Ben wasn’t sure if was the shitty night’s sleep or the shock of his mother jerking him off that morning, or both more than likely, that had him totally distracted all day. He spent most of it with a sense of being outside himself, watching himself drift through the day in a fog. He also spent most of the day with a major erection problem. If he thought about his mother, his cock got hard. If he thought about his sisters, his cock got hard. His sisters didn’t even do anything, but he still got a boner when they crossed his mind. If he tried to concentrate on his work or school, his cock still got hard, because his mind always drifted back to this morning watching his mother stroke his cock like it was just another part of her daily routine. He could not get out of his mind the look on her face, either. Satisfied, content, loving – not really a horny expression filled with lust or anything like that – just pleased that she could please him and meet his needs at that moment. Then he thought about her large, free breast under her gown rubbing against him as she stroked him off. Thinking about that nearly made him cum in his jeans. Then he got to thinking about her words as they parted for the day – something about making sure he didn’t have any more nights like last night. What did she mean by that? Was she going to stroke him off every night before bed? Surely she wasn’t going to be ready to make him shoot a load every time he got a boner! She wouldn’t get anything else done!

He didn’t think the day would ever end. And when he finally finished up his evening job, he wasn’t sure how he felt about going home. Would it be awkward? Would he feel embarrassed? Would his mom be cool and business-like to put some distance between them again? He thought about calling a friend to see if he could just crash there for the night instead of facing his mother. He knew that as soon as he got home, no matter her mood or demeanor toward him, he would get another erection. And if she noticed, it could cause any one of a variety of shit storms. Ultimately Ben decided it was best to go home and face whatever waited for him. He rationalized that it was his mother that made the first move and did what she did of her own free will, so he had nothing to be ashamed of and if she regretted it, he was more than willing to assure her that he would never mention it again and that his feelings about her were only stronger and his opinion of her was only higher for what she had been willing to do for him.

When he walked in the door, he heard the clatter of dishes in the kitchen and followed the noise to find his sisters cleaning up after dinner. It was 8:30, later than usual for him to get home. Rather than getting a ration of shit from his sisters about not making any messes at this late hour like most sisters would serve up, Mindy suggested he sit down and she would bring him his warmed over dinner.

“Longer day than usual, Bro. Tough one?” Mindy asked genuinely interested.

“Yeah, but no more difficult than anyone else’s, I am sure.” he responded. “Thanks for asking. And thank you for saving me some dinner and serving it up for me.”

“We all have to stick together and help each other out, Bro.” Mindy gave him a warm smile and suggested that he put his dishes in the sink when he was done.

Beth, in her usual lighthearted way, gave him a playful verbal poke in the ribs. “I’m sure he had a rough day dicking his bimbo English professor. Takes a lot out of a guy having to fight through Shakespeare, Dickens and Robert Frost to bury his bone in her!”

“Very funny, Beth. Just because you study with your feet behind your head doesn’t mean we all do.” Ben shot back just as jokingly as Beth had dished it out. He got a face full of dish towel just as he was taking a bite. His food ended up stuck to his forehead and all three got big laugh out of the whole scene. Ben relaxed and appreciated the fact that he really liked his sisters and that they all got along well and enjoyed being together.

“Where’s mom? She working late tonight?” Ben asked, realizing he had not seen her yet.

“No, she’s in her room relaxing. Said something about having a long day and asked us to take care of you when you got home and to clean up after dinner. That’s not like her, you know? I hope she isn’t getting sick or something,” Mindy said with a slight frown of concern on her face. She was always the one to worry and let whatever was on her mind scroll across her face. She didn’t always verbalize every thought, but one could always tell when she had something on her mind. “She did say that she wanted to talk to you when you got home if it wasn’t too late when you got here.”

Ben could feel the blood drain from his face as she spoke and his cock twitched as if it didn’t know whether to stand up, ready for action, or crawl between his legs in self-defense. Beth noticed the odd look on her brother’s face.

“Are you alright? You suddenly look like you just saw a ghost!”

“I’m fine, Beth. Something I just remembered and was afraid it was too late, but I also just realized that I have more time. An assignment – but the instructor gave us all an extension. I’m good.”

Beth raised an eyebrow, doubting his lame ass explanation, but let it rest.

“Well, the women of the house are all retiring to our rooms for study and masturbation before bed, so you are on your own for anything else you need,” Beth said flippantly, as if everyone announces they plan to study and masturbate. Mindy shook her head, as she often did, at the statement coming from her sister’s mouth.

“I’ll be studying, she’ll be masturbating. That is how it usually works in the evenings around here,” Mindy corrected.

Beth stuck her tongue out at Mindy as she walked by.

“Beth, I’m going to take you up on that offer. Maybe tonight you can use that tongue for something other than licking your lips.” Mindy said in one her more playful moments.

“Ooh, Sis, that sounds like fun! Willing to reciprocate?”

“Maybe.” Mindy said with a devilish smile on her face.

“Then don’t wait too long. Come get it while it is wet.”

Ben was laughing hard by now at the unusual banter. No one talked like that in the house when mom was present, so it was kind of refreshing. It also made his dick stiff, which was nothing new. It ached from being hard so many times today with no relief since the early morning hours.

Ben walked down the hall, in the opposite direction of his and his sisters’ bedrooms, and tapped on his mother’s bedroom door.

“Come in,” said his mom. “Hi son. Long day?” she said with a smile and absolutely no hint of any lingering thoughts from this morning’s unusual turn of events.

His mother was propped up in bed, reading a book. Her covers were pulled up under her arms, covering her chest. Her shoulders were bare, which he noticed only because he could not ever remember seeing her shoulders bare before – except maybe on the rare occasion they were at the pool or beach and she was wearing a one piece bathing suit. Even then, her swim suit had shoulder straps. And he couldn’t help realizing that she had slim, graceful, broad shoulders that gave her an elegant look to go with her elegant looking face. Her hair was down, not quite reaching her shoulders, so it framed her face in a way that somehow made her look younger. She was developing laugh lines around the eyes, so they combined with her smile to give her a warm, loving expression as he walked toward her bed.

“Pull up the chair over there and sit next to me. I think we should talk a little before we call it a night, Ben.”

“Oh oh,” Ben thought to himself. “This is where things get dicey. Just keep the right head focused on the right things here and it will all be okay.” He felt as if he had spoken the words out loud rather than just to himself. He pulled the chair – one of the spare kitchen chairs his mom used when getting dressed – up to her bed so that he was sitting facing her. She put her book down and rested her right hand on his thigh just above the knee. It was not a sexual move at all, but more of a comforting, parental gesture.

“Son, I want to apologize for this morning. I should have discussed the situation with you before I just jumped in and took matters into my own hands like that, so to speak.” She nearly chuckled at her play on words. “It wasn’t right for me to take advantage of you like that.”

“You?…Take advantage of me?…Are you serious?” Ben asked as if they were not talking about the same event. “Mom, that was the best thing that has happened to me in months!”

A tear immediately welled up in his mother’s eye as he spoke with such honesty and appreciation.

“Mom, I almost tried to find a reason not to come home tonight because I thought we would both be dealing with a whole lot of guilt. Especially me for feeling like I have all day, hardly getting it all out of my mind. I thought you were sacrificing your dignity to meet my stupid…you know.”

“Sacrifice? Seriously?” his mom stared at him in amazement. “Do you think I would do something like that just for some stupid?…you know. Son, that is exactly what we need to talk about. You see, right or wrong, I wanted to do that. I watched you off and on all night last night and all I could think about was satisfying your needs. I should not have wanted to but I did want to. That is why I am apologizing. But I also want to…” she stopped for a moment, a couple of tears running down her face, and she finally mustered up the courage to continue…”but I also want you to know that if you enjoyed that and would not think less of me, there is more where that came from. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yeah, I think so. You are saying that you would do it for me again if I wanted you to.”

“Son, I am saying that and then some. I know what your day has been like. My day was the same as yours. We don’t have to finish this conversation tonight. As long as I know you are okay with what happened, then I will rest well.”

“Mom, I am more than okay with what happened. All day long I was hoping against hope that it might happen again.”

“Well, then, my fine young man, I suggest you go make sure your sisters are preoccupied enough with their studies or whatever they are up to, then come back, lock my door, and join me in bed for awhile.”

Ben eased out of the chair, walked quietly – nearly on three legs thanks to his erection – and checked on his sisters as covertly as he could. Through the door, he could hear some moaning and nearly snickered at the thought of them eating each other into orgasmic pleasure.

He tiptoed back to his mother’s room, locked the door after entering, and proceeded to undress. He was not shy in the least, letting his manhood protrude in all it’s glory in plain sight for his mother to gaze upon. He crawled into bed next to her, laid back to relax, waiting for her sensual touch to send him into orbit.

“Before I do that for you, I think there should be a little “playtime” first,” she said as she pulled the covers down to her waist. “I think we should do a little kissing and you should get familiar with my tits.” she said as she bared her large, round orbs in front of him. “Let’s see if you can handle pleasing me through these.”

Ben reached over and kissed his mother on the lips, which parted, inviting his tongue into her mouth. She put her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him tight against her face, and their tongues intertwined for several minutes. As their kisses deepened, he reached out and found one of her tits, cupping it, squeezing it gently, slowly beginning to tweak the nipple until it hardened and she began to moan into his mouth. She broke the kiss and laid back, allowing him to focus all of his attention on her tits, squeezing them in different ways, lightly pinching and twisting her nipples, sucking and lightly chewing on them. Her moans got louder and louder and she finally covered her mouth with one hand while the other ran through his hair back and forth. He got a little more bold and slid a free hand down her abdomen and between her legs to find that she was totally naked under the covers. His fingers found the fleshy mound and the damp spot between her legs and began to rub it. He had never touched a pussy before, but he instinctively seemed to know what to do and her moans indicated he was on the right track. He fingered her for several minutes, still sucking on her nipples, until her back arched and he had to work at holding her in place enough that she didn’t fall out of bed as an orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave. Her hands covered her face and mouth, her nipples doubled in size as the erected even further and her ass cheeks tightened as her muscles contracted. The tidal wave concluded its ferocious path through her body and she finally settle back to a relaxed state.

“Fuck, I needed that!” she said, out of breath.

Ben had never heard his mother drop the f-bomb before and was both shocked and amused at this woman who had given birth to him and had finally just now shown how utterly human she was.

“Son, I want to you to straddle me and this time, I want you to tit fuck your mother until you cum. How does that sound?”

He smiled at her, with an impish grin on his face. “Sounds pretty tit-fucking good to me!”

“Watch your mouth,” she said playfully.

He straddled her and she spit some saliva on her hands to lube his cock a bit and then wrapped her large jugs around his cock as he began to thrust between them. He started slow and with each stroke forward his cock head would pop into view at the top side of her tits and then disappear as he pulled back. He continued this, until he began to pick up steam and a good rhythm. The bed was starting to squeak a little from the pace and his enthusiasm and Sara was beginning to worry that the girls would hear and investigate.

Ben was close though, so they had no reason to worry. He grunted and tilted his head back and muttered something unintelligible, then began to pump stream after thick stream of cum onto his mother’s chest. The first shot reached her neck and began to run in both directions like water seeking its own level. The second shot went nearly as far, joining the first and then the rest, ran out of his cock head and pooled between her tits. Sara took her son’s cock in her hand and rubbed it around in the pool and then rubbed his cock over her nipples and the insides of her tit flesh. She smiled as she pointed to her neck. “This is what is known as a “Pearl Necklace”, son. And from the feel of it, your first one is just about perfect!”

She got out of bed, paying no attention to her nakedness in front of her son, giving Ben a chance to admire her ample, yet firm, wonderful looking ass as she went for some tissues to clean up the mess he had made on her. They snuggled in bed for awhile, when his mother asked, “What is your work schedule like tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is my day off. No classes and no work, remember? Tomorrow is the one day each week I get caught up on my chores around here.”

“Ah, yes, so it is.” his mother said. “You know, I feel a migraine coming on. I think I will be staying home tomorrow to make sure you get ALL of your chores done. I don’t think you will even have to get dressed to do them.” Ben was rock hard again…

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