Ben woke up the next morning and stumbled to the kitchen, greeted by Mindy and Beth, who were in not much better shape than he was. His sisters were clearly hung over from their pussy eating frenzy of the night before and had no interest in heading off to classes or work either one. They were groggy, but otherwise in a good mood and looked at each other and smiled occasionally sharing what they thought was a secret between them. When Ben entered the kitchen they greeted him with a sleepy “good morning” and a kiss on his cheek from both of them.

“So,” said Ben, baiting them first thing out of the gate, “enjoy yourselves last night? Sounded like some rowdy studying! Or, maybe more like rowdy slurping.”

Mindy sputtered her coffee all over the table in front of her and Beth laughed louder than she had intended.

“Let’s just say that we will both be winging it in our classes today. But I’m guessing you aren’t exactly going to be impressing professors yourself. How late were you up with mom last night?” She emphasized the word up to give it a double meaning.

Ben blushed in spite of himself. “I’ll tell you my story if you tell me yours.” He raised one eyebrow, daring them to confess what he already knew and smiled that wry smile indicating they weren’t going to be able to bullshit their way through it with him.

Mindy had regained her composure and cleared her throat of the coffee she had nearly inhaled. “Tell you what, Bro, rather than tell you our story, we’ll show you what happened last night if you will show us what happened to you last night.” She called his bid and raised it, in poker parlance, daring him to share in their sordid activities and conversation about their desires to fuck him during their foreplay the night before.

“Well, that isn’t quite fair, Sis. I would have to have mom’s consent to agree to that and she isn’t here to agree. And do you really want to take the chance of me asking her in case it is anything like what I know you two were doing last night?”

Beth stepped into the discussion. “You know, we siblings have to hang together and share our secrets. You know anything that involves mom is safe with us and she would never have to know that we know. You could demonstrate on us whatever might have happened if you don’t want to ask her permission. Besides, if it were just a long conversation, it shouldn’t be a big deal, right?”

Ben pondered the challenges posed by his sisters and decided he had nothing to lose. He could tell them and get to not only watch his sisters have sex with each other, but he would also get to tit fuck one or both of them. Both thoughts gave him an erection.

“Alright ladies, you have a deal. You pick the time this weekend and we have a show and tell date. Say, where is mom anyway?”

“Still in bed, I assume. I heard her alarm go off, but she shut it off and never came out. You must have really worn her out last night.” Beth was digging in hard on her brother now as she sat next to him at the table. She reached over to put her hand on his thigh and reached a little too far and got a handful of hard cock. She quickly pulled back and both she and Ben blushed and Beth quickly got up to take her breakfast dishes to the sink. Mindy missed the exchange and was gathering her things to head out for another long day of classes and work. She left, leaving Ben and Beth alone in the kitchen.

“I’m sorry, Ben. I should not have done that. But for what it’s worth, I’m impressed and I am looking forward to our threesome whenever we get around to it.”

Ben smiled and walked her to the door as she left for her own day of classes and work, kissing her as she stepped out. He sat back down, grateful that he actually had the day off. He considered going back to bed, but knew he had some chores to take care of and decided there was no time like the present. A couple of hours later, he heard his mom stirring in her bedroom and fixed her some coffee and toast along with a scrambled egg and put it on a tray. He walked to her bedroom, door still closed and, balancing the tray in one hand, knocked on her door with the other.

“Come in.” she said. “How are you this morning? And what is this – breakfast in bed? Aren’t you sweet!”

“I’m doing fine. Glad you could sleep in this morning for a change, mom. You work too hard too much of the time.”

“Nonsense. I don’t work any harder than you k**s do. But I do need a day off to recharge. I am glad you are home with me today. We can recharge together.” She winked at him, referring to her comments the night before. Ben was instantly hard again and was actually beginning to get annoyed with the constant state of erection he had been in for the last 24 hours. It wasn’t like he was going without relief. That wasn’t it. But his sister had now had a handful of his boner and he felt like it was always on display ever since his mother had jerked him off the morning before. Now, his mom had jerked him off once and tit fucked him once and he still had a boner and all it took was a wink. He felt like he was unable to exert any self control and it bothered him.

They chatted while his mother ate her breakfast. Talking about nothing, skirting the subject on both of their minds, the conversation suddenly shifted to Ben’s sisters. It was his mom who brought them up.

“You know, I think your sisters are fooling around with each other more than you and I are. I have heard some of their conversations when they think I am out of earshot and I have heard some telltale sounds of some physical interaction between them when I pass their bedroom. Like last night. After you went to bed, I got up to get a glass of water and it sounded like one of them was getting screwed out of their minds. The only thing I can figure is that they are experimenting with each other. What do you think, Ben?”

“I try not to invade their privacy, mom. But I heard the same thing when I left your room on my way to bed.”

“Did it turn you on to hear sounds like that?” Sara looked at her son, looking for a hint of what he might be willing to do, but he kept it hidden from her pretty well.

“Hell, mom! Sex turns me on. I don’t care what kind of sex it is. And you gave birth to a couple of very attractive sisters for me, so, yeah, it turns me on to think of it.”

Sara smiled. “Good! Because after you and I recharge today, we are going to have a discussion about some things going forward and I want to make sure you are good with it.”

Ben was stunned and speechless. What did his mother have in mind? He was already shocked by what she had done with him over the last 24 hours and could not believe she would intend for it to continue.

“Now, sweetie, take this tray back to the kitchen and come back here as naked as the day I gave birth to you. We have some recharging to do.”

Ben stood up, the tray from her and headed to the kitchen, his hard cock aching and fighting to get free from his boxers. He then went to his room, stripped off his t-shirt and boxers and walked back to his mother’s bedroom, fearful for no good reason, that one of his sisters would see him as he passed by the kitchen on his way. His thick, eight inches of solid-stone cock swayed back and forth as he walked in. His mother’s gaze locked in like a laser on his meat and smiled.

“Now, today I will call all the shots. After today, you will get to take more control, but today, I just ask that you be willing to do whatever I tell you or ask you to do. Are you willing to trust me on this and promise you will do whatever I ask?”

“Uh, I can’t think of any reason why I shouldn’t trust you. You aren’t going to try and beat me or ask me to hit you are you?”

“Oh, heavens no! We are both going to enjoy everything I have in mind. Or at least I think we will. Now, get in bed with me. Oh, before you do, lock the bolt on my door so if one or both girls come home early, they can only suspect and not actually catch us.

As he climbed into bed with his mom, Sara, leaned over to him and kissed him deeply on the mouth, shoving her tongue as far into his as she could and stroked his cock as she did. He gasped a little at the suddenness of her touch on his very sensitive cock.

Ben reached over and squeezed his mother’s tit and turned her nipple between his thumb and index finger, eliciting a moan from her. Sara rolled over on top of him as they continued to kiss and make out. She rose up, allowing Ben to cup both tits in his hands. She was sitting on his thighs with her pussy resting on his cock, pinning it between her lover tunnel and his abdomen.

“Son, I have jerked you off and I have tit fucked you. Now, I want you to just lie still and enjoy as I give you a blowjob. And I want you to shoot your cum in my mouth when you are ready. I am going to take my time, but you cum whenever you are ready.”

Sara slid down his body, dragging her pussy down his shaft, then lowering her torso to his so that her large, soft tits, especially her nipples grazed his abdomen as she neared her mouth closer and closer to his cock. She took it in her hands, kissed his shaft and then his cock head. Then she studied if for a couple of minutes, running her fingers over the veins bulging along his shaft in a meandering path from top to bottom the entire length. Then she cupped his balls in her hand and gently massaged them with one hand as she held his shaft straight up and finally lowered her mouth over his cock head until it disappeared into the moist, warm darkness of her mouth. He felt her tongue slide downward on the underside of his shaft and he could not help but groan with pleasure as she made almost the entire shaft disappear.

Ben was at a loss as to what he should do with his hands. He wanted to do something – rest his hands on her head, rub her shoulders, anything. He felt the urge to pump upward, that innate desire to fuck. But he agreed to do just as she said and she said to lie still and enjoy. So he just laid as still as he could, put his hands behind his head and watched, almost hypnotized, as his mother’s mouth rose and fell on the entire length of his cock. She mixed it up, twirling her tongue around his shaft, then straight up and down, putting additional pressure on it, sucking hard on his rod as she came up and then no pressure on the way back down. Then she would just suck hard on the head alone. He could not bear up much longer and Sara could feel his cock twitch more and more in her mouth. She was prepared for him to pump his cum into her mouth and increased the pressure of her tongue on his rod. She also began to use one hand to stroke, adding to the intensity. Ben groaned loudly and began to buck a little and then he began that goal of all goals: he started filling his mother’s mouth with cum. She timed it perfectly so that when he would shoot a stream of cum, she was ready to swallow and she did exactly that, drinking down his rather heavy load of cum.

When he was finally finished, she let his cock pop out of her mouth, with a trickle of cum running from the corner of her mouth down to her chin. She smiled at him and he caressed her cheek, smiling back. She slid back up his body the same way she had slid down and they kissed and began making out again for a few minutes.

“Okay, son. Now it is your turn. I will give you time to see if you can figure out what I like and if needed, I will give you some advice. Just relax and enjoy yourself. I don’t expect you to be perfect at it. And if you don’t mind, I would like to sit on your face. It will give me a little more control.”

Ben just nodded, going with the flow. He slid down in the bed, giving her more room to get comfortable and sat on her legs with her pussy hovering over his mouth. She slowly lowered herself until she could feel his warm breath on her pussy lips and then felt his tongue begin to slide up and down on her lips. Then his tongue hit her clit and she gave out a gasp that told him he had found the perfect spot. Her clit was hard and larger than average – although he did not know that – and he realized that he could even suck on it. He thought back to the variations she performed while she was blowing him and decided that would probably work on her too. So he alternated between sucking on her clit and tongue fucking her and occasionally turned his tongue sideways. He cupped her ass cheeks in his hands and she seemed to enjoy that, so he continued to play with her ass as he ate her pussy. She was riding his face and then leaned back, bracing herself with her back arched, holding herself up with stiff arms. Ben was impressed and surprised with his mother’s flexibility and he could look up above her pubic mound and see her large, heavy breasts rising like mountains in the distance, nipples pointing straight up in the air. He removed his hands from her ass when she leaned back and moved them to her tits to squeeze and massage them as he continued to suck and nibble at her clit. Sara suddenly shot back to an upright position as she could take no more and grabbed the back of Ben’s head and pulled it in tight against her as she came intensely on his face. He could feel the gush of pussy juices soak his face and run down his cheeks. Her thigh muscles tightened, squeezing the sides of his head and she let out visceral howls of pleasure as she rode her orgasm to its full extent.

When she finished, she fell to his side, completely out of breath and panting. “That was…just…fucking…amazing, son. Fucking…amazing. I idea…you would be…that good at it.”

Sara reached for her son’s cock, finding it as hard as it was before the blowjob and she smiled at his youthful stamina. She playfully moved it around like a stick shift and played with his nut sac as well.

Having caught her breath finally, she crawled back on top of him, just as she had earlier. They kissed, tasting cum on each other’s lips. Her pussy was again pinning his cock between their bodies until she moved up a few inches. Then she moved down just a little, meeting some resistance as his cock head pressed against her pussy lips. She wiggled around a little until his cock head began to penetrate ever so slightly. Ben could not believe his mother was going to actually take their sexual play all the way to fucking, but when she pushed down further, it was in one quick push and his cock was half way in her pussy. Another push and he was balls deep inside his mother.

“I have wanted this for so long, son. Longer than you can imagine. I finally get your big cock right where I want it – buried in my cunt.”

Ben could not believe his ears. He had never heard his mother use words like fuck, cock, or cunt. And he could not believe she had wanted to actually fuck him for a long time and here she was – fucking him. Now she was taking total control and was bouncing on his cock like a whore, hands resting on his chest. Her eyes were closed and her head was back and rolling from side to side. She seemed almost oblivious to Ben’s presence other than the fact that he was supplying the cock. She bounced up and down in a rapid pace, fucking him hard and deep. Ben alternated between playing with her ass and grabbing huge handfuls of tit. He started fucking back, with the two of them getting into a perfect rhythm. Neither were going to last long at this frenzied pace and Ben was suddenly unsure of what to do if he came. They hadn’t talked about that. There was no way in this state that he could pull out when he came. Then his mother began to howl and moan as she came hard again on his stiff dick, and began to lose control of her movements. He held her upright, still letting her control the pace. She finally settled down and when she opened her eyes, she looked dazed and almost cross-eyed. She resumed the furious pace again and told him she wanted to feel him cum inside her. She said it was safe to do so and Ben relaxed and focused on his own building climax. He put his hands on her thighs and drove his cock deep inside her and began to buck as his balls roiled and his cock throbbed, finally pumping his cum deep into her wet hole. He felt himself shoot several streams inside her before he finished. He looked between her legs to see that his cum was already beginning to drain down his shaft in thin, white trickles. She didn’t attempt to get off of him and just laid down on top of him, occasionally humping him to find that he was still reasonably hard. Sara’s head rested on his chest, still occasionally humping slightly until she finally decided to get serious and fuck him again without ever getting off. Twenty minutes later, they finished their second fuck the same way they finished their first one. This time, she rolled off and the two of them slept arm in arm for the rest of the morning. They still had the afternoon ahead of them…

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