This story is part of the 2011 Summer Lovin’ Contest.

It’s a little out there, and might not be for everyone, or anyone. There’s some Non-Consent (or worse), incest, non-PC dialog, and over the top performances. But it’s all in fun, really. It’s just a story.



It was funny how over the summer my friends changed. With school out, the neighborhood became more important than the sports and popularity cliques, and this year it meant hanging out with Jerry Mallory more. Something I would NEVER do in school. He was a nerd and outcast, but he had his own group of weirdo gamers to hang out with, birds-of-a-feather and all that.

During the summer break, Jerry had 5 things going for him which hadn’t really mattered much before, and were now changing my opinion of him as a friend.

1) Although he lived in a different neighborhood, much more upscale, he only lived about 150 yards away, 3 blocks over. If I cut through the Davis’s side yard, and went through the alley, it was almost like we were on the same block.

2) He always had spending money. His second stepfather, though never around, was a generous old fart. Jerry had a debit card that we could run a couple of hundred dollars a week through without hearing a peep about it.

3) He had a great yard. Their pool was flanked by a long building which included the pool-house, a billiards room (with a half dozen genuine arcade machines), a completely outfitted workout room, and sauna.

And then there was the backyard eye-candy. Specifically:

4) Danielle. Jerry’s stepsister was home from college, and the first time I saw her I almost crapped my pants. Un-fucking-believable, like she’d just stepped out of the pages of Playboy. She spent most of her days out by the pool, wearing the smallest of bikinis, with an assortment of friends coming and going, and sneaking beers whenever nobody was looking. Any excuse to see the second best looking girl in the neighborhood worked for me. And if that meant weird Jerry was my new best buddy, so be it.

5) Jill. His mother, Jill, was the best-looking woman in the neighborhood. Hands down. Mrs. Mallory wasn’t always half-naked by the poolside, like the aforementioned Danielle. She was too busy watching after her 3 kids, Jerry and the step-kids who were still at home. She was occupied with clubs, causes, and all the other crap that came with being a trophy wife. She still made the occasional pool appearance, but didn’t seem to like Danielle’s crowd. If I timed it right, I could workout with her in their gym. She was fanatical about her ‘personal’ time, and spent easily two hours a day in there. Her trainer Donna, yet another hotty, was around a few times a week to keep her in line.

Getting to work out with Jerry’s mom usually required either going over early, like before 8:00am, or staying around late, around nine-ish. The morning was more interesting, since that was when she worked out with the weights. In the evening it was mostly cardio on one of the stationary bikes, but at least a couple of times a week that was followed up by a late swim. For me, that was the grand prize. Those nights she’d work out in tight shorts and a top that wasn’t much more than a sports bra, which struggled mightily to contain her bodacious knockers, especially when the big screen in front of her bike showed her climbing the steep hills. She’d rise up on the pedals, and pound away at them, her magical tits bouncing and swaying with each new stroke of her leg.

It had been about 4 weeks since school let out, and I was becoming a fixture in the Mallory household. Danielle seemed to have gotten over her condescending attitude and even remembered my name occasionally. I learned a little more about her as my constant presence was tolerated and even taken advantage of on occasion. Jerry’s Mom had ruled that Danielle and her friends were not allowed to drink at their house. Some history there I guess. One afternoon, when the backyard was unusually empty, I decided to be brave and stretched out on the recliner next to her. I had a beer with me; they didn’t seem to mind if Jerry and I had the occasional brew. Danielle looked over at me peeling off those sunglasses to give me one of her vicious condescending glares. Instead she surprised me with a little smile.

“I’m thirsty, mind if I have a sip?” she asked nodding toward my beer.

“I’ll get you one if you like.”

“No, I don’t need a whole one. We could just share yours.” She even deigned to smile at me.

I was excited to think of her lips touching the same bottle as mine. We shared two beers by the pool, and she seemed almost pleasant. A little later Jerry pulled me to the side. “Don’t let Mom or Dad catch you giving her beer. She knows she’s not allowed.”

“It’s just half a beer,” I told him.

“I’m not kidding. You’ll be cut off too.”

I took the warning to heart, and was much more aware of who was around when I offered to share my beer with Danni. Much more careful to disguise it as well. We never went through more than a couple together. She was a much nicer person with half a beer in her. Almost likable. She’d even chat with me.

Jerry’s mother grew tolerant of my constant presence. If her trainer wasn’t with her when she worked out, there was a good chance I’d be around. If she needed help with anything, I was the man. Unload the van? In a heartbeat. Anything to be in her presence.

At first she was patient with me, slowly growing more receptive to my presence. Before long she seemed to enjoy my company, and became more chatty while we worked out. Jerry wasn’t into the workouts much, even though he was the one who needed it most. On occasion he’d join us if his mother badgered him enough, but the last week or so she’d given up on him, accepting that he’d rather park himself in from of his Xbox and play with the new Kinect rather than exercise.

I wasn’t complaining, Jill, as his mother insisted I call her, was more open when he was around. The previous week I’d gotten a little more daring and climbed on the exercise bike beside hers, thinking we could have a nice extended talk, instead of the little moments between sets or when helping out. That was a lesson in humility. I might be bigger and stronger, but on the bike she ruled. I thought I had decent stamina, but half-an-hour later I was gasping.

Two days later I was up beside her again, and she gave me a quirky smile. “Back for more punishment?”

It was nice to hear her open the conversation. Initially I seemed to start every conversation. “Here for training. I’ve learned my lesson, I definitely can’t hang with you. Not yet at least.”

Her smile was magnificent. “I’ll tone it down a bit. I admit it, I was showing off a bit. Yesterday I was sore as hell.”

I lasted a little longer, maybe forty minutes before I was completely gassed. She got up and fetched us both waters from the mini-fridge, insisting I keep going, as slowly as I wanted, as long as I didn’t stop. The mirrors across the back wall of the room were a Godsend, allowing me to watch her every movement, everywhere she went. I pouted when she left for a moment, then perked up watching her every move when she returned.

I guess I was staring. She walked over to me, put a finger on my cheek and turned my head forward. “Eyes on the monitor. Pedal. Nothing to see over here.”

Nothing? Crazy woman.

I somehow stuck it out the last 10 minutes or so, and crawled off the bike, my legs shaking.

“Good job, Alex. That’s a hard course.”

“Thanks,” I groaned, “didn’t look too hard for you.”

“It’s your second day on that bike. I’ve had years.” Instead of heading out to the pool, she turned to the connecting door. “I’m gonna take a sauna. You should too; it’ll really help with the soreness.”

I sat in that steamy hot room, wearing nothing but a towel and deeply aware she was in the same boat. I kept fantasizing about Mrs. Mallory casually removing her towel and leaning back letting me ogle her magnificent tits.

Let’s face it. She had an incredible bod. Narrow waist flaring out to full hips, a bubbly round ass, with toned thighs and calves. Her legs were slender like her waist, and tanned to perfection. Moving up from the waist were two of the most audacious tits imaginable. Full and firm, they made her look top heavy, too big for that small body. Thankfully that juicy ass balanced her somewhat.

If that wasn’t enough, her face was so beautiful it could make you forget about the rest of her. A long slender nose, full but not exaggerated lips over a generous mouth, huge mesmerizing green eyes, and that sexy dark brown hair, worn shoulder length. Think Evangeline Lilly with fuller hair and a little more heart shaped face. Stunning.

We chatted about school and exercise and about summer plans, but I can’t recall any of it. I only remember sitting and staring at that evil towel enveloping her breasts, and trying my damndest to telekinetically make it open. That and hoping she didn’t notice there was huge tent action going on underneath my towel.

The next time we worked out together, she made a show of turning on the sauna even before we got on the bike. Big mistake. That left me riding with a hard-on most of the time, and I was miserable. I was sweating bullets, and constantly trying to surreptitiously adjust myself. Damn it!

She took pity on me eventually, reaching across the gap between our bikes, and resting her hand on my shoulder. “Take it easy, there’s nothing to worry about. So you’re a little excited. You’re a teenage boy. These things happen. Nobody’s around to see, right? Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

She was wrong. There was one person there to see it. And clearly she had. Still it did allow me to regain my sanity and my aching erection slowly calmed down to a simple obscene swelling.

I wondered if she’d cancel the sauna, but she seemed eager to sweat out the poisons. Of course the erection I’d finally managed to get under control on the bike was back with a vengeance. I tried to ignore it, and we were able to talk about life, dreams and aspirations, a heady conversation for somebody like me to have with a woman like that. To be honest, once I got her going, she mostly talked and I was happy to just listen. I loved her voice, her laughter, the way she moved when she spoke, how her hands gestured, everything.

I was given the task of adding water to the lava rocks. Sitting back down after the latest dousing, I planted myself a little closer. We’d started a good five feet or more apart, but after I got up each time, I tried to sit a little nearer. I now was perched with my leg up on the bench, my knee only inches from hers. I turned to her and asked her to tell me something about her favorite foods. I saw her look down below my waist, then she reached for my cock.

Oh God! It was going to happen!

I was wrong. She reached for my towel and pulled it up and over to better cover the beast down below. I realized that sitting as I was, she had a view right up my towel. With the full blown tower of my erection, the towel was not covering very much. Like I said, she pulled the towel over, and gave me a little pat. Right there. I nearly had a stroke.

She leaned forward. “It’s Ok that I make you hard. I get it. You’re a teenager. It’s even kind of cute. But I don’t need to be shown it, Ok?”

I stumbled over an apology, promising it would never happen again.

She placed her hand on my bare knee and gave me a pat. “Take it easy. We won’t make a federal case about it. You’ve got wood. Just keep it under wraps.”

She turned away from me, leaning back against the wall and breathing deeply of the steam. Her hand stayed on my knee, just resting there. Take it easy? If I wasn’t careful, I was going to blow any moment.

Somehow I survived our sauna, and in the shower, dealt with my not-so-little friend. My inspiration was waiting for me in the exercise room, and she reached out and tousled my hair. “I appreciate the company. And I’m glad you were able to take care of things.” She nodded below my waist, which no longer looked comical. “Thanks. Sometimes it’s kind of lonely around here with Bob gone all the time, my boy surgically attached to those damn games, and Danielle off to college. Occasionally I just need time with an adult.”

“You’re welcome, of course. I’m sure you know I like being around you,” I tried to be casual.

She smiled. “Yes, I can tell. There’s little doubt about that.”

I blushed, tongue-tangled, but she reached out for me again. “It’s alright. It’s nice to be wanted. It just can’t go anywhere, you understand?”

“I understand.”

But that won’t stop me from trying, I thought.

* * *

A few days later I was headed back over to Jerry’s after checking in at home. I ate dinner over at his house several times a week, but tonight was some kind of spinach cannoli, so I went with my fallback plan and let my family know I was still alive, and had Mom cook me up a burger.

Full, if not satisfied, (if you get my drift), I had gym shorts and a t-shirt on, ready for a workout and a swim later. I let myself in the back way, and headed for the game room where Jerry was parked most of the time I wasn’t there. I’d taken a quick glance at the backyard, but it looked like Danielle and her crowd were out somewhere. Too bad. She was always good for fueling a few of my late night fantasies.

I grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator and then it was up the stairs to spend a couple of mindless hours gaming before my planned workout session.

I didn’t recognize the current game and with the headphones on Jerry couldn’t hear me come in or ask what he was playing. I had to step in front of him to get his attention.

“What’s the new game?” I asked him after he cursed me for getting him killed.

“Child of Eden. It’s really pretty incredible,” he answered, looking like he’d just run a marathon. Of course that’s how he looked after he’d walked up the stairs. He really needed to be joining us in the workout room, but who was I to pressure him?

He showed me the game but it looked kind of faggy, so we fell back on the old standby, Call of Duty: Black Ops, which I have to admit, he was pretty kick-ass playing. An hour later I was peeking out the back window to see if the exercise room light would come on.

“If you plan on working out, you’re on your own tonight. Mom’s out of it,” he said when he caught me looking out the window.

“What, is Bob in town? Did they go out or something?”

“Hell no. Bob’s still somewhere in Taiwan, I think. Supposed to be back this week, but who knows? She just had one of those days,” he explained while lighting up some noob’s ass for about the 20th time in a row.

“What’s ‘one of those days?’ A time of the month thing?”

“Jesus, Alex! She’s my mom, I don’t even want to think about that.”

“Well, what is it?” I kept insisting.

“You know. She gets all freaked out about her life and stuff. Pops a few Valium, has a couple of drinks, and then passes out for a while. Last Christmas she didn’t wake up for an entire day – I thought we’d have to take her to the hospital. When she starts drinking the Vodka, it’s a dead giveaway.”

Hospital? Jill?

“You’re Mom’s passed out? Don’t you think we should go check on her?”

“What for? It’s not the first time. It won’t be the last. Sometimes she just needs to kind of escape, I guess.”

I heckled him into looking in on her and followed him to her room. Sure enough, she was in the bed, arms akimbo, mouth open and snoring. He turned on the light without a care for her. Not a single sign of movement.

Jill was lying there, dead to the world, the covers thrown off and just a sheet covering her. One bare leg was sticking out, and I fantasized about where that thigh might lead, just under the cream colored 800-count cotton sheets.

“She’s really out of it, isn’t she?” I whispered.

He laughed. “You don’t have to whisper, an earthquake wouldn’t wake her up. WOULD IT MOM?” he practically shouted.

Didn’t get the least reaction.

“Damn!” I told him approaching the bed. “You aren’t kidding.” I reached out and shook her leg, my fingers tingling where I touched her smooth skin. “Mrs. Mallory, are you Ok? Do you need anything?.”

“Forget about it. A few months back she didn’t even make it to the bed and ended up in the middle of the floor all night long. The maid screamed and thought she was dead. It took us ten minutes to get her back in the bed, and she never snapped out of it.”

My mind was working overtime, and my thoughts were probably the same ones you’d have in my shoes. “Do you think she’s naked under there?”

“No way,” he said. “She’s pretty careful to stay covered up at all times. This is definitely a ‘no nudity’ house. Anytime Danni gets even a little out of line, Mom sets her straight. Only the bathing suits get a little leeway. She’s probably wearing a nightgown or shorts or something.

I moved a little higher up the bed, and grabbed the sheet that was the only thing between me and visual Nirvana.

“What are you doing, Alex?”

“Just taking a peek.” I explained as I slid the sheet aside, exposing Jill in all her glorious MILFishness. Naked. 100%. Not a stitch on her. Score one for Aleximus Magnus. Called that one!

“Fuck!” Jerry cried out taking a step back. “She’s naked!”

“Yes she is. Sweet, huh?”

“Cover her up. What if someone comes in here?”

“Like who?” I asked while my gaze took in those fabulous tits which had bewitched me night after night from behind her workout top.

“I don’t know, somebody,” he whined.

I sat on the edge of the bed and placed my hand on her smooth belly. “Jill?”

“Come on, I told you that won’t do anything? Let’s get out of here.”

“Where is everyone, anyway?” I asked, as my hand caressed her soft curves.

“Shit, I don’t know! Danielle’s at her friend Caitlyn’s for the weekend. The monsters are with their mother until next Friday. Bob’s in fucking Asia somewhere.”

“So we’re alone in this house, right. Pretty good deal, huh? Who’s going to walk in?” I lifted my hand off Jill’s stomach, and placed it on her tit, feeling its warmth and fullness, giving it a good squeeze. Nothing but gentle open mouthed snoring in response.

“Damn it, Alex! She’s my Mom. Have some respect.”

Hell, I never thought he had it in him to speak back to me. I knew what I was going to do, and it was best if he was a willing participant. I fondled her fabulous tit, while thinking. Then it came to me.

I got up, and Jerry thanked me for coming to my senses. Way too soon. I went to her dresser and started going through the drawers, quickly finding what I was looking for. A nice sheer nighty.

“God, what are you doing now?” Jerry asked, literally wringing his hands. I didn’t think people really did that.

I placed the wispy material over his mother’s face. Then I stood back and admired my handiwork.

“What’s that about?” Jerry asked.

“Look at her now. Just look at her from the neck down.” I waved my arm across her body, for emphasis. “That’s not your mother anymore. That’s a beautiful, naked woman who’s just invited you to do anything you want with her body. Anything. Look at that.”

I think it was working. He’d stopped his hand wringing and was staring at his Mom’s boobs. Good choice. Definitely worth staring at. I pushed him over next to the bed, grabbed his hand and put it on her nearest tit. He pulled back for a moment, then reached out on his own. He seemed to get the idea and I saw his hand was moving, squeezing it just a bit.

“See? That could be anybody. Taylor maybe, or Maddy Thomas. Except this body is even better than theirs.”

“Linda?” he said softly. I assumed he was talking about the Linda that was a frequent pool-guest friend of his step-sister.

“Yeah, Linda. With bigger tits. Naked and begging for it. Anybody.”

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