was Vietnamese, she looked a lot sexy and young. (Deleted the pic immediately, so don’t ask me, I don’t like saving anyone’s private stuff not my style I want it 100% discrete). She had long hair, was lean , wheatish and looked great to imagine as a submissive on her knees and her voice was gold so sweet and sexy. (Wish I can hear it again now, was one of the best sexual experiences ever).

So I started slow, asked her to get naked and on her knees, I told her to call me sir.She said “yes sir, may I please touch myself” and it got me so hard already and I said “No my slut, beg for it”. Knowing what I enjoyed, she started calling herself a slut etc, she told me things like “I will be a good whore sir, please I beg you to touch myself, I am so wet”. I teased her for a while , asked her how she will give a blowjob, she was so turned on moaning and begging me, so kinky and so amazing.

Then I let her touch herself, I told her to go slow with 2 fingers as I told her how I will like to slap her and facefuck her, she was getting close and I made her stop and go on all fours and crawl around. She was getting so wet again, I told her now to spank her ass hard ten times and call herself a whore, a cumslut and beg for my cum. She spanked herself so hard calling herself a whore etc , she left moans each time. Then I asked her to spank her wet pussy and rub her clit, she couldn’t take it anymore she said “Please sir, fuck me , fuck your whore”. “I will do whatever you tell, I want it give it to me please”. I told her now to use three fingers and rub her clit, she was begging me so bad on her knees, to let her orgasm. I told her to stop and made her rub her juices all over her face and lick it all clean.She said “Sir, the next time I touch I will orgasm sir, I can’t control it anymore”, “I am your slave Master please let your whore cum”.She finally said please i want it and she will even drink my piss, I said its all good and I teased her a bit for few more minutes and let her cum as she kept begging for me to cum on her face and swallow. She came 3 times continuously and she said she has never ever felt like this before. She said this was the best ever orgasm and she wanted it again and again so bad and said “Thank you Master”.

unfortunately the email got deleted and I never found her again, she was one of the best ever and I thank her again

Hope you all enjoyed it

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