Following on from my story about my then sales manager arranging to auction my virginity, I’ve had a number of you lovely people asking me how much I got for it and what happened. So here goes -Steve my then manager suggested that he contact several people that he knew who he thought might be interested in bidding. His idea was that he would arrange a secret auction by post and that the highest bidder would be the winner. I agreed a ‘reserve’ of three hundred pounds as I figured it was worth at least that. After a week or so Steve informed me that he had received twelve positive responses a couple of which were pretty well healed financially. We agreed that he would contact each of the prospects and have them send him their sealed bids. Each bidder had a number allocated to them to protect their identity with Steve being the only one who could match names with numbers. A date was set by which the bids had to be arrive with Steve and the process was started.

I have to say that I was pretty scared about the outcome, not least as to who it might be. What if they were gross? but Steve had thought of that, assuring me that I could pull out if I didn’t like the look of the winner, although he also assured me that all of the men that he had approached were not bad looking and were respectable types of men. The idea was that I would accompany him to a trade party that was being held in late June in an up market country hotel where all the bidders would be present. He would gather the guys together in a private room and pull an envelope out of a box just to show that the draw was fair. He would then open the envelope and announce the winning number. I was at the function purely so that the bidders could see me in the flesh having previously only seen a photograph of me. Having seen me prior to the draw, any of them could withdraw from the bidding. I’m pleased to say that none did so!!!

The party went well and the draw happened after midnight. I was, to say the least, nervous when Steve approached me and pointed out the man who had won the draw. He was late middle-aged, tall and slim and I recognized him as the owner of a large car dealership in southwest London that I had visited on occasions to deliver documents for the firm that I worked for. ‘How much did he bid?’ I asked. Steve grinned and handed me the envelope. a single amount was written in the middle of a plain white sheet of A4 paper – £1,250.00p. I nearly fainted!!! That amount of money, at least to me, was huge back in the day!! Steve would pocket £200.00p which would leave me with a grand!

I was told not to approach him that evening as his wife was with him but that he would contact me via Steve and arrange the where and when we were to meet. He would pay Steve the full amount of the money in cash on the evening of our meeting and would tell Steve that he could keep it after we had spent the night together and I had ‘performed’. To sum up, I lost my virginity a week later in a posh London Westminster hotel and the guy got his monies worth, four times in fact during the course of our get together. I banked the money and decided that the way to fund my way through University was definitely on my back!!! So there you have it, how Paula lost her ‘cherry’!!!!

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