I first met my wife Elizabeth at work, she was a waitress at a restaurant where I was a chef. She was younger than me by five years and at first we were just workmates, then after a few months and some banter and a few after work drinks she considered me a friend. After a few more months and then a night out where everyone drank quite a bit too much she ended up at my place for what turned out to be some damn good sex.

She was young, beautiful, blond, fit and insatiable. Being quite a bit more experienced than her (I’ve got a nice, above average sized dick and I know how to use it) I spent a long time at the teasing foreplay stage with her, until she begged me to fuck her, then I fucked her all night (turns out being a porn addict makes it hard to cum during normal sex). I also let her take over as much as she wanted, suggesting she do things like tie me up, spit on me, slap me and sit on my face and tease my cock then deny me pleasure while I made her orgasm with just my mouth. I let her know she could do whatever she liked, she was up for it and got off a lot by abusing me, she almost got up the courage to piss on my face but was too embarrassed after she said she wanted to. I said that was fine, no need to be embarrassed, maybe another time. She fell asleep in my arms at 5am, then tried to sneak out a few hours later, I was awake but I let her go without showing it.

Afterwards she told me she had never experienced that kind of freedom in sex before, and also that I had a really nice pretty big cock, and that made it even hotter to tease and deny it, she said she hoped I didn’t think it was serious. I told her of course not, inside she made my heart melt but I didn’t let on, I didn’t let it change anything and for a while we were still just bantering workmates and pretty good friends, but with that extra little smirk to our banter. She even had a boyfriend for a few months and to be honest, I felt bad but also it was funny to see that she would look at me sideways when she talked about him in front of me like she was checking if it bothered me, or for my permission or something. Also it was a real turn on when I overheard her talking to the other girls there about the sex they had, she noticed a couple of times and always gave me a dirty grin.

I didn’t let on at all about how I felt because to be honest she wasn’t the first hot girl I’d crushed on and I assumed it wouldn’t be the last so I was fine with getting over her, but I was pretty fucking happy when her boyfriend cheated on her and she called me up drunk a few nights later and asked if I had anything to drink and any weed to smoke. I always do and for an hour or so she just cried and complained, saying she loved him and how could he but also complaining that he was like all the other guys in bed, just wanting to get his dick in ASAP and get it off. I just got my buzz on and let her rant until it was about 1am and she said well, when was I going to ask if she wanted to sit on my face. I shrugged and replied that I knew she wanted that, but she was fucking in charge here and it was my job to listen and take care of her and give her whatever she needed, when she asked.

So she pulled me into my room and I got her off half a dozen times before I even got my pants off, I knew I had her when, as she was sitting on my face, she pulled her thin leather belt out of her jeans and without even asking she started whipping my balls with it while she squeezed my dick, hard, telling me to tell her if I was gonna cum. It felt so damn good as she orgasmed all over my face and she tortured my cock and balls. I couldn’t believe how much I got off from the abuse, every stinging whip from her leather belt sent waves of pleasure up and down my body. Every slap of her hand on my balls made me gasp and spasm, but the hot swelling of my balls felt incredible, it was more pleasure than I’d ever known before.

I managed to last for about 20 minutes before I knew I was going to blow and I told her I was gonna cum. At that point she spit all over my cock, grabbed it and started stroking it hard. I moaned and thrust my hips up and right at the point of no return I begged her to slap my balls. “Really hard please baby hurt me!” She let go, pushed her crotch down hard on my face and slapped my balls hard as I came. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had, my load spurted incredibly hard, shooting out so far it splashed all over the front of her naked body, even managing to get up on her tits. She ordered me to clean up the mess and I did so with a grin, gathering all the cum up in my mouth then pulling her on top of me and pushing my still hard cock up into her amazingly tight wet pussy. She kissed me and we snowballed my load for ages as she rode me, then I flipped her over and plowed her hard before cumming deep inside her.

After that she couldn’t stop coming back. She wanted to do all kinds of filthy dominating things to me and I let her. We fucked almost constantly and it wasn’t long before she knew almost all my secrets and had me coming to work in her panties with a butt plug in, making me wear a chastity cage with the key around her neck when we went out together. I knew her secrets too but mostly they were that she wanted to be in control and to be semi secretly degrading the guy she was with. We married just over two years after we met and things didn’t slow down at all, they got even hotter when she confessed she was an exhibitionist and started spending most of her time wearing short skirts with no underwear. I confessed the thought of her flashing other guys got me super hot and I suggested we share some hot pictures online. It was so fucking hot to take pics of her to share, and she got off hard reading the comments guys left on our social media profiles while I ate her out and told her she was a goddess.

One night about three weeks before our first anniversary she said she had something to confess and she put me in my cage and made me put on some panties and sat on my face while she told me she had been messaging one guy in particular that she found super hot. She had been sending him not just the naughty flashing pics we shot, but full nudes, her face included, and she had also bought a dildo that was “just like his amazing cock” and that a couple of time she had live cammed with him, using the dildo and having “the most amazing orgasms” watching him masturbate and listening to him tell her about all the filthy things he wanted to do with her. She said she had even told him she was married and that he had suggested she cheat on me with him without my consent, she said thinking about doing that made her incredibly turned on.

My heart raced and my cock strained in its cage, she asked if I was turned on, even though she knew the answer, and I had to say yes, I was real fucking turned on. She got off my face and walked naked to her dresser, asking if I wanted to see the dildo. I of course said fuck yes, and she pulled out a long, thick black realistic looking dildo and walked back over to me, she asked if I wanted to use it on her and I said omfg fuck yes. She grinned, put it down on my crotch and took a picture of it next to my caged dick, then handed it to me before sitting back on our bed, half sitting up against the headboard and opening her legs wide.

She ordered me to get it wet for her with my mouth and I didn’t hesitate to start sucking on her black dildo while she looked at her phone. “Honey,” she said. “This is him.”

She turned her phone around to show a picture of a tall hunky tattooed black stud. My jaw dropped and she told me to fuck her with his cock. I pressed the tip of the big black dildo into my wife’s hot tight little white hole and began to work it in. She started moaning softly and playing with her clit with one hand while still using her phone with the other. I kissed her stomach and breasts and nipples as I worked the big black dildo deeper inside her and after a couple of minutes I was surprised to hear her start talking on the phone. “Hey baby.” she started, and I thought she was talking to me but I looked up to see her smiling and concentrating on her phone. She had it on speaker and a deep male voice answered back.

“Hey baby, how are you?” They small talked for a minute before his deep voice asked if she was naked, she said yes, he asked if she was fucking herself for him and she grinned and replied.

“No, my husband is here and he’s using your cock on me.”

I was shocked and stopped. My wife frowned at me. “Don’t stop, I’m going to watch him cum while you fuck me like this.” Then she squirmed down a little bit and pushed my head down. “Lick my clit while you fuck me with that big black dick.” She ordered. I could hear laughing coming out of the phone and her bull asked if she wanted to see his cock. “Oh god yes I’m so horny right now.” She told him.

“Show me your husband fucking you.” He commanded and she tapped her phone screen and I knew this guy was looking out the front camera now. “Show me his cage and shit.” He said and she gestured to me, grabbing the dildo and thrusting it deeper into herself as I stood up and pulled the panties down to show my caged cock. “Fuck he’s a good cuck isn’t he!” her bull commented, “Give my dick back to him.”

She gestured me back down and I went back to licking her clit and fucking her with the dildo. She moaned and said “Oh god yes look at that amazing cock, I love your big black cock, I can’t wait to suck on it and let you fuck my tight white pussy with it.”

“Yeah you want this big black cock?” he replied.

“Fuck yes.” my wife said.

“You sure your husband will suck it too?” he asked and she grinned and told him that I would do whatever she told me to.

I was shocked and turned on and confused but I kept licking and sucking her clit as I pumped the dildo in and out of my wife, her bull dirty talking to her and telling her what he was going to do to her as my wife’s pussy got wetter and wetter, more wet than I’d ever seen it before. It wasn’t too long before the black bull said. “Fuck I’m gonna cum, show me your face and tits slut I’m gonna cum so hard.”

She tapped her phone screen and held it up and away from her face. “Please cum baby,” she begged. “I wanna see your cum so bad.” I could hear him grunting and my wife bit her lip and climaxed watching his big black dick spray its load.

After half a minute I heard. “Okay slut I’ll call you later.”

“Okay,” she responded. “I’ll talk to my husband and I’ll let you know when you can come and fuck me.”

When he hung up she kissed me long and deep, saying she loved me so much and I was such a good husband and I’d done such a good job. Then she ordered me to lie back and put the dildo on my chest, unlocked my cage and jerked me off as she rode it right in front of my face. I told her when I was about to cum of course and she pulled the big black dildo out of her pussy and beat my cock and balls with it pretty hard as I orgasmed. I came super hard, spraying a big load up all of both of us which she got me to lick up every last drop of. She then surprised me by locking me up again. Usually the chastity cage was just a sex accessory. I asked her about it and she put the key on the gold chain she wore around her neck, poked her tongue out and said with a grin. “Get used to it, you’re gonna be wearing this a lot more now.”

The next couple of weeks were uncomfortable and confusing and I was super horny all the time and so was my wife, I fucked her with the black dildo every day and she kept me caged and teased and denied me for hours. She would only open my cage up for just a few minutes to torture my cock and balls until I had an orgasm that she would ruin spectacularly and then get me to clean up with my mouth before she would cage me again.

Otherwise everything was normal and she was a normal loving wife and I was a normal loving husband. Our anniversary was close and I bought her a bunch of expensive gifts, jewellery and lingerie and sexy clothes and shoes. On the day I gave them to her and she was delighted, I had also arranged a night out at an expensive restaurant. She was so happy and told me she had got me a present too. I grinned at the smallish jewellery box she gave me and insisted I opened immediately, it was another chastity cage and at first I was confused, but she quickly dropped to her knees in front of me, pulled down my pants and in less than a minute had switched the cages over. “It’s custom made baby, much better than the cheap one we ordered, it will be much more comfortable and look,” She showed me the key with a flourish. “Isn’t this much cuter for me to wear round my neck?”

The key was gold rather than steel and quite a bit larger than the other one, also it was heart shaped. The cage did fit better and was much more comfortable. “Yeah baby this feels a lot nicer, and that key is really cute. I love it, I love you.”

“I love you too.” she replied. “Now I need to go and get ready for dinner, and don’t worry, I’ve got another, much better surprise for later.” Then she gave me a sexy wink before disappearing with the gifts I had gotten her.

She emerged an hour later in the sheer black satin cocktail dress I had bought, wearing every piece of the more than five thousand dollars worth of golden jewellery I had gotten her, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds sparkled in her hair and in her earrings and around her neck, I had even gotten extra rings and bracelets inset with more jewels. She looked more sexy and beautiful than I had ever seen her and I told her so, she grinned and said. “Good, I wanted to look my best for tonight.”

I wore an expensive pin striped suit and had to admit, I didn’t even have to try and conceal that I was in a chastity cage it was so snug, and I barely felt a hint of discomfort. “You look stunning honey.” She told me and gave me a kiss. “But I think we need to change just one thing.” I asked what and she told me to remove my pants, which I did, then my underwear, which I did too, then she pulled the hem of her skirt up and slid off the black satin mesh g-string I had bought to go with the lingerie she wore and held them out to me. “Wear these sissy.” My jaw dropped but I did as she asked, the g-string was a little small on me but it fit, and held my cage even more snug into my crotch.

“You are so fucking naughty.” told her, “My sexy naughty little wife, I love you so much Lizzy.”

“Oh David, I love you too my submissive sissy husband.” She kissed me hard, then she said should we go. I said I’ll call a cab and she asked if I could drive, I said I kinda wanted to get drunk and she replied there was plenty of time for that, she felt a lot safer me driving than some stranger. So I agreed and we drove to the restaurant.

It was about half an hour away and we chatted and laughed and listened to music during the trip. The restaurant had a valet and I gave the keys up and we walked in, I gave our name and the maître d’ said “Of course, you have the best table tonight, i’s nice and quiet, very private, and your guest is already here.”

“Guest…” I began to ask surprised but my wife interrupted with a laugh.

“Thank you.” She pushed me forward, slipping the maître d’ a large bill. I looked at her quizzically but she put her finger to her lips and he lead us up to the second floor, to a table behind some some artful dividers than made it quite hidden from the rest of the restaurant, but had expansive views over the harbour through the full length wall to floor window.

And there, sitting at the table set for three, dressed in an even more expensive suit that mine, was the man my wife had been masturbating with online. My heart stopped and my stomach dropped but also, my cock throbbed hard in its cage. He stood up and he was tall, and broad, and muscular, and shockingly handsome. The maître d’ said the first course would be out in fifteen minutes and left us alone, my wife squealed a little bit and rushed forwards into this imposing black mans embrace. He grabbed her ass and kissed her cheeks, smiling at her and said “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“You too baby.” she replied and kissed him back, this time on the the lips. The sight of my young white wife kissing a muscular black man made my mouth dry up, my stomach dropped and my heart began to pound. The implication of what we were doing hit me like a ton of bricks, my knees went week and I almost spoke up to stop everything right there but my pounding heart was pumping massive amounts of blood through my groin. My cock strained in its cage with each pump but it couldn’t get hard at all and I realised that it felt amazing.

She lingered with her mouth on his before backing away and gesturing towards me. The black stud held his hand out and I automatically took it and shook it. Lizzy looked over at me and introduced him. “Darling, this is my new lover Jamal, you can call him Bull.” Then she looked up her new bull and told him. “Baby, this is my husband David, you can call him cuck.”

“Hey cuck.” Jamal smirked ruthlessly at me.

All I could think to rely was. “Hello bull.”

We all sat down and my wife and her bull poured champagne and began to drink, she gushed over him, telling me all about how they had met online, how he had tried to get into her for months but she had resisted, then describing how he had repeatedly sent her video after video of himself having sex with young white women, or slowly masturbating his enormous dick and describing what he wanted to do to her, or roughly jerking himself off and swearing at her as he shot a huge load.

The courses came one after another, I asked him normal questions like where he worked and all that regular stuff, which he obligingly responded to with normal answers. All the while my wife stroked his arm and gazed at him, steadily getting more drunk and obviously horny. She told me how he had gotten into her head and she had found herself thinking of his cock while she dominated me in bed, imagining herself as one of the women he sent videos of himself fucking into a quivering wreck. Jamal added that he kept it up as he knew he was going to get to fuck her because she didn’t block him and she watched everything he sent.

Elizabeth then told me how she had finally broke and live cammed with him when I’d been away shooting guns one weekend, and that after that she had accepted she was going to fuck him, it was just a matter of time. That had been three months ago, I hadn’t know it was going on for so long. She explained that was why she had the dildo, she thought that would be enough to stop the fantasies, but it had only made her want the real thing more.

After dessert and coffee the Jamal stood and stretched. “Well, did you do everything I told you too?” He asked my wife.

“Of course I did.” She nodded.

“Everything?” Lizzy nodded again. “Show me.” He ordered her. She stood and slowly slid her dress up her thighs and opened her legs to display her naked pussy to him. My jaw dropped and the world whirled around me at the sight of my young wife wantonly displaying herself for this black man.

“Good,” he said, then looked at me, “I told your wife she could never wear underwear in my presence, she’s good at taking orders.”

“Only from real men.” My wife added with a salacious grin. Then the bull took out his phone said smile and took a picture of us.

“Now you cuck.” He ordered. “Show me.”

I knew what he wanted but I hesitated, I was still second guessing this whole situation but my wife slapped my arm said “Do what he tells you honey.” So I stood, unbuckled my belt and dropped my trousers down to show my panties and cage.

The bull laughed. “Fucking cuck.” He said as he took another picture. “Come over here we’re gonna get a group shot.” My wife pulled me over in front of the window before I could do my pants up.

“Keep them down.” she whispered, and stood next to me on my right side as her bull stayed by the table.

“Put your right arm around her waist.” The bull ordered. “Now your left across your front and hand on her arm.” He told me and I complied. My wife shimmied her dress up a little further as her bull put his phone on the table and unzipped his fly, he pulled out his long thick black cock and tapped his phone screen, the front light started to blink as he came and stood by my wife, she took his cock in her hand as he grabbed her breast with one had and her ass with the other and they kissed as his phone clicked and flashed and took a dozen photos.

“Good,” he said. “Tidy yourselves up we’re leaving.” I pulled my pants up as he checked the pictures. “This really is your first wedding anniversary?” he asked me and I could only nod in affirmation. “Fuck yes,” he said. “Gonna be a lot of pathetic white boys nutting hard to this shit. Yeah that’s a good one, got both your wedding rings in it.” He smiled at my wife and continued. “And your ring is on my dick.”

He tapped away on his phone. My wife smiled at me and winked. “Good, you’re an official cuckold couple now.” He grinned at us.

My wife yelped. “You posted it, oh my god!!”

“Don’t worry baby, I tagged you in it.” he grinned at her.

“Oh no it’s okay,” she replied. “You can show me off all you want, it turns me on.”

“You’ve got a real loving husband there baby, letting you do this.” he told her.

“Like I have a choice” I muttered.

My wife frowned at me. “Of course you do honey, I thought you wanted this?” she questioned. I couldn’t think straight and didn’t reply. “If you want to stop honey you have to say so.”

My head spun and I looked at my beautiful young white wife and the dominant black bull that was going to make me a cuckold on my wedding anniversary, in my marital bed. I wanted to say no, but somehow I couldn’t, because I knew deep, deep down I wanted this, I wanted to watch my wife have sex with this black stud. “No,” I managed to stammer out. “It’s okay, lets all go home.” The bull grinned and put his arm around my wife’s waist, she leaned into him and he led her away. I could barely walk but I managed to follow them.

The valet brought our car around and I got in the front, my wife and her bull got in the back, right in front of several staff and customers at the entrance, I saw one of the valets grinning and laughing to his coworker as I drove away. My whole body flushed with hot blood at the humiliation and arousal I felt.

“Hey cuck,” the bull called from the back. “Put some music on would you, I’m trying to get with your wife here.” I put on a random playlist and all the way home had to listen to my wife giggling and gasping and her bulls low voice and growls. A few minutes before we got home they got really quiet and when I pulled into the drive, stopped and opened the door the inside lights came on and I turned to see my beautiful young wife with her head down in her bulls lap, eagerly sucking on his fat black cock.

Jamal grinned at me and said. “That’s enough slut, save it for the porno.” Then they got out and he put his arm around her and led her up to the house. It wasn’t very late yet and our neighbourhood is very open, I was hoping to god noone saw us as I followed them up to the front door, especially as they made out while I unlocked the door to let us in.

“Porno?” I asked as my wife led her bull by the hand to the bedroom.

“Hell yes.” he replied, “I always fuck on camera, and with a sexy snowbunny slut wife in front of her cuck husband it’s gonna be epic, and guess what cuck, you get to be the camera man.”

In our bedroom he made me strip to my panties and my wife gave me another anniversary gift, an HD camera to film them having sex with.

I never knew it would be such a turn on to see her dressed up in the expensive clothes and jewellery I bought her for our anniversary making out with a half naked dominant alpha black male. Seeing her wrap her pale white arms around the much larger dark skinned body of her lover and pressing her body against him. The difference in size between them, the contrast of their skin, the sounds of her moaning as she gets turned on by the total taboo of being with a superior black man in front of her beta husband, knowing that it turns me on as well to see my wife being pleasured by a real man. The glint of the diamonds in her wedding ring as her hands are pressing against the broad muscular back of her black lover.

It was absolutely incredible to see them getting such illicit pleasure from one another, making out and caressing each other, her slim white hands running up and down his back, his large black hands all over her sexy pale skin, sliding up her fit toned legs before grabbing and squeezing her gorgeous ass, then continuing up to grasp her pert breasts making her gasp with pleasure. It was so fucking hot to watch my beautiful young white wife let a hot black stud strip her clothes off, removing her tight black dress in front of me to reveal her expensive sexy lingerie, her breathing fast and sharp as she felt his strong black hands all over her now naked skin, moaning as he began to kiss and lick her breasts. She let him expose her breasts fully so he could kiss and lick them, sucking on the nipples and sending shivers of pleasure through her body while his strong hands went back down to her now nearly bare ass and he squeezed and groped her ass hard, pulling her against him.

The pleasure was too much for her and she orgasmed in his arms, her pussy flooded with juice so much she felt the inside of her thighs get wet. Now the lust started to overcome her, all she wanted to do is please him in return. She broke their embrace and pulled away to kneel in front of him, he grinned, taking pleasure in dominating this young white wife in front of her husband as he stood, the large bulge in his underwear obvious to us both. She slowly pulled down his boxers, revealing his large semi erect black cock, which whipped out and slapped against her face. She grinned at me. “This black man’s cock is sooo much bigger than yours!” she commented to me with a smirk, knowing that being made so obviously inferior is turning me on.

She called me over and made me lie with my head under her, ordering me to start licking her wet pussy as she prepared to suck off her black lover again. Then she took the key to my chastity cage from among the other jewellery around her neck and wrapped its expensive golden chain around the base of her black lovers massive cock so the key was dangling under his black balls. She looked down at me and told me. “Honey you won’t be being uncaged tonight, your pleasure isn’t important at all…”

She took his big black cock in her hands, without even being fully erect the shaft was so long she had both her hands on it one above the other, and her fingers didn’t even wrap all the way around. She stroked his black cock firmly, a drop of precum oozed out and she licked it, tasting her new black lovers sperm before taking the hot throbbing tip of his penis into her mouth. Her pussy gushed into my mouth as she sucked and stroked her lovers cock with wanton abandon, using her mouth to please him in ways she had never done to me, her husband. She ran her sexy pink lipsticked lips up and down his shaft, kissing and sucking on his massive sagging black balls as she jerked him off, pushing her face down on his now rock solid erect black cock, forcing it as deep into her mouth and throat as she could until she choked and gagged and hot saliva ran all over his groin and down her heaving breasts coating her brand new necklaces and soaking her lingerie. The black bull grunted and groaned with the pleasure of having this wanton slut wife suck him off like a porn star, he grabbed her head and forced her face down further on his ten inch black cock, lost in the pleasure she let him fuck her mouth and throat like she had never let anyone before.

With his big black cock now so erect it hurt, and knowing her husband had been preparing his little white wifes pussy for him, he pulled his cock out of her throat, lifted her up and threw her down on their marriage bed, ordered the caged cuck to go get the camera for a closeup and prepared to fuck this now fully ready white wife. She pulled her lingerie right off and spread her legs as wide as she could for him, almost having another orgasm at the sight of the dominant muscular naked black bull in front of her and her loving, submissive beta husband hovering off to the side with the camera.

The black bull took his massive cock, dripping with spit, throbbing veins now showing up and down the thick shaft, in his hand and positioned the tip at the entrance to my beautiful young white wifes pussy. He looked down into her eyes and asked if she wanted it, she replied yes lustfully, then he looked at me and asked if I wanted to see her take it. Turned on and humiliated I said that I did, I wanted to see it and I knew she needed it…

Knowing then that he fully owned this married white couple, the dominant black bull leant over his conquest and thrust forwards, my beautiful white wife cried out with pleasure as his thick shaft plunged deep into her hot wet pussy. I made sure the camera caught the explicit moment his big thick black penis penetrated my wife’s vagina for the first time, her swollen wet pussy lips stretched around his cock as he pushed in several inches and pulled back out. The contrast between her soft pink pussy and his rock hard black cock looked so erotic my heart nearly stopped, his raw black cock was already deeper inside my wife than I had ever been, my beta dick throbbed and strained painfully in its cage, unable to get erect.

He fucked her slowly for several minutes, holding his body above hers, his amazing naked muscular black body coated with sweat, my wife’s sexy compliant body shivering with pleasure, her legs still spread as wide as she can, moaning with pleasure, looking for all the world like a porn star as she let this big black bull cock stretch her pussy out like nothing ever has before. The black studs cock was so deep inside her she cried with pleasure and pain, looking over at me and gasping out. “Oh my god baby, his cock is so deep he’s touching my womb! You’ve never even been close to being as deep, his big black cock is touching me in places you’ll never feel!”

Grinning, the bull looked over at me too and said “Now cuck, I’m gonna fuck your wife so hard and stretch her tight pussy so much she’ll never wanna get with you again! You want that?”

I gulped out. “Yes, please. Please fuck her like that.”

The alpha black stud then pressed his body down on top of my willing white wife, she wrapped her legs around him and locked him inside her, their open mouths met in a dirty erotic lustful kiss as he began to thrust harder and faster, plunging his huge ebony cock deeper and deeper into my eager wife’s tight wet pussy. Soon they stopped kissing like porn stars, both of them needing all the breath they had to continue their hot rapid sex. Jamal put his head down and I could see him concentrating on nothing more than trying not to cum as he thrust himself deep into my wife. Elizabeth had her eyes closed, threw her arms back and began moaning and crying out with pleasure. She called out “Oh my god Jamal your black cock is so good! You’re so much bigger than my husband! You fuck so much better than him! I love your big black cock!”

As she cried out he was saying into her ear. “Fuck yeah Lizzy baby your pussy is so tight, you’re so fucking wet, your pussy feels so good, you’re such a good fuck!”

Meanwhile my head was spinning with lust, it was hard to concentrate but I had to, I had to make sure I captured their rough mating on camera, had to capture the sight of my wife’s petite white body pinned under this massive black alpha males muscular frame, had to capture the sight of her head rolling around in ecstasy, her hands with their long pink painted nails clawing at his brawny shoulders, her toned white legs locked around his broad black body, her breasts shaking with every thrust of this superior black bull against her. I also focused the camera on him, making sure I filmed his thick black sinewy arms holding down her slim white ones, his hands on hers, their fingers intertwined, his muscles rippling as his body pulled back and lunged down powerfully on top of my wife, his solid muscle bound legs pushing into our marriage bed to gain the leverage he needed to fuck my wife so hard, his perfectly rounded hunky black ass pumping up and down between my wife’s open thighs.

As I filmed this dominant black bulls ten inch long cock plunging balls deep into my young white wife’s hot wet pink vagina I knew I was the luckiest cuckold husband in the world. His penis and her pussy lips were covered in a thick white cream that she had produced to lubricate the deep rough raw sex she was having with this fertile black bull and the wetness was all over both of their loins, running down between her ass cheeks and soaking into our bed. His huge sagging balls were slapping against her with every thrust and the hot wet sound of their sex was amazing.

After over twenty minutes of this the sight and sound of his thick black cock penetrating my wife ten inches deep, the speed and intensity of their sex, watching and filming them grope and kiss and talk dirty to each other became too much for me. I had never thought I could cum without direct stimulation but my hot blood was pumping hard and fast through my groin, my cock strained against its cage with every beat and all of a sudden my legs felt weak and my head spun, I almost collapsed, falling down to my knees. I had enough will left to turn the camera towards my own crotch and take one of the expensive black sneakers my wife had taken off Jamal earlier before all by itself my caged dick pumped once, twice, three times, squirting my inferior white seed out through the steel cage and my wife’s black mesh g-string onto the sole of my wife’s black bull lover’s shoe as she cried out “I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming, it’s so good, don’t stop Jamal, harder, deeper, god I’m still cumming, you’re so amazing baby, your big black cock is amazing don’t stop I love you Jamal I love you I love you!” Dazed and light headed my heart almost stopped as I heard her tell a man that really, she had only met for the first time a few hours ago, but had known for months, a dominant muscular black bull, that she loved him. Dread welled up from deep inside me and for the first time I felt like a true cuckold, at the same time it turned me on even more and my pathetic caged cock pumped once, twice more…

My wife and her lover didn’t even notice me orgasm, their sex had slowed and the bull had lifted himself up again, claiming he didn’t want to cum yet as he pulled my wife’s ass up off the bed and put a pillow under it, my pillow that I slept on. I managed to stand and resume my camera duties as he held her legs up and apart and slowly thrust the whole length of his thick black penis in and out of her sopping vagina. My wife had pulled some pillows under her head so they could both watch their sex, she exclaimed that she had never seen herself so wet and he responded that her cum looked fucking incredible on his black cock. They dirty talked while he slowly fucked her, the bull asked. “You ever been fucked this good baby?”

To which she replied. “Of course not, my pathetic husband can’t fuck like you.”

“So you like my big black dick?”

She kissed him deep then said “Of course, I love your amazing black cock.”

He looked over at me with a grin and asked, “So you like mating with a nigger in front of your husband?”

My wife also looked over at me, writhing her groin around under her bull to please his cock as she said. “Oh god yes I love mating with your raw nigger dick in front of my husband!” He put his head down near her ear and began grinding his loins into her slowly as he said something into her ear quietly. My wife giggled and responded. “No I haven’t told him yet, I wanted to be a good cheating wife and make my husband a real cuckold.”

He laughed and kissed her deep before saying. “You’re the fucking best cheating wife.”

They went on like that for a long time, slowing grinding their loins together, his ten inch black cock embedded balls deep inside her pussy as they talked dirty. Him calling her his slut, saying he owned her pussy and her tits, her mouth and her body and her womb. Her repeating and affirming what he said about her, then praising and worshipping him and his black cock. All the while humiliating and degrading me, both of them saying I was pathetic and worthless.

Then he pulled out of her, lying on his back on our bed he said. “Show your husband how much you love my black dick.” She knelt on the bed between his legs and began to lick all the white cream off his cock and balls, kissing up and down his black shaft and sucking on the fat mushroom tip of his penis. To my delight the bull ordered me to put the camera down and lick my wife’s pussy, I placed the camera on the nightstand pointing at them and got on my knees at the base of the bed. My wife’s swollen pussy was right in front of my face, covered in her cream and gaping open in a way I’d never seen before. I began to lick around her loins, tasting her warm sweet cum and soft flesh before my mouth made its way to her vagina, I ran my tongue up both of her throbbing swollen pussy lips, normally they were close together protecting her tight vagina but the size of her bulls cock had stretched them so far apart that I had to lick one then the other, which I did several times before I moved down to her amazingly hot hard clitoris, sucking on her sensitive pleasure bud softly.

I could feel my wife shiver with pleasure and normally she would be moaning but all I could hear was her slightly gagging and coughing and spitting and the bull telling her she was a fucking good bitch and that his niggers were gonna love this video. I knew his cock was in her throat and I wished I could look but I couldn’t get distracted, I moved my mouth to her vagina, french kissing her stretched open hole as I pushed my tongue deep inside her. It tasted amazing, sweet and tangy like normal but somehow different, stronger and more intense in flavour. The bull asked my wife if she liked tasting her pussy on his big dick, she tried to reply as he pushed her head down onto him and thrust his hips up making her gag and all she managed was a muffled gargle in response, he called out to me and asked how I liked the taste of my wife’s fuck hole after a big black cock had run through it, I replied that it was amazing, better than I had ever tasted.

The bull laughed and replied. “You’re fucking pathetic.” Then he pulled my wife up on top of him, I saw him putting his phone down and realised he had been filming my wife sucking him off as I ate her pussy and this really turned me on. He told me to go get the camera again then told my wife to show how much she needed black dick. My wife immediately lifted herself up and positioned her pussy over his magnificent erect cock and just as I managed to get the camera pointed at her sexy pert ass she pushed herself down onto him, penetrating herself on his big black penis, her wet willing vagina taking almost the whole length of his superior manhood with ease.

She cried out with pleasure and began to rock slowly back and forth, working his erect shaft deeper and deeper inside her until she was sitting on him, her groin against his, his huge ebony cock fully embedded inside her willing white vagina. The bull looked over at me with a grin and said. “I posted that video I just made of your wife deepthroating my black cock online, somewhere fuckloads of people will see it. I bet loads of whiteboys are gonna nut watching you say her pussy tastes better than ever. You’re gonna be their hero.”

My wife let out a long moan and lay herself down on top of his sweat soaked body, slowly lifting her ass in the air then pushing it back down, squeezing so her pussy gripped his massive cock tight. He talked shit into her ear as she fucked him, asking her. “You like that you’re a porn star now?”

“God yes.” Elizabeth replied.

“It turns you on that people are watching you cheat on your husband with a black man?”

“Oh God yes!”

“You want everyone to see how pathetic your cuckold husband is?”

This time she cried out “Oh God Yes! I’m cumming again! I’m cumming so hard!”

She began to ride his cock hard and fast, Jamal grabbed her white ass and helped her slam herself down onto his cock, calling her a good slut as she cried out with pleasure from the waves of orgasm pulsing through her. She seemed to cry out forever as she rode her bulls magnificent black cock for all she was worth, after minutes of intense orgasm she collapsed a little bit but kept working her groin up and down on him as fast as she could. As she fucked him she pulled herself up until she was squatting over him and rode him that way, moaning and crying with pleasure as she worked his massive black member with her tight little married white pussy. The bull encouraged her, “Yeah baby you’re such a good fuck, wear your pussy out on my black dick. You belong to me now, you’re his wife but you’re my slut.” After several minutes of this he ordered her to turn around and face me, she did so, his dick not even coming out of her pussy as she slid around. She looked straight at me and the camera and smiled as she fucked him like this, then he bent her backwards over him. “Open your legs wide slut, show your husband how much you like having sex with a black man, show the camera so everyone can see what a black cock slut you are.”

She complied with his orders and fucked him in this reverse cowgirl explicit porn star type position for a long time, legs open so I could film her bouncing up and down on his cock. Her pink wet pussy lips stretched and gripped his fat black shaft as she slid her vagina up and down on his massive erect penis, the hot wet white fluid from her pussy flowed down his balls and between his legs, making even more of a mess of our marital bed. The black bull groped her young white body like he owned her, his hand roughly grabbing her face and her throat and her pert tits and she shivered and gasped and orgasmed again and again. At one point he put his fingers in her mouth, telling her to make them sloppy, she sucked them like a cock for several seconds until they dripped with spit then he reached between her thighs and began rubbing her clit and pussy, at the same time he started fucking his big black cock up into her as she slammed herself down onto him. My wife began to gasp and moan and she cried out with pleasure. “Oh God Yes baby, don’t stop I’m going to cum so hard!” The orgasm quickly hit her and was so strong she collapsed on to her lovers black muscular body, grabbing and pinching at her own nipples in ecstasy as the bull held her legs open, groping her thighs and groin and thrust his big black penis ruthlessly up into her gaping vagina.

As her orgasm subsided she rolled off him, barely able to move. The bull got up on to his knees, his dominating black form towering over my petite wife’s convulsing body. He looked straight at me and asked. “You ever seen your wife like this cuck?”

“No of course not.” I replied honestly.

Jamal grabbed Elizabeth’s ass and squeezed her tits as he asked me. “How much more do you think she can take?” I took a few seconds to think of a reply but my wife interrupted me, rolling onto her back and grabbing desperately at his muscular chest with one hand and grasping his long thick wet black cock with the other.

“Please don’t stop, I can take it. I need your nigger dick inside me, I need your black cum in my womb, please. Fuck me till it hurts, then fuck me more. You can do whatever you want to me.” She begged.

The bull grinned at me again and told me. “Look closely cuck. Your wife is addicted to big black cock now. You ain’t never gonna get to fuck her again.” My heart skipped several beats and my cock throbbed in its tight cage. He flipped her over onto all fours and pushed his huge black cock inside her from behind. My wife cried out with pleasure from the pressure of her stretched white vagina taking all ten inches of his black penis in one thrust. She kept crying out while he thrust deep inside her, gaining momentum and pushing into her harder and faster. He pulled her upper body up and roughly grabbed both of her tits and fucked her hard, kneading and pinching her sensitive nipples, putting his mouth on her neck and sucking and biting as he abused her delicate body more viciously than he had at any time up to this point.

He fucked her long and hard from behind, deliberately and aggressively misusing my wife’s diminutive body, slapping her ass viciously and repeatedly until it shone a deep red, roughly choking her until she was gurgling and gasping, even striking her across the face with a sharp crack over and over from both sides. My wife cried out from the pain of the brutal and sudden attacks. “Oh God yes abuse me baby, don’t stop!” With tears running freely down her face she tried to turn her face towards him and begged him. “Please baby, kiss me while you choke me!” The bull laughed and did so, smothering my wife’s mouth with his own as he clamped her throat shut with one massive hand and fucked all ten inches of his cock hard and deep into her willing pussy.

My wife’s acceptance of his v******e seemed to turn the bull into something else, he quickly got even more aggressive with her, ordering me to get a belt then he set about whipping her petite white body with it as he fucked her harder and harder. His eyes seemed to glaze over and he told me to put the camera down coz it was my turn. I was so shocked I couldn’t do anything but obey and he grabbed me and ordered me to get up and sit at the head of the bed facing him with my legs open. He then set about whipping and slapping my crotch and thighs and chest with the belt, slapping my face viciously as he continued to fuck my wife deep from behind. “Yes do it Jamal,” Elizabeth encouraged him. “He likes being hurt. I want to watch you whip his pathetic little white cock and balls while you breed me!”

The shock of hearing my wife beg him to abuse me was almost as intense as the pleasure from the abuse itself and I moaned loudly. Jamal roared that I was a fucking pathetic cuck and my wife was a worthless whore as he continued to abuse us both. Incredibly I was so fucking turned on I couldn’t stop him, I couldn’t do anything because he was right, he was a superior black man and he deserved this, I felt that we as a married white couple needed to let him do whatever he wanted with us. Plus I’d never felt such pleasure before in my life.

He reached out and slapped me hard then pulled me face down over my wife. With my face inches from his washboard abs thrusting back and forth into my wife he said again it was my turn to please him. He pulled his ten inch black cock out of my wife’s vagina, grabbed my head and thrust himself towards me. My wife collapsed under me and I obeyed, willingly moving forward and letting this black bull shove his rock hard cock into my wide open mouth.

I was dazed from the pleasure of the abuse, my head spinning and ears ringing as I tasted his black flesh and my wife’s pussy. I felt the pressure of his cock pushing down my throat, the choking sensation passing quickly as his penis was shoved so deep in my throat I couldn’t even gag. My wife joined in by slapping my caged cock and savagely digging her sharp nails into my balls. The bull laughing and roaring as he whipped and slapped me and called me a damn good faggot cock sucker.

My caged cock throbbed incredibly powerfully in its cage and I moaned loudly around the flesh of Jamal’s cock down my throat. My wife laughed and said. “God Jamal, he’s going to cum sucking your cock!”

“Yeah?” Jamal replied. “That’s fucking hot, keep that up baby make your husband cum while I fuck his throat!” He pulled his fat black cock out of my mouth and I choked and sucked in a breath before he plunged it back down my throat. Elizabeth began rhythmically working my balls, slapping them then stroking them softly then clawing them with her nails. Her bull continued to fuck my throat and after barely a minute of this my balls spasmed and I moaned out loud as my clit began to spurt.

“Yes baby waste that seed while you suck a real mans cock!” My wife exclaimed as Jamal muttered under his breath.

“Yeah nut you cuck, please this nigger dick while you nut, you’re a cock sucking faggot now ungh, your wife’s pussy belongs to me yeah. Waste that pathetic white boy cum ungh.” I finished orgasming listening to them berate me and loved every second of it.

He pulled his cock out of my throat and pushed me off the be and grabbed Lizzy. “Done with that cuck shit now, need to nut in that married pussy.” He muttered as he pushed her onto her back and got between his legs.

“Don’t forget to clean up your mess David.” My wife added and pointed to the puddle of my cum on the sheets next to where they lay together. I crawled up, my balls and caged dick and most of my body throbbing in pleasure and pain.

My wife looked so happy as Jamal grabbed her throat and mercilessly thrust his huge rigid black penis deep into her eager consenting vagina. He cried out. “Fuck yeah, this is what white pussy deserves!” as he aggressively manhandled my wife, slapping her face and tits, leaning down and sucking and biting hard on the flesh of her upper body, her tits and neck and shoulder. As I licked up my own cum I witnessed her enthusiastically thrust her hips up into him as he fucked her.

I could hear her begging him. “Yes baby please cum inside me! Please breed my white pussy with your superior black sperm! I love you so much Jamal, I need you to cum deep inside my womb!” Through sudden tears I watched her wrap her legs around him once more as he thrust his huge black cock viciously inside her again and again.

He roared loudly. “Fuck yes I’m gonna cum in you slut!” His roars almost completely blocked out my wife cries.

“Yes baby I’m cumming again too, please baby slap me as I orgasm! Please choke me as you cum inside my pussy!” The bull of course obliged and I captured it all on camera, Elizabeth’s body started shaking violently with an uncontrollable orgasm as her bull slapped and choked her and ejaculated a humongous load of superior black sperm ten inches deep inside her vagina.

After they both orgasmed he lay on top of her, still fully inserted, for what seemed like forever. Jamal and Elizabeth kissed and whispered to each other the whole time they lay together on our now thoroughly tainted marriage bed. I don’t know how long it was before the bull got up off my wife, slowly pulling his still massive but no longer rock hard black cock out of her swollen creamy white mess of a pussy. He stood up and got the camera to record a closeup of the creampie between my wife’s legs, and also to record the marks and bruises all over her body.

He said he was thirsty and ordered me to go get him a drink, my wife asked for some juice with a smirk and slapped my ass hard as I turned to leave in my panties and cage. I took the time to take Jamal’s shoes and put them down by the front door. I was incredibly arousing to know when he left he was going to leave loads of his sperm inside my wife and was going to tread mine into the dirt outside.

As I came back up the stairs I could hear the bull groaning with pleasure again. When I walked back into the bedroom he was kneeling over my wife’s chest. She was on her back blowing him and jerking his hard black cock off again. He ordered me to kneel back at the foot of the bed again and from there I had an explicit view of his black ass, sagging balls and long hard cock with the top couple of inches in my wife’s mouth. My wife was eagerly sucking and stroking him, spittle flowing down her chin, gazing up at him lovingly with bruised eyes. There were red and pink and black and blue marks all over her neck and shoulders and breasts, vivid bite marks and finger and hand prints bruised into her flesh. And of course her legs were still spread and her pussy gaped open, there was frothy white cream all over her crotch and thighs and pussy lips and I could see inside her vagina where there was even more thick white cum oozing out from deep inside her. She had my pillow under her hips to hold her ass up a little bit, I knew this was so she could keep her black bulls sperm deep inside her for longer.

My wife was giving her black bull a blowjob more skilful and intense than she had ever given me and it was only a few minutes before he moaned loudly. “Fuck yeah good bitch you’re making me cum again!” He pulled away from her face and quickly got between her legs and buried his cock inside her. He lay down on her and kissed her deeply as I watched his heavy sagging black balls hitch up over and over, I could literally see the tube in his perineum swelling as his fertile black sperm flowed out of his testicles up through is long hard black penis and deep into my wife’s vagina.

My swollen cock and balls caused me some pain but it only added to the pleasure, I was still incredibly turned on, my heart raced and pumped more blood through my caged and swelling genitals and the combination of pleasure and pain made me double over a little bit.

The bull pulled his black cock out of my wife again and rolled off to lie beside her. She grinned and grabbed her legs and pulled them up to her chest. After another longer loving kiss they both looked down at me and the bull said. “Well, cuck, don’t you want to eat my cum out of your wife’s pussy?”

“Of course I do.” I nodded as I replied.

I pulled myself up onto the bed incredibly aware of my throbbing balls as I put my head between my wife’s thighs and began to kiss and lick around her swollen well fucked pussy. She moaned with pleasure and pushed her pussy forwards me. “Hurry up and lick me like a proper cuckold husband David.” I immediately kissed her right on her clit, licked my tongue up her swollen pussy lips, put my open mouth right on her vagina and began to suck.

The hot cum began to flow into my mouth, it was a lot different from when I ate her earlier, thicker and saltier and it turned me on knowing that was because this time I was sucking her big dicked black bulls semen out of her. I opened my mouth wider and kissed her well fucked hole, pushing my tongue in deep and wiggled it around inside her, Jamal’s cum flowed freely into my mouth, the thick sticky fluid coating my tongue in a silken layer of semen that felt and tasted amazing in my mouth. My wife and her black bull stopped kissing so he could call out. “So do you like the taste of my cum cuck?”

I swallowed a mouthful and answered. “Yes it’s incredible.” Then I put my mouth back on my wife’s pussy and got lost in the sensation of kissing and licking her well fucked vagina, running my lips and tongue up and down her dark pink swollen lips, kissing and sucking with an open mouth the slippery hole that only minutes before had the huge cock of the black man who beat me deep inside it.

Elizabeth called down to me. “Tell me you love me David.”

I looked up at her but she was already kissing Jamal again, a deep sensual kiss. “I love you so much Lizzy baby…” My wife cried out and shook with pleasure again, grabbing my hair and pressing my face into her wet loins and squeezing hard to force the sperm that was still deep inside her out into my mouth.

She rolled me over and sat up over me, grinding her cum filled pussy into my face, rubbing it all over my mouth and nose and chin. Jamal grinned and stood up over us both, pushing his still semi erect cock into my wife’s mouth, she began to suck and stroke him and he was soon hard again and she blew him as she rode my face. I licked and sucked and swallowed mouthful after mouthful of thick black bull cum, this continued for several minutes, my wife having orgasms almost continuously until her bull groaned loud and deep again and came for the third time. My wife sucked and stroked his big hard black cock furiously as his sperm shot out in hot spurts again and again, this time into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed his cum greedily, direct from the source, as I enthusiastically swallowed the same black mans seed second hand from deep inside her vagina.

With his sagging cock in her hands and his cum running down her chin she sat on my face, gazed up at her magnificent black bull lover and again told him she loved him. Then she got up and led him by the hand into the ensuite, he made sure to grab the camera on the way in. As I heard the shower start I got up painfully and began to clean up our bedroom, stripping the sheets off the bed and taking them to the laundry before making a pot of coffee and starting making a late dinner, the restaurant had been four hours ago and I was starving, I didn’t bother changing and did all of this in my cage and my wife’s g-string.

It was almost an hour before my wife and her bull appeared, him fully clothed now but her in nothing but her smallest dressing gown, barely done up so it fully revealed her thoroughly ravished body. She led him to the door and he opened it to leave before she pulled herself up onto him for one last longing kiss, the whole neighbourhood could have seen everything but I knew she didn’t care. She told him she loved him once more and he promised to be back as soon as possible. He looked over at me and just shook his head and said one word “Pathetic.” Then he left.

My wife said. “Forget the food for a minute I’ve got something else you have to finish eating.” and led me back into the bedroom where she got me to lick the final load of sperm he had ejaculated into her in the bathroom out of her pussy. It had started to run out all down her legs by then so I spent the next half an hour kissing up and down her legs and thighs and sucking on her well fucked vagina before she took me into the shower and I soaped up and massaged her abused body.

I asked if I could have the key and be unlocked now, she smirked at me and said. “Ask again after you’ve seen the video.”

“Where is the camera?” I asked.

“Our bull has it so you’re going to have to wait.” She replied with a smirk.

I finished making dinner and we ate and were going to bed when she got a text. She said. “Oh good you can watch the video now.” She opened up pornhub on our computer and there it was, black bull fucks abuses and breeds willing white couple, part one two and three, live for anyone to see. “You can ask for the key again after you’ve watched all three and a half hours of it.” She kissed me and added. “Good night baby, don’t come to bed till you’re finished.” Then she went to bed. I spent the next three hours in ecstasy and agony as I relived the whole experience.

It turned out that first when she took him into the bathroom they had both stood naked in front of the camera talking for several minutes. He had made her get out her birth control pills and said. “You stopped using these like I told you right?”

“Of course I did,” my wife replied. “I love you and I want you to put a black baby inside me.” My head spun and my stomach dropped and my cock throbbed hard again.

“Good so you are fertile tonight?”

My wife responded smiling. “It’s been three weeks so yeah baby, I am. I’ll never use any protection with you Jamal, I love you so much, I wanted to feel your raw black cock cumming inside my fertile pussy. It was such a turn on that my husband didn’t know we were having unprotected sex.”

“You haven’t fucked your husband at all have you?” The black bull asked.

“No of course not.” She replied, “I’ve sat on his cuckold face and ruined his pathetic orgasms every night since I told him about us.”

“Good.” Jamal grinned. “That’s my slut.” Then my beautiful young white wife ate her black lovers ass while she used both hands and some hot oil to massage his cock and balls for over twenty minutes to get him hard for a fourth round. He fucked her over the toilet, making her empty her birth control pills into it one by one, then finally he made her take the key for my cage off the chain around his dick and drop it in, then he fucked her hard and made her flush while she orgasmed.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, suddenly everything she had been saying about him breeding her, him cumming in her womb, him saying her womb belonged to him made more sense. I was so lightheaded I could barely think, my stomach felt like an empty pit and my heart raced. But at the same time every beat pumped hot blood through my cock and the feeling of it throbbing painfully in its cage gave me more pleasure than I could even believe. I couldn’t help myself and I licked my fingers and began to rub the incredible sensitive tip of my cock around the bars of my cage as I finished watching.

The black bull picked my wife up, held her against the wall and slid his huge ebony cock deep inside her pink pussy. As he fucked her there she told him. “Oh my god I really do love you Jamal, my pathetic husband could never fuck me like this. I love you, I love you so much more than my husband.”

“If you really do love me you’ll promise to never have sex with him again.”

“Okay baby I promise, I’ll never let him fuck me ever again.”

“Promise to abuse him and keep his pathetic cock locked in that cage forever.”

“Yes baby, for you I’ll never let his sad little cock out ever again. You can abuse him and fuck me all you want. I love your big black cock more than I could ever love him.”

“Yeah, keep saying that.” He told her as he pumped his cock deep inside her. I was incredibly aroused and my caged cock pulsed with pleasure as I listened to my wife cry out.

“I love your black cock more than my husband. I love your black cock more than my husband. I love your black cock more than my husband. Oh I love your black cock more than my husband. Oh God yes please cum inside me again Jamal I want your baby inside me! I love your big black cock more than my husband!!”

My beautiful young fertile white wife’s body shook with orgasmic pleasure again as her tall muscular black bull stud fucked her hard against the wall of our bathroom, when the bull grunted loudly and kissed her deep my worthless caged cock squirted and squirted as I watched him empty his potent black sperm deep inside her for the final time. Then after he kissed her again she said. “I hope you’ve made me pregnant baby.”

“Fuck yeah,” he replied. “I’ve always wanted to make a white cuck raise my babies…”

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