My wife was never real excited about me wearing panties. Then about three months ago while we were out to dinner, she actually suggested I wear her panties if I really wanted to wear panties. I was so excited to have one of my fantasy come true. We went home after dinner and I got out her “”fuck me” panty box.

A few older pairs were less skimpy than the newer Victoria Secret panties. She suggested a peach pair, a black pair with flowers and a white pair for me. All were very silky. She suggested I try a pair on and when I did her eyes lit up when she saw I was hard and the silk stretched across my cock to show every inch, especially the head.

She said, “You really look good in those.” Then she walked over and started playing with me in her panties. The sex that night was wild and crazy. We had sex for nine of the next ten days. Life was very, very good.

My wife is not the kind to take charge during sex. She likes to have me in charge and enjoys anything and everything we try that is new. We both read a lot about couple sex and experimentation is the rule.

We has used a butt plug on me since a very enjoyable trip to Key West where the sex was very long and high energy. We don’t use it infrequently because my wife really doesn’t like much anal activity. She uses the butt plug on me because she knows I like it, but it is seldom more than once every couple months.

One day I was on the Internet in my home office. I Google search “husband and wife strapon”. My wife heard a man moaning and walked into my office.

I quickly got off the site and my wife said, “What was that? Are you watching porn?”

I didn’t say anything and she said, “Bring that site back up.”

I brought the site back up and the wife was using a strapon on her husband. She had on a corset, panties and a strapon with a black cock. He was on his back with his legs up. She had lube all over his cock and you could even hear her stroking his cock as she drove the dildo into him.

My wife said, “You want me to do that to you, don’t you?”

I said, “I’m intrigued by it because I love the butt plug. What do you think?”

She said, “I don’t think the wife looks real sexy. Her corset is not the best.”

Then she said, “Maybe we can try that when we go to Key West again. That’s a good reason for you to take me there again soon.”

My head was spinning. My wife actually just said she was willing to fuck my ass with a strapon. I love my wife and her eagerness to experiment, but this was a surprise to me.

The next time we had sex I got the butt plug out, the lube and some lotion we both like and put it on the bedside table early in the day. I also put out a pair of matching pink panties with white lace for my wife and me. That day our daughter was coming over so my wife put everything away so we had no risk of her seeing any sexual things. After she left, my wife put everything back, including both panties and the butt plug. I said, “I see you put the butt plug back out, Thank You.”

She said, “I am happy to use it on you. I just didn’t want our daughter to see how kinky we have gotten.”

That night we fucked for over an hour. I got on my hands and knees twice and my wife worked me good with the butt plug. For the first time it actually didn’t feel big. To the contrary I actually wanted more for the first time I can remember.

Several weeks later my wife and I had another romantic night planned. She wanted to go to our favorite beach restaurant where we can watch the sunset. We always talk about sex at dinner at least a little. I ask her if she has any special requests and we talk about what we enjoy doing to each other. She said she wanted to ride me as our first position so she had control, but other than that she wanted anything I wanted to give her.

We returned home and I immediately lit our bedroom candles and put on some soft music. I was walking around in just the panties my wife had chosen for that night. She had not undressed yet. She enjoys me undressing her as part of our routine. I asked if I could please have some of her tight, wet pussy.

She said, “Just go in the bedroom and lay down. I want to take my makeup and jewelry off before you undress me.”

I went into the bedroom and waited patiently. My wife walked in and went straight to the Master Bathroom. I love the anticipation of fucking my wife, even after 30 years of marriage. She is so good each and every time.

My wife walked out of the Master Bathroom still wearing her cowgirl boots, thigh high stockings and short mini skirt. We kissed and she was very passionate, more than usual. I had my hands on her ass, but something seemed weird. I unzipped her skirt and dropped it to her ankles only to see she was wearing a black strapon over her beautiful pink panties.

My wife is very sexy, but this night was special. She was wearing a pink bra, pink panties, lace top stockings and cowgirl boots with a big black cock hanging in front of her.

She said, “Is this what you want from watching those porn videos?”

I said, “Yes, but please be gentle on me to start.”

She said, “This is for you. You tell me what you want. I’ll give it to you, hard and fast or real slow. I’ve been practicing thrusting this cock and you are going to love this.”

I couldn’t believe it. My wife was doing this for me and she was enjoying it as much as me.

She said, “How do you want it to start; doggie style on your hands and knees, missionary style on your back as I stroke your cock or stand up from behind?”

I said, “I want all three, but please start out with me standing.”

She took off my panties and then bent down and sucked my cock. As she did this she told me to lie down on the bed. I did and she sucked my cock while she lubed my ass. I was in heaven and wondered if I could keep from coming until my wife was done with my ass.

At first she had one finger in me, then two and then three. Then she said, “Stand up. I can feel your ass is ready for my black cock.”

I stood up and bent over the bed. My wife placed the head of her black cock on my asshole and push ever so slowly. Her cock slipped in easily and felt so good. She put both hands on my hips and very slowly stroked my ass. I was moaning in seconds. It felt sooooo good.

After what seem like forever she said get on the floor on your hands and knees. I did and she mounted me kneeling behind me. Then after maybe ten slow strokes she got up on her feet with her hands on my hips and squatted on me and started pounding my ass real hard and fast. I was screaming, “Do me baby. Do that ass so good. Pound me hard.”

She said, “This is what you wanted. Take all of this big black cock.”

Eventually, she said, “Get up and get on your back at the side of the bed. Do you want to cum?”

I got on my back and put my legs over her shoulders. She lubed my cock and started stroking it. She said, “I want your cum all over your chest.”

I said, “Thank you baby, but I want you to enjoy this too. Let me eat you and fuck you before I cum. Let that cock exploded cum for me”

She was more than happy to be rewarded. She gave me a couple more real hard strokes and then she took off her strapon. I ate her like it might be my last time getting to lick her nectar. She had orgasm after orgasm. I then got my cock in her and slowly stroked her. I used a lot of slow strokes followed by two or three hard strokes and then more slow strokes. She was going crazy with enjoyment.

Eventually, she said, “I thought this night was about you, but you have made this a great night for me. Please give me a big load of cum right now.”

I was happy to oblige my wife. Her big black cock had massaged my prostate to the max. My load was one of the biggest of my life. I had a massive load as I screamed my wife’s name. Then we both lay exhausted and satisfied cuddling each other. I said, “I love you so much. Thank you.”

She said, “You never have to thank me. I’ll do anything to make you happy. Just ask me.”

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