I been staying at my parents house more often now that I know my mother likes me to watch her. Everything seems normal and like before in the evening, the only difference is maybe my mother seems a little more affectionate and my dad sometimes looks over at me with a little indulgent look on his face and goes back to his newspaper. Yeah, he reads it on paper just like in the 20th century. Sometimes Mom goes first but tonight when I was ready I said goodnight and went to my old bedroom which is down the hall and around the corner from theirs. That’s when I get my show. I can see into their room from my bedroom but it’s closer if I stand right outside their window and I don’t have to worry if she sees me, because she wants me to see her! This is just so crazy! Tonight my dad went right into the bathroom and turned on the shower and Mom stripped slowly and lay down naked on the bed “waiting” and all spread out on the sheet with her feet flat on the sheet and the bedclothes pulled off her to the side. She was facing toward the window where I sometimes stand right outside but tonight I was in my room about 15 feet away and I stripped off my clothes right away too. My light was on too and our blinds were up so we could easily see each other.

So there she lay, Mom, reading a book in bed. As soon as I was naked I was hard and as I watched her she started gently moving her legs open and closed slowly in a relaxed and playful way like a girl relaxing on the beach. I could see her cunt framed in the pubic hair she has, wispy and not a lot any more. Her soft round belly and lolling breasts were spread before me like a banquest. Her nipples were hard. She caressed them a litle. I was so hard! I started stroking my dick a little it wasnt really needed I was so hard anyway. And what did she do? She started playing with her clit! OMG Mom and I were jerking off watching each other! And where was Dad? Mybe he was standing where I couldn’t see, not wanting to interfere. He doesn’t mind he is fine with all this. He’s been passing messages between Mom and me on xhamster. Like I said, this is crazy.

So Mom started to get off at the foot of her bed and faced away from the window and I could see her big ass. I walked right up to my window then and jerked a lot looking at her butt. She has a mirror on her dresser net to the bed and I know she could see me in it coz I could see her face in it. Then she bent down and started messing with the bedclothes, giving me a whole different view of her cunt. I just about ran out my bedroom door and into the side yard til I stood outside her window for a closer look. I only had on my T-shirt but neighbors can’t see in that part of the yard at all. She crawled back on the bed iwth her butt in the air and lay on her belly and started playing with herself a little kind of like in the video dad posted online, but then she turned around again and lay on her back and raised her legs way up. She does yoga so she is good at that. I have photos of that too. Damn. Well now she was really rubbing her clit and along the lips of her cunt. With her right hand. She couldn’t see me well cause it was dark where I was standing but I was probably silhouetted against the light from my own bedroom window. Just jerking it, just like her. I started saying Oh Mom. I don’t think she could hear me cause her window was closed but I liked saying it. I wished she could hear me, I wasnt too quiet.

I knew what she wanted and I didnt stop myself. I came so much, right onto the window glass of Mom’s window. As my spurts started hitting, she reached under her butt with her left hand and slid a finger right up her asshole and started squirimng. She came too. I could hear her moaning pretty softly but I could hear her. Then she squeezed her legs together the way she likes. I watched with my mouth open, my dick getting hard again. This was like heaven! Then she turned on her belly with her legs together tight and she came again. Then finally Dad walked in where I could see him. THey kissed like a hello kiss. I could see now that he had a bit of a hard on too, and I didnt really want to see any more. I felt like I wanted mom to myself. I went back to my room and went to bed. really happy!

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