Autumn had begun mildly asserting itself at first. The colors of the trees were just starting to be their beautiful shades of yellows, bronzes, and reds when there was a three day span of killing frosts; and that ended that with an icy abruptness!

However, I had my glory hole to find comfort and solace in; and perhaps it was because of the sudden drop in temperature, and end of Autumn’s normal glory of color, but I suddenly found lots of interest in my glory hole! My In Box was full of inquiries, and I went from a month long hiatus of no visitors, to at least two visits per day!

I’d retired the year before, and I transformed the back part of my work shop (an old one-car garage that had come with the house when I bought it decades earlier) into a glory hole; something I had been long interested in making; and now that I had plenty of time on my hands, there had been no reason not to create it! I’d done some research that said that as long as you had no more than four people at a time at your private residence, then a glory hole didn’t constitute a ‘business’, and therefore you were legal; and that’s how I operated things.

At first, after posting an ad on a site that specialized in home made ‘private’ glory holes, I had no replies for months and months. That was disappointing, to say the least! I’d spent money, and a lot of time and attention to making my glory hole as nice as I could. I didn’t want a sleazy ambience. I wanted it to be ‘classy,’ and a place some one would perhaps (hopefully!) want to return to again.

So, as I said, months and months went by without a single person responding to my ad. In fact, I was starting to consider that I might just give up on the whole thing, when one day, as I was checking my e-mail, there was a reply! They mentioned seeing my ad, and was wondering if they could make an appointment and drop by. My heart began beating a little faster, and I replied that I was free that afternoon; to which they replied in the affirmative. I told them my address, and that they were to park in the alley behind my house (I’d made a space for approximately two cars to park, and out of the way of alley traffic and my neighbors garage doors), and that I’d leave the fence gate unlocked and they should come in through the back door. (I had a door bell attached to it, and when they opened it, it would give off a soft chiming sound to let me know they were there.)

As I waited, I was both nervous, as well as excited. But eventually the time for my first ever glory hole visitor arrived, and sure enough, they were right on time! I had one of those front door peep hole devices in the plywood panel that had the glory hole, and as I heard the car pull up in the alley and stop, I stood up from the stool and peered though it. I saw a young guy somewhere in his maybe early to mid 20’s, and as he closed the door behind him, and he turned around, I could see him better, even in the dim lighting on the other side; and he was a good looking guy; maybe 6′ 3″, and 180 pounds, and dark hair. Om my god! I thought, as I took up my position on the rolling shop stool, and waited to see what sort of cock he had!

Neither of us spoke, which was fine.

A moment later, he inserted his cock and balls through the round hole, and I was happily impressed by it’s size. I immediately took his balls in one hand, and lifted his stiffening cock with the other, and for a few seconds I admired it; but then I began lightly sucking his nicely circumcised cock head.

He moaned as I did, and that excited me. So I gave him more of my enthusiasm and attention, and his cock grew nice and hard and firm (probably at least seven or eight inches, and nice and fat in girth)! My eagerness was transferred¬†through the glory hole and into him, and I gave him the best blow job I possibly could, and though the time seemed to fly past, when he eventually ejaculated, I don’t think either of us cared!

He had a truly massive quantity of cum, but I did manage to swallow every last drop; and I continued to suck his cock for several moments after he’d come; until he withdrew, stepping back from the glory hole with a loud sigh of relief!

“Oh fuck!” I heard him say.

“Was that good?!” I inquired, worried that perhaps it hadn’t been!

“It was fucking great!” He replied reassuringly.

“I am very glad to hear that,” I said, and then added a sincere thank you!

“Yeah,” he said. “No problem. You were good.”

Hearing that pleased me very much.

“Then please come back again sometime!” I said. “That was quite a load you had. I loved it!”

“Yeah,” he replied, as I could hear him zipping up his jeans, “I just might have to do that.”

“Let me know when you want to. You know how to find me now!”

“I will,” he said, and then added: “Thanks.”

“No,” I replied, “thank YOU!”

A moment later I heard his car start up and drive away. I could still taste his cum in my mouth as he did. I was very happy with how everything had turned out. My first visitor—and it had been magnificent! It had been everything I’d hoped it would be, and more!

A week later, I got three more e-mails from other men interested in my glory hole services, and they all mentioned having heard about through that young man who had been my first visitor! Word of mouth advertising. Even better than a typical ad!

Word of Mouth!

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