[This one’s for the ‘real’ Jack, and that wonderful back alley glory hole wherein many loads of sperm have been given (and taken), and where many more will surely be as well! Thank you Jack!]

It came as a complete surprise to me when I discovered that less than a mile away from where I lived (.8 of a mile to be precise) there was a private glory hole located in an ordinary looking residential neighborhood, and so I ventured to send it’s operator (who went by the name of ‘Jack’) an e-mail inquiry. It came as another surprise when I got an answer to that e-mail within only a matter of minuets!

We messaged one another, back and forth, for a few more minuets before I said that I’d be very interested in experiencing what a glory hole was like; and that it was a definite ‘bucket-list’ item I hoped to accomplish, sooner, rather than later! We decided on a time and a day (three days later), and he gave me instructions on how to find his house, and how to enter his backyard to where a two-car garage was located, in which he had constructed the glory hole.

So, while waiting for the day of my first-ever glory experience to arrive, I watched quite a number of glory hole videos through various on-line porn sites (xhamster being the one I liked the most ; -}), so by the time the day arrived for me to go to Jack’s glory hole, I was more than a little eager, nervous, and horny as hell!

Finding his house was fairly straight-forward, and I had no trouble finding the back yard gate in the alley where I was to park my car and enter. I remember turning the engine off and setting there, for just a few seconds at most, wondering if I really ought to go through with this idea; that maybe I should text him, apologize for not showing up, and drive off—bit I didn’t. I went through with the whole thing!

The room where the glory hole was situated was dimly lit, and I closed the door behind me as I came inside. There was a TV monitor mounted on the wall near the glory hole that was playing some run-of-the-mill porn video. I didn’t pay it much attention. The glory hole was about perhaps 3 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter, and light was coming through it from the other side. I saw movement behind it; a brief glimpse of Jack as I heard him moving a stool, or something like that, in front of his side of the hole. I said “Hello.” He said: “Welcome!” I proceeded to unfasten my belt buckle and unzip my fly; and after having gotten my cock and ball out in the open, I shuffled up to where the glory hole was and giving my cock several hurried strokes, to get it stiffer than it already partly was, I inserted it through the hole and….

According to the instructions on how Jack preferred to conduct such a visit, he had made it explicit that he much preferred a visitor to be the Dominant one, while he assumed the submissive role. He’d even suggested particular words and phrases that I could use with him to enhance the level of excitement between us. To call him a ‘cocksucker’, for example, was one such term he said he liked; and to refer to him as a ‘cock-sucking faggot’, was particularly preferable, and though I didn’t necessarily like using such language (as a derogatory term), I decided that for this occasion I would!

So, even though from start-to-finish the entire experience lasted not much more than perhaps five minuets, it proved to be everything I’d hoped it would be! Plus, I found that calling Jack a ‘cocksucker’, and a ‘cock-sucking faggot’, etc. AS he sucked my cock, it had an amazingly intense effect on my own pleasurable experience!

In fact, as I said something like “Oh–fuck YESS! Suck my cock, you faggot!” That I could hear Jack moaning in reply to that otherwise abusive language (which, rather than being abusive to him, was a turn-on)!

When I came, the pleasure of the ejaculation was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had; and even after I’d unloaded every drop of cum I had in me, Jack continued to suck and work my cock over with an undeniably frantic intensity of his own!

When he did let my slowly sagging cock slip out of his mouth, I let out a long, loud moan of relief; and I heard Jack say: “MMM, thank you very much! That was great! NICE load, too!”

“Your’e welcome,” was my reply.

Jack didn’t prefer a lot of chit-chat at his glory hole, and so I knew that now that he had my load, it was time for me to leave; and I did, though I did rather reluctantly. I wanted to thank him, and to compliment him, but that was not part of the comportment Jack liked, so I zipped up and left.

Fro the most of the rest of the day I replayed what had happened there in my mind many times over. I needed to ‘process’ it. I concluded that I definitely had enjoyed it. I also knew that I definitely wanted to do it again sometime! I had stepped over a Rubicon of sorts. As with Caesar’s crossing of the River Rubicon, I knew that there was no crossing back over; and that could never undue what I’d just done; and yet, I didn’t want to undue any of it!

And so…that was the first of other such glory hole experiences with Jack! There will be others, as well!

Visiting Jack

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