Sometimes in the adult video arcades, you can hear the couples having sex. the sounds of porn on the video screens mixed with the loud slaps, the retching, the booths shaking as someone is being barebacked – it is SO fuckin’ SEXY!

I love being a bareback adult video store sissy! Well, I mean every man is different, but they definitely fall into categories – as every prostitute ever has known! Adult video arcades are basically brothels, except that – usually – no money changes hands. And that’s mainly due to the fact that, traditionally, these places were mainly outlets for gay and bisexual men to meet up for anonymous sex. Lately more transsexuals, like myself, have been frequenting these places, and consequently, more straight men are going there to have sex with the pretty ladyb0ys.

As a ladyb0y, I am extremely feminine and passable, so I get a lot of attention in the private video booths. Straight men have discovered ladyb0ys, thanks to the genre becoming more popular on online porn sites. Men are realizing that a sexy sissy b0y will do all the things most real women either will not do, or will do unenthusiastically. A ladyb0y, being male, is just as horny as her partner, and loves behaving like the nastiest porn whore out there.

It actually took me a little longer than some to transition over to becoming a femme. I had met and married a Filipina on an online Asian dating site, despite the fact that I had been secretly cross dressing since puberty. In some ways the marriage was a big mistake, but marrying Dani, I think now, was probably the catalyst necessary for my inevitable transition from man to maiden.

I had never developed into a masculine guy after puberty. I am short and slightly built, virtually no body hair or male musculature, and my jaw remains small and heart shaped. But the physical assets that gave me a leg up on other sissies, were my tits and my ass! I had developed a nice set of female looking breasts after puberty. They weren’t huge, but steadily increased in size during my teen years, and I knew a lot of girls in school who had smaller tits than mine. Then there were my buttocks! Males, generally speaking, don’t have ass like mine. And keep in mind, I was not overweight; I have a pretty nice, smooth, soft body, proportionate in every way, and if I had been born female, it would have been perfect. But being a b0y, having a body like mine was – disconcerting – to say the least!

The first inkling I had that I had been cursed and blessed at the same time was, soon after puberty, I was home alone jerking off, and on impulse I tried on a pair of my mom’s high heels. The minute I stepped into them I felt electricity coursing through my body. It was like magic! I began walking around the apartment and it felt so – so – NATURAL! My ankles never wobbled, my gait was steady. I walked to my mom’s dresser and chose a red lipstick and applied it to my full pouty lips. I was transformed!

Of course, after I’d cum, I’d reject the notion that I was a faggot, and tried to deny to myself, my true nature. Which is why at age 25 I married Dani. Until my wedding night I had never had sex with anyone but myself. So yeah, I was nervous. Dani was gorgeous – a sexy girlie -girl – the kind of woman a guy like me could never have pulled in the U.S. But coming from a 3rd world country, and wanting that green card, was worth it to Dani. She told me later that she suspected that I was a bayot on our first night. I was scared to get in bed, I insisted the lights be off, I tried making every excuse to put off actually having sex – Dani knew that was weird. We finally completed the act, and over the next few days I learned to fuck a woman. Dani was highly sexed – as was I – so we fucked several times a day. Dani would make comments about my ass or breasts, and when I’d get mad she would say she was only teasing.

One thing I found that really titillated me, was when Dani would tell me stories about her past – her boyfriends, lovers, the things she did with men. I got really horny when she told me she had done nude modeling, and how she had been put to pose with two Filipino men, which she called a “sandwich.” I got so fuckin horny hearing about that! Gradually this talk became an integral part of our sex life.

Dani dressed like a hoe, and I encouraged it. The thought of my wife having sex with other men both repulsed and inflamed me. It became an obsession. She eventually made friends in the Filipino community, and I noticed most of her friends were like her – sexy and acted like hoes. Her best friend, Nancy, was married to a fat white guy. We tried to get together a few times, but I have a quality about me that most men don’t like, and Herb was no different. He was a typical masculine guy, was into sports, and we just never hit it off. So Nancy would come over by herself and we’d all hang out. Sometimes there’d be 4 or 5 Filipinas, and we’d all hang out and eat and have drinks. I was a lot more comfortable hanging out with them than I ever was in the company of men. I didn’t know it at the time, but my nickname among Dani and her friends was, “Bayot,” which means, “Sissy” in their language. They didn’t attach any hostility or negativity to the word – it’s just how they saw me.

Nancy was cheating on Herb with a Filipino guy – which was very common among Filipinas married to white guys. When Dan first told me about it I was at first shocked, and then titillated. Then when Dani began mentioning this guy she knew – a Filipino named Johnny – I subtly encouraged her to talk about him. Sure enough, soon after when we were laying in bed nude and she was playing with my dick, she told me Johnny had cornered her and kissed her. This was my opportunity! Rather than act angry, I acted like it was natural. I knew Dani was trying to gauge my reaction, so I openly encouraged her to date Johnny. I WANTED it! So after that Dani and Johnny went everywhere together. He was married too, but his wife was a nurse in Dubai and was gone for a year’s contract, so he had no problem having Dani stay with him. After that Dani and Johnny were more or less living together openly and were regarded as a couple in the Fil-Am community.

I was truly happy for the first time in my marriage! I really had no business being married to a woman – I saw that clearly now! And the idea of my sexy wife, wriggling naked in her handsome boyfriend’s arms, got me SO horny! Since I rarely saw Dani anymore, I began cross dressing again, and I moved one step closer – psychologically – to becoming a woman myself. I began going to adult video stores, initially drawn there because they just seemed like sexy places. I quickly recognized that they were venues for anonymous gay sex. I sucked cock for the first time in a booth, and every cock I sucked after that took me farther and farther away from my wife and heterosexuality.

When Johnny’s wife came back from Dubai, Dani moved back in with me, and I had to quit going to the adult video stores. But within a few weeks she told me that Johnny had “passed” her to one of his friends – a good looking buff Filipino body builder and martial arts dojo owner, named Art. He was single, and this time Dani moved out for good. She was living with Art and began mentioning that she wanted a divorce – which was fine with me. I began going back to the adult booths, but now I began taking my high heels and lipstick with me – I was setting myself apart from the typical gayb0y who hangs out there. I’d usually go there in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops, and once in a booth I’d strip off, put on my high heels, apply my lipstick, and wait for trade. I began to have regulars – men I’d see every week – mostly married or otherwise straight- men. One guy I used to see every Sunday night. He was a white guy, a truckdriver. He was a mean looking man and he was abusive, but after I’d blow him and he came in my mouth he was friendly. One night as I was sucking his cock, he turned and spread his buttocks. I was shocked. This was something I hadn’t anticipated! I put my face close and sniffed. “Come ON!” he barked.

I was naked on my knees, my face near his hairy ass. “But it STINKS!” I protested.

“Shut the fuck up – you LOVE it,” he said, reaching behind and pushing my head to his ass. “Get in there!” I pushed closer. It was dark but the video screen illuminated his hairy most rectum, and my hard dick jumped involuntarily, as I went in, flickering my tongue aver his anus. He groaned. I filled my mouth with saliva and began eating him out, my hands spreading his ass as I ate. So fuckin’ SEXY! After a few minutes he turned and literally rammed his hard cock into my throat, and flooded it with warm semen. He pulled up his pants, patted my cheek, and walked out, leaving me naked and my head whirling. That was the first time I ever ate out a man’s ass – the first of hundreds!

Not long after that I got my cherry popped. This was something I had been working up to for a while. I mean, I had been dreaming about getting fucked ever since I was a k1d, but had always been kind of afraid of. What if they ripped my ass and I had to got to the E.R.? But I had been watching porn and had seen so many women with tight ass holes getting fucked by huge cocks, with no ill effects. So I resolved to make it a point to do it. One Thursday night I told myself that tonight is the night. I had sucked a few guys off and sked them if they wanted to fuck me, but no takers. Then this black guy came in. He had these braids that were long and gathered back in a pony tail type thing. He looked like an athlete, maybe 6’2 or 3, and he had a really big hard cock – easily 10 inches or more. I was so hot sucking his black cock that I whispered: “Wanna fuck me, honey?”

At first he said no, but I was persistent – PLEEEZE, sweetie!” I begged – I NEED that thing inside of me!” I was running my fruity little hands all over his big strong thighs and calves, seductively.

Finally he said, “Ok, get up on the bench. We were both naked – all I had on were my high heels. I had been applying lube all night in anticipation of this, and I felt him move up close to me, felt the heat of his big body. I wiggled my naked buttocks seductively. “Are you sure you can take this?” he asked. “Because once I start I ain’t gonna stop – you best know that.”

That did scare me a little, but I said over my shoulder, “Yes, honey – I can take it but – please, just work it in slow – kay?” I had done so much research about anal sex, and I had read that the hardest part for the bottom, is when the cock first goes in. Your sphincter muscles natural tendency is to clench tight, and if there is to be damage or pain, it will happen then. That’s why anal **** victims often require stitches. It has to be mind over matter. When you feel the head of that cock making its initial push, you have to completely relax, like when you evacuate your bowels, and once the head is past that ring, the whole cock will go in easily, because your anus – like a woman’s vagina – will stretch to accommodate.

He was strong and I whimpered but bore the pain as the head of his cock tore into my anus. Then, once the head was in and he worked the whole thing in and began fucking me, I laughed uncontrollably. His hands were on my bare buttocks as he slammed me so hard that my head was bumping up against the booth, causing the whole thing to rock. Then he came, and the only reason I knew it was because he stopped fucking me and lay on my back. “Didja come, sweetie?” I asked.

Yeah, he said and I felt his thick sassage slide out of me and it felt like I was taking a huge constipated shit. Then I felt the warm cum juice running down my bare legs and into my heels.

One night soon after, I decided that I didn’t want to be a man at all any longer. I made my decision one after noon when I was jerking off. I got off the bed with a hardon and got a couple of plastic trash bags, and gathered up all of my male clothing, and took it out to the dumpster. I had been wearing mostly gender ambiguous clothing anyway, ever since Dani moved out to be with Art – mostly tshirts, tank tops, shorts, flip flops, etc. And the longer time passed, the more feminine my attire grew to be. I walked out to the dumpsters behind the apartments wearing a tight pink tank top, tight purple butt baring shorts, and a pair of one inch sandals. I didn’t care who saw me, or what they thought. In fact I purposely put some sex wiggle in my walk. I started calling myself Finesse, and thought of myself as female. That evening I got dressed to got to the adult video store. I put on a tight spandex minidress that I bought at a lingerie store, a pair of 4 inch high heels, full makeup and red lipstick, my blonde bitch hair teased high and sprayed, and I was carrying my cute little clutch purse containing my phone, lipstick, condoms, lube, and compact. Then I stepped outside my apartment and walked the distance to my car. I felt like SUCH a WHORE! I felt sexy – like my wife Dani! Bastos bayot BITCH!

I felt totally free and liberated as I walked into Secrets looking so feminine and sexy! I paid my 6 bucks and went into the back. I got a booth and stripped nude to wait for my first trick. He turned out to be a big good looking black mayng with a shave head and goatee. He stood there in the doorway looking at me, a huge bulge in his shorts! I reached my hand out and squeezed his hardon close to the base and he groaned in a bass voice. I ran my other hand lightly over his hairy legs. “Whatcha looking for, sweetie?” I asked in a feminine voice.

“You suck cock?” he asked.

“Hmmm – what do YOU think, honey?” I said. He stepped in and pulled his cock out of his shorts. I sank to my knees and planted a kiss right on the head, where a big pearly bead of semen had formed. Then I performed oral sex on him until he shot a load al over my cunt face. He took a pic of me on the floor, my face slopped with his mess, then he left. I stayed until 2 a.m. and had sex with multiple partners!

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