Hi, I m Zeba from UP.
I m from very strict family, so wherever I went outside market even college, my younger bro Rihan came with me.
Rihan and me in the same college, so he easily managed this stress, he had a girlfriend named Jareena, which came in scene this year, her father transferred here, so she joined our college.
Rihan liked her very much but she was in my class, so he pleased to me to convince her for friendship.
I made a bond with him to stop complaining me for our parents regarding any issues, as last time he complaint to dad that me talked with a street boy.
Rihan said – Sis you do whatever you need, I never discuss with anyone.
Soon Rihan and Jareena became good friends. They spent more and more time together, we all went to cinema where they both kissed and did lot of fun, I just watched them.
One day Jareena came to my home to meet me, our parents never thought that she was also the friend of Rihan.
Sometime later, Rihan came in my room and requested me to wait outside, I knew as they kissed and hugged infront of me many times, I checked the stairs my mom in the kitchen, she prepared lunch, so I backed to my room, I saw Jareena’s hand inside the lower of Rihan and Rihan sucked her firm juicy boob’s black long nipples, they completely forgot about me, sudden Jareena sat on my bed and pulled his lower down, I saw Rihan nude many times when he was k**, but now he was muscular boy with a big head cock, I was breathless to watching my bro’s big cock and hanging balls.
Jareena put his cock in her mouth and started sucking, OMG I felt water in my mouth and my pussy too.
Sudden I listened the sound of footsteps, so I rushed to room, the both were half naked, they wrapped them self and Rihan hide in washroom, my mom came with coffee to us, and said where Rihan was? I replied – I don’t know mom, where is he? and again I asked to my mom – Can I close the gate coz too much sound come from the kitchen, she agreed and you closed the door till you study.
Then I closed the room door and Rihan came out, both said to me thanks for help.
Then I asked to Jareena – You come overhere for sex only, is it??
Jareena smiled and said yes my dear, now why you not left the room for sometime, I replied if I wait outside and mom came again then what you both did??
So you better ignored me and enjoyed.
They agreed and started to remove their clothes, they were too much blind in sex, now they came in 69 position and sucked each other sex organs, soon Rihan started fucking her, Jareena enjoyed a lot.
Soon Jareena asked me to join for oral sex, I denied to nude infront of my little bro, Rihan replied, no worry about this, I never shared it, well you watched me nude, if you needed to join us, you ll come.
After watching this live porn, my sex desire on top gear, I removed my lower infront of my bro and Jareena started licking my cunt.
After sometime, Jareena requested to me to lick her cunt also and invited to came in 69 position, I slide below Jareena, Jareena enjoyed my cunt with her long tongue, but her cunt was full of my bro cock, I licked the upper side only of her cunt meanwhile the ball of bro hit my head continuously.
Jareena told me to suck more and more near her cunt, soon Rihan’s cock slipped and entered my mouth, he was not stopped and fucked my mouth, his angry cock full of Jareena cunt juice which forced me to suck it, Jareena said – hey you fucked ur own sis mouth??
Rihan moved to Jareena face side and allowed her to suck it, and I enjoyed to lick her cunt, and within a minute he pushed his cock in my cunt, I moaned hardly, and Jareena said – bhenchod, she is your sis, but Rihan forgot all and continuously fucked me.
Soon he pulled out his dick and flooded his semen in Jareena’s mouth.
Jareena was cum addicted, so she swallowed all his cum.
We wrapped themselves and open the door, Rihan moved to his room, then Jareena moved to his home.
After this incident, me and Rihan very used to enjoy sex while our parents not at home or sometimes in late night after mixing sleeping pills in our parents milk.
After that much we did in spare time, Rihan also used my mouth for quickie oral relaxation and fed me his semen.
One day my cousin Saif who was too younger from Rihan, came and told me about Rihan & Jareena love affair, I discussed about Rihan.
Rihan said – Appa, do something.
One day when nobody was home, Rihan called Saif, Saif came and asked – Yes Bhai.
Rihan asked – What is your problem, why you follow me and Jareena?? What you need??
Saif was too much frank, he said – Same fun bhai, I also liked her.
They fought each other, I scolded both and said – Saif you like Jareena for sex only, m I right?? So better to try other girl else Jareena, what about me??
Saif screamed – Appa you are mad, you are my sis??
I said – Forget everything, think you are a man and a girl, then I opened his zip and pulled out his soft black dick, his cock was full of piss smell, I took in my mouth and started sucking, it pulsated in my mouth and became angry, he enjoyed a lot of while Rihan captured some pics from his mobile for future.
Very sooner, his angry young dick spitted in my mouth, I swallowed and said – Nice milk bro.
Now Rihan grabbed him tightly and entered his cock in his asshole, Saif screamed again – No bhai, not this.
Rihan told – quite otherwise I show pics to parents.
Saif not ready for this, Rihan fucked him hard, I forced him to lick my cunt, soon Rihan filled his asshole with his semen.
Saif said – it’s not good, but I enjoy bhai, but remember to delete the pics otherwise we all should be punished any time.
Soon Rihan gave him a chance to fuck Jareena also, due to sex addiction, she enjoyed also.
Now I was totally bored with same dicks, as I lived in charsi type mohalla, so in evening I moved to roof and stalked the mohalla guys. I started stalk while they pissed on roadside, one of them, a quite young smoker understood all, so he started to show the full view of his cock, he used to piss infront of me.
One day I returned from the kirana store, he stopped me on the lonely street and said – Zeba do you want to see me here, a close look of pissing cock, I checked there was no person to watch us.
He pulled out his dick, OMG his cock was uncut, full of foreskin, he started pissing for me, I unable to stop myself to touch his cock, my hand felt his warmth of cock as well as his piss, I sat between the garbage container and lick his pissy cock, his cock was full of smegma, I gulp his last piss drop and eat all smegma from his cock, he was first timer, he never assumed this type of pleasure so he flooded in my mouth within a minutes.
This was my first time also to drink piss drops and eat filthy smegma and suck a dirty cock and his semen.
He said to me – You are such a bitch, you know?? Do you like my unwashed cock??
I replied – YES, lot of.
He shared his mobile number with me, I stored it for future fun.
Next time after 15-16 days I met him again, He told the place where he went for smoking charas, this was the ruin building which was factory before, he already called one of his friend for security purpose, I well known that other guy also fucked me.
His friend waited outside while we were together inside, he started to kiss and then sucked my boobs like milk bottle, and after that he licked my vagina and asshole like porn video.
He said to me – I know you like semgma, so not wash my dick for you, my bitch, come on suck it clean.
His dick head was fully covered with filthy white cheesy smegma, I smelled like a bitch then swallowed it slowly and enjoyed its taste.
His cock still not erected, he said that he needed to piss in my mouth, he loosen himself drop by drop and I swallowed his salty piss.
After pissing in mouth, he cock became angry and fucked my cunt so hardly, I screamed freely coz no one here to listen me, after 20 minutes he flushed in mouth, I swallowed his tasty semen, now he left me naked for his friend, soon his friend came and I cleaned his smegma and made it angry to fuck, but his friend wanted my asshole, so he licked my dirty tight hole and pushed his dick inside my asshole, I felt pain so I shouted, but he covered my mouth to stop sound, after some strokes my pain was changed in enjoyment. He also used my mouth for oiling his dick, due to this I tasted my own asshole juice. After sometimes he again started to eat my asshole and forced me to lick his asshole too, he used me like a prostitute, he called me RANDI, he left his semen in my asshole.
I fully enjoyed this session. They both were not stopped yet, they swallowed my golden nectar, and even I also swallowed their piss too.
Now they used me for buying charas from his supplier,
But Rihan caught me soon, he scolded me for safer side.
One day Mamu visited our home, he told me about my fame and came here to talk with dad, I requested him to hide this, otherwise dad stopped me to go outside.
Mamu said – Why I do this, what is the benefit?
I replied – Mamu I know, you are not come here to complain, you need me, and as a cock lover I am ready, do fast else someone come to home.
Mamu pulled his lungi up and I started licking his dick to asshole.
Mamu enjoyed and said – Umm Zeba, you are such a good girl.
He hold my head and fucked me hard till cum, then he rammed my asshole and cum again inside.
All men were same, they just need a bitch, no matter who was.
And credit went to Jareena, who made me like this.
After my marriage, my brother-in-laws also fucked me, my husband was the elder brother, so his three younger brothers fucked me on daily basis, sometimes they drank along and fucked me together, I also loved them.
Now I am the mother of three k**s, but I still don’t know their actual father, he may be my husband, his brothers, Rihan, Saif or Mamu or may be any street boy.

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