The angelic, beauty wore a colorful sheer kaftan robe over her two-piece bikini. The rope was open. Her copper-tinges, light-brown skin exposed at the midsection. She lay back on a lounge chair basking in the sunrise. She had been up all night and looked forward to sleeping soon.

Two couples joined her on the teak deck of the 105-foot luxury yacht.

“Oh, sexy,” giggled Asha. “You ready?”
“Yes I am,” replied Artur in his Angolan accent.
“Let’s go,” stood the busty 40DD-cup brown-skinned check with a bubble butt.
“Right behind you,” the African leapt to his feet.

Asha switched off to the cabin she was sharing with Artur. Her ass swayed and jiggled.

Artur’s dick pitched a tent in his trunks. He could not get there fast enough.

The other pair consisted of a tall, lean dude with a chocolate complexion and a gorgeous reddish-yellow BBW chick that was built like a brickhouse – 44DDD-38-50. He was feeding her g****s and strawberries between kisses.

‘How lovely,’ thought the sunbather.

The triple mahogany hulled vessel drifted buoyantly. It had a classic throwback design and was named ‘TSARITSA MAKEDONIJA’.

“You want some of this big dick, gurl,” inquired the man.
“Yes, god! Tyrus Gray is gonna fuck my juicy ass,” she beamed.
“Damn right,” he grinned as he played with her bare ‘tig ol’ bitties’.

In Chicago, Evgenija Gergeva wrapped up a call with her estranged husband. “When are you coming here?”
“In two weeks,” the Macedonian oligarch explained.
“That would be great. Please have your people confirm the date. I need to host a reception. And having you there is always helpful.”
“Of course. I know it’s the end of the day there and I’m just waking up. Give my love Zoja if you talk to her later.”
“I’m not a courier. You can call your daughter yourself,” she snapped in her native Bulgarian.

It was close enough to the Macedonian language that Karel Gergev understood clearly. But anyone listening could have interpreted the intent of the Consul-General’s clipped, rebuke by tone of voice alone.

“Yes, dear! Bye bye,” the billionaire ended the satellite call.

Karel, a large blocky fellow with a bald head & thick mustache, headed towards the deck. He poured a snifter of whisky for himself and a glass of champagne for his Lola. He appeared and spotted the couple hugged up almost in coitus. “Sexy,” he held out the flute.

“Oh! Thank you, Karel,” Lola sat up. “How’s everything.”
“It’s fine, baby,” he pecked her on the cheek.

Karel turned to the others. “So, how do you like, Mr. Gray?”
“Man, this is sweet! Hopefully, you’ll come play for us soon,” he winked.
“It’s definitely looking that way.”
“That’s what I like to hear,” he bellowed.

The owner of the floating palace sat next to Lola, He traced her smooth stomach with his b**stly hands. He felt her writhe with sensation. He had made his $2.2-billion fortune through mining and petrochemicals manufacturing. He now owed a 15% interest in an English Premier League football club – for which Artur played midfield – and a 7% stake in an NBA franchise.

This little jaunt off the coast of Singapore was to serve as a reward to Artur Soares and a recruiting tool for Tyrus Gray.

Karel wanted the 6’3” highly intelligent point-guard to join his team. It was believed by the front office and the other owners that the UVA grad would help lead them to championship based on their current frontcourt lineup. So far, it appeared to be working.

The ultrarich businessman had a few other dubious enterprises. He owned an adult entertainment production outfit though a network of shell companies. And, there were whispers in the international community that Karel dabbled in gunrunning. Nothing had ever been proven. His influence had gotten his wife appointed to the top spot at the Macedonian Consulate-General in Chicago. His daughter managed the family humanitarian aid foundation and split time between penthouse apartments in New York and London.

The company produced various genres including tranny porn. Lola, Asha, & Siya were all trannies and performed in various flicks.

Karel heard through the g****vine that both athletes enjoyed the gurls just like he did. So, he set it up. They were cruising around along with a crew of four that had each signed non-disclosure agreements plus two Herculean Poles that provided personal security. None of the East European staff would dare go to the press for fear of reprisal. Loved ones had been known to disappear when someone crossed the wealthy bastard.

Tyrus and Siya left the deck.

Karel coaxed his tart to follow him.

Karel walked past the first guest cabin, he squeezed Lola tight as he listed.

The midfielder barked, “Take this big African dick, baby!”
“Yeah, daddy! Gimme that big African dick. Fuck this tranny pussy!”
“Yeah, gurl! This pussy is good!”
“Oh my god!”

Siya laughed as Tyrus motorboated her gigantic mounds and jiggled her ass with his hands. “Oh yeah, nigga!”

“You want this long dick in you, gurl?”
“I sure do,” she smiled.
“Then bend that phat ass over!”
“Ooh yeah! Take charge, daddy!”


Tyrus smacked her dumpy butt cheeks firmly.

“Sounds like everyone is having a good time,” announced the boorish man.
“Just like we’re about to,” snickered Lola.
“Yes, gorgeous!”

Karel pulled off his short royal blue satin robe.

“You’re so handsome,” Lola declared. “I love your big, strong hairy chest!”
“Thank you, doll! You’re the one that’s sexy!”

Karel pulled her close. He kissed her.

The mustache tickled upper lip. His time worn hands ran all over her smooth, silken skin. He lifted her and carried her to bed of the deluxe cabin.

Meanwhile, the 5’10”, chiseled professional soccer player had Asha on her side. He fucked her from above.

Asha’s massive fake tits bounced.

Artur played with them as he pounded.

“Fuck me, baby,” she hollered.
“Yeah! Give me that tranny ass!”
“Bang this hood tranny bitch,” she cried as her lengthy, pointy, multicolored nails dug into his perspiring, athletic back.
“Yes, gurl! That’s it! Take it!”

Artur flipped Asha over. “Play with that clitty,” he ordered.

Asha stroked her longish pussy stick to an erection. “I’m gonna cum,” she whined.

“Yeah, sexy! Shoot that load!”

Asha erupted. Her nut was clear and oozed.

The contractions of her anus sent Artur over the edge. He pulled out and shot a sizable wad – some of which made it to her chin and luscious boobs.

Tyrus and Siya were going at it as well. The large and in charge transsexual rode him as he was splayed out on the bed.

“Jump on that dick, gurl! Get it!”
“Yeah, nigga! This dick is so good!”
“This pussy is good! Clamp those walls on it, baby!”
“Yes, sir!”

In the master suite, Lola faced Karel. They were on their sides. Her legs were wrapped around his torso. She had sucked his dick expertly and now she was ready to take the enormously thick 6¼-inch rod. She winced slightly as it entered her. Stretching her tight half Black, half Thai hole.

“I’ll be gentle,” the older man assured her.
“It’s okay, handsome! It feels good,” she bit her bottom lip.
“You’re always so tight,” he remarked. “Like fucking a virgin every time.”
“So, that’s why you keep me around,” she giggled.
“That and these awesome fucking tits,” he smirked.

Karel was in. He moved slowly and deliberately.

“Oh, daddy,” she whined.
“Yeah, baby! Give Daddy this Black ladyboy pussy,” he commanded.
“Yes, sir! Oh my god!”
“You enjoy this Balkan cock, don’t you?”
“God yes! God yes,” she screamed.
“You’re the perfect pet,” he exhaled.
“I love being your pet! Fuck me harder. Go deep, Karel!”

Artur and Asha were spooning.

“I want you to come spend time with me in London,” he announced.
“What am I gonna do there?”
“Whatever you want. I have a 220-square meter flat in the city. I live there alone.”
“Aren’t you married?”
“My wife lives in the country house,” the footballer offered casually.
“So, you want me to be the side chick?”
“Don’t be so crude.”
“I’ll need an allowance.”
“How much?”
“Ten grand a month. U-S-D.”

Artur considered it for a moment. He did the math quickly. He was slated to earn 60,000 British pound sterling a week for the next three years. That equated to roughly $78,000 weekly or a little over $4-million per year. “Deal,” he smiled.

“You’re gonna make me fall in love,” the porn starlet cooed.

Artur grabbed her ass and gave her a kiss.

Tyrus had gotten on his knees behind Siya’s massive badonkadonk. “Look at this big dick in the fat ass!”
“It feels good, nigga! Fuck me!”
“Yeah, baby! You’re a bad bitch!”
“I’m the baddest tranny bitch! Beat this pussy up, daddy!”

Tyrus pounded and banged. He assaulted her hole with little regard for her comfort.

Siya encouraged him all the while. “Fuck me! Oh my god! Gimme that big dick! It’s so good!”

Tyrus busted in Siya’s mouth. As they lay there, she gently rubbed his balls.

“Ooh wee,” Tyrus huffed.

Next door, they could hear Karel and Lola.

“Fuck me,” she purred.
“Yes, baby,” he howled. “I love fucking you!”
“I love you, Daddy!”
“Daddy loves his ebony ladyboy! Your pussy is perfect!”
“Oh my god!”
“My cock is so hard. It’s gonna blow,” he cringed.

Karel exploded all up in Lola’s sweet rectum.

“You’re gonna get me pregnant,” she snickered.
“A man can only dream,” he closed his light brown eyes.

A day later, the vessel returned to dock at the marina. Before the ladies departed for the airport in the armored SUV, Karel had his banker in Zurich make the transfers. Money flowed from one shell company to another then a third and a fourth before reaching the designated accounts.

Asha logged in to her app. She saw the $10,000 wire pending.

Siya pulled up her account. She also had $10,000 waiting to be released.

Lola didn’t bother to check hers. She trusted Karel to give her the $5,000 he promised. She knew she got less not because he placed lower value on her, but because he’d given her some production control and a minority ownership stake in the porn business.

Lola loved Karel. And, she was securing the bag.

The chauffeur sped away.

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