My wife is absolutely breathtaking in every sense of the word!
She’s THE REASON fantasies were created and has the very vivid imagination to back it up!
Before she and I met I believed I had a dirty mind…and I do! But she’s brought out thoughts and feelings sexually that I’ve NEVER gave a second thought to before! Now 99% of the things she tells me turns me on and its all because it turns her on and makes her wet! IDGAF what it is, if it excites her I’m willing! Because I know and have known all my life that I have to use ANYTHING I can when it comes to satisfying a female, especially one of her experience and the confidence to know what she wants and needs! Im a “lil dick husband” and im okay with that. Not saying IDK what im doin cause thats not the case! But I knew eating pussy was gonna be my biggest asset and ive been w/a couple lesbians before that ive traded tips with! But my wife is not only bi, she loves a big cock…9-12 inches black or white…but prefers BBC!!! So I knew I had my work cut out for me.
From the very beginning(3rd time we fucked) I knew I didnt have “all she wanted” as far as tool size but I could have her climb the walls when I licked her pussy! That 3rd night together she tells me to stroke my cock while she rubs on me! She even started telling a story to see how id react! It was about her “ex girlfriend watching her take a 10 inch bbc while she humiliated her telling her she couldnt satisfy her the way a real dick can! OMG!
I was rock hard instantly! She smiled and said “youd love to see me take 10 inches and stretch your pussy out wouldnt you?” Uhhh YES PLEASE!!! From that moment on Ive always wanted to see her take a big cock regardless of how she takes care of me!!!
So it had been a while and I knew she was needing satisfied cause she was getting really bitchy and I HAD to do something!
I worked 3rd shift and before I clocked in, i ate her pussy and fucked her with her 8 inch dildo. After we both came I left for work. As I was walking in, a younger black guy I work with named Kindall was walking out. He and I have talked before about maybe playing with my wife so I took a shot and asked him to swing by and “check on her!” I knew he wouldnt disappoint!!! Since I got outta work after she went in I had all day to fantasize and image what happened! She calls me on her lunch and I tell her im jacking and all she said was “yea my pussy needs some attention” So after hanging up I sent her a message telling her what I imagined….
“I REALLY wanna push u up against the wall(ur facing the wall) as I grab ur hair, pulling it, exposing ur neck so I can kiss suck land bite on it, while im rubbing and pinching ur nipples, til i slide my hand down into ur leggings and forcefully grab ur fat, soaking wet pussy. I release ur hair and w/my left hand I pull ur leggings and panties down from behind to ur ankles. I push 2 fingers into ur wet stretched out pussy behind as u push back into my hand and rub ur clit from the front! I whisper in ur ear that im gonna take my pussy back and push a 3rd finger inside you…I whisper “MMMM ur so fucking wet baby” as u start slamming ur ass & pussy back onto my hand, u start moaning and grab my hand on ur clit pulling it into u harder, faster as my hard lil dick grinds into ur ass…u explode!! Ur legs begin to shake and u turn and say “mmmm lay down baby, I need u to clean ur pussy up cause its not all mine” U climb onto my face and i shove my tongue as far inside u as possible!! Ur sooo wet and so stretched out exactly how I love it! U squeeze my tongue and start pushing. U say “get it all” as u grab my lil hard cock and jerk it really hard!….
“Ur not even gonna be able to feel ur pussy baby” as I pull u down onto my tongue and mouth harder and u start rough jerking my cock faster! “Dont stop baby take ur pussy back and make me cum on ur face mmm” u let go of my cock and put both hands on my chest and start grinding harder on my face! “suck it all out baby, u like how we taste together dont u” u lean over and swallow my dick, sucking it as far down ur throat as it’ll go without using ur hands! U climb off my face and lay sideways spreading ur legs while u suck me slow hard and deep and softly rubbing ur pussy!….”Look how wet u made me baby” u giggle, “look how stretched out his huge cock made me mmm” “I bet u wanna feel ur pussy squeezing that lil dick of urs like I do all 9 inches of his thick cock, dont you?” Im gonna make u fill me full baby so I can make him clean up ur mess without telling him” and u instantly cum! I feel it running down my balls “fill ur pussy full baby, take ur pussy back before he comes back for more, this time ur gonna watch him destroy ur pussy then im gonna take u both!”
“Omg im cumming baby” ” oh yea im cumming w/u momma”……Within 20 min of her receiving the messages telling her what I was imagining she was home(she left work 4 hours early) and came straight in to see me strokin my lil dick and climbed onto my face tellin me he beat her pussy up and came in my pussy 4 times, once in her mouth and once on her tittys! “Thank you baby for sending K and his BBC to take care of ur fat pussy since your little dick cant do it…now clean your pussy up so you can fill it full for him to lick out while you watch and stroke that pathetic cock!”….YES MA’AM!!!

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