While Ben and his mother were discussing and then conducting their new dimension to their relationship, Mindy and Beth were beginning an exploration of their own.

Sharing a room made it convenient and they had observed each other openly as one would masturbate in front of the other or simply finger themselves regardless of whether the other was around or not. But this evening was different. They had bantered back and forth in the kitchen, in front of Ben no less, and both were in their own way, checking out the other’s willingness and interest in doing more than just watching each other finger themselves off.

“So, Mindy, just how serious were you about swapping head?” Beth asked in her usual, flirtatious way, wagging her tongue at Mindy suggestively as she taunted her sister.

“I’m just as serious as you are, Sis. If you want to stick your tongue up my kitty, I will stick mine up yours. Deal?” responded Mindy coyly.

“Maybe. But first I want us to get in the mood with a few questions to see how kinky we both really are. Willing to play it straight with me?” Beth asked with an ornery grin.

“Sticking my tongue in your kitty isn’t exactly playing it straight, Sis.” Mindy minced words with Beth.

“You know what I mean, Mindy.” Beth chided. “Come on, let’s get ourselves a little turned on by some true confessions.”

“Oh, okay. But, one requirement. Every time one of us answers a question with a “yes”, we have to remove a pice of clothing. That ought to stir us up a bit.”

“Fuck, yeah!” said Beth. “I’ll bet I end up naked before you have your shoes off.”

“Don’t be so sure about that!” Mindy challenged.

“Okay, first question,” said Beth. “Have you fucked before?”

“No, have you?” Mindy asked.


“Well, shit! This isn’t going to get us very far.” Beth said with disappointment. “Ever eat a pussy before?”

“No.” said Mindy, suddenly getting bored.

“Me either.” admitted Beth. “Okay, let’s get to the more hypothetical. Do you think mom is attractive – sexually speaking?”

“Yeah, I actually think she is kind of hot.” said Mindy honestly.

“Me too!” said Beth. “Okay, not we have it going. Off with the shoes and socks!”

Mindy asked the next question, “Would you like to have a sexual encounter with mom?”

Beth thought for a moment, “Okay, you are jumping right into the deep end aren’t you? Yes, I have even had fantasies about getting it on with mom.”

“Me too!” said Mindy. “Jeez, we are a couple of pervs, aren’t we?”

“Maybe,” Beth said with a smile. “But I bet she is actually a hot fuck.”

“Nah, I doubt she even remembers what sex is, let alone be able to do it anymore.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I have noticed the way she looks at Ben sometimes and I think she would fuck him if she thought she could get away with it. Oh, almost forgot, we both lose the shirts, Sis!”

Both removed their blouses, revealing their similar interest in lingerie. Beth wore a bright red lacy bra and Mindy was wearing a hot pink bra with similar lace trim.

“Next question, Mindy. Are you curious if our brother is hung or not?”

“Yes, I am and have been trying to figure out a way to find out without causing a scene.”

“Me too. I was thinking about “bumping” into him in the pool the next time we all go swimming and copping a feel.”

“That won’t work, swim trunks hide the jewels too well. You would have to sneak up on him in the morning and peek under the sheets when he has morning wood before he wakes up.” Mindy said as if she were an authority.

“Or peek in on him in the shower,” countered Beth.

“Well off with the pants,” said Mindy. Both shed their slacks revealing that each wore matching panties to go with their respective bras.

“My pussy is getting wet, Mindy. I hope you are as serious as I am.” Beth said lustfully as she walked up to Mindy, putting her arms around her and squeezing handfuls of Mindy’s ass.

Mindy returned the gesture. “Double or nothing. If you answer yes to the next question and I do the same, we finish undressing each other and get down to playing with the kitties.”

“I am sure the answer will be yes,” cooed Beth.

“Okay, you perverted little bitch,” Mindy said with a laugh. “Who would you fuck first, Ben or your last boyfriend?”

“Ooh, that is a tough one. Ben is better looking and I don’t know what either one of them swings between their legs, so I guess I would fuck our brother first.”

“Ding, ding, ding! We have two winners! So would I. So you finish undressing me and I will undress you and we will learn what each other tastes like.” Mindy, the quiet, shy type was taking charge of the evening. Beth put her arms around her sibling lover to be, and planted a wet deep kiss on her lips. They were lip-locked as Beth unhooked Mindy’s bra and slowly slipped it off of her shoulders. She broke the kiss and lowered herself to her knees and pulled Mindy’s panties to the floor. Then she ran her hands up Mindy’s slim, smooth legs, which started to tremble slightly. She kissed Mindy’s knees and then her thighs and then she kissed her pubic mound. Beth then stood up and cupped her sister’s firm C-cup breasts in both hands and massaged them gently. The nipples hardened and Mindy let out a low growl of pleasure.

Mindy then unhooked Beth’s bra and grabbed it in the middle between her tits and yanked it off in a modest show of roughness. Then she knelt down and slapped her sister’s ass as she grabbed her panties and pulled them off roughly. Beth was not ready for what happened next. Mindy pushed her straight back onto her bed and before Beth could recover, Mindy buried her face in Beth’s pussy, shoving her tongue in as far as she could in one stroke. Beth let out an uncontrolled shriek and quickly covered her mouth. Mindy laughed as she began lapping with total concentration at her sister’s sweet nectar and sucking feverishly on her clit. Beth grabbed two handfuls of Mindy’s hair and pulled her in as tight as she could and began humping her face. Beth through her legs over Mindy’s shoulders and crossed her feet, creating a natural spread to her legs, giving Mindy room to work.

Beth’s hands went from grabbing her sister’s hair to grabbing fistfuls of bed linens, her head shaking back and forth as the immediate intensity of her sister’s love making pushed her to the brink of orgasm almost more quickly than she realized what was actually happening. Mindy reached up around her sister’s legs and found two handfuls of soft tit flesh roughly the same size of her own, and squeezed hard and then grabbed her nipples and tugged hard on them. That was it. Beth soared into orgasm, humping hard against Mindy’s face and bucking up and down on the bed. Mindy nearly feared for her safety as she was getting whipsawed back and forth and up and down.

When Beth finally relaxed, she thought she would get a breather, but Mindy was not done with her sister. She spun her around on the bed so that Beth’s head was dangling off the side of the bed. Mindy grabbed Beth’s legs and lifted them up so that Beth’s body was resting on her shoulders. Mindy was standing up and went face down into Beth’s pussy again, working on it in reverse.

Beth was in for more than she bargained for as Mindy went after her pussy like a starving a****l, licking, fucking and fingering her sister, driving Beth up the wall. Beth was determined to regain some control by lifting her face and burying it Mindy’s cunt and started reaming her sister as rapidly as Mindy had done to her. Both were letting their young adult sexual tension spill out in one unmitigated sexual encounter. Mindy stiffened her legs to maintain her stance and responded by inserting a finger into Beth’s asshole, moistened by juices from Beth’s pussy.

Beth wrapped her airborne legs around Mindy’s head and pulled her down on the bed so that they were in the 69 position, where they resumed their feast on one another’s sloppy wet pussies. The two climaxed together, Mindy squirting all over her sister’s face. Beth gushed more juice all over Mindy’s face, not quite to the level of squirting, but definitely gave her face a good soaking.

They collapsed side by side on the twin bed, arms and legs entwined, and they let their passion simmer to gentle kisses and nipple play. They eventually fingered each other off again and then covered up and decided to spend the night together in the small bed.

“I think we are going to be more than sisters for a long time to come, Mindy. That was so fucking awesome! Who needs cock when you have a sister that can eat pussy like that!”

“True, but I think we are going to have to figure out a way to bring mom and Ben into the action. This was too much fun to keep to ourselves.”

“Good point. But good luck. You might be able to get Ben to fuck us – he’s a guy, he’ll fuck anything – but mom is a scary proposition. She is liable to throw us out of the house.”

“I don’t know about that. Ben has been in her bedroom for a long time. I don’t think they are talking about his work schedule and classes.”

“How do you know that?”

While we were cuddling, I heard him coming down the hall from her room and then went back to her room. I also heard the bolt lock as he went back in.” Mindy said quietly.

“Your hearing is scary, Mindy. Remind me never to say anything bad about you behind your back.”

“You better not. I also bite.”

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